Отличный Американский Avant-Garde/Experimental Rock Лэйбл (Norwalk, Connecticut). Цена дисков вполне доступна (ориентировочно 17у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует прекрасное качество звучания и оригинальный фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Title RelDate Comment
THI57078.2 100 Watt Smile Reason Flew 02.11.99 Carrie Bradley - Guitar, Violin, Vocals/ Sean Coleman - Clavinet, Wurlitzer/ Mark Franchitto - Cello
THI57049.2 Almond,Marc Virgin's Tale (Re-issue) 21.04.98 2CD Set Virgin Records Compilation
THI57048.2 Almond,Marc Violent Silence / Woman's Story (Re-issue) 21.04.98 2 Albums on 1CD
THI57039.2 Almond,Marc Stories of Johnny (Re-issue) 18.11.97 Marc Almond - Vocals/ Annie Hogan - Synthesizer, Piano, Marimba, Vibraphone/ Steve Humphreys - Drums/ Billy McGee - Guitar (Bass)/ Richard Riley - Guitar/ Julie Allis - Harp/ Martin Ditchum - Percussion/ Gina Ball - Violin/ Mark McCarrick - Synthesizer, Cello/ Enrico Tamasso - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
THI57042.2 Almond,Marc / Foetus Flesh Volcano: Slut 10.02.98 New Wave
THI57055.2 Almond,Marc / Magia Live in Concert 06.10.98 Soundtrack of a videotape filmed in December 1987
THI57038.2 Almond,Marc / Willing Sinners Mother Fist & Her Five Daughters (Re-issue) 18.11.97 Marc Almond - Vocals/ Nigel Eaton - Percussion/ Annie Hogan - Piano, Marimba, Organ (Pump)/ Martin McCarrick - Accordion, Cello/ Billy McGee - Bass (Electric), Double Bass/ Peter Thoms - Trombone/ Enrico Tomasso - Trumpet/ Steven Humphrey - Percussion, Drums/ Yang T'Chin - Keyboards
THI57120.1 Anti-Pop Consortium Anti-Pop Consortium Vs Matthew Shipp 18.02.03 Vinyl LP
THI57120.2 Anti-Pop Consortium Anti-Pop Consortium Vs Matthew Shipp 18.02.03 Khan Jamal - Vibraphone/ Matthew Shipp - Piano/ William Parker - Bass/ Daniel Carter - Trumpet/ Antipop Consortium - Synthesizer, Vocals/ Guillermo E. Brown - Drums
THI57066.2 Arruga,Lorenzo / Lombardo,Dave Vivaldi: the Meeting 08.06.99 Death metal drummer Dave Lombardo with the London Philharmonic
THI57075.2 Baby Ray Do I Love America 07.09.99 Sugar Ray and Babyface
THI57056.2 Baby Ray Monkeypuzzle 03.11.98 Paul Logus, Jr
THI57082.2 Belew,Adrian Coming Attractions 08.02.00 Upcoming solo album
THI57061.2 Belew,Adrian Salad Days 09.02.99 Adrian Belew - Vocals, Multi Instruments/ John Catchings - Cello/ David Davidson - Violin/ Kristin Wilkinson - Viola
THI57139.2 Berne,Tim Sublime & 07.10.03 Tim Berne - Sax (Alto)/ Marc Ducret - Guitar (Electric)/ Tom Rainey - Drums/ Craig Taborn - Organ, Keyboards, Fender Rhodes
THI57099.2 Berne,Tim Shell Game 20.03.01 Tim Berne - Sax (Alto)/ Tom Rainey - Drums/ Craig Taborn - Keyboards
THI66033.2 Biosphere Substrata 21.10.97 Geir Jenssen
THI57138.2 V/A Thirsty Ear Presents: Blue Series Sampler 23.09.03 Han Bennink - Drums/ Tim Berne - Sax (Alto)/ Evan Parker - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)/ Kenny Wheeler - Trumpet, Flugelhorn/ Billy Bang - Violin/ Fred Anderson - Sax (Alto)/ Khan Jamal - Vibraphone/ Paul Rutherford - Trombone/ David S. Ware - Sax (Tenor)/ Matthew Shipp - Piano, Korg Synthesizer, Fender Rhodes/ William Parker - Bass/ Roy Campbell - Trumpet/ Marc Ducret - Guitar (Electric)/ Hamid Drake - Drums/ Alex Lodico - Trombone/ Tom Rainey - Drums/ Steve Swell - Trombone/ Ashley Wales - Multi Instruments/ Evan Ziporyn - Clarinet/ John Coxon - Multi Instruments/ Josh Roseman - Trombone/ Kidd Jordan - Sax (Alto)/ Jason Pierce - Guitar (Electric)/...
