Маленький Американский блюзовый (выпускает также Jazz) Лэйбл (Millersville, Maryland). Цена дисков достаточно высока (ориентировочно 18у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует отличное качество звучания и оригинальный фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Title RelDate Comment
SVRN4.2 Big Joe & Dynaflows I'm Still Swingin 09.09.98 Lee Roy Parnell - Slide Guitar/ Big Joe Maher - Drums, Vocals/ Mark Kazanoff - Saxophone, Horn Arrangements/ Kevin McKendree - Organ, Piano/ Jeff Sarli - Bass (Acoustic)/ Alex Schultz - Guitar/ Joe Stanley - Sax (Tenor)/ Clyde Hunt - Trumpet/ John Wolf - Trombone/ John Cocuzzi - Piano, Vibraphone
SVRN9.2 Big Joe & Dynaflows All Night Long 14.11.00 Big Joe Maher - Drums, Vocals/ Earl Jones - Vocals (bckgr)/ Mark Kazanoff - Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)/ Steve Potter - Bass (Upright)/ Joe Stanley - Sax (Tenor)/ Clyde Hunt - Trumpet/ Benjie Porecki - Organ (Hammond)/ John Cocuzzi - Piano, Organ (Hammond)/ John Jensen - Trombone
SVRN21.2 Clark,Ken Eternal Funk 03.06.03 Ken Clark - Organ, Organ (Hammond), Fender Rhodes, Drawing w/Steve Chaggaris - Drums & Mike Mele - Guitