Очень авторитетный Лэйбл (New York), выпускающий только Free-Jazz и Avant-Garde (продюсер-John Zorn). Принадлежит Японской корпорации DIW PRODUCTIONS GROUP. Цена дисков вполне доступна (ориентировочно 14у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует отличное качество звучания и прекрасный фирменный дизайн.


TZA7242.2 Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus Yo 22.04.03 Adachi Tomomi: vocals, Egawa Risa: vocals, Fukunaga Ayako: vocals, Iwata Chikako: vocals, Unami Taku: vocals, Hirata: vocals
TZA7133.2 Ahva Raba, Kete Kuf 20.04.99 Klezmer, East European folk music, contemporary classical and Tuvan throat singing all came together in this astonishing music of Ahva Raba, one of the most original and distinctive Jewish groups based in contemporary Germany.
TZA7043.2 Amacher,Maryanne, Sound Characters 16.02.99 Marianne Amacher is one of electronic music s truly legendary mavericks, whose music has been presented almost exclusively in huges spaces and installations for the past twenty years. This diverse collection of electronic soundscapes and "ear-dances" was chosen by the composer especially for Tzadik to work in the more intimate settings of compact disc.
TZA7131.2 Ambarchi & Avenaim, Alter Rebbe's Nigun 19.01.99 Formerly orthodox Hasidic students of Talmud and Tanya, these two members of the Australian punk unit PHLEGM have brought together influences from Boredoms and the Japanese noise scene, traditional Jewish Nigunim and Yiddish theatre, Marc Ribot, Ornette Coleman and countless others to create a new world of twisted dreams and startling sonorities. A must for all lovers of weirdness.
TZA7094.2 Applebaum,Mark Catfish 09.12.2003 A former student of Brian Ferneyhough, Mark Applebaum straddles the two worlds of modern classical complexity and improvisational insanity. As one would expect, this first CD devoted to his work is an eclectic compendium of homemade electro-percussion, orchestral fireworks, virtuoso solo pieces and cartoon cut-ups. Intense, but always with a sick Californian sense of humor, Catfish is a vexing and delightful listening experience
TZA7173.2 Argov,Sasha, Great Jewish Music 21.01.03 A fascinating tribute, the first outside of Israel, to one of the most original and important composers of modern Jewish music, whose hits spanned over six decades, from the 1930s to the 1990s. Born in Moscow in 1914, Sasha Argov began composing during the Palmach period in Israel and he quickly became one of Israel s most prolific and beloved composers. Everyone knew and sang Argov s melodies, from the ultra orthodox haredim to the average Jew on the street yet outside of Israel his music is barely known. This fourth release of the thought-provoking Great Jewish Music series presents an all-star lineup of Tzadik regulars, and some very special guests.
TZA7246.2 Ayuo Red Moon 20.01.2004 Ayuo: sitar-guitar, guitars, electric bass, electric "wah-wah" guitar, vocals, b4 organ, whistles, guitar-bass, drum machine programming, percussion, celtic harp, bouzouki, loops, sound effects; Ohta Hiromi: vocals, ukulele; Ma-To: tabla; Ohta Keisuke: violin; Nonaka Masa Yuichi: drums
TZA7227.2 Ayuo Izutsu 22.02.00 Ayuo (whose name translates as Fish-Light) is one of the most enigmatic figures in Japan, as unique a figure as Moondog, Sun Ra or Haino Keiji, with whom he occasionally collaborates.
TZA7088.2 Babbitt,Milton Occasional Variations 22.07.03 William Anderson: guitar; The Sherry Quartet - Harumi Rhodes: violin, Aaron Boyd: violin, James Myer Hogg: viola, Katherine Cherbas: cello; The Composers Quartet - Matthew Raimondi: violin, Anahid Ajemian: violin, Jean Dupouy: viola, Michael Rudiakov: cello
TZA7603.2 Bailey,Derek / Tacuma,Jamaaladeen / Weston,Calvin, Mirakle 28.03.00 Harmolodic Noise Funk for the 21st Century. The godfather of improvisation in a freewheeling trio with the legendary Philly rhythm section of Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Calvin Weston, friends for over thirty years and veterans of Ornette Coleman s Prime Time, John Lurie s Lounge Lizards and various Blood Ulmer projects. Noise has never sounded so in tune, funk has never sounded so fucked up. You ve never heard a meeting like this before, nor are you likely to again. Intense, fascinating and howlingly funny
TZA7607.2 Bailey,Derek, Ballads 23.04.02 Experimental guitar wizard Derek Bailey performs a program of his favorite standards in his own inimitable and enigmatic style. Inspired and energized by a very special vintage acoustic arch-top guitar, this intriguing solo recording is a one-of-a-kind chance to hear the master pioneer of non-idiomatic free improvisation perform compositions from the American Songbook
TZA7080.2 Bailey,Derek, Pieces for Guitar 27.08.02 Private recordings of incredible historical importance (practically the holy grail to fans of free improvisation), Pieces for Guitar presents the earliest known solo recordings of guitar innovator Derek Bailey. Dating from 1966 (possibly 1965) these pieces were recorded for personal study during a transitional period and include some of the only instances of him performing his own written compositions!! Under the influence of the music of Anton Webern, Bailey began working through a variety of techniques as he formalized his unique approach to music in general and the guitar in particular. These fascinating recordings offer us a rare glimpse into the secret world of one of the most original and respected guitarists in the world.
TZA7608.2 Baptista,Cyro, Beat the Donkey 22.10.02 Madman virtuoso Cyro Baptista has played with an incredible range of musicians, from Paul Simon, Wynton Marsalis, Cassandra Wilson and Herbie Hancock to Medeski, Martin and Wood, Phish and Sting. A distinctive composer and vocalist in his own right, Beat the Donkey is his most exciting and longest running project.
TZA7501.2 Beresford,Steve, Cue Sheets 03.12.96 This is the first American release from the wide-ranging Beresford, who has played punk and pop (in the Slits, the Flying Lizards, the Frank Chickens) dub reggae (with Prince Far-I, African Head Charge), improvisation (with Derek Bailey, Han Bennink, John Zorn) and is perhaps best known for his lounge/MOR/TV-theme homage/parody project, The Melody Four.
TZA7513.2 Beresford,Steve, Cue Sheets 2 22.01.02 A veteran of countless bands from the Slits to the Melody Four, Steve has been a central figure in the British improvising scene for over thirty years working with the likes of Derek Bailey, Evan Parker and Han Bennink.
TZA7180.2 Bergman,Borah Prayers & Meditations 20.05.03 Piano Solos
TZA7137.2 Bernstein,Steven, Diaspora Soul 17.08.99 And endlessly inventive musical magician delving deep into his Jewish roots and coming up with sounds you ve never imagined possible. Steve Bernstein has worked as musical director for the likes of Hal Wilner, John Lurie s Lounge Lizards and his own madcap bar band Sex Mob, but this newest project is his best yet. Jewish contunical melodies wailing over Afro-Cuban percussion. A funky New Orleans rhythm section setting up Klezmer classics. Diaspora Soul is this and more. One of the most exhilarating releases this or any other year.
TZA7164.2 Bernstein,Steven, Diaspora Blues 25.06.02 Steven Bernstein, one of the energy centers of the downtown scene here joins legendary reedman Sam Rivers and his trio for an inspiring program of cantorial melodies associated with the great chazzan Moshe Koussevitzky, perhaps the greatest cantor of all time. Moving ballads, hypnotic grooves and free jazz to soothe your soul and stimulate your libido from the man who brought you Diaspora Soul, one of the most popular CDs in the Tzadik catalog. Steven Bernstein: trumpet, slid trumpet.
TZA7146.2 Bloedow,Oren / Charles,Jennifer, La Mar Enfortuna 23.01.01 Sensuous and lyrical, La Mar Enfortuna is a beautiful modern exploration of Sephardic melodies, creatively arranged by the masterminds of the popular rock group Elysian Fields, Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles. Breathy vocals, exotic instruments and a sensibility that embraces jazz, funk, folk, rock and Latin music blend to make a CD to be enjoyed again and again.
TZA7126.2 Bolan,Marc / T Rex, Great Jewish Music 15.09.98 Highlighting music by some of the greatest Jewish composer in the past several decades, The Great Jewish Music series has paid tribute to first Burt Bacharach, Serge Gainsbourg and now British glam-rock pioneer Marc Bolan. Named as a primary influence by seminal punk rockers like the Ramones and Johnny Rotten, Marc Bolan and his group T. Rex forged a new music in the early 70's, confounding audiences and critics alike with his mercurial style changes and experimentations. Rejecting the complex time signatures and advanced harmonies in fashion at the time, Bolan went back to the basics, bringing a primitive raunchy edge to his colorful cast of fantasy characters. This compilation features a spectacular lineup of some of the most adventurous and creative rockers around, and is sure to be one of the most popular CD presented on the Tzadik label to date.
TZA7707.2 Brazelton,Kitty What Is It Like to Be a Bat 24.06.03 Kitty Brazelton: voice, computer soundtracks, electric bass, Dafna Naphtali: voice, electric guitar, Danny Tunick: drums, octapad, voice, electric bass, Paul Geluso: filtering, voice
TZA7163.2 Brody,Paul, Sa'dawi 25.06.02 Paul Brody is a remarkable trumpet player, composer and arranger based in Berlin. For his first Tzadik release he has brought together some of the best Klezmer players from the U.S. and Germany to create a Jewish music supergroup. The music combines exciting arrangements, catchy tunes and compelling solos into another classic of the new Jewish Renaissance. Along with Masada, the New Klezmer Trio and Naftule s Dream, Paul Brody is forging a new Jewish jazz for the 21st Century with imagination and a solid knowledge of tradition.
TZA7058.2 Brovold,Bill, Childish Delusions 23.05.00 The mastermind behind the powerful band Larval, and a veteran of the early Rhys Chatam orchestras, Bill Brovold s complex compositions smash the borders of rock and classical music. Highly structured and meticulously crafted, these quirky sound sculptures jump from mood to mood from Zappa to Henry Cow, the Zen Vikings to Glenn Branca, Brovold has created a powerful new instrumental rock that tells a story.
TZA7002.2 Brown,Chris, Lava 28.02.95 Chris Brown, San Francisco based composer, pianist and electronic instrument builder, studied with Gordon Mumma, David Rosenbloom and William Brooks. His work has been described in print as "a free flowing improvisatory parade of sound." Brown teaches composition and electronic music at the prestigious Mills College in Oakland. He is a member of the group Room with William Winant and Larry Ochs, and has composed for Ochs' Rova Saxophone Quartet. His music has been released on the Artifact, Sound Aspects, Centaur and Music & Arts labels.
TZA7170.2 Burger,Rob, Lost Photograph 26.11.02 Fourteen exotic musical miniatures crafted by the brilliant accordionist from Tin Hat Trio, one of San Francisco s most acclaimed and popular bands. Accompanied by bassist Greg Cohen (Masada, Tom Waits, Lou Reed), drummer Kenny Wollesen (Bill Frisell, Sex Mob, The Wollesens) and a gaggle of vintage keyboards, Rob Burger has created a fun and fabulous adventure into exotica and west coast lounge, Jewish style. Moody melodies to make your brain dance and your heart smile.
TZA7402.2 Butler,Ken, Voices of Anxious Objects 18.11.97 Performing on hybrid instruments of his own creation, Ken has been performing to enthusiastic audiences everywhere from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Pink Pony bar, accompanied by the intoxicating rhythms of Seido Salifoski and Stomu Takeishi.
TZA7091.2 Chen/Xiao-Fen/Rosenfeld/Cohen Purr 21.10.03 A native of Taiwan, Chien-Yin Chen is a marvelous young composer who spent ten years in Germany studying with Gyorgi Ligeti, and is now living in New York. Her work is remarkably inventive, honest and meticulously crafted. Purr, her debut CD features five different pieces showing her love of Chinese traditional music, improvisation, and the Western classical tradition, which she effortlessly reinvents, creating an impressive original sound world. Includes two large ensemble pieces, one featuring pipa virtuoso Min Xiao-Fen, a bizarre duo for organ and bass, a trio for three guitars and more.
TZA7403.2 Cohen,Danny / Boner,Mike / Horse Cock Kids, Self-Indulgent Music - Lunatic Fringe Series 21.04.98 Danny Cohen and Mike Boner both hail from California, Horse Cock Kids are based in Cologne but they all share an intense passion for their own self-indulgent fantasies.
TZA7405.2 Cohen,Danny, Museum of Dannys 21.09.99 Arrangements as creative as Esquivel, lyrics as real as Dylan, hooks as catchy as Brian Wilson.
TZA7102.2 Coleman,Anthony, Sephardic Tinge 23.05.95 From traditional Sephardic melodies to Latin-influenced originals by way of Thelonious Monk and Jelly Roll Morton, to an Irving Fields arrangement from the classic '50s Borsht Belt mambo/cha-cha album, Bagels & Bongos, Anthony Coleman takes a radical approach to the classic jazz piano trio.
TZA7110.2 Coleman,Anthony, Selfhaters 20.08.96 Selfhaters is a masterpiece two years in the making, charting the darker realms of the Jewish experience. Essential listening for anyone who has ever suffered the pains of alienation and rejection - or wants to!
TZA7211.2 Compostella, Wadachi 18.03.97 One of the most original groups in modern Japan, Compostela blends folk musics of Eastern Europe with the tradition of Japanese chindon (street musicians who play at grand openings of supermarkets and pachinko parlors, dressed as geishas and samurai).
TZA7183.2 Cracow Klezmer Band, Bereshit 07.10.03 Another brilliant release by one of the most important bands in the New Jewish Renaissance. Passionately blending tradition and modernity with impressive virtuosity, the Cracow Klezmer Band continues to present some of the most breathtaking new Jewish music being made today. Featuring an exciting female vocalist and a dark, free form track about the creation of the world, Bereshit is their greatest CD yet.
TZA7143.2 Cracow Klezmer Band, Profundis 26.09.00 Taraf de Haidouks meets Astor Piazzola in this beautiful recording exploring the secret connection between the Gypsies and the Jews. The Cracow Klezmer Band is an astounding quartet of young Polish virtuosos whose dynamic original compositions and creative arrangements distinguish them as one of the most exciting bands in today s Jewish Renaissance.
TZA7157.2 Cracow Klezmer Band, Warriors 20.11.01 Each piece telling a different dramatic narrative, The Warriors is another brilliant release by one of Europe s most original and exciting avant-Klezmer ensembles. Based in the historic city of Cracow, one of the last strongholds of Jewish life in Poland and home to one of the most important annual festivals of Jewish music in the world, this brilliant quartet blends the spontaneity of improvisation, the precision of classical music and the soul of the Jewish tradition. Ever-surprising new music by this thrilling band of virtuosos.
TZA7001.2 Curran,Alvin, Animal Behavior 28.02.95 Alvin Curran, a persistant innovator in today's new music world, brings the whole environment into unpredictable focus through his sonic fireworks, sharp wit and timeless lyricism.
TZA7039.2 Curran,Alvin, Theme Park 17.11.98 Performed by virtuosic madman William Winant, who has worked with John Cage, Anthony Braxton, Mr. Bungle, Pierre Boulez, Steve Reich, Thurston Moore, Terry Riley, Cecil Taylor and countless others, Theme Park is a major new work by Alvin Curran and one of the most dynamic solo percussion compositions of the decade. Coupled with a kaleidoscopic tribute to jazz giant Charlie Parker, this newest CD by one of today s most important musical pioneers incorporates minimalism, structuralism and post-modernism into an exhilarating new aggregate.
TZA7185.2 Davka Golem 09.12.03 Paul Hanson: bassoon, clarinet; Daniel Hoffman: violin; Kevin Mummey: dumbeg, zarb; Moses Sedler: cello
TZA7135.2 Davka Judith 22.06.99 DAVKA is an acoustic group at the forefront of the new Jewish Renaissance. Based in San Francisco these three masterful musicians, have been performing modern Jewish music since 1992. Their third release (the first two, now out of print, are soon to be released on Tzadik) features their flowing melodic compositions and magical interplay in ten distinctive compositions drawing upon Sephardic and Ashkenazi traditions, jazz and classical chamber music. Beautiful, soulful music performed with astonishing technique and passion.
TZA7140.2 Davka Lavy's Dream 27.03.01 Romantic violin melodies, moody cello vamps and crisp percussion: a classic of new Jewish music is finally back in print from Tzadik. A brilliant mix of world music, jazz and klezmer, Davka is one of the most beautiful and virtuosic bands in the New Klezmer Renaissance. Lavy s Dream, originally recorded in 1996, is released here in a newly remastered edition with five exciting bonus tracks.
TZA7226.2 Death Ambient, Synaesthesia 16.11.99 Death Ambient s eponymous debut CD was released in 1995 to great critical acclaim and continues to be one of Tzadik s best sellers. Synaesthesia is the long-awaited follow-up and it finds them exploring new territory.
TZA7217.2 Death Praxis, Tenko / Ikue Mori:Mystery 17.11.98 For over twenty years, Ikue Mori and Tenko have been on the forefront of new music, both here and in Japan. Veterans of countless classic bands from DNA to Dragon Blue, and collaborations with just about every musicians in the new music underground, from Kim Gordon and Arto Lindsay to Bill Laswell, Derek Bailey, the Boredoms, Haino Keiji and Fred Frith.
TZA7042.2 De Gli Antoni,Mark, Horse Tricks 13.04.99 Mark DeGliAntoni, the talented sampler magician for the pop group Soul Coughing studied composition at the Manhattan School of Music and released his first recording in 1995 on the Avant label as part of the experimental composer collective Rough Assemblage. Horse Tricks is his first solo release and features many of his acclaimed musical colleagues in a variety of musical contexts showcasing the wide range of Mark s compositional interests.
TZA7082.2 Denyer / Barton Workshop, Fired City 22.10.02 Composer, theoretician, inventor and instrument builder Frank Denyer is a legendary figure in the Harry Partch/Scelsi tradition. His music is utterly unique and intensely personal, often requiring specialized new instruments of his own design and radical playing techniques. Fired City presents six of his most dynamic compositions in definitive performances supervised by the composer himself. Having worked closely with Denyer for many years, The Barton Workshop is unsurpassed in this repertoire and performs it with passion and a meticulous attention to detail. These very special recordings, the group s best, show various sides of this enigmatic composer, making Fired City the best place to enter Denyer s mysterious and imaginative musical world.
TZA7205.2 Derek & Ruins, Saisoro 18.07.95 Saisoro is a rare meeting of the British guitarist Derek Bailey, one of the world's foremost improvisers, and the amazing Japanese rock band Ruins, who have never before improvised on album.
TZA7050.2 Di Gregorio,Giustino, Sprut 21.09.99 Unusual and quirky sampling collages from the Italian neo-primitive composer Giustino Di Gregorio. Combining modern technology with concepts inspired by John Oswald s plunderphonics and mystery tapes, these charming and intriguing sound pieces chop, mix and blend known and unknown musical shapes into startling new compositions for the 21st Century
TZA7228.2 Dousidz Empties 25.04.00 Powerful and hypnotic, dousidz has created a unique mix combining club music with heavy rock riffs, dub studio techniques, noise and sexy vocals.
TZA7063.2 Dresser,Mark, Marinade 05.12.00 Nine new compositions pushing the boundaries of instrumental virtuosity. From the lyricism of Air to Mir, commissioned by the Library of Congress, the textures of Spin X for two basses and two percussionists, to the virtuosity of his own solo bass music and more, Marinade displays the full range of Mark Dresser s compositional vision. A nine year veteran of the Anthony Braxton Quartet and a vital member of the downtown scene, collaborating with Tim Berne, Diamanda Galas and many others, Mark Dresser has been a creative force in new music for over twenty years
TZA7027.2 Dresser,Mark, Banquet 18.11.97 This CD features two of Mark's most important recent works. Banquet is a double concerto for flute, bass and string quartet, featuring the Swiss flute virtuoso Matthias Ziegler and Mr. Dresser himself. Twisting timbres, jagged melodies and driving rhythms combine in this exciting work exploring extended instrumental techniques. Loss of the Innocents, written for the unusual combination of tuba, cello and clarinet, is a piece of haunting beauty. A kaddish for the victims of the TWA Flight 800, this poignant and lyrical memorial to two members of the Wayne Shorter family is a fitting coda to this brilliant collection of Mark Dresser's chamber compositions.
TZA7004.2 Dreyblatt,Arnold, Animal Magnetism 23.05.95 American composer Arnold Dreyblatt (now living in Berlin) studied under minimalist greats LaMonte Young, Pauline Oliveros and Alvin Lucier, and formed the Orchestra Of Excited Strings in1979. Dreyblatt has released previous albums on India Navigation and Hat Art (Switzerland).
TZA7136.2 Ehrlich,Marty, Sojourn 22.06.99 One of the most respected and versatile reed players in New Music, Marty has been an integral member in the units of Julius Hemphill, Oliver Lake, Anthony Braxton and Bobby Bradford, among others. He has released many critically-acclaimed CDs on a variety of labels, but none more touching or personal as Sojourn, his contribution to Tzadik s series of Radical Jewish Culture. Exploring the roots of his own Jewish heritage, Marty take us on a new path with his intimate Dark Woods ensemble, touching upon Coltrane and Klezmer on his journey. Sojourn is a very special release by one of today s most accomplished composer/performers. A musician s musician, his compositions are contrapuntally more complex and have a delightful folklike simplicity.
TZA7155.2 Eisenberg,Jewlia, Trilectic 20.11.01 One of the most important releases this year, Jewlia Eisenberg s radical setting of texts by Walter Benjamin, Asja Lacis and Gershom Sholem point to a whole new style of acappela vocal music. Drawing upon traditions from doo-wop to Meredith Monk, Eskimo throat singing, to Hebrew cantilation and more, Trilectic is as charming as it is challenging. A brilliant vocalist and bandleader (Charming Hostess) Jewlia has studied a wide variety of vocal techniques, including the secular vocal music of women in the Jewish Falasha tribe in Ethiopia. An astonishing solo debut by this intensely creative musical thinker.
TZA7152.2 Ephron,Fima, Soul Machine 23.10.01 Fima Ephron, the dynamic bassist for the psycho-semitic-avant-klez-band Hasidic New Wave steps out on his own for yet another new approach bringing Jewish music into the 21st Century. Soul Machine blends Jewish scales and sensibilities with jazz/rock fusion via Weather Report and late Miles. Boasting an incredible lineup of downtown s newest jazz stars, Fima s colorful program also features a moody remix collage by the talented composer/performer David Torn.
TZA7006.2 Feldman,Mark, Music for Violin Alone 28.02.95 Made over 45 albums as a sideman with the likes of Lee Konitz, John Zorn, Time Berne, Ray Anderson, George Gruntz, Don byron, Anthony Davis, Guy Klucevsek and Bobby Previte and was a member of Arcado Trio. A collection of compositions synthesizing new music, romantic virtuoso violin gestures and improvisation. With its fresh non-academic approach, this debut release injects new life into solo violin performance.
TZA7033.2 Ferrari,Luc, Cellule 75 21.04.98 Luc Ferrari is one of the most important and original personalities in the history of French "musique concrete." Irreverent, psychosexual and always fascinating, Ferrari's work manifests itself in texts, instrumental textures, electroacoustic compositions, reportings, films, theater, etc. It is an honor for Tzadik to release two of his most important works from the 1970's, recorded under the supervision of the composer himself. Place des Abbesses, the first electro acoustic work realized at his home studio in Paris, 1977, is an evocative portrait of a small square between The Sacred Heart of God and Saints and the Pigalle of licentiousness and sex, two familiar Ferrari obsessions. Cellule 75 is an explosive, dynamic work for piano, percussion and tape, balancing improvisational spontaneity with the more exact writing of classical forms.
TZA7609.2 Fier,Anton Dreamspeed / Blindlight 1992-1994 09.12.2003 Anton Fier: drums, percussion, samples, loops; Bill Laswell: bass; Matt Stein: loops and samples; Bootsy Collins: guitars; Phew: voice/text; Buckethead: guitar; Makino Kazu: voice; Nicky Skopelitis: 6 and 12 string electric guitars; Knox Chandle: guitars; Aiyb Dieng: percussion; Lori Carson: wordless vocals; Lydia Kavanagh: wordless vocals
TZA7602.2 V/A Freedom Is Wings: Remembering Tom Cora / Various 18.05.99 2CD Tom Cora s premature death in 1997 was a tragic blow to contemporary music. One of the founding members of the downtown improvising scene, Tom was a vital member of some of the most important cutting-edge groups of the past twenty years, including Skeleton Crew, The Ex, Curlew, John Zorn s game pieces and Eugene Chadbourne s pre-Shockabily projects.
TZA7224.2 Friction, Zone Tripper 19.10.99 Arriving in New York City early 1977, Reck was a vital member of the New York No Wave Punk scene, playing bass with James Chance and the Contortions and Lydia Lunch. Returning to Tokyo in 1978 he founded Friction, one of the most important and longest running underground bands in Japan.
TZA7107.2 Friedlander,Erik, Watchman 20.08.96 Active for over a decade, New York cellist Erik Friedlander is finally receiving due recognition, not just as a musician, but as a composer of note. These works display his unique take on Radical Jewish Culture - sweeping melodic lines (reminiscent of cantorial singing) in instrumental arrangements that are both adventurous and traditional.
TZA7154.2 Friedlander,Erik, Grains of Paradise 20.11.01 One of the most important cellists in New Music and a dynamic bandleader and composer in his own right, Erik Friedlander has been a vital voice in the bands of Dave Douglas, Joe Lovano, Marty Ehrlich and John Zorn for over a decade. His latest project finds him surrounded by ten violins and rhythm section. Moments of lush romanticism, fiery brilliance and hypnotic moods, Grains of Paradise is an exciting trip to exotic lands inspired by the spices of the Orient.
TZA7517.2 Frith,Fred Eye to Ear 2 20.01.2004 Fred Frith: guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, violin, accordion, ocarina, kalimba, drum samples, mobius instruments, voice, toys, low-grade sound effects; Gail Brand: trombone; Heather Heise: accordion; Fei Wu: gu zheng; Anne Hege: voice
TZA7076.2 Frith,Fred / Rova Saxophone, Freedom in Fragments 26.02.02 Active since 1978, the dynamic Rova Saxophone quartet has collaborated with and commissioned from some of the world s greatest composers. Here they give a dynamic reading of Fred Frith s major composition Freedom in Fragments, which was written expressly for them and comprises a series of short compositions that can be played in whole or in part and in any given sequence. Rova has chosen the most rigorous of these, and the final sequence, created by the composer himself, gives a seamless flow to the overall listening experience. Messiaenic harmonic shifts, catchy folk melodies, complex dance rhythms and looping minimalism from one of new music s original border crossers.
TZA7503.2 Frith,Fred, Eye to Ear 18.03.97 Famous as an improviser and a rock guitarist (Henry Cow, Art Bears, Residents, Massacre, Skeleton Crew, French/Frith/Kaiser/Thompson), Fred Frith is still highly under-rated as a composer.
TZA7034.2 Frith,Fred, Pacifica (1993-95) 16.06.98 "Pacifica" is a major new composition by the world-famous guitarist, improvisor and composer, Fred Frith. Over an hour in length and composed for a large ensemble of winds, strings and percussion, Pacifica sets the poetry of Pablo Neruda into a seductive and hypnotizing sound world that slowly metamorphoses into something altogether different. Lyrical written passages, inspired improvisations, sensual vocals and provocative sound effects all come together into a fascinating whole - one of Fred Frith's most brilliant orchestral creations.
TZA7605.2 Frith,Fred, Clearing 26.06.01 Fred Frith is one of the world s greatest originals on the guitar, a composer/performer who has been at the forefront of avant garde music since the early 70s. Clearing is his first solo guitar recording in over twenty years (since his classic Live In Japan of 1981) and his first solo studio recording since his groundbreaking Guitar Solos of 1974. Of the three existing solo recordings by this quirky musical master, Clearing is undoubtedly the most dynamic, the most direct and sonically the best recorded. An absolute must have for all fans of guitar music, improvisation and the avant garde
TZA7003.2 Fujieda,Mamoru, Night Chant 28.02.95 Combines computer-controlled synthesizer tuned in just notation (a la Harry Partch) with Buddhist chant, Japanese traditional instruments, Indonesian gamelan modes, and Navaho text.
TZA7025.2 Fujieda,Mamoru, Patterns of Plants 16.09.97 Combining alternative tuning systems (just intonation, Pythagorean) with traditional instruments of China and Japan (sho, koto and the ancient 25-stringed zither, the hitsu). Fujieda has again created a world of sound never before imagined possible. Delicate and subtle variations of tone and timbre give a whole new life to classical musical forms such as the passacagalia and strophic variations in this bizarre and fascinating mixture of European Medieval music, the traditions of Asia and modern science.
TZA7220.2 Fujii,Satoko, Kitsune-Bi 16.02.99 Jazz, contemporary classical and traditional Japanese folk music blend seamlessly in Satoko Fujii s powerful and unique musical universe.
TZA7116.2 Gainsbourg,Serge, Great Jewish Music 21.10.97
TZA7053.2 Garland,Peter, Days of Run Away 25.01.00 One of America s true maverick composers, a friend of Partch, Nancarrow, Cage and countless others, Peter Garland is a tireless champion of new music, a passionate writer and one of the true unsung pioneers of minimalism. These evocative early piano pieces create hypnotic moods of impressionistic beauty and are some of his most personal musical statements. Beautifully performed by the brilliant pianist Aki Takahashi, to whom many of his works have been dedicated, this is an incredibly gorgeous CD of rediscovered masterpieces from the early days of minimalism.
TZA7007.2 Gisburg, No Stranger Not At All 21.02.95 Gisburg's debut release is "imaginary movie music" by an extraordinary young vocalist and composer, including dramtic text and Chinese and African traditional instruments.
TZA7019.2 Gisburg, Shadows in the Sea 20.08.96 Using texts by Majakowski, Plath and Fassbinder, Gisburg's second Tzadik CD continues her fascinating exploration of imaginary movie music. With a dramatic edge combining the smoky tones of Marlene Dietrich, the acrobatics of Cathy Berberian and an Ellingtonian sense of orchestration, she creates a unique compositional style that can't be pigeon-holed.
TZA7038.2 Gisburg, Trust 20.10.98 Gisburg's newest Tzadik recording couples two masterful compositions onto one disc. Her heartfelt opera for solo voice about the ups and downs of doomed and obsessive love is one of her most personal and striking compositional statements to date, a powerful combination of stark emotional content, minimalist melody and narrative charm. "Anna" shows Gisburg's profound command of classic instrumental writing - a lush and dramatic string quartet performed by the brilliant Cassatt Quartet
TZA7120.2 Goldberg,Ben / Schott,John / Sarin,Michael, What Comes Before 20.01.98 These provocative compositions and improvisations for clarinet, guitar and percussion create a delicate musical universe balancing space and movement, thoughts unimagined, feelings unfelt.
TZA7029.2 Goode,Daniel / Crosstown Ensemble / Grunin, Tunnel-Funnel 20.01.98 Daniel Goode (1936), composer and clarinetist, was born in New York, studied philosophy, and then music with Henry Cowell, Otto Luening, Pauline Oliveros and Kenneth Gaburo. He is director of the Electronic Music Studio of Rutgers University, and co-director of the DownTown Ensemble, which he co-founded in New York in 1983. "Tunnel-Funnel", composed in 1985 is one of his most ambitious and exhilarating works. It was premiered in 1988 by the DownTown Ensemble conducted by David Gilbert, repeated at the New Music America in 1989 festival and at Bang On A Can Festival 1996 performed by the Crosstown Ensemble under Eric Grunin.
TZA7069.2 Gosfield / Flux String / Talujon Percussion, Flying Sparks & Heavy Machinery 25.09.01 Annie Gosfield s second amazing CD for Tzadik takes acoustic and electric music into dynamic new realms. Factory sounds&improvisation&lush sonorities&junk percussion&twangy guitars&classic minimalism&delicate harmonics&odd drones&rock&sirens&string quartets&driving rhythms&ambients&noise&complex structures&jack hammers and more from one of downtown s most interesting composers.
TZA7040.2 Gosfield,Annie, Burnt Ivory & Loose Wires 17.11.98 Influenced by Harry Partch, Sun Ra and San Francisco s Musee Mecanique s collection of old nickelodeons and player pianos, Annie Gosfield presents us with a new view of microtonal music
TZA7156.2 Gould,David, Adonai in Dub 20.11.01 A member of the popular reggae band John Brown's Body, David Gould has been fascinated with the spiritual connections between Roots Reggae and Judaism for years. Adonai in Dub is his fascinating response. Traditional Hebrew prayers beautifully performed in Gould's inspiring arrangements, are deconstructed for the Radical Jewish Series by dub master Jamie Saft into an entirely new universe of space dub noise. Extreme dub meets the Jewish tradition via Sun Ra, Shlomo Carlebach and Lee Perry.
TZA7030.2 Graves,Milford, Grand Unification 17.02.98 Professor, herbalist, healer, Milford Graves is first and foremost one of the world's great geniuses of the drum. Rarely heard live, even more rarely found in the studio, a new recording by Milford Graves is a special event. Long overdue, this is the CD that free jazz fans and every drummer in the world has been waiting for: his music for solo drums. Intense, shooting off in all directions at once and yet always firmly rooted in the tradition, Tzadik is proud to release this important and historic solo recording by one of the world's legendary drum masters.
TZA7062.2 Graves,Milford, Stories 24.10.00 A drummer of unparalleled power and creativity, Milford Graves is a living legend. This second volume in a continuing series documenting the solo music of one of the world s most incredible musicians was performed on a special percussion setup allowing unprecedented simultaneity. Playing with his hands, feet, elbows and head Professor Milford Graves takes us to another world with his driving rhythms, intense energy, impassioned vocals. Absolutely riveting.
TZA7114.2 V/A Great Jewish Music / Various 20.05.97 2CD: Following on the enormous success of Tzadik's Burt Bacharach collection, this second installment of Tzadik's Great Jewish Music series focuses on the songs of French composer Serge Gainsbourg. A superstar since the 1950's in his native France, Gainsbourg is barely known here in the United States - a condition this special tribute to his genius hopes in some way to remedy. In addition to Tzadik regulars, Tzadik is proud to be able to include tracks by Cibo Matto, Elysian Fields, Kramer, Franz Treichler (of the Young Gods), Blonde Redhead and many, many others. 21 tracks by 21 artists - over 74 minutes of music, all on one dynamic disc. This is an unusual project that you will play again and again, discovering new delights with each listen.
TZA7204.2 Ground Zero, Null & Void 18.07.95 Led by turntable wizard/guitarist/ composer Otomo Yoshihide, the fast and furious Ground Zero combine creative juxtapositions and oddball sampling with the raw power of a live six-piece band.
TZA7244.2 Hayasaka,Sachi Minga 20.05.03 Tomohiro Yahiro - Percussion, Sachi Hayasaka - Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano), Toshiki Nagata - Bass, Percussion, Kido Natsuki - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Bandolin, Ogimi Gen - Percussion
TZA7052.2 Hemingway,Gerry, Chamber Works 16.11.99 Cutting-edge chamber music from one of the most prolific and ubiquitous composer-performers in new music. A veteran of countless musical projects whose experience includes jazz and funk bands, improvising units with Derek Bailey and Evan Parker, compositions for orchestra and big band and over ten years as percussionist in the Anthony Braxton quartet, Gerry s music is a magical blend of compositional structure and improvisational excitement, drawing upon his deep knowledge of classical, jazz and world E24traditions. Featuring complex string writing and wild percussive fireworks, this CD is one of Gerry s greatest achievements.
TZA7090.2 Hemphill,Jullius One Atmosphere 26.08.03 Pacific String Quartet - Ursula Oppens: piano, Erik Friedlander: cello, Pheeroan AkLaff: drums, percussion, Marty Ehrlich: soprano and alto sax, flute, Oliver Lake: soprano and alto sax, flute, Sam Furnace: soprano and alto sax, flute, Aaron Stewart: tenor sax, flute, Robert DeBellis: tenor sax, flute, clarinet, Tim Berne: alto and baritone sax, J.D. Parran: baritone sax, flute, clarinet
TZA7104.2 Hirsch,Shelley, O Little Town of East New York 18.07.95 Shelley Hirsch is a marvelous performer with remarkable vocal talents, charm and a wicked sense of humor. She is one of the best-knownimprovisers of the Downtown New York City scene, performing with virtually every major experimental artist in New York and Europe, but has thus far released only two albums of her own music (both released only in Europe).
TZA7705.2 Hirsch,Shelley, Far in Far Out Worlds of Shelley Hirsch 26.11.02 Including hard-to-find recordings, rare live performances and new pieces never before available, The Far In, Far Out Worlds of Shelley Hirsch is the ultimate collection of one of the most original and charismatic vocalists of our time.
TZA7245.2 Hoahio Peek-Ara-Boo 09.12.2003 Haco: vocals, electric mandolin, effects, synthesizers, jew's harp, electronics, theremin; Yagi Michiyo: koto, chorus, perpared shamisen, spoken voice; Era Mari: drums, vibraphone, percussion, bass marimba, bamboo xylophone; Christopher Stephens: electronics, keyboard, violin, crickets
TZA7230.2 Hoahio, Ohayo Hoahio 23.05.00 Produced and arranged by enigmatic mystical traveller Eyvind Kang, Blue Marble is a CD of surreal folk songs by singer/songwriter Aiko Shimada.
TZA7703.2 Honda,Yuka, Memories Are My Only Witness 26.02.02 A beautiful CD of quirky instrumentals from the hip mind of Yuka Honda, co-founder of the pop band Cibo Matto.
TZA7514.2 Horvitz,Wayne, Circus:Film Music 1998-2001 24.09.02 Over seventy minutes of sound cues touching upon jazz, funk, folk, ambient, world music and classical, are meticulously crafted into a variety of highly personal hybrids in Wayne s inimitable style.
TZA7045.2 Hunt,Jerry, Song Drapes 22.06.99 Born in Waco, Texas, Jerry Hunt was a friend of Jack Ruby, a pianist in strip clubs, a student of the occult and founder of his own mail order church at the age of 13. Jerry Hunt was also one of the great pioneers of live electronic music performance. Very much a modern-day shaman, he designed most of his own equipment and used it in unique ways to create backdrops for his magical performances that referred to, among many other things, exotic ritual, the esoteric traditions of Rosicrucianism, Aleister Crowley and modern science. The Song Drapes were some of Jerry s last and greatest creations and this special first release, authorized by the Hunt estate, includes performances by two of Jerry s closest friends and collaborators, vocalist Shelley Hirsch and perfomance artist Karen Finley, and one track featuring the popular vocalist Mike Patton.
TZA7048.2 Hyla,Lee, Riff & Transfiguration 17.08.99 One of America s most important composers of concert music. Concentrating on his dynamic music for piano, this exciting CD presents a fascinating sextet for hammered dulcimer, clarinet, piano and strings, and three solo piano compositions performed by Stephen Drury, Mia Chung and Judith Gordon, three of today s most acclaimed virtuosos. An exciting adventure into a new world of sound, space and texture from one of new music s guiding lights.
TZA7057.2 Ibarra,Susie, Flower After Flower 23.05.00 Born in California, raised in Texas and now based in NYC, Susie Ibarra is one of the most sought after drummers in the downtown scene having worked with Derek Bailey, David S. Ware, Ikue Mori, Dave Douglas and Matthew Shipp among others. Of Filipino descent, her music blends Asian traditions, free jazz, improvisation and minimalism into evocative and dynamic soundscapes. This exciting recording features her in a variety of contexts, both solo and with an all-star group of her most illustrious musical compatriots. The sounds of Kulintang (Filipino gamelan), fiery free-jazz drumming, Leo Smith s delicate trumpet and the deep listening accordion of Pauline Oliveros all come together to make this one of the most unusual recordings of the year.
TZA7702.2 Ibarra,Susie, Songbird Suite 22.01.02 Born in California, raised in Texas and a New York resident since 1989, Susie Ibarra has become one of the most distinctive drummers in the world.
TZA7213.2 Inoue,Tetsu, Psycho-Acoustic 19.05.98 Perhaps the most interesting electronic music since the classic period of Stockhausen and Xenakis.
TZA7229.2 Inoue,Tetsu, Fragment of Dots 23.05.00 Kyushu native Tetsu Inoue s recent works connect the vivid environments-in-sound of classical ambient with the stark, conspicuous timbral explorations of academic computer music.
TZA7036.2 Ito,Teiji, King Ubu 21.07.98 The first release of Ito's original 1961 recordings, authorized by the composer's estate. Teiji Ito was one of contemporary music's most elusive mavericks. Born in Tokyo in 1935, he moved to NY at the age of six, and by 1952, at the age of seventeen, he was already composing music for the influential avant-garde film work of Maya Deren. Accompanying her to Haiti in 1955, Ito learned ceremonial and secular drumming techniques from the legendary Haitian musician Coyote. Applying these principles to his knowledge of traditional Japanese music, contemporary classical and African traditions, Ito's scores are a shocking precursor to today's cutting-edge composers.
TZA7510.2 Johnston,Phillip, Music for Films 16.06.98 The mastermind behind such bands as the Microscopic Septet and the Transparent Quartet, Phillip has spent much of the past five years composing music for films.
TZA7210.2 Jon, Smoke 03.12.96 Jon: organ & voice
TZA7059.2 Kang,Eyvind, Story of Iceland 27.06.00 From the twisted world of pop, rock, classical and world music, to acts of revolution and riots in the streets violinist, composer, conceptualist, raconteur and world traveller Eyvind Kang takes us on an exciting new trip to Iceland. An avid fan of underground esoterica and a generous collaborator with the likes of Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot, Arto Lindsay, Ikue Mori and many others, Kang is at his best in the studio, creating incredibly complex sound sculptures filled with meticulous detail, power and vision. His most recent CD, three years in the making features a rare appearance of Indian violinist Kala Ramnath, a bizarre cult anthem (10:10) and a beautiful piece scored for gamelan
TZA7013.2 Kang,Eyvind, 7 Nades 23.04.96 Kang began learning violin at age 6 - he has since performed and/or recorded with Bill Frisell, the Sun City Girls, John Zorn, Wayne Horvitz and Motel 6, Joe McPhee, Deformation and others. He has also composed scores for film, theater and dance.
TZA7032.2 Kang,Eyvind, Theater of Mineral Nades 21.04.98 Eyvind Kang has one of the strangest musical minds on the scene today. His first release 7 NADEs was on many "Best 10" lists of 1996 and this second installment of his "NADEs" series is, as one would expect, something completely different. Medieval crumhorns, ecstatic arrangements, lilting melodies, unusual concepts and, of course, Eyvind's virtuosic violin stylings. This epic work, a year and a half in the making, is Kang's personal take on "East" and "West." Theater Of Mineral NADEs is Kang's Sgt. Pepper's.
TZA7207.2 Kato/Mori/Frith Death Ambient 21.11.95 Death Ambient teams three of the world's most exciting improvisers in a fascinating album that blurs styles and smashes genres in a dark world of unusual sounds and unorthodox techniques.
TZA7092.2 Kayo,Dot Choirs of the Eye 21.10.03 Dark metal music on an orchestral scale, with powerful riffs, haunted vocals, violin, French horn and much more. Formerly known as Maudlin of the Well, with a dedicated gothic following, their newest recording, over a year in the making, takes them into an adventurous new world where heavy rock and classical music meet ritual. Magical and compelling music from a young band breaking new ground in the rock world.
TZA7221.2 Keiji,Haino / Laswell,Bill / Ali,Rashied, Decided Already Motionless Heart of Tranquility 23.03.99 2CD
TZA7203.2 Keiji,Haino, Tenshi No Gijinka 18.07.95 Haino Keiji, enigmatic noise troubadour from Tokyo, has exploded on the American/European scene in the past two years, enthralling both experimental enthusiasts and alternative rock fans.
TZA7406.2 Keith,Rodd Ecstasy to Frenzy 20.01.2004 Rodd Keith: vocals, piano, organ, chamberlain, composer, arranger
TZA7401.2 Keith,Rodd, I Died Today 20.08.96 A retrospective of an American original - the varied works of Rodd Keith (aka Rod Rogers), the musical auteur of MSR's send-us-your-lyrics record label, and the insane genius of Beat Of The Traps and The Makers Of Smooth Music.
TZA7706.2 Kihlstedt,Carla, 2 Foot Yard 21.01.03 Carla Kihlstedt is one of the most versatile violinists in new music, is much at home performing Stravinsky s Histoire du Solidat on the concert stage, swinging jazz solos in the popular Tin Hat Trio, scraping noise improvisations with Derek Bailey or rocking out at CBGBs with her SF based band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.
TZA7111.2 Kletka Red, Hijacking 19.11.96 Berlin resident Leonid Soybelman's frantic originals and punk covers of klezmer classics (sung in Yiddish) jerks Jewish music into the 21st Century with a refreshing approach that hits you like a metal matzoh ball. Featuring the remarkable guitarist Andy Ex (of the Dutch band The Ex) and drummer Tony Buck (formerly of Japan's Ground Zero).
TZA7018.2 Klucevsek,Guy, Stolen Memories 20.08.96 World-renowned accordionist Guy Klucevsek has played with the Kronos Quartet, Laurie Anderson, Bill Frisell, Anthony Braxton, John Zorn and Robin Holcomb, and is also a highly original composer in his own right. These stirring compositions are inspired by (among other things) John Cage, African melodies, sacrificial chickens and Fresh Kills, the world's largest landfill. Klucevsek has seven previous albums on Review, CRI, JMR, XI, Eva and Rec Rec and has been featured at Lincoln Center, the Berlin Jazz Festival and on the television show, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.
TZA7179.2 Koby Dance of the Idiots 22.04.03 Sid Gauld - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Lee Levin - Vocals, Gilad Atzmon - Clarinet, Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor), Koby Israelite - Clarinet, Flute, Percussion, Piano, Accordion, Drums, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Vocals, Yaron Stavi - Bass (Upright), Electric Upright Bass
TZA7208.2 Koichi,Makigami, Kuchinoha 21.11.95 Makigami Koichi is the leader of one of Japan's longest running underground bands, Hikashu, which has evolved from an electronic pop band to embrace world music, improvisation, noise and other styles.
TZA7216.2 Koichi,Makigami, Electric Eel 20.10.98 Creative and versatile, Makigami's first CD of solo voice improvisations was a favorite of vocalists from Mike Patton to Pavarotti.
TZA7235.2 Koichi,Makigami, Hikashu History 23.10.01
TZA7223.2 Korekyojin, Korekyojin 17.08.99 Featuring Japan s latest guitar sensation Kido Natsuki, Korekyojin is a burning instrumental trio mixing the raw power of rock, the wild edge of improvisation, and the complex stop-on-a-dime compositional structures that Yoshida and very few others have made famous.
TZA7101.2 Krakauer,David, Klezmer Madness 23.05.95 David Krakauer (clarinet, composer) combines the diverse influences of Jewish and Balkan clarinet styles, minimalism, jazz and shredded Muzak to create a style uniquely his own. He has performed and recorded with the Klezmatics and John Zorn as well as in numerous classical, chamber and avant-garde settings.
TZA7127.2 Krakauer,David, Klezmer N.y. 20.10.98 David Krakauer is a clarinetist of astonishing virtuosity whose dual commitment to both upholding and exploding tradition has taken Klezmer to places we've never dreamed possible. A former member of the Klesmatics, Krakauer was featured on a recent album by the Kronos Quartet. This second CD for Tzadik pays tribute to one of the greatest clarinet soloists in jazz: pioneer Sidney Bechet. In this extended, multi faceted suite, the Krakauer trio explores the hidden connections between Bechet and Klezmer giant Naftule Brandwein - inspired in part by Bechet's legendary and incredibly rare performance of "My Yiddish Momma." Klezmer, NY is Krakauer's BECHET JESURUN, and is sure to both delight and raise more than a few eyebrows.
TZA7150.2 Krakowski,Wolf, Transmigrations 28.08.01 A unique fusion of traditional Yiddish song with country blues, rock and reggae by Kerouac-inspired cult hero Wolf Krakowski. Recorded in 1995 and originally available in a limited edition on his own label, Transmigrations: Gilgul is a soulful contemporary reading of Jewish folk and theater songs mixing the Old World with the New. Yiddish world-beat soul that will delight both young and old.
TZA7166.2 Krakowski,Wolf, Goyrl: Destiny 23.07.02 In his dramatic follow-up to Transmigrations:Gilgul, Wolf Krakowski weaves unique and heartfelt world-beat soul stylings with Yiddish folk, theatre and pop songs to create a compelling international downtown sound rooted in the blues, country-rock, tango, reggae and native mameloshn. Produced by Frank London, this contemporary classic is the very embodiment of Old World meets the New.
TZA7119.2 Kramer, Let Me Explain Something to You About Art 20.01.98 As performer, composer, producer and founder of Shimmy-Disc, Kramer is a NY veteran of countless musical collaborations from Bongwater and Galaxie 500 to Robert Wyatt and Hugh Hopper.
TZA7176.2 Kramer, Greenberg Variations 25.03.03 The mastermind behind Shimmy Disc and co-conspirator of Bongwater, Shockabilly and countless other twisted indie bands, Kramer is finally coming into his own as a composer in the Twenty-first Century.
TZA7124.2 Lacy,Steve, Sands 21.07.98 Recorded at his home in Paris from February to April 1998, Sands is Steve Lacy's most personal and remarkable solo document, and explores a wide variety of musical and dramatic subjects. Portraits of close friends Barney Wilen and William Burroughs; collaborations with the texts of Allen Ginsberg and Samuel Beckett; and of course his own peculiar take on identity and Jewish heritage, which he characterizes in his most recent composition "Jewgitive." The music of Lacy, like Judaism itself, is a praxis, a question, a floating anxiety, and Sands is one of Lacy's most poignant and intense recordings.
TZA7021.2 Lam,Bun-Ching, ...Like Water 18.03.97 The redoubtable Abel/Steinberg/ Winant Trio, dedicated to performances of music from the Americas, the Pacific Rim and Northwest Asia, is among the most important new music ensembles in the world, working with composers including Lou Harrison, Frederic Rzewski, Christian Wolff, Somei Satoh, Terry Riley, Fred Frith, Alvin Curran and Gordon Mumma.
TZA7031.2 Lam,Bun-Ching, Child God 17.03.98 Bun-Ching Lam was born in Macao and holds a Ph.D in composition from the University of California at San Diego. She is the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships including most recently the treasured Rome Prize for Composition. Her mini-opera, "The Child God" written as a shadow-play, incorporates spoken narration, instrumental music and tenor songs, and is based on a Ming Dynasty mystical novel The Creation Of The Gods. It tells the story of No Cha, from his miraculous birth, to the discovery of his own supernatural powers through various adventures which bring danger to his parents' lives. Adventurous, charming and delightful.
TZA7044.2 Laswell,Bill, Invisible Design 23.03.99 New solo album by contemporary music's most adventurous musical terrorist. An indefatigable instigator of countless musical projects, from funk, rock, hip hop and jazz to world music, ambient and a milliard of creative hybrids, Laswell steps here as a composer. Eight tracks showcasing full range of musical obsessions, radical studio techniques and virtuosic bass playing. Invisible Design is a CD of Black magic and spiritual passion. Laswell's creative voice has never been stronger.
TZA7511.2 Laswell,Bill, Filmtracks 2000 25.09.01 Drum n bass, funk, rock and dub all filtered through music from India, the Middle East, Africa and Asia come together in these eleven dramatic pieces created for films.
TZA7054.2 Lewis,George, Endless Shout 25.01.00 One of the world s leading composer/performers presents a dynamic collection of his most important recent works. Professor, musical scholar, author, composer, virtuoso trombonist and computer music genius George Lewis has been a major name in new music since the mid 70s, having worked with just about everyone you can imagine, but his recorded output has been all too rare. This first release for Tzadik highlights the wide variety of his compositional approaches, with music for creative music orchestra, soloist with interactive computer systems, narrator with tape and a suite for solo piano.
TZA7241.2 Limited Express (Has Gone), Feeds You 25.03.03 Another eclectic rock/pop band out of the infamous Kansai scene that produced the Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba and more.
TZA7147.2 London,Frank Invocations: Ezkeroh Elokim / T'kias Shofar 05.12.00 Trumpeter Frank London (Klezmatics, Hasidic New Wave) presents his most intimate and personal work to date, evoking the passionate, imploring voices of the great cantorial virtuosos Rosenblatt, Sirota and Kamiol. Recorded live in the Community Synagogue in the heart of the Lower East Side, Invocations is a soulful collection of classic hazonos, scored for trumpet solo, harmoniums, glass harmonica and bass. A lush and beautiful contemporary reading of an ancient yet under-appreciated Jewish tradition. Featuring Anthony Coleman, Myra Melford, Ken Filiano, Gina Leishman and of course the trumpet of the great Frank London.
TZA7129.2 London,Frank / Sklamberg,Lorin / Caine,Uri, Nigunim 17.11.98 An intimate trio recording by two members of the Klezmatics and one of jazz s greatest young virtuosos. Blending the Yiddish inflections of Lorin Sklamberg s beautiful voice with the adventurous arranging skills of trumpeter Frank London and the sophistication of Uri Caine s harmonic piano phrasing, Nigunim is a new take on Jewish classics that is sure to delight both young and old. Creative and heartfelt arrangements of traditional Jewish songs by three of the greatest musicians on the scene today.
TZA7507.2 London,Frank, Debt 16.09.97 Latin grooves, burning jazz arrangements in the style of Charles Mingus, quirky experimental tracks, classical chamber compositions, moody sound pieces, funky bachelor pad music and a gorgeous suite scored for six female voices, over forty of New York's greatest musicians are brought here in a variety of ensembles to make this one of the most exciting and eclectic releases, by one of the most active musicians in the downtown scene.
TZA7167.2 London,Frank, Scientist At Work 23.07.02 Originally released in 1999 in a privately pressed limited edition, this is much more than a re-release. Alchemically transformed by John Zorn through radical remixing, editing and overdubs by downtown superstars Mark Feldman, Erik Friedlander, Cyro Baptista, Jamie Saft (and Zorn himself on sax), Scientist at Work is a dynamic collaboration in the Miles Davis/Teo Macero tradition. Featuring standout work by the late Thomas Chapin on saxophones and bass flute, as well as the lyrical trumpet of bandleader/composer Frank London, this music touches on Jewish prayer, Afro-funk, Jazz fusion, Middle Eastern Taqsim and more.
TZA7121.2 Lucas,Gary, Busy Being Born 17.03.98 Guitarist extraordinary, Grammy nominated songwriter, tv and film soundtrack composer Gary Lucas has played with Captain Beefheart, Leonard Bernstein, Jeff Buckley, Joan Osborne and many others besides releasing four acclaimed solo albums in his own right. Here he offers his latest and what he considers his greatest project to date, an album for kids of all ages based on Jewish themes. Combining madcap original classics (Sunrise, Sandman) with soulful renditions of traditional classics (Sunrise Sunset, Adon Olom) and left field hits like a medley of Popeye and Betty Boop themes played on National steel guitar (Fleiscerei), Busy Being Born is brimming with whimsical ideas and treasures old and new: 17 Jewish gems from the fertile mind of Gary Lucas.
TZA7145.2 Lucas,Gary, Street of Lost Brothers 24.10.00 Another brilliant collection of scintillating originals and Jewish classics from the unique and twisted mind of guitar madman Gary Lucas. Gary s first release for Tzadik was a delightful and uproarious collection for children. With Street of Lost Brothers, Gary has turned to the dark side. Dances, dirges and doinas for Gary s versatile touring band, with special guest appearances by insane vocalists Kenny and Larry, sax squealer John Zorn and Walter Horn.
TZA7509.2 Lurie,Evan, How I Spent My Vacation 17.03.98 Sensuous chamber music, a swinging suite for Jazz septet and two gorgeous pieces for solo piano.
TZA7078.2 Mace,Pierre-Yves, Faux-Jumeaux 23.07.02 Extraordinary young French composer. Born in 1980, Pierre Yves-Mace began as an improviser, played in jazz-rock prog bands, studied classically, accompanied dance classes and has composed electronic music for theater, dance and the martial arts."Faux-Jumeaux", his first CD release, brings the aesthetics of French romanticism into a head-on collision with sampling technology, electro-acoustics and minimalism.
TZA7067.2 Maceda,Jose, Gongs and Bamboos 24.07.01 The first release outside Japan of music by one of the the most original and underappreciated composers in contemporary music. Born 1900 in the Phillipines, Maceda has been creating remarkable compositions, often for large ensembles of the same instrument for fifty years. This CD brings together three very different pieces from his enormous catalog. The hypnotic Suling-Suling is scored for an ensemble of forty bamboo flutes, Colors Without Rhythm is one of his most dynamic orchestral compositions performed brilliantly by the Manila Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the composer. Pagsamba is one of the strangest masses ever written for gongs, voices and bamboos, recorded live in an open air temple in the Phillipines. An incredibly exciting release of rarely heard music by a rarely heard from composer.
TZA7178.2 Madof,Jon Rashanim 22.04.03 Jon Madof: guitar, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz: bass, Mathias Kunzli: drums, percussion
TZA7064.2 Mahler,David, Hearing Voices 23.01.01 One of the unsung heroes from the early days of minimalism, David Mahler has been making music since the early 1970s. A master of the tape recorder and the razor blade, his pieces are legendary and (as is often the case with experimental composers,) underappreciated. David Mahler has champions in colleagues such as Larry Polansky, Peter Garland and Guy Klucevsek and thankfully his music is becoming more and more known. It is an honor for Tzadik to release this latest piece of the David Mahler puzzle: four new text-based tape pieces by one of the undisputed masters of the medium.
TZA7096.2 Martinez,Ernesto Mutaciones 24.02.2004
TZA5001.2 Masada String Trio Masada String Trio: 50th Birthday Celebration 1 24.02.2004
TZA7326.2 Masada, Live in Middleheim 30.11.99 Beautifully recorded by the Belgian radio.
TZA7327.2 Masada, Live in Sevilla 2000 25.07.00 Masada s concert in Sevilla is a remarkable string of special moments from beginning to end a perfect balance of mind, heart and balls.
TZA7601.2 Massacre, Funny Valentine 17.11.98 A legendary meeting of three contemporary masters: Fred Frith - guitar, Bill Laswell - bass, Charles Hayward - drums.
TZA7606.2 Massacre, Melt Down 20.11.01 A blistering live performance by one of the greatest instrumental rock trios ever. Fred Frith, Bill Laswell and Charles Hayward have each been responsible for some of the greatest concerts in new music in the last twenty years, and collectively they take rock improvisation to ecstatic new heights. Beautifully recorded by longtime Laswell associate Oz Fritz at Robert Wyatt s Meltdown Festival in London, 2001, Meltdown is one of the most exciting recordings by this dynamic supergroup.
TZA7404.2 McGregor,Dion, Dion McGregor Dreams Again 16.02.99 This CD is it s sequel, drawn from the same source material the spoke-aloud dreams of Dion McGregor as taped by his roommate Michael Barr between 1961 and 1967.
TZA7219.2 Melt Banana, MXBX 1998: 13,000 Miles At Light Velocity 16.02.99 Melt banana is the defining band of New Japanese Hardcore and it is taking America by storm. Their songs combine compositional complexity and improvisational noise with the power of a locomotive going full blast through a brick wall.
TZA7704.2 Mephista, Black Narcissus 26.03.02 Three of downtown s most dynamic performers join forces to form Mephista one of the first all women supergroups (Susie Ibarra, Sylvie Courvoisier, and Ikue Mori).
TZA7214.2 Merzbow, 1930 19.05.98 "Merzbow" is the one and only original Japanese noise band, begun by Masami Akita over 20 years ago and he is still the best of them all.
TZA7086.2 Mesinai,Raz, Resurrections for Goatskin 20.05.03 Raz Mesinai: zarb, flute, mazhar, piano, percussion, framedrums, electronics, Marcus Rojas: tuba, Okkyung Lee: cello, Tim Barnes: percussion
TZA7151.2 Mesinai,Raz, Before the Law 25.09.01 Raz Mesinai is one of the most respected young musicians in New York s burgeoning underground electronica scene. His unique approach utilizes samples of acoustic instruments performing his original compositions, electronics of his own design, computers and occasionally his dynamic percussion work. His latest project is inspired by the hermetic Jewish writer Franz Kafka whose influential work views the Jewish experience through a mystical, almost Kabbalistic lens. A complex and multifaceted CD of new electronic music at its best.
TZA7218.2 Michiyo,Yagi, Shizuku 19.01.99 One of the most versatile masters of the koto, Michiyo Yagi has performed in rock bands, jazz groups, movie soundtracks, classical ensembles, noise improvisations and of course Japanese traditional and folk groups.
TZA7222.2 Microcosmos, Pilgrimage 23.03.99 Otomo Yoshihide (turntables) and Tenko (vocals) are two of the most internationally acclaimed performers to emerge from the Tokyo underground, and have worked with some of the best musicians from around the world.
TZA7237.2 Mono, Under the Pipal Tree 20.11.01 Mono is a young instrumental band from Tokyo combining elements of minimalism, psychedelia and trance rock to create a distinctive and powerful new sound via John Fahey, Sonic Youth and the Grateful Dead.
TZA7026.2 Moorefield,Virgil Temperature in Hell Is Over Three Thousand Degrees 21.10.97 Composer Virgil Moorefield was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1956 and grew up primarily in Europe. Living in NY since 1975, Moorefield recorded and toured as a drummer with numerous rock bands and avant garde ensembles, including the Swans, Glenn Branca, Bill Laswell, Elliott Sharp and Damage. The music on this disc is a reflection of his recent interest in microtonality and in creating a music which is looser in structure than his previous works. Alternating between strict notation and passages which may be described by nothing more than a drawing - Virgil blends minimalism, microtonal tunings and improvisation to create a unique sound world of precision, movement and surprise. Taking his title from one of a series of ranting, religious leaflets, pasted to lampposts in Lower Manhattan.
TZA7055.2 Mori,Ikue Moonsongs 22.02.00 Ikue Mori s career in music reaches back to 1978 as drummer/co-founder/co-composer of the seminal punk/no-wave band DNA. In the 80s she became involved in the blossoming downtown scene, improvising with the likes of Bill Frisell, Christian Marclay, John Zorn, Tom Cora, Derek Bailey and countless others. Into the 90s her work with drum machines expanded into the world of electronic music, incorporating digital technology into her compositional palette. Moonsongs leads her into the 21st Century with an astounding suite of pieces for a chamber ensemble of voice, strings and percussion, inspired by the work of famous Japanese woodblock artist Yoshitoshi. Moonsongs is clearly one of Ikue Mori s greatest works. Lush, romantic, violent, weird, ghostly and exhilarating sounds from one of the world s most important musical thinkers.
TZA7201.2 Mori,Ikue, Hex Kitchen 23.05.95 One of New York's most exciting improvisers and composers, Ikue Mori has developed a personal and innovative technique of playing samplers triggered by adapted drum machines.
TZA7020.2 Mori,Ikue, Garden 20.08.96 Ikue Mori, a legend on the New York music scene, has played regularly with the world's top improvisers since 1979, as well as in the groups DNA, Tohban Djan, Death Praxis, Fukuko, Worlds of Love and Death Ambient. Mori has developed a personal and innovative technique of playing samplers triggered by adapted drum machines. "Garden", her first solo recording, is a textbook in compositional economy, displaying her amazing approach to an instrument she has made her own.
TZA7508.2 Mori,Ikue, B-Side 20.01.98 Erik Friedlander, Zeena Parkins, Anthony Coleman and Kato Hideki are just a few of the musicians featured in this remarkable recording.
TZA7068.2 Mori,Ikue, Labyrinth 28.08.01 Eleven new earsplitting, brain-twisting electronic compositions by downtown legend Ikue Mori, one of the most respected composers in the contemporary electronica community. Completely unique and utterly original, Mori has developed a personal language through the combination of modified drum machines and triggered samplers. Labyrinth, her second CD of solo music for Tzadik, is a multi-faceted collection of complex compositions for the Apple powerbook. After twenty years, Ikue Mori continues to create some of the very best cutting-edge electronic music around
TZA7225.2 Motor Humming, Musical Aluminum 16.11.99 An absolutely raging new instrumental trio from the Kansai area of Japan, home to the Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba, Haco and more. Combining hardcore punk, improvisation, metal, funk and fusion in a seamless and dynamic new music, Motor Humming is at the forefront of instrumental experimental rock and one of the most original bands in Japan.
TZA7074.2 Mumma,Gordon, Live Electronic Music 22.01.02 The ultimate document by one of the most important electronic music composers in new music. A lifetime in the making, these meticulously crafted masterpieces include the legendary Mesa performed by avant garde virtuoso David Tudor on electric bandoneon and the first release of the complete version of Mumma s classic composition Hornpipe fully remastered and reworked by the composer himself. One of the most important releases of this or any other year absolutely essential music by one of downtown s Founding Fathers.
TZA7708.2 Muna Zul Muna Zul 21.10.03 Featuring three beautiful young women singing creative new Latino music, Muna Zul is an exciting a cappella vocal trio from Mexico City. Seamlessly interweaving Mexican folk themes with pop, rock and world beat, their music is charming and infectious. This is a CD you will return to again and again, finding new delights with each listening.
TZA7106.2 Mystic Fugu Orchestra, Zohar 18.07.95 From the inventive minds of John Zorn and Yamantaka Eye comes an intimate and highly original duo project inspired by historical recordings of ancient Judaica. The Mystic Fugu Orchestra masquerades as "newly discovered" recordings from the Mystical tradition of Kabbalah - paralleling 14th century author Moses de Leon's original presentation of of his Kabbalistic classic "The Zohar" or "book of Splendors" as having been discovered by him and actually written by Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai centuries before. Issued at a special low price, this CD single is the first of a series of Zorn/Eye releases planned for Tzadik records in 1995. Humourous, touching, traditiuonal, irrerverent, perplexing, soulful. A sound that could only come about with years of friendship, empathy and collaboration, The Mystic Fugu Orchestra will surprise and delight you as yet another unusual direction in music from these two masters of the unexpected.
TZA7118.2 Naftule's Dream, Search for the Golden Dreydl 18.11.97 In the past several years, more and more Jewish artists have been finding expression in the blending of Jazz and Klezmer. Searching For the Golden Dreydl is one of the year's most exciting additions to this dynamic new music. From adventurous originals to surprising reinterpretations of traditional Jewish classics, Boston-based Naftule's Dream has created an instrumental music of passion and intensity. Fiery improvisation weaves in and out of complex arrangements in a style reminiscent of Mingus at his best. Very much in keeping with their namesake Naftule Brandwein, this century's greatest and most controversial Klezmer clarinetist, this is music that keeps you at the edge of your seat.
TZA7125.2 Naftule's Dream, Smash / Clap 15.09.98 Boston-based Naftule's Dream continues to be one of the most exciting bands exploring new Jewish music. Consistently innovative yet always heartfelt, their first critically acclaimed CD, Search For Golden Drydel, combined jazz and Klezmer in complex tight arrangements. This second collection of their newest compositions throws rock and free improvisation into the mix. Produced by the legendary Bill Laswell at his New Jersey studio, Smash, Clap! is another important step for this versatile, virtuosic ensemble.
TZA7153.2 Naftule's Dream, Job 20.11.01 Now a mainstay of the Radical Jewish Series, Naftule s Dream epitomizes the passion and creativity of New Jewish Music in the 21st Century. Their third CD for Tzadik captures them in front of an inspiring audience, live in Boston. Exciting compositions both old and new, and a charming Jewish take on the music of Erik Satie, Job is another brilliant musical statement by one of the most important bands in the New Jewish Renaissance. Mixed by producer extraordinaire Bill Laswell.
TZA7312.2 Naked City & Zorn,John, Black Box 22.04.97 2CD: A specially-priced double-CD reissue, Black Box couples two of Zorn's most exteme and violent creations with the controversial music and artwork intact. Torture Garden (1991) presents Naked City's intense and groundbreaking music combining free jazz, bebop, r&b, country, funk, rockabilly, surf, metal hardcore and grindcore -- usually in the same song!
TZA7336.2 Naked City, Naked City Live 1: Knitting Factory 1989 07.05.02 Featuring Bill Frisell, Fred Frith, Wayne Horvitz and Joey Baron this was a true downtown supergroup brought together to realize John Zorn s twisted compositional vision combining jazz, movie soundtracks, rock, rhythm and blues, hardcore punk, cartoon music, country and western and just about everything imaginable often all in the same piece!
TZA7113.2 Nathanson,Roy / Coleman,Anthony, I Could've Been a Drum 18.03.97 The third album by two masters of the maladjusted, following two releases on Knitting Factory Works. Saxophonist Roy Nathanson is best known as leader of the Jazz Passengers. Pianist Anthony Coleman is well known for his work with John Zorn and Marc Ribot, and has recorded two Tzadik albums as a leader.
TZA7103.2 New Klezmer Trio, Melt Zonk Rewire 18.07.95 Leader Ben Goldberg studied with jazz luminaries Steve Lacy and Joe Lovano, and has performed and recorded with George Lewis, Cecil Taylor, Bobby Bradford, John Zorn's Masada, Andrew Hill, Mark Dresser, Roswell Rudd, the ROVA Sax Quartet, John Tchicai, Phil Haynes, Alvin Curran, Eugene Chadbourne, and was the featured soloist with Wayne Horvitz and Robin Holcomb's New York Jazz Composers Orchestra at the 1994 San Francisco Jazz Festival. His clarinet can be heard on the upcoming recording by the Charlie Hunter Trio on Blue Note.
TZA7112.2 New Klezmer Trio, Masks & Faces 19.11.96 Following the astounding Melt Zonk Rewire , Tzadik is reissuing the out-of-print first album by San Francisco's New Klezmer Trio. Masks And Faces is a modern Jewish classic, presenting avant garde reinterpretations of traditional tunes and new compositions expanding the klezmer tradition. This landmark album, originally released in 1990 on the Nine Winds label, was a precursor to John Zorn's Masada, and pointed the direction for future possibilities in Jewish Music.
TZA7141.2 New Klezmer Trio, Short for Something 27.06.00 This long-awaited third CD by the legendary New Klezmer Trio is pure pleasure. Their first two CDs, released in 1990 and 1995 respectively have long been Tzadik favorites, combining elements of jazz and improvisation with the Jewish tradition in ways both thoughtful and surprising. This is a masterful new recording by one of the classic bands in the New Jewish Renaissance. Naftule Brandwein via Jimmy Giuffre.
TZA7011.2 O'Rourke,Jim, Terminal Pharmacy 21.11.95 He has recorded as a member of the experimental rock groups Gastr Del Sol, The Red Krayola, Brise Glace and Yona Kit, recorded a half dozen of his own albums of guitar improvisation and musique-concrete compositions on the Staalplaat, Extreme, Divided, Entenpfuhl and Metamkine labels, released collaborative recordings with Henry Kaiser, K.K. Null, Gunter Muller, Eddie Prevost, Evan Parker and Nicholas Collins, and produced forthcoming albums by Tony Conrad, Faust, Melt Banana and Space Streakings.
TZA7317.2 Painkiller / Laswell,Bill / Zorn,John, Complete Studio Recordings 17.02.98 4CD: PainKiller is Bill Laswell, Mick Harris & John Zorn, and this special 4CD package is the ultimate PainKiller document: the complete studio recordings, with all of the original booklets and artwork intact - uncensored and uncompromising, from their classic first release of 1991 Guts Of A Virgin, to Buried Secrets (featuring members of Godflesh) and their 1994 masterpiece Execution Ground.
TZA7342.2 Painkiller, Talisman: Live in Nagoya 26.11.02 Culminating their legendary 1994 tour of Japan in a masterful set featuring one of their longest and most inspired improvisations, the thirty-five minute Batrachophrenoboocosmomachia.
TZA7109.2 Parkins,Zeena, Mouth Maul Betrayer 20.08.96 One of the best known and most exciting of N.Y.C. improvisers and composers, electric harpist Zeena Parkins has released five extremely varied albums under her own name, as well as numerous records as a member of the groups Skeleton Crew (with Fred Frith and Tom Cora), News From Babel, Elliot Sharp's Carbon, No Safety and OWT.
TZA7049.2 Parkins,Zeena, Pan-Acousticon 21.09.99 Zeena Parkins: electric harp,piano, sampler, accordian; A product of over three years of work, Pan-Acousticon is Zeena Parkins most important and intriguing work to date, orchestrating sampling noise, classical strings, rock drums and homemade instruments into a new world of color, shape and texture. Co-produced by long-term collaborator Elliott Sharp, this beautiful and varied collection of experimental music is both powerful and touching.
TZA7012.2 Partch,Harry, Seventeen Lyrics of Li Po 21.11.95 Composer, theorist, inventor of musical instruments, and one of the most colorful characters of 20th century music, Harry Partch (1901-1974) broke with Western tradition and forged a new music based on a more primal, corporeal integration of the elements of speech, rhythm and performance using the intrinsic music found in the spoken word, the principles of acoustic resonance and just-intonation.
TZA7095.2 Pateras,Anthony Mutant Theatre 20.01.2004 Anthony Pateras: piano, prepared piano/voice, conductor; Robin Fox: laptop/live processing; Vanessa Tomlinson: percussion; Natasha Anderson: contrabass recorder; Erkki Veltheim: viola/decrepit violin; James Wilkinson: trombone/conch
TZA7407.2 Pathos People 24.02.2004
TZA7015.2 Patton,Mike, Adult Themes for Voice 23.04.96 In addition to his successful day job, Mike Patton has moonlighted with variious ensembles and composers including Kronos Quartet, Bob Ostertag, Rova Saxophone Quartet, David Shea, Arto Lindsay, Bill Laswell, Boo-Yaa Tribe, Sepultura, John Zorn and Naked City (filling in for Yamatsaka Eye).
TZA7022.2 Patton,Mike, Pranzo Oltranzista 22.04.97 Following the remarkable success of his solo debut, Adult Themes (Tzadik 7015), Mike Patton, best known as the vocalist of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, steps out as a composer.
TZA7175.2 Perowsky,Ben, Camp Song 25.02.03 A regular drummer with John Scofield, Dave Douglas, Steven Bernstein and many others, Ben Perowsky is a familiar name to jazz fans the world over. Joined here by keyboard sensation Uri Caine, one of the most acclaimed young pianists on the scene, Ben s first recording under his own name on Tzadik is an eclectic take on the songs he used to sing during his formative years at Jewish summer camp. Exotic percussion, twisted arrangements and several brilliant original compositions make Camp Songs a swinging delight. Wild, nostalgic, and completely unique.
TZA7072.2 Previte,Bobby, 23 Constellations of Joan Miro 26.02.02 An exciting new musical universe from the mind of composer/performer Bobby Previte. Filled with sweeping gestures and meticulous detail, The 23 Constellations of Joan MirC is Bobby Previte s dream project and one that he s been working on for over six years. Performed here with an all-star ensemble, Constellations is beautifully recorded and presented with a lush 36 page booklet containing color reproductions of all twenty-three of MirC s masterpieces. Previte s most original compositional achievement is also his most delightful.
TZA7132.2 Psamim, Abi Gezint 16.02.99 Breathtakingly beautiful Jewish music performed by an intimate ensemble of strings and accordion.
TZA7081.2 Qin,Eric, Photographs 1988-1993 24.09.02 This long awaited release completes a trilogy of CDs documenting the young composer collective Rough Assemblage. Active in the early 1990s out of Mannes College of Music, this trio of like-minded musicians also included Norman Yamada (Being in Time, TZ 7035) and Mark Degliantoni (Horse Tricks, TZ 7042). The tragic death of Eric Qin in 1993 ended the project, but in the following years efforts were made to collect and record Qin s extant remaining compositions. Photographs: 1988 1993 is the exciting result. Meticulously researched and detailed, these pieces show an astonishing variety and maturity. We can only guess where Eric s music may have gone, but these touching recordings, filled with passion and tenderness are a fitting tribute to this very young and very creative musical mind.
TZA7168.2 Rabbinical School Dropouts, Cosmic Tree 23.07.02 The Rabbinical School Dropouts is as crazy a group of kooks as you could want. Sun Ra, the Hampton Grease Band, Frank Zappa and the Klezmatics all rolled into one, the music of the Friedmann brothers is fresh and imaginative. Their ten-member big band (featuring oboe, mandolin, bassoon, theremin, toy piano, tablas, etc.) storms through a dozen creative originals touching upon klezmer, jazz, funk, Latin, rock, and varied mishegoss along the way. Jewish garage jazz with a sick sense of humor from Long Beach, California.
TZA7710.2 Red Pocket Thick 10.02.2004
TZA7182.2 Reichman,Ted Émigré 21.10.03 A veteran of countless Tzadik projects led by (among others), David Krakauer, Marc Ribot, Roberto Rodriguez and Anthony Coleman, accordionist Ted Reichman steps out on his own in this moody, hypnotic portrait of one of the 20th Century's greatest photographers, Andre Kertesz. Beginning with his early life in the Jewish community of Budapest, Ted eloquently tells the classic story of a man who leaves his Jewish heritage behind only to find further alienation in attempted assimilation throughout France and the United States. A fascinating and touching musical journey by downtown NY's premiere accordionist.
TZA7516.2 Ribot,Marc Filmworks 2 23.09.03 This second volume of Marc Ribot's music for films is one of the most eclectic and exciting CDs he's made to date. From 1930s swing to science fiction soundscapes, deep soul grooves to hypnotic moods for strings and guitar, Filmworks 2 is a fascinating program of miniature masterpieces from start to finish.
TZA7089.2 Ribot,Marc Scelsi Mornings 26.08.03 Jill Jaffe: violin, viola, Ned Rothenberg: clarinet, bass clarinet, Ted Reichman: pump organ, accordion, Chris Wood: bass, Marc Ribot: guitar, Christine Bard: percussion, drums, Roberto Rodriguez: percussion, drums, Anthony Coleman: piano, organ, trombone, Rob Thomas: violin, bass
TZA7504.2 Ribot,Marc, Shoe String Symphonettes 18.03.97 A guitarist of frightening technique, accomplished in practically any style, Marc Ribot has recorded numerous solo projects as well as working with artists including Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, the Lounge Lizards Brother Jack McDuff, John Zorn and Chuck Berry.
TZA7134.2 Ribot,Marc, Yo I Killed Your God 18.05.99 From Jewish Punk Revolutionary to Neo-Primitive Composer to Dance Club Burnout in eighteen short months, Shrek was Marc Ribot s most controversial and eclectic band. Raw and powerful, Shrek Live captured Marc s wilder side, with an edge that cut through steel. Featuring plenty of his searing guitar work, cynical, impassioned vocals and several exciting cover tunes, including the cuban classic "Jamon co Yucca", the seed that led to his popular group, Los Cubanos Postisos, Human Sacrifice brings the visceral edge of one of the world s most exciting and original guitarists to your own living room! Included as a bonus track is a studio version of "Mon Petit Punk" - a twisted pop classic.
TZA7158.2 Rodriguez,Roberto Juan, Danzon de Moises 22.01.02 The dynamic Latin percussionist for Joe Jackson, Marc Ribot s Postizos and a variety of other groups here excavates the fascinating world of Cuba s little-known Jewish community. Roberto s firsthand experience with both Cuban and Jewish traditions (performing at Havana Synagogues in the 1970s, and exposure to the Radical Jewish Culture Revolution in New York s downtown community of the 1990s,) have resulted in a brilliant recording blending the two into a seamless new music. Featuring an all-star lineup, El Danzon de Moises is a CD that will make you think, make you laugh and make you dance.
TZA7061.2 Rothenberg,Ned, Ghost Stories 22.08.00 A downtown mainstay for twenty years, composer/multi-woodwind performer Ned Rothenberg makes his Tzadik debut with a stunning CD of chamber music. Acclaimed for work in a wide variety of contexts from the multi-metric funk of his Double Band to the large chamber jazz of Power Lines, Rothenberg here shows both range and focus in works for unprecedented instrumentations that have epic scope. Asian and western instruments combine in scores mixing improvised solo features with through-composed ensembles. Ghost Stories is one of Rothenberg s most accomplished works.
TZA7239.2 Rovo, Tonic 2001 23.04.02 2CD: Some of the very best musicians in Japan, veterans of bands such as the Boredoms, Bondage Fruits, Bazooka Joe, Dub Sub, Demi Semi Quaver and Omoide Hatoba come together in Rovo, a virtuosic trance-rock group based in Tokyo.
TZA7202.2 Ruins, Hyderomastgroningem 23.05.95 Along with the Boredoms, Naked City and very few others, this amazing drums/bass duo are masters of quick-change, stop/start tempos, time-signatures and textures.
TZA7215.2 Ruins, Symphonica 16.06.98 For more than a decade, the Ruins have been one of the most consistently exciting groups out of the Japanese underground.
TZA7234.2 Ruins, Mandala 2000 28.08.01 These performances capture the band live in 1988 and is so beautifully recorded it could have been a studio date. Accompanying the delightful duo is legendary guitarist Imahori Tsuneo playing everything from Bill Frisell to Arto Lindsay s skronk and bassist Shiina Tatsuto.
TZA7142.2 Saft,Jamie, Sovlanut 25.07.00 Guitars and beats, both electric and acoustic, mixed in dub inform this dynamic new twist on Radical Jewish Culture. Bringing together ancient traditions with modern technology, Jamie Saft s debut recording deals with the interaction of Black, Arab and Jewish cultures in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Featuring his longtime collaborators Jim Black and Chris Speed as well as the Groove Collective s bassist extraordinaire, Jonathan Maron, Sovlanut (Tolerance) is a remarkable and original new take on contemporary club music Jewish style.
TZA7162.2 Saft,Jamie, Breadcrumb Sins 21.05.02 Jamie s second CD for Tzadik is a cinematic exploration of dub, pop and club music filtered through his own very personal Jewish lens. Spacy DJ mixes, deep grooves, fucked-up dubs and soulful vocals on subjects ranging from tashlikh to prayer to fratricide. What more could you ask from one of Tzadik s mainstays whose first CD Solvanut and special mixes for David Gould (Adonai in Dub) have already become legendary underground hits.
TZA7149.2 Satlah, Exodus 27.02.01 A beautiful, live recording of acoustic Klez/Jazz by one of the most exciting young bands working today. In the year that has passed since the release of their first CD, Satlah has grown more confident, increasing in both power and sensitivity. Taking a cue from the music of John Coltrane, their sound is developing a spiritual intensity and their second release for Tzadik showcases all three players blazing through creative original compositions at the legendary new music venue Tonic, located in the heart of New York s Lower East Side. Jewish Jazz for the 21st Century.
TZA7709.2 Scheinman,Jenny Shalagaster 20.01.2004 Jenny Scheinman: violin; Myra Melford: piano/harmonium; Russ Johnson: trumpet; Trevor Dunn: bass; Kenny Wollesen: drums
TZA7165.2 Scheinman,Jenny, Rabbi's Lover 25.06.02 An impressive new recording by one of the most sought-after new violinists in the downtown scene. Born in California, Jenny moved to New York in 1998. Most recently heard in a variety of contexts with Bill Frisell, Jenny has also graced projects by Myra Melford, Vinicius Cantuaria and Nels Cline. Here she leads a dynamic quintet of violin, trumpet, guitar, bass and drum creating a seductive and personal take on Radical Jewish Culture. From traditional tunes to creative originals, The Rabbi s Lover is both heartfelt and intense, lyrical and driving, a CD you will return to time and time again.
TZA7502.2 Scherer,Peter, Cronologia 19.11.96 Swiss-born producer/composer who has worked with Caetano Veloso, Nana Vasconcelos, Laurie Anderson and choreographer Amanda Miller, and collaborated with Arto Lindsay as the Ambitious Lovers from 1984-91.
TZA7115.2 Schott,John, In These Great Times 18.03.97 A virtuoso guitarist best known as a member of Junk Genius and the San Francisco jazz/funk supergroup T.J. Kirk, John Schott is joined by tenor John Horton Murray (The Metropolitan Opera), bassist Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle) and drummer Kenny Wollesen (New Klezmer Trio, Masada, Tom Waits) on his debut as a leader.
TZA7177.2 Seewald,Zahava, Tribute to Martin Weinberg 25.03.03 Seewald is one of the most accomplished and soulful vocalists in the modern Jewish music scene.
TZA7243.2 Selichi,Yamamoto Nu Frequency 20.05.03 Yamamoto Seiichi: synthesizer, guitar, bass, drums, percussion & China: drums, percussion
TZA7123.2 Selfhaters, Abysmal Richness of Infinite Proximity of Same 19.05.98
TZA7128.2 Sephardic Tinge, Morenica 20.10.98 Anthony Coleman has one of the most intelligent and original musical minds on the downtown scene, capable of confounding you, delighting you, making you howl with laughter or scream with pain. With his popular Sephardic Tinge project he has chosen to delight you, showcasing an unique approach to the classic piano trio. This second collection of original compositions and quirky cover tunes adds a newly-developed virtuosic edge to his already sick and twisted technique, making Morenica his ultimate statement on piano jazz, Sephardic tradition, Latin rhythms and dysfunctional harmony.
TZA7159.2 Sephardic Tinge, Our Beautiful Garden Is Open 26.02.02 The third CD in the legacy of mad genius Anthony Coleman s most popular working band takes us, as always, to a magnetic world of loving dysfunction. Together for over four years, the piano trio Sephardic Tinge has developed a unique style rivaling the telepathic interplay of Bill Evans, the compositional integrity of Herbie Nichols and the popular cheese of Irving Fields. Charming Jewish music informed by jazz, borscht belt humor, Latin rhythms, Ahasuerus and self-hatred from one of the most twisted minds in the downtown scene.
TZA7174.2 Shapiro,Paul, Midnight Minyan 25.02.03 Paul Shapiro s fat tenor sound has graced the music of such diverse artists as Lou Reed, Michael Jackson, Nyorican Soul, the Microscopic Septet and Brooklyn Funk Essentials of which he was a founding member. On Tzadik he can be heard on two of the label s most beloved recordings, Steven Bernstein s Diaspora Soul and Daniel Zamier s Children of Israel. For his Tzadik debut, Paul has brought together a remarkable band of long-time associates to perform loungey, old-school jazz renditions of seven Jewish classics and two moody originals. Midnight Minyan is a treasure for young and old.
TZA7016.2 Sharp,Elliott, Xenocodex 07.05.96 Producer, composer, instrument builder, theoretician, multi-instrumentalist and one of the best-known personalities of the Downtown New York City scene, Elliott Sharp has led a variety of ensembles since 1979 including his long-running group Carbon, the Bootstrappers with Mike Watt and George Hurley, and his blues combo Terraplane. He has released albums on Homestead, SST. Zoar, Extreme, RecRec, Victo and other labels, and performs regularly in venues ranging from European concert halls to CBGBs. Tzadik is proud to present what we feel is one of Sharp's best and most important albums.
TZA7505.2 Sharp,Elliott, Figure Ground 18.03.97 Using guitars, saxophones, computers, analog synthesizers and the kitchen sink, Sharp performs powerful scores for four films including Daddy & The Muscle Academy.
TZA7512.2 Sharp,Elliott, Suspension of Disbelief 23.10.01 Elliott Sharp is one of the most versatile composer/performers on the downtown scene a musician who has embraced free jazz, funk, blues, contemporary classical, rock, world music and distilled them all into his own unique amalgam.
TZA7084.2 Sharp,Elliott, String Quartet 1986-1996 25.02.03 Elliott Sharp is one of the downtown s most consistently original composers and a wildly versatile string player, whether it be on bass, electric guitar, or one of his wacky homemade hybrids. His music is rhythmic and intense, often drawing upon mathematical models such as the Fibonacci series, fractals or chaos theory for inspiration. With the release of String Quartets 1986 1996 all of Sharp s work for this classic format is now available exclusively on Tzadik. Performed by his longtime associates The Soldier String Quartet and the virtuosic Meridian Quartet many consider this to be his best and most challenging music to date.
TZA7005.2 Shea,David, Hsi-Yu Chi 21.02.95 Radical New York musician/ composer David Shea uses samplers, turntables and compact disc players as his insruments of choice. His dramatic compositions draw inspiration from film directors Sergio Leone and Sam Pekinpah and the film soundtracks of Bernard Herrmann, Ennio Marricone, John Barry and Henry Mancini, and the cartoon soundtracks of Warner Bros. and MGM. Shea has performed on albums by John Zorn and Mr. Bungle.
TZA7041.2 Shea,David, Classical Works 17.11.98 Two adventurous pieces of classical chamber music by one of today s busiest musical manipulators. The atmospheric Chamber Symphony #1 juxtaposes live and sampled instrumental sonorities in a complex world of modern polyphony with turntable/sampler wizard David Shea playing along with members of the Ictus Ensemble.
TZA7079.2 Shea,David, Classical Works II 27.08.02 In the 1990s David Shea was a regular on the downtown scene working with Anthony Coleman, John Zorn, Zeena Parkins, Shelly Hirsch and many others. Since 1998 he has been living and working in Brussels collaborating with some of Belgium s finest classical musicians, and performing his exciting solo concerts. Classical Works II, his third release on Tzadik, is the definitive document of Shea s new musical direction, bold integrating sampling technology into the classical concert music tradition. The compositions here range from interactive duets for soloist and sampler to a major new piece for chamber symphony. New music from a continually fascinating musical manipulator.
TZA7231.2 Shimada,Aiko, Blue Marble 23.01.01 Produced and arranged by enigmatic mystical traveller Eyvind Kang, Blue Marble is a CD of surreal folk songs by singer/songwriter Aiko Shimada.
TZA7075.2 Singleton,Alvin, Somehow We Can 22.01.02 For over thirty years Alvin Singleton has been devising compositions blending written music with improvisation in the restrictive world of contemporary concert music. His work skillfully joins the European tradition of Lutoslawski and Ligeti with the African American traditions of James Brown, Mahalia Jackson, John Coltrane, Dolphy and the AACM. His first CD for Tzadik features four compositions of chamber music, including his orchestral masterpiece Again, a duo for trumpet and piano brilliantly performed by long time associates Wadada Leo Smith and Anthony Davis, and the prize-winning string quartet Somehow We Can, one of his most energetic and dynamic compositions.
TZA7024.2 Slusser,David Delight At the End of the Tunnel 19.08.97 Composer, performer, one of the foremost sound designers on the West Coast, the mad genius of David Slusser has enhanced the films of David Lynch, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola and the music of John Zorn, Mike Patton and Angelo Badalamenti. Drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as 1950's mood music, industrial demos, early musique concrete and beer commercials, Slusser takes us on an exotic trip through his insane sound world via sound effects, theremins and other rare electronic instruments that either have been or should have been long forgotten.
TZA7610.2 Smith,Wadada Leo Kabell Years: 1971-1979 (Box) 24.02.2004
TZA7017.2 Smith,Wadada Leo, Tao-Njia 07.05.96 Wadada Leo Smith-trumpter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and improviser-has been active for over thirty years. With Leroy Jenkins and Anthony Braxton, he was a founder of the Creative Constrruction Company, and has recorded his own albums on ECM, Black Saint, Nessa, Sackville and other labels. His compositions have been performed by the AACM Orchestra, Kronos Quartet, Ursula Oppens, Marilyn Crispell, Da Capo Chamber Players and others.
TZA7046.2 Smith,Wadada Leo, Light Upon Light 20.07.99 Trumpeter, multi-instrumentalist, improviser and theoretician, Wadada Leo Smith is one of the most important composers of our time. An original member of Chicago s AACM, his exciting pieces blending composition and mprovisation have been performed by many of the world s most important ensembles and soloists. Featuring an exotic composition for chamber ensemble and gamelan quartet, a beautiful solo piece for viola, a bass concerto written for virtuoso Bert Turetzky and two electronic pieces featuring Leo s unique trumpet improvisations, Wadada considers "Light Upon Light" his best recording to date.
TZA7604.2 Smith,Wadada Leo, Golden Quartet 25.04.00 A longtime dream project of Wadada Leo Smith, one of creative music s most original voices, Tzadik is proud to present the first recording by a modern jazz supergroup. The four instrumental giants that comprise the Golden Quartet are veterans of some of the most influential bands in jazz history and here they are at the height of their powers. Five new compositions bring together lyricism, groove and fireworks in this exciting recording destined to become a classic of new jazz
TZA7060.2 Smith,Wadada Leo, Reflectativity 27.06.00 First released on Leo Smith s own label in the early 1970s is one of the most important extended compositions blending improvisation and composition, and one of Leo Smith s masterpieces. This exciting new version features the brilliant pianist/composer Anthony Davis (who performed on the original recording) and longtime friend and colleague Malachi Favors the legendary monster bass player from the Art Ensemble of Chicago. Coupled with several new compositions, this CD brings together the past and present of creative music s most continually fascinating composer/performers.
TZA7070.2 Smith,Wadada Leo, Red Sulphur 25.09.01 The first solo recording in over thirty years by the brilliant composer/performer Wadada Leo Smith. Born in Leland, Mississippi, Leo was a founding member of the AACM in Chicago, and has been performing his music all over the world since the mid-1960s. His compositions for solo trumpet, highly acclaimed yet rarely documented, are some of his most personal and delicate creations. Red Sulphur Sky is the music of one of the true masters of creative music at the height of his powers.
TZA7083.2 Smith,Wadada Leo, Luminous Axis 26.11.02 In his sixth Tzadik release he once again explores new territory, bringing six absolute masters of live electronics together to perform some of Wadada s most adventurous and colorful compositions. Including a large, sprawling work for four laptops and trumpet, and two dynamic duets with legendary laptop pioneer Ikue Mori, Luminous Axis is one of Wadada s most exciting and dynamic recordings.
TZA7117.2 Someck,Ronny / Sharp,Elliott, Revenge of the Stuttering Child 21.10.97 An exciting meeting of two eclectic Jewish masters. Ronny Someck, a poet born in Iraq, now living in Israel and composer Elliott Sharp born in Cleveland, now living in New York City. Revenge of the Stuttering Child is a collaboration of sounds - sounds as word and sounds as music, a tangled-up feedback loop that continuously builds and mutates. Much more than poetry set to music, each piece draws a bead, aims and fires in a different direction, hitting the familiar, the strange, the wry, the warm, the dark, the furious. As Ronny Someck's words are fleshed by his own throat, Sharp's music is manifest in his own varied instrumental voices augmented by the talents of pianist Anthony Coleman, the cello and accordion of the Parkins sisters and percussionist Salifoski. In the prolific, unpredictable world of Elliott Sharp, this project stands apart.
TZA7138.2 Sparks,Tim, Hand Full of Memories 17.08.99
TZA7144.2 Sparks,Tim, Tanz 26.09.00 Following the success of his first CD for Tzadik, Neshamah, the amazing Tim Sparks is joined here by extraordinary bassist Greg Cohen (Masada, The Charms of The Night Sky) and Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista (Herbie Hancock, Laurie Anderson) for a beautiful excursion into the farflung and varied music of the Jewish Diaspora. Featuring traditional tunes from India to Persia, Tin Pan Alley to Prague, Tanz is one of the most charming and engaging CDs of Jewish music you are ever likely to hear.
TZA7160.2 Sparks,Tim, Rebbe's Table 23.04.02 The breathtaking guitarist who created Neshamah and Tanz, two of the most popular CDs in the Tzadik catalogue, continues to delight us with his newest release At the Rebbe s Table. Tim Sparks once again has managed to choose a surprising program of Jewish music from around the world. Lilting melodies to tickle the soul. Harmonies and rhythm to make you dance. Special guests Marc Ribot and Erik Friedlander join Tim s trio from Tanz for some intimate duets and complex band arrangements. At the Rebbe s Table is Tim s best CD yet.
TZA7130.2 Spearman,Glenn, Blues for Falasha 19.01.99 The question of identity has historically played a large role in the survival of the Jewish people and had special significance to free jazz tenor titan Glenn Spearman, as the son of an African-American father and a Jewish mother.
TZA7014.2 Sung,Li Chin, Past 23.04.96 Sung's debut album, a collection of his works from 1992 to 1995, was never intended for commercial release. The subject matter of his work is deeply personal, dealing with the people and things around him, especially his family and friends, and as such does not always obey traditional musical logic.
TZA7236.2 Syzygys, Eyes On Green: Syzygys Live At Tokyo 23.10.01 These performances capture the band live in 1988 and is so beautifully recorded it could have been a studio date. Accompanying the delightful duo is legendary guitarist Imahori Tsuneo playing everything from Bill Frisell to Arto Lindsay s skronk and bassist Shiina Tatsuto.
TZA7240.2 Syzygys, Complete Studio Recordings 11.02.03 Shimizu Hitomi: 43-tone organ, dx7ii, vocal & Nishida Hiromi: violin, electric violin, viola, oud, fretles bass, ziter, vocal
TZA7010.2 Takahashi,Yuji, Finger Light 21.11.95 One of the foremost pianists of the 20th century, Yuji Takahashi makes a long-awaited return to the piano on his composition "Yubi - Tomyo." Finger Light features Takahashi compositions for shamisen, double shamisen and sho (Japanese mouth organ), applying alternate techniques to these traditional instruments.
TZA7105.2 Teitelbaum,Richard Lowe Golem 18.07.95 Composer/improviser Richard Teitelbaum has been acknowledged as a pioneer in electronic music for over three decades, combining electronics with classical forms, jazz improvisation, and world music. With Frederic Rzewski and Alvin Curran, he was a founder of Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV). He has since performed and recorded extensively, as a soloist and with jazz and classical masters including Anthony Braxton, George Lewis, Carlos Zingaro, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey and Lee Konitz for labels including Wergo, Hat Art, Centaur, Victo, Moers Music, Polydor and Arista. Teitelbaum, always on the edge in musical technology, introduced the Moog synthesizer to Europe in the '60s, and in more recent years has pioneered musical work with interactive computer systems. Teitelbaum is not just an experimenter, but a virtuousic and expressive musician of the highest caliber. Golem, many years in the making, is a compositional landmark for Teitelbaum.
TZA7212.2 Tone,Yasunao, Solo for Wounded CD 19.08.97 A founding member of the Fluxus Movement with Takehisa Kosugi, Yoko Ono and George Maciunas, Yasunao Tone has been doing experimental sound pieces since the early 1960's. For the past ten years much of his work has centered on extending the possibilities of CDs as a performance medium.
TZA7233.2 Utsuho, Qui Avec Gabriel 24.07.01
TZA7506.2 Vasconcelos, Fragments: Modern Tradition 19.08.97 Brazilianpercussionist, Nana's stunning virtuosity is matched only by the originality of hiscompositional vision.Themusic here ranges from his trademark solo music to ensemble pieces featuring some of his favorite collaborators, among them Cyro Baptista and Egberto Gismonti, including a lovely piece for string orchestra.
TZA7056.2 Vierk,Lois V. River Beneath the River 25.04.00 Vierk s music explores texture and microtonality in highly structured pieces that build to swirling high energy intensity. Influenced by minimalism, Japanese Gagaku and Appalachian folk music, Lois Vierk is one of America s great originals. Her first CD for Tzadik is an exciting collection of compositions for string quartet, brass sextet and a dynamic piece for electric guitar, percussion, cello and synthesizer. Definitive performances of some of Vierk s greatest works.
TZA7515.2 Wieselman,Doug Dimly Lit: Collected Soundtracks 1996- 26.08.03 Anthony Coleman: piano, Jim Pugliese: drums, Doug Wieselman: guitars, bass clarinet, drum machine, ocarina, percussion, harmonica, woodwinds, percussion, Don Falzone: bass, Jenny Scheinman: violin, Ted Reichman: accordion, Charlie Burnham: violin, Jane Scarpantoni: cello, Jon Birdsong: tuba, Trevor Dunn: bass
TZA7071.2 Wolff,Christian, Burdocks 23.10.01
TZA7077.2 Wuorinen / Fedele / Palmer / Surplus Ensemble, Epithalamium 23.04.02 Four absolute masterpieces by one of the greatest composers of the 20th Century. Spanning over three decades, LEPTON presents New York born Wuorinen at his radical best, pushing the limits of instrumental and electronic music. Expressly chosen for this exclusive Tzadik release by longtime Wuorinen fan John Zorn, the pieces here include the electronic composition Time s Encomium, (winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1970); from the 80s: New York Notes, which brilliantly blends electronic tape with acoustic instruments; and two masterful miniatures from the 90s: Epithalamium for two trumpets and Lepton for harp, celeste and piano. All recordings were done under the supervision of Mr. Wuorinen himself, and have been remastered for exclusive release on Tzadik. Essential.
TZA7701.2 Xtatika, Tongue Bath 26.06.01 Singer/songwriter Haena Kim. Featuring hypnotic, trippy vocals, nasty electric bass and two driving Korean percussionists, this is a band that opens up an exciting new world of sound. You ve never heard anything like Xtatika a magical blend of alternative rock with Korean traditional music.
TZA7035.2 Yamada,Norman, Being & Time 16.06.98 Norman Yamada is a brilliant young composer who has worked with Anthony Coleman, Marc Ribot, the Crosstown Ensemble, the Agon Orchestra and was previously heard on the Avant CD by Rough Assemblage. "Being And Time", the first CD dedicated to his compositions for small ensembles is an atavistic exploration of rock gestures, ambient noise and today's post-modern malaise. A unique compositional statement from a new generation of genre-busting musical thinkers.
TZA7087.2 Yarnell,Carolyn Sonic Vision 24.06.03 Stephen Schultz: baroque flute, Gonzalo X. Ruiz: baroque oboe, Kathy Shao: harpsichord, Elizabeth Bloomstock: baroque violin, Roy Welden: viola da gamba, Carolyn Yarnell: synthesizers, vocals, Paul Hale: baroque cello, George Thomson: conductor
TZA7247.2 Yoshida & Fujii Erans 20.01.2004 Yoshida Tatsuya: drums & Satoko Fujii: piano
TZA7238.2 Yoshihide,Otomo / New Jazz Ensemble, Dreams 26.03.02 The first release outside of Japan featuring two of Japan s quirkiest underground pop stars. From the high fragile sonorities of Togawa Jun to the velvet, sultry tones of Phew, Dreams runs the gamut from moody love songs, driving groove to screaming noise.
TZA7051.2 Yoshihide,Otomo, Cathode 02.11.99 Otomo Yoshihide has become one of Japan s busiest and most well known musical ambassadors, performing and recording with leading experimentalists the world over. Since the disbanding of his raucous and popular band Ground Zero Otomo has written film and dance scores, and recorded dozens of ambient and noise projects. Here he steps out as a serious composer. Modulation #1 and #2 are two of his most satisfying and provocative recordings, combining traditional Japanese instruments like the sho with noise, improvisation and ambient drones. The Cathode pieces combine an ensemble of some of Tokyo s most interesting improvisers with analog electronics, turntables, samplers and tape manipulations to create an eclectric world of soundtrack moods, contemporary compositions and electronics.
TZA7232.2 Yoshihide,Otomo, Flutter 22.05.01 A blistering live performance at one of Tokyo s longest running avant garde venues by one of Tokyo s longest running avant garde bands.
TZA7073.2 Yoshihide,Otomo, Anode 20.11.01 Four new compositions exploring free jazz, Cagean dialectics and noise improvisation by one of Japan s most versatile composer/performers. Beginning and ending with two of the most intense recordings Otomo has ever done, the centerpieces of this remarkable CD join the Cagean aesthetics of randomness and delicacy with Japanese noise into two Zen koans. As perplexing as it is exhilarating.
TZA7184.2 Zakarya, Something Obvious 21.10.03 Another brilliant recording by Yves Weyh's virtuosic avant-klezmer ensemble Zakarya. Their second CD for Tzadik Jewish Series is a dynamic journey through Eastern Europe via witty waltzes, thrash accordion, Balkan rock and moody doinas. Combining a charming sense of humor with driving rhythms and a breathtaking ensemble sound, Zakarya is fast becoming one of the most adventurous Jewish ensembles in Europe.
TZA7148.2 Zakarya, Zakarya 23.01.01 Based in Paris, Zakarya is the latest band project from the Jewish music master Yves Weyh. Exploring aspects of Jewish history, humor, rhythms, scales and sensibilities, Zakarya pushes the boundaries of Jewish culture in unexpected and exhilarating ways. Featuring four brilliant young musicians on accordion, electric guitar, bass and percussion, this is an astounding virtuosic debut that challenges traditions both old and new.
TZA7139.2 Zamir,Danny, Satlah 28.03.00 Danny Zamir is an astounding young alto saxophonist/composer from Israel who plays with a passion, command and mastery unheard of in a musician of only nineteen. Moving to NYC in 1998, Danny hooked up with two kindred spirits to create their telepathic trio, SATLAH, which brings together elements of Masada, Steve Coleman, Ornette and David Sanborn into a music very much their own. Featuring John Zorn on three tracks, this is an incredible debut recording of new Jewish music by three musicians you will certainly be hearing a lot more from in the future.
TZA7169.2 Zamir,Danny, Children of Israel 22.10.02 The incredible musicianship of Daniel Zamir has never more apparent than on this spectacular recording of Israeli folk songs arranged for his telepathic trio Satlah and a horn section of five saxophones. Featuring breathtaking solos over odd time signatures, complex and soulful horn arrangements brilliantly performed by an all-star downtown saxophone section, Children of Israel is one of the most exciting and enjoyable CDs in the Tzadik catalog.
TZA7161.2 Z'ev, Sapphire Nature 21.05.02 One of the world s premier noise percussionists and a learned scholar of Kabbalah, Torah and Talmud, Z ev has been a vital force in the downtown scene since the late 1970s. In addition to his collaborations with Glenn Branca, Rudolph Grey and his fascinating solo work, Z ev is also a prolific writer and musical thinker. He has written on subjects ranging from music composition, ritual performance and has also translated several esoteric Tibetan and Hebrew texts into English. His latest study is Metaphonics, the spiritual in sound, and The Sapphire Nature is his first musical creation based on these principles. Accompanied by 54 pages of text in both English and Hebrew (in PDF files), the music is an atmospheric and hypnotic symphony of bangs, clangs and howls in the night.
TZA73163.2 Zorn / Bradfield / Miller / Noyes / Ostertag, Pool 27.06.00 Featuring electronics wizard Bob Ostertag, percussion madmen Mark E. Miller and Charles K. Noyes (The Toy Killers), the legendary master of noise violin Polly Bradfield and of course the composer himself on sax, clarinets and duck calls, this is one of Zorn s most rigorous and enigmatic game composition. Included as a bonus track is the original test and false start of Archery.
TZA7065.2 Zorn / Choi / Friedlander / Drury, Love Madness & Mysticism 08.05.01 Jennifer Choi: violin/ Erik Friedlander: cello/ Stephen Drury: piano; Tracks: 1. Le Mômo 2. Untitled 3. Amour Fou
TZA7085.2 Zorn/Davidson/O'Connor/ Lowenstern Chimeras 22.04.03 Ilana Davidson: voice, Tara O Connor: piccolo, flute, alto flute, bass flute, Mike Lowenstern: clarinet, bass clarinet, Stephen Drury: piano, organ, celesta, Fred Sherry: cello, Jennifer Choi: violin, William Winant: percussion, Elizabeth Farnum: voice (movements ten and eleven), Brad Lubman: conductor
TZA7331.2 Zorn / Saft / Speed / Baptista, Filmworks IX: Trembling Before G-D / Mahshav 05.12.00 Jamie Saft on organ and piano and Chris Speed on clarinet, with a special guest appearance by Filmworks regular Cyro Baptista.
TZA7343.2 Zorn,John Filmworks XIV: Hiding and Seeking 22.07.03 Marc Ribot: guitar; Kenny Wollesen: vibraphone; Cyro Baptista: percussion; Trevor Dunn: bass; Ganda Suthivarakom: voice
TZA7028.2 Zorn,John / Callithumpian Consort of New England Conservatory Angelus Novus 20.01.98 The works here span over twenty years, and include Christabel, a student piece written in 1972 inspired by the romantic mystic poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the wind octet Angelus Novus composed for the world-renown Netherland's Wind Ensemble and dedicated to the Jewish cultural theorist Walter Benjamin, the dynamic chamber symphony For Your Eyes Only and Carny, a virtuosic solo piece that receives an impassioned and breathtaking performance by pianist Stephen Drury.
TZA7008.2 Zorn,John / Emanuel / Jaffee / Friedlander, Redbird 19.09.95 A hypnotic work for harp, violin, cello and percussion mirrors the detailed and complex painting for which it is named, as a series of chords are ordered and reordered, creating a play of memory and surprise that will leave the listener in a sensual reverie. It's difficult to believe that "Dark River" for four bass drums is actually acoustic music; the interplay of sonorities reminds one more of tape manipulation or the electronic beating of underwater sonar.
TZA7206.2 Zorn,John / Eye,Yamantaka, Dekoboko Hajime / Nani Nani 19.09.95
TZA7023.2 Zorn,John / Feldman / Cummins / Coleman / Bard/ Friedlander/ Medeski Duras: Duchamp 19.08.97 France has been the birthplace of some of the greatest creative minds of the 20th Century. Duras:Duchamp is a tribute to two timeless figures who have forever changed our view of the world.
TZA7122.2 Zorn,John / Masada String Trio / Bar Kokhba Sextet, Circle Maker 17.03.98 2CD: On The Circle Maker, Zorn has again exquisitely arranged his popular and adventurous Masada project for string trio and chamber ensemble. The first disc of this outstanding 2CD set, Issachar, features the Masada String Trio: Mark Feldman (violin), Erik Friedlander (cello) and Greg Cohen (bass). The passionate and evocative performances of these three virtuoso musicians shed new light on Zorn's book of inspiring compositions expanding the Jewish tradition. Disc two, Zevulun, features the Bar Kokhba Sextet: Cohen, Feldman and Friedlander, joined by the gifted Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista, guitar wizard Marc Ribot and jazz great Joey Baron on drums. This delightful set is a joyous and extraordinary celebration of Jewish music,The Circle Maker and Bar Kokhba are destined to become two of the most important releases of the late 20th century.
TZA7322.2 Zorn,John / Masada, Masada Live in Jerusalem 20.04.99 2CD: This first set presents Masada s historic visit to Israel, their first appearance at the world famous Jerusalem Festival. A very special moment in the life of one of the most exciting jazz groups working today.
TZA7323.2 Zorn,John / Masada, Masada Live in Taipei 18.05.99 2CD: Masada s live shows have become legendary, but none more than these three extraordinary shows recorded at Crown Theater in Taiwan s capital city of Taipei.
TZA7009.2 Zorn,John / Ribot,Marc, Book of Heads 19.09.95 Guitarist Marc Ribot has released his own music on Island, Avant and Les Disques du Crepescule. He has performed worldwide with Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, the Lounge Lizards, Chuck Berry, as well as his own solo projects and bands. Marc Ribot: solo guitar
TZA7303.2 Zorn,John Locus Solus 19.09.95 Featuring pivotal Downtown luminaries Arto Lindsay (DNA, Ambitious Lovers), Anton Fier (Golden Palominos), Ikue Mori (DNA), Wayne Horvitz (Pigpen), Peter Blegvad (Slapp Happy, Art Bears), Christian Marclay, Whiz Kid and M.E. Miller, these influential recordings are as exciting today as all the other new crap on Tzadik, if not moreso.
TZA7304.2 Zorn,John, First Recordings (1973) 19.09.95 Vintage recordings from 1973-74, including a performance on vocal and guitar, a tape collage precursor to the infamous Naked City composition "Speed Freaks," a tribute to jazz great Albert Ayler, a musique concrete film soundtrack inspired by Varese and Antonin Artaud, and a long improvisational performance piece which Zorn calls "the craziest thing I've ever done."
TZA7301.2 Zorn,John, Kristallnacht 19.09.95 Seemlessly combining 12 tone classical composition, improvisation, noise and klezmer, this is a work not to be missed by anyone interested in new trends in modern music.
TZA7302.2 Zorn,John, Elegy 19.09.95 Originally released in Japan in 1992, Elegy, one of Zorn's most important compositions, creates a mysterious world of erotic perversion.
TZA7305.2 Zorn,John, Classic Guide to Strategy 23.04.96 John Zorn's infamous solo music for saxophone and duckcalls bring together his obsessive love for cartoon music, free jazz and musique concréte in a passionate and astonishing heterophony.
TZA7306.2 Zorn,John, Filmworks 2 07.05.96 A film fanatic since his youth, cinema has always been a central element in Zorn's life and work. In the past ten years he has scored for the images of many directors from the famous (Godard, Cronenberg, Walter Hill to the infamous (Raul Ruiz, Maria Beatty, Hiroki Ryuichi).
TZA7108.2 Zorn,John, Bar Kokhba 20.08.96 2CD: Masada has quickly become one of John Zorn's most popular and adventurous musical projects. These special arrangements for small ensembles of strings, keyboards and clarinets, shed new light on his book of inspiring compositions expanding the Jewish tradition. Bar Kokhba presents over two hours of dark, passionate and evocative Jewish music, featuring some of New York City's finest musicians.
TZA7308.2 Zorn,John, Filmworks 6 19.11.96 Music from Dina Waxman's Anton, Mailman, Henry Hills' Mechanics Of The Brain, and Maria Beatty's The Black Glove.
TZA7307.2 Zorn,John, Filmworks 5 19.11.96 Featuring Robert Quine, Marc Ribot and Cyro Baptista, John Zorn mixes together world beat, surf music, hard rock, ambient industrial noise, classical, jazz and just about every other genre you can think of in a bizarre sound world for an equally bizarre film.
TZA7309.2 Zorn,John, Filmworks 3 18.03.97 Filmworks III contains 25 cues commissioned by Portland's vanguard advertising agency Weidman & Kennedy for 15-to-60 second TV commercials directed by, among others, Godard, Cronenberg, Sven Nykquist, and Industrial Light & Magic.
TZA7310.2 Zorn,John, Filmworks 4 22.04.97 Included here are a solo sampler composition for Mn Sarah's A Lot Of Fun For The Evil One, a hypnotic trance piece for KimSu Theiler's Pueblo, a suite and variations for solo piano from Hiroke Yuichi's Japanese porno film Mauguy (Sadistic City), an unusual sound-design for Lebanese writer Jalal Toufic's experimental documentary Credits Included, and the score for Maria Beatty's Elegant Spanking, which was a blueprint for Zorn's extended composition Redbird (Tzadik 7008).
TZA7311.2 Zorn,John, New Traditions in East Asian Bar Bands 20.05.97 Performed by an all-star collection of the world's most creative improvising instrumentalists.
TZA7314.2 Zorn,John, Film Works 1986-1990 19.08.97 This original installment of the FilmWorks Series presents three scores ranging from punk-rockabilly (featuring the nasty guitars of Bob Quine, Marc Ribot and Arto Lindsay); a jazzy Bernard Herrmann fantasy; to a quirky classical/improv/world music amalgam for Raul Ruiz's bizarre film The Golden Boat. Zorn's infamous one minute arrangement of Morricone's classic The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, is included as a bonus track.
TZA7315.2 Zorn,John, Film Works 7: Cynical Hysterie Hour 19.08.97 Released in Japan for only a few short months in 1990, this is the original music Zorn created for a series of four shorts by one of Japan's most endearing cartoonists: Kiriko Kubo.
TZA7316.2 Zorn,John, Parachute Years 16.09.97 7CD: Issued on a private label in limited editions of 1000 copies, these are the recordings that fucked everyone up in the first place.
TZA7318.2 Zorn,John, Film Works 8 (1997) 17.02.98 Augmenting the exciting Masada String Trio with the sensual pipa of Min Xiao-Fen, the versatile guitar of Marc Ribot and the ivory touch of Anthony Coleman's piano stylings, this music blends Jewish and Chinese themes in a way both touching and fresh.
TZA7037.2 Zorn,John, Aporias: Requia for Piano & Orchestra 15.09.98 An aporia is an impossible passage and this "Requia" pays tribute to the indomitable creative spirit that negotiates the aporia of life and death. Written for piano soloist, six boy sopranos and full orchestra, Aporias is John Zorn's most accomplished composition to date. Performed in Cologne, Vienna and at Carnegie Hall, this monumental piece, part piano concerto, part Requiem has been universally hailed by performers, composers and audience alike as a new vision of modern orchestral music. Performed here by pianist Stephen Drury, the Hungarian Radio Children's Choir and the American Composers Orchestra under the direction of Dennis Russell Davies, this premiere recording made under the supervision of the composer is an exhilarating experience filled with subtle detail, unusual instrumental colors and emotional power. File Under: Classical
TZA7320.2 Zorn,John, Bribe 15.09.98 Created originally for three thirty minutes radio plays produced by Mabou Mines theater company back in 1986, this exciting music features lush moody orchestrations, swinging jazz, hard rock, groovy funk, noise, improvisations, exotic ambience and much, much more.
TZA7319.2 Zorn,John, Ganryu Island 15.09.98 The original release plus 5 never-heard-before out-takes altogether presents the historic 1984 session complete on one CD.
TZA7321.2 Zorn,John, Music Romance 1: Music for Children 20.10.98 "Music For Children" is the first in a series of quirky collections that show Zorn's compositional genius at its most eclectic.
TZA7324.2 Zorn,John, Godard / Spillane 20.07.99 Bill Frisell, Fred Frith, Bobby Previte, Anthony Coleman, Christian Marclay, John Lurie, Richard Foreman among others.
TZA7047.2 Zorn,John, String Quartet 20.07.99 At last all four of Zorn s infamous compositions for string quartet are available on CD! Originally commissioned by the world-renown Kronos Quartet, three of these pieces are recorded here for the first time. From the cartoon/montage qualities of the popular "Cat O Nine Tails," to the S/M poetry of "The Dead Man," the hermetic philosophy of "Memento Mori" and the spiritual transcendence of "Kol Nidre," these four quartets take on and challenge the tradition of classical string quartets from Beethoven, BartCk, Webern, Carter and Ferneyhough, forging an exciting new world of their own. Performed by an exciting new quartet of Zorn veterans and new music virtuosos, Zorn s unique compositional voice shines like never before.
TZA7325.2 Zorn,John, Taboo & Exile 2 16.11.99 Music Romance Series features twelve new Zorn compositions performed by the very best of today s musical visionaries: guitar heroes Marc Ribot, Fred Frith and Robert Quine, bass renegade Bill Laswell, percussion masters Joey Baron, Dave Lombardo and Cyro Baptista, the Masada String Trio and vocalists Mike Patton and Miho Hatori, among others.
TZA73161.2 Zorn,John, Lacrosse 25.01.00 2CD: Featuring two all-star groups including guitarists Eugene Chadbourne, Henry Kaiser and Davey Williams, the music here sets the tone for much of what was to come sharp contrasts, block changes, unusual juxtapositions, instrumental virtuosity and a personal approach to composition, improvisation, sound, silence and color. Previously available in the lavish 7-CD box set The Parachute Years, these seminal recordings are now made available in separate issue.
TZA7328.2 Zorn,John, Big Gundown 15th Anniversary (Special Edition) 22.08.00 Newly remastered, this 15th anniversary edition, includes six remarkable bonus tracks recorded especially for this definitive edition now available exclusively from Tzadik.
TZA7329.2 Zorn,John, Xu Feng 10.10.00 Composed largely between 1977 and 1989, these pieces harness improvisers in complex compositional formats, combining the unpredictable edge of improvisation with the structural integrity of written composition.
TZA7330.2 Zorn,John, Cartoon S/M 05.12.00 Both CDs conclude with different versions of Zorn s Jewish standard Kol Nidre including the world premiere recording of his version for clarinet quartet.
TZA73164.2 Zorn,John, Archery 27.02.01 4CD: Orchestral music from another dimension. Archery is Zorn s first large scale game piece and features an incredible all-star band, including, among others: Eugene Chadbourne, Bill Laswell, George Lewis, Bob Ostertag, Kramer, Tom Cora, Wayne Horvitz and of course the composer himself on saxophone and duck calls.
TZA7332.2 Zorn,John, Gift 27.03.01 Featuring Marc Ribot (Postizos), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle), Cyro Baptista (Herbie Hancock), Jamie Saft (Bobby Previte), Joey Baron (Masada) and many special guests, this is the album Naked City fans have been waiting for.
TZA7066.2 Zorn,John, Songs From the Hermetic Theatre 26.06.01 John Zorn: electronic and computer music, bass, water, drum, flute, glass bowl, metal pipes, wax paper, mud, staple gun, etc./ Jennifer Choi: violins; Tracks: 1. American Magus 2. In the Very Eye of Night 3. Codebreaker 4. BeuysBlock
TZA7333.2 Zorn,John, Filmworks X: in the Mirror of Maya Deren 11.09.01 The music here moves from nostalgia to mystery, capturing the many moods of Maya s life and art. Performed by Erik Friedlander, Jamie Saft and Cyro Baptista, In the Mirror of Maya Deren also features the unique piano stylings of John Zorn over three dreamy string arrangements.
TZA7334.2 Zorn,John, Masada Live At Tonic 2001 25.09.01 2CD: Joey Baron: drums/ Dave Douglas: trumpet/ Greg Cohen: bass/ John Zorn: saxophone
TZA7335.2 Zorn,John, Cobra 26.03.02 John Zorn: prompter
TZA73162.2 Zorn,John, Hockey 26.03.02 Original recordings from 1980. In a catalog of bizarre oddities, this CD could be the weirdest yet. Written in 1978 the composition Hockey has produced some of the strangest music ever conceived.
TZA7337.2 Zorn,John, Masada First Live 1993 23.04.02 The absolutely first time the original quartet Masada ever played the music that has made them one of the premier bands of modern Jewish music.
TZA7338.2 Zorn,John, I.a.O. 21.05.02 In the tradition of Zorn s longform studio compositions Godard, Spillane, Elegy, Kristallnacht and Duras, yet completely unique in form and content, IAO is a hypnotic seven-movement suite of Alchemy, Mysticism, Metaphysics and Magic both black and white.
TZA7339.2 Zorn,John, Filmworks Xi: Under the Wing 23.07.02 The latest volume in a continuing series documenting Zorn s varied and creative work for film features one of his most popular ensembles the Masada String Trio. Feldman, Friedlander and Cohen are not only brilliant soloists, but also sensitive ensemble players, thoughtful composer/arrangers and the best of friends.
TZA7340.2 Zorn,John, Filmworks Xii: 3 Documentaries 27.08.02 A touch of minimalism laces the score to Charles Dennis film on New York s East Village dance scene; haunting and childlike, the music for a documentary on outsider artist Morton Bartlett is tenderly scored for voice and cello; finally, guitarist Marc Ribot goes head to head with Chinese pipa virtuoso Min Xiao-Fen for a film on the lives of Shaolin Monks who have come to America to spread the teachings of Buddha through the martial arts.
TZA7341.2 Zorn,John, Filworks Xiii: Invitation to a Suicide 24.09.02 Here, a taste of Ennio Morricone, Astor Piazzola, French musette and Nino Rota make up what is perhaps his greatest film score to date.
TZA7343.2 Zorn,John Filmworks XIV: Hiding & Seeking 22.07.03 Marc Ribot: guitar, Kenny Wollesen: vibraphone, Cyro Baptista: percussion, Trevor Dunn: bass, Ganda Suthivarakom: voice
TZA7181.2 Zorn,John Unknown Masada: Vol.3, 10th Anniversary Edition 22.07.03 Erik Friedlander/ Dave Douglas/ Ruins/ Julian Kytasty/ Rashanim/ Koby Israelite/ Zahava Seewald and Psamim/ Trevor Dunn with Fantomas/ Eyvind Kang/ Jamie Saft/ Wadada Leo Smith/ Naftule's Dream
TZA7171.2 Zorn,John, Masada Guitars 21.01.03 In 1993 John Zorn began composing and performing his 208 tunes that now comprise what is known as the Masada songbook. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of this, his most popular musical project, John Zorn has organized a series of CDs, featuring his most illustrious colleagues performing their own unique arrangements of these classics of modern Jewish music. This first release contains three guitarists whose styles are as varied as the compositions they perform. From the singular brilliance of Marc Ribot, the lush sonorities of Bill Frisell, to the orchestral virtuosity of Tim Sparks, Masada Guitars is a glittering tribute, lovingly executed by three of the most original guitarists in the world.
TZA7172.2 Zorn,John, Voices in the Wilderness: Masada Anniversary Edition Vol.2 25.03.03 Volume 2 is an eclectic and powerful collection of almost two dozen Masada classics artfully arranged by some of the downtown scene s most creative performers. Zorn s catchiest and most lyrical tunes performed by rock bands, klezmer groups, vocalists, jazz.
TZA7209.2 Zubi Zuva, Jehovah 23.04.96 The past few years have seen the underground transformed by the Japanese Invasion. Ruins and compatriots the Boredoms, Haino Keiji, and Ground Zero are continually outdoing each other with each new album.
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