THI57141.2 V/A Sorcerer Sessions: Blue Series Continuum 04.11.03 Pianist Matthew Shipp's pronounced chord voicings sound as if they might be lost compositions from Eric Satie's Rosicrucian series. When clarinetist Evan Ziporyn and violinist Daniel Beard Roumain enter in a gorgeously entwining series of harmonies and slippery, nearly Hungarian styled melodic statements, the illusion will seem convincingly complete.
THI57134.2 V/A Good & Evil Sessions: Blue Series Continuum 19.08.03 Electronica: Matthew Shipp - Korg Synthesizer/ William Parker - Bass/ Roy Campbell - Trumpet/ Alex Lodico - Trombone/ Josh Roseman - Trombone
THI57098.2 Brave Captain Nothing Lasts He Sang Only the Earth & Mountains 06.03.01 Peter Richardson - Drums/ Tony Robinson - Trumpet, Flugelhorn/ Sonia Slany - Strings/ Dafydd Ieuan - Drums/ Gorwel Owen - Synthesizer, Piano, Violin, Harmonium, Loops/ Brave Captain - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals, Omnichord, Stylophone, Indian Harmonium/ Gary Alesbrook - Trumpet
THI57093.2 Brotzmann,Caspar Mute Massaker 19.09.00 Caspar Brotzmann - Guitar
THI57012.2 Brotzmann,Caspar Merry Xmas 19.09.95 Caspar Brotzmann - Guitar & F.M. Einheit - Bass, Percussion, Keyboards
THI57007.2 Brotzmann,Caspar Massaker Home 03.01.95 Experimental Rock
THI57118.2 Brown,Guillermo E Soul At the Hands of the Machine 09.04.02 Latasha Natasha Diggs - Vocals/ Daniel Carter - Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Saxophone/ Pete Cafarella - Piano/ Guillermo E. Brown - Synthesizer, Percussion, Drums, Vocals/ Keith Witty - Bass (Acoustic)/ Shahzad Ismaily - Bass (Electric)
THI21311.2 Bush Tetras Tetrafied 10.09.96 Pat Place - Guitar/ Cynthia Sley - Vocals/ Laura Kennedy - Bass/ Dee Pop - Drums
THI57107.2 Campbell,Roy It's Krunch Time 28.08.01 Khan Jamal - Vibraphone/ Roy Campbell - Trumpet/ Wilber Morris - Bass/ Guillermo E. Brown - Drums
THI57087.2 Car 44 Platinum Holes 20.06.00 Rob D. - Bass/ Billy Crawford - Drums/ Dhana Rowe - Vocals
THI57060.2 Church Magician Among the Spirits & Some 12.01.99 Steve Kilbey - Guitar/ Peter Koppes - Guitar/ Marty Willson-Piper - Guitar/ Sandy Chick - Vocals/ Linda Neil - Violin/ Tim Powles - Drums/ Chris Abrahams - Piano
THI57126.2 Church Parallel Universe 05.11.02 Dave Lane - Piano, Piano (Grand)/ William Bowden - Radio Sound Effects/ Dave Stephenson - Trumpet/ Peta Morris - Vocals (bckgr), Voices/ Morika Elek - Voices
THI57073.2 Church Box of Birds 24.08.99 Steve Kilbey - Peter Koppes - Marty Willson-Piper - Tim Powles
THI57115.2 Church Numbers (Ep) 11.12.01 Dave Lane - Piano (Grand)
THI57116.2 Church After Everything Now This 05.02.02 Australia's most persistent dream pop band
THI57054.2 Church Hologram of Baal 22.09.98 Marty Willson-Piper & Linda Neil - Violin
THI57077.2 Coyle & Sharpe Audio Visionaries 18.01.00 Collection of Jim Coyle and Mal Sharpe's "street pranks" more or less the in-person equivalent of the prank phone call from the 1960s.
THI57029.2 Cul de Sac I Don't Want to Go to Bed (Reis) 21.01.97 Glenn Jones - Keyboards/ Robin Amos - Synthesizer, Kalimba/ Chris Fujiwara - Bass/ Chris Guttmacher - Guitar, Drums
THI57023.2 Cul de Sac China Gate 21.05.96 Robin Amos - Synthesizer, Vocals, Electronics/ Chris Fujiwara - Bass, Vocals/ Ed Rogers - Hand Lettering/ John Proudman - Drums, Vocals/ Glenn Jones - Guitar, Vocals
THI57064.2 Cul de Sac Crashes to Light Minutes to Its Fall 04.05.99 Robin Amos - Synthesizer, Autoharp, Electronics/ Glenn Jones - Bouzouki, Guitar/ Michael Bloom - Bass
THI57132.1 DJ Spooky Optometrix (Single) 06.05.03 12-Inch Single
THI57128.1 DJ Spooky Dubtometry (LTD) 22.04.03 Vinyl LP
THI57128.2 DJ Spooky Dubtometry 18.03.03 DJ Spooky "That Subliminal Kid"
THI57121.1 DJ Spooky Optometry (LTD) 09.07.02 Vinyl LP
THI57121.2 DJ Spooky Optometry 09.07.02 Joe McPhee - Trumpet, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor)/ Matthew Shipp - Piano/ William Parker - Bass/ Napoleon - Vocals/ Billy Martin - Drums/ Jack Walker - Flute/ Carl Hancock Rux - Vocals
THI57140.2 DJ Wally Nothing Stays the Same 21.10.03 William Parker, David S. Ware, and Matthew Shipp, among others, meet Keef Destefano
THI57017.2 Einsturzende Neubauten Haus Der Luege 05.02.02 The final Einsturzende album of the 1980s
THI57011.2 Einsturzende Neubauten Drawings of Patient O.T. 20.06.95 1983 Recordings
THI57016.2 Einsturzende Neubauten Five On the Open Ended Richter Scale 22.08.95 Industrial, Experimental, Dark Ambient, Experimental Rock
THI57010.2 Einsturzende Neubauten Halber Mensch 20.06.95 Industrial - Though they've jettisoned much of the pounding steel percussion of their early material in favor of martial drums, a few synthesizers and some tape music.
THI57135.2 Eitzel,Mark Ugly American 22.07.03 Mark Eitzel - Guitar (Acoustic)/ Kyriakos Gouventas - Violin, Viola/ Manos Ahalinotopoulos - Clarinet, Pipe, Whistle (Human), Zourka/ Manolis Karantinis - Bouzouki, Mandolin/ Dimitris Basslam - Double Bass/ Panos Tolios - Drums/ Elissavet Spanou - Vocals/ Manos Pirovolakis - Cretan Lyre/ Manolis Famellos - Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Vocals
THI57136.1 El-P El-P Presents Sunrise Over Bklyn 22.07.03 12-Inch Single
THI66032.2 Eno,Brian Drop 08.07.97 Electronic, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Experimental
THI66036.2 Eno,Roger Flatlands 17.11.98 Brother of Brian Eno
THI66039.2 Eno,Roger / Hammond,Lol Damage 06.04.99 Roger Eno - Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano & Lol Hammond - Synthesizer, Piano
THI57058.2 Ester Hotel Hypercube (Ep) 17.11.98 CD5 Maxi-Single
THI57063.2 Ester Default State 23.03.99 Francis Fallon - Guitar
THI57037.2 Fahey,John / Cul de Sac Epiphany of Glenn Jones 23.09.97 John Fahey - Guitar
THI57094.2 Faultline Closer Colder 17.10.00 Ian Carr - Trumpet/ Mark Feltham - Harmonica/ Drusilla Harris - Violin/ Michael Bearpark - Guitar/ Nick Powell - Shaker/ Emma Black - Cello
THI57035.2 Foetus Ache 12.08.97 Industrial, Post-Punk, Experimental Rock
THI57102.2 Foetus Flow 08.05.01 J.G. Thirlwell/ Oren Bloedow - Guitar/ Hahn Rowe - Violin/ Christian Gibbs - Guitar
THI57034.2 Foetus Deaf 12.08.97 Recording under the moniker You've Got Foetus on Your Breath, Jim Thirwell, aka Foetus, released his first album, "Deaf", in 1981.
THI57109.2 Foetus Blow 18.09.01 Ultra-effective post-industrial beat music
THI57014.2 Foetus Inc Sink 18.07.95 Collection from 1980 to 1989
THI57013.2 Foetus Interruptus Thaw 18.07.95 Jim Thirlwell
THI57031.2 Foetus Symphony Orchestra / Lunch,Lydia York (First Exit to Brooklyn) 11.03.97 Lydia Lunch - Narrator, Coordination/ Oren Bloedow - Guitar, Oud/ Dave Ouimet - Trombone/ Marcus Rojas - Tuba, Didjeridu/ Vincent Signorelli - Drums/ J.G. Thirlwell - Vocals, Whistle (Instrument), Shells/ Brian Emrich - Synthesizer, Bass, Ebo/ Mark Droescher & Kurt Wolff - Guitar/ Steven Bernstein - Trumpet, Slide Trumpet
THI57117.2 Gay Dad Transmission 30.04.02 Denise Johnson - Vocals & Brian Wright - Cello
THI21324.2 Gayle,Charles Delivered 20.05.97 Charles Gayle - Sax (Tenor), Paintings/ James Jones - Piano/ Gerald Benson on bass, drummer Kalil Madi
THI66031.2 V/A Glitters Is Gold 10.06.97 Harold Budd - Roger Eno - Biosphere - Brian Eno - Jah Wobble - Kate St. John
THI21302.2 Haskett,Chris Language 12.10.95 Henry Rollins - Vocals/ Nicky Thomas - Vocals/ Joe Cole - Vocals/ Chris Haskett - Guitar/ Rowland Howard - Guitar/ John Benskin - Vocals/ Tom Bernard - Vocals/ J.M. Conroy - Vocals/ Adrienne Gifford - Cello/ Carla Petschek - Vocals/ Kate Samworth - Vocals/ Tina Van Der Stratten - Vocals
THI21322.2 Haskett,Chris / Finley,Brandon Nonfiction 22.04.97 Heartbeat - Conga/ Greg Boyer - Trombone/ Benny Cowan - Trumpet/ Chris Haskett - Guitar/ Scott Taylor - Sax (Tenor)/ Antonio Parker - Sax (Alto)/ Brandon Finley - Percussion, Drums
THI66037.2 Hugo Largo Drum 23.03.99 Hugo Largo - Multi Instruments/ Hahn Rowe/ Timothy Sommer/ Michael Stipe - Multi Instruments/ Mimi Goese/ Adam Peacock
THI66038.2 Hugo Largo Mettle 08.05.01 Hugo Largo - Multi Instruments/ Hahn Rowe/ Timothy Sommer/ Michael Stipe - Multi Instruments/ Mimi Goese/ Adam Peacock
THI57028.2 V/A If You Can't Please Yourself / Various 21.01.97 Marc Almond - Cabaret Voltaire - Coil - Einsturzende Neubauten - Test Dept. - The The - Yello - Foetus - Guitar, Drums, Saxophone - Matt Johnson - Vocals, Multi Instruments - Virginia Astley - John Balance - Guitar, Vocals, Fairlight/...
THI57129.2 King,Albert Talkin Blues 22.04.03 Contains a previously unreleased live date by Albert King recorded in Chicago on February 10, 1978. Released in cooperation with the Albert King Trust, this disc features seven live tracks.
THI57090.2 Knox,Chris Beat 22.08.00 New Zealand Rock
THI57076.2 Leven,Jackie Night Lilies 19.10.99 Steafan Hannigan - Percussion, Uillean Pipes/ Jackie Leven - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals/ Graham Preskett - Mandolin, Violin, Whistle (Human)/ Mike Cosgrave - Trumpet, Keyboards/ Martin Okasili - Vocals/ James Cannon - Saxophone/ Deborah Greenwood - Vocals/ Rob Lucas - Bass/ Jeremy Meck - Bass/ Joe Shaw - Guitar (Electric)/ Steve Jackson - Percussion, Drums
THI57072.2 Madder Rose Hello June Fool 10.08.99 Billy Cote - Guitar, Keyboards/ Mary Lorson - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals/ Mike Stark - Saxophone/ Chris Giammalvo - Guitar (Bass), Bass (Upright)/ Rick Kubic - Drums
THI57122.2 Maneri,Mat Sustain 05.11.02 Joe McPhee - Sax (Soprano)/ William Parker - Bass/ Craig Taborn - Keyboards/ Gerald Cleaver - Drums/ Mat Maneri - Viola
THI57092.2 Mat Maneri Quartet Blue Decco 19.09.00 William Parker - Bass (Upright)/ Craig Taborn - Piano/ Gerald Cleaver - Drums/ Mat Maneri - Violin
THI21310.2 Mark of Cain Battlestick 09.07.96 John Scott - Guitar, Vocals & Kim Scott - Bass, Guitar
THI57053.2 Martyn,John Church With One Bell 07.07.98 John Martyn - Guitar, Vocals/ Arran Ahmun - Percussion, Drums/ John Giblin - Bass/ Spencer Cozens - Piano, Keyboards
THI57043.2 Messiah Messiah Meets Progenitor 24.02.98 Chalf Hassan - Oud/ David Clayton - Piano/ John Fryer - Keyboards/ Hossam Ramzy - Percussion/ Guy Pratt - Bass/ Doug White - Vocals/ David Palmer - Drums/ Gaeten Schurrer - Keyboards/ Waeil Ali - Violin/ Ali Ghani - Electronic Sounds/ Adel Guiguis - Violin/ Steve French - Guitar/ Ihab Ahmed - Violin
THI57041.2 Messiah Presents Progenitor - Mediator / Let Tyrants 20.01.98 CD5 Maxi-Single
THI57041.1 Messiah Presents Progenitor - Mediator / Let Tyrants 20.01.98 12-Inch Single
THI57030.2 Op8 / Germano,Lisa Slush 12.02.02 Collaboration between Arizona's Giant Sand (aka OP8) and L.A.-based singer/songwriter (and part-time Eel) Germano.
THI57133.2 Parker,William Scrapbook 17.06.03 Billy Bang - Violin/ William Parker - Bass/ Hamid Drake - Drums
THI57088.2 Parker,William Painter's Spring 20.06.00 w/Hamid Drake - Drums & Daniel Carter - Clarinet, Flute, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor)
THI57119.2 Parker,William & Conquest,Leena Raining On the Moon 21.05.02 William Parker - Bass/ Lewis Barnes - Trumpet/ Hamid Drake - Drums/ Rob Brown - Alto, Flute/ Leena Conquest - Vocals
THI57018.2 Paul K & Weathermen Achilles Heel 19.09.95 Paul Robertson - Violin/ David Olney - Harmonica/ Tim Welch - Drums/ Steve Poulton - Bass/ Eric Tunison - Drums
THI57080.2 Pere Ubu Song of the Bailing Man 16.11.99 David Thomas - Mayo Thompson - Anton Fier - Tony Maimone - Allen Ravenstine - Eddie "Tan Tan" Thornton - Trumpet
THI57074.2 Pere Ubu Apocalypse Now 24.08.99 David Thomas - Vocals/ Eric Drew Feldman - Piano/ Scott Krauss - Percussion, Drums/ Tony Maimone - Guitar (Acoustic), Bass (Electric)/ Jim Jones - Guitar (Acoustic)
THI57069.2 Pere Ubu Dub Housing 22.06.99 David Thomas - Vocals/ Tom Herman - Guitar/ Scott Krauss - Drums/ Thomas Laughner - Guitar/ Tony Maimone - Bass/ Allen Ravenstine - Keyboards
THI57070.2 Pere Ubu New Picnic Time 22.06.99 David Thomas - Vocals/ Tom Herman - Guitar/ Scott Krauss - Drums/ Thomas Laughner - Guitar/ Tony Maimone - Bass/ Allen Ravenstine - Keyboards
THI57079.2 Pere Ubu Art of Walking 16.11.99 David Thomas - Vocals
THI57052.2 Pilot Strangers Waltz 23.06.98 Richard Stuverud - Percussion, Drums, Vocals, Djembe, Wurlitzer/ Jeremy Wilson - Guitar, Vocals/ Ric Johnston - Bass, Vocals/ Barrett Jones - Piano, Piano (Electric), Vocals/ Patrick Gundran - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Harmonium, Piano (Electric), Wurlitzer/ Eric Alto - Drums
THI57047.2 Pilot Swing / Greenwood Waltz 19.05.98 CD Single
THI57024.2 Quinn,Paul & Independent Group Will I Ever Be Inside of You 06.08.96 Glaswegian ex-"Orange Juice" backing vocalist Paul Quinn finally brought his own rich deep tones to the fore on his 1995 debut, "Will I Ever be Inside of You", cut alongside a coterie of musicians including fellow Orange Juice-ers Alan Horne and James Kirk.
THI57032.2 Ramone,Marky / Intruders Marky Ramone & Intruders 06.05.97
THI57125.2 Ramone,Marky and the Speedkings Legends Bleed 22.10.02 Nick Cooper - Guitar (Electric), Vocals/ Steve Jay - Bass (Electric)/ Marky Ramone - Percussion, Cymbals, Drums/ Mark Neuman - Guitar (Bass)/ Ben Trokan - Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
THI57022.2 Rocket Fuel Is the Key Consider It Contempt 04.06.96 Scott Durgin - Guitar, Voices
THI57022.1 Rocket Fuel Is the Key Consider It Contempt 04.06.96 Vinyl LP
THI66035.2 Roedelius Aquarello 07.04.98 Roedelius - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals/ Nicola Alesini/Andreoni Pierluigi/Sylvian - Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano), Effects/ Fabio Capanni - Ebo, Treatments/ Rosa Roedelius - Paintings
THI21321.2 Rollins,Henry Black Coffee Blues 22.04.97 Is some pretty heavy stuff - Henry Rollins - Voices
THI21309.2 Rollins,Henry Everything 09.07.96 Henry Rollins - Voices/ Rashied Ali - Percussion, Drums/ Charles Gayle - Piano, Violin, Saxophone
THI57106.2 Ruby Altered & Proud (Short-Staffed Remix) 17.07.01 Lesley Rankine, aka Ruby and formerly of Silverfish
THI57101.2 Ruby Short Staffed At the Gene Pool 24.04.01 Bill Anthony - Trombone/ Doug Canning - Trumpet/ Bill Rieflin - Synthesizer, Drums/ Scott Firth - Bass, Guitar/ Susan Pascal - Vibraphone
THI57100.2 Ruby Grace 17.04.01 CD5 Maxi-Single
THI57089.2 Saint Low Saint Low 18.07.00 Hank Roberts - Cello, Harmony/ Billy Cote - Guitar/ Mary Lorson - Organ, Piano, Drums/ Richie Stearns - Banjo/ Chris Giammalvo - Standup Bass/ Jennie Stearns - Vocals, Harmony
THI57097.2 Scott,Robert Creeping Unknown 06.02.01 Robert Scott - Organ, Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Mellotron & Nigel - Horn
THI57008.2 Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel Nail 23.05.95 Industrial, Post-Punk, Experimental Rock
THI57009.2 Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel Hole 23.05.95 From downtown blues to surf-raunch to paranoid industrial dance and back with few pauses.
THI21301.2 Selby,Hubert Live in Europe 1989 12.10.95 Vocals
THI57084.2 Shipp,Matthew Pastoral Composure 18.04.00 Matthew Shipp - Piano/ William Parker - Bass, Bass (Upright)/ Roy Campbell - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trumpet (Pocket)/ Gerald Cleaver - Drums
THI21303.2 Shipp,Matthew Critical Mass 22.06.95 Matthew Shipp - Piano/ William Parker - Bass/ Whit Dickey - Drums/ Mat Maneri - Violin
THI57127.2 Shipp,Matthew Equilibrium 21.01.03 Khan Jamal - Vibraphone/ Matthew Shipp - Piano/ William Parker - Bass/ Chris Flam - Synthesizer/ Gerald Cleaver - Drums
THI57114.2 Shipp,Matthew Nu Bop 22.01.02 Matthew Shipp - Piano/ William Parker - Bass/ Guillermo Barreto Brown - Drums/ Daniel Carter - Flute, Sax (Tenor)
THI57095.2 Shipp,Matthew Matthew Shipp's New Orbit 16.01.01 Wadada Leo Smith - Trumpet/ Matthew Shipp - Piano/ William Parker - Bass/ Gerald Cleaver - Drums
THI57067.2 Shipp,Matthew / Parker,William Dna 04.05.99 Matthew Shipp - Piano & William Parker - Bass
THI21315.2 Shipp,Matthew / Parker,William Zo (Re-issue) 21.01.97 Duo session with bassist William Parker
THI21312.2 Shipp,Matthew Trio / Mitchell,Roscoe 2-Z 08.10.96 Roscoe Mitchell - Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano) & Matthew Shipp - Piano
THI57020.2 Shiv Flayed & Ashamed 23.01.96 Shiv's debut was recorded at Minneapolis' Amphetamine Reptile studios and produced by one-time Halo of Flies bass player Tim Mac.
THI21316.2 Shoales,Ian I Gotta Go 21.01.97 Comedy
THI57123.2 Spring Heel Jack Amassed 24.09.02 Han Bennink - Drums/ Evan Parker - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)/ Kenny Wheeler - Trumpet, Flugelhorn/ Matthew Shipp - Fender Rhodes/ Jason Pierce - Guitar (Electric)/ Ed Coxon - Violin/ John Edwards - Double Bass
THI57091.2 Spring Heel Jack Disappeared 22.08.00 John Surman - Clarinet (Bass)
THI57130.2 Spring Heel Jack Live 20.05.03 Han Bennink - Drums/ Evan Parker - Sax (Tenor)/ Matthew Shipp - Fender Rhodes/ William Parker - Bass/ J Spaceman - Guitar
THI57083.2 Spring Heel Jack Treader 21.03.00 Drum'n'bass
THI57103.2 Spring Heel Jack / Blue Series Continuum Masses 05.06.01 Tim Berne - Sax (Alto), Sax (Baritone)/ Evan Parker - Sax (Soprano)/ Matthew Shipp - Piano, Serp/ William Parker - Double Bass/ Roy Campbell - Trumpet/ Ashley Wales - Multi Instruments/ John Coxon - Multi Instruments/ Ed Coxon - Violin/ Mat Maneri - Viola, Viola (Electric)/ Guillermo Barreto Brown - Drums/ Daniel Carter - Flute, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor)
THI57086.2 Spring Hill Jack Oddities 09.05.00 Ed Coxon - Violin
THI66034.2 St John,Kate Second Sight 07.10.97 Roger Eno - Piano/ Boris Grebenshikov - Guitar, Vocals/ Simon Nicol - Guitar (Acoustic)/ Jean-Pierre Arnoux - Percussion, Drums, Bells/ Matt Backer - Guitar/ Andrew Findon - Flute, Flute (Bass)/ Skaila Kanga - Harp/ Chris Laurence - Double Bass/ Cyril Lefevre - Slide Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar/ Teena Lyle - Vibraphone/ Wes McGhee - Bajo Sexto/ Joseph Racaille - Piano, Vocals/ Kate St. John - Oboe, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor), Vocals/ Andrei Surotdinov - Violin/...
THI57071.2 Swans Public Contradiction Is a Good Idea 20.07.99 Gira, Jarboe, Westberg with his wrenching guitar work, Kizys on equally extreme bass, and two drummers, Gonzalez and Parsons
THI57059.2 Swans Cop /Young God/ Greed / Holy Money 23.03.99 Michael Gira
THI57111.2 Taborn,Craig Light Made Lighter 23.10.01 Craig Taborn - Piano/ Gerald Cleaver - Drums/ Chris Lightcap - Bass
THI57112.2 Teenage Fanclub Howdy 18.12.01 Gerard Love - Raymond McGinley - Paul Quinn - Norman Blake
THI57027.2 Test Dept Unacceptable Face of Freedom (Re-issue) 21.01.97 Recorded with the South Wales Striking Miners Choir
THI57033.2 Test Dept Beating a Retreat 10.06.97 Enhanded, 2LP on 1CD
THI57019.2 V/A Testimonial Dinner: Songs of XTC / Various 17.10.95 Ruben Blades - Vocals/ Joe Jackson - Keyboards, Maracas, Vocals/ The Rembrandts/ They Might Be Giants/ Crash Test Dummies/ Sarah McLachlan - Guitar, Vocals/ Parthenon Huxley - Guitar, Vocals/ Danny Wilde - Guitar, Vocals/ Freedy Johnston - Guitar, Vocals/...
THI57096.2 Thomas,David & Two Pale Boys Surf's Up 20.02.01 David Thomas - Vocals/ Andy Diagram - Trumpet/ Keith Moline - Guitar
THI57085.2 Thomas,David / Foreigners Bay City 18.04.00 David Thomas - Vocals/ Jorgen Teller - Guitar, Casio/ P.O. Jorgens - Percussion, Drums, Drums (Steel), Vibraphone/ Per Buhl Acs - Clarinet, Melodica, Slide Bass
THI57068.2 Thomas,David / Pale Orchestra Mirror Man 22.06.99 Peter Hammill - Guitar, Harmonium, Keyboards, Voices/ Players/ David Thomas/ Chris Cutler - Voices, Electric Drums/ Robert Kidney - Vocals/ Linda Thompson - Vocals/&
THI57105.2 Throbbing Gristle First Annual Report 19.06.01 Genesis P-Orridge
THI57104.2 Throbbing Gristle Grief 19.06.01 Experimental Rock
THI21306.2 T.V. Smith Immortal Rich 04.06.96 Ex-Adverts leader T.V.Smith - Vocals
THI21314.2 Vega Chilton Vaughn Cubist Blues 08.10.96 Alex Chilton - Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Keyboards, Keyboard Bass/ Ben Vaughn - Bass, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Keyboards, Keyboard Bass/ Alan Vega - Vocals
THI21308.2 Vega,Alan Dujang Prang 09.07.96 Alan Vega - Vocals/ Mark Kuch - Guitar/ Liz Lamere - Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr)
THI57131.2 V/A Vision: Live 2002 Vision Festival (Bonus DVD) 20.05.03 Jin Hi Kim - Komungo/ Hamiet Bluiett - Sax (Baritone)/ Dave Burrell - Piano/ Joseph Jarman - Reeds/ Billy Bang - Violin/ Fred Anderson - Sax (Alto)/ Peter Kowald - Bass/ Wadada Leo Smith - Trumpet/ Matthew Shipp - Piano/ William Parker - Bass/ Douglas Ewart - Reeds/ Roy Campbell - Trumpet/ Newman Baker - Drums/ Tyrone Brown - Bass/ Ellen Christi - Vocals/ Hamid Drake - Drums/ Jemeel Moondoc - Sax (Alto)/ Reggie Workman - Bass/ Rob Brown - Sax (Alto)/ Kidd Jordan - Sax (Alto)/ Mat Maneri - Viola/ Karen Borca - Bassoon
THI57137.2 Ware,David S Threads 07.10.03 David S. Ware - Sax (Tenor)/ William Parker - Bass/ Mat Maneri - Viola/ Guillermo E. Brown - Drums/ Daniel Bernard Roumain - Violin
THI57108.2 White,Andy Andy White 21.08.01 Kieran Kane - Guitar, Vocals/ David Bridie - Keyboards/ Stephen Fearing - Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Mandola/ Kieran Kennedy - Banjo, Dobro, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Hammond Synth/ Ingmar Kiang - Keyboards/ Robert Malone - Guitar (Bass)/ Radoslav Lorkovic - Piano, Accordion/ Angela McCluskey - Vocals/ Cathy White - Vocals/ Ursula Burns - Harp
THI57081.2 White,Andy Andywhite.Compilation 18.01.00 Compilation covers some of his best work
THI57015.2 Wiseblood Dirtdish 21.11.95 Foetus main-man Jim Thirlwell joins with fellow tortured soul Roli Mosimann, (formerly of the Swans) for the one-off project Wiseblood.
THI66029.2 Wobble,Jah Inspiration of William Blake 10.06.97 Cosmic rock-opera: Robert Kidney - Vocals/ Jackie Leven - Vocals/ Linda Thompson - Vocals/&
THI21307.2 Womack,Jack / Warden,Tricia Random Acts of Senseless Violence 21.05.96 2CD Box Set: Henry Rollins - Executive Producer
THI57051.2 Wyatt,Robert Old Rottenhat (Re-issue) 23.06.98 Robert Wyatt - Drums, Vocals
THI57050.2 Wyatt,Robert Nothing Can Stop Us (Re-issue) 23.06.98 Compilation of early-'80s singles
THI57040.2 Wyatt,Robert Shleep 20.01.98 Phil Manzanera - Guitar/ Robert Wyatt - Percussion, Trumpet, Guitar (Bass), Keyboards, Vocals, Polish Fiddle/ Philip Catherine - Guitar/ Evan Parker - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)/ Alfreda Benge - Vocals/ Brian Eno - Synthesizer, Vocals, Synthesizer Bass/ Chucho Merchin - Percussion, Drums (Bass), Guitar (Bass), Double Bass/ Paul Weller - Guitar, Harmony Vocals/ Annie Whitehead - Trombone/ Gary Azukx - Djembe/ Chikako Sato - Violin
THI57057.2 Wyatt,Robert Dondestan Revisited (Re-issue) 03.11.98 Original recording was a seamless whole, full of spare, haunting, keyboard and percussive textures, Revisited showcases the collaborations with his wife, poet Alfreda Benge, his own songs, and a collaboration with former Soft Machine bandmate Hugh Hopper.
THI57044.2 Wyatt,Robert Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard (Re-issue) 05.05.98 Robert Wyatt - Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Multi Instruments/ Gary Windo - Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor), Wind/ John Greaves - Bass/ Brian Eno - Keyboards, Multi Instruments/ Fred Frith - Piano, Viola/ George Khan - Saxophone/ Bill MacCormick - Bass, Guitar (Bass)/ Laurie Allan - Drums
THI57045.2 Wyatt,Robert Rock Bottom (Re-issue) 05.05.98 Mike Oldfield - Guitar/ Robert Wyatt - Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals/ Gary Windo - Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Tenor), Wind, Tenor (Vocal)/ Ivor Cutler - Keyboards, Vocals, Baritone Concertina/ Mongezi Feza - Trumpet/ Alfreda Benge - Vocals/ Fred Frith - Piano, Viola/ Hugh Hopper - Bass, Guitar (Bass)/ Richard Sinclair - Bass, Guitar (Bass)/ Laurie Allan - Drums
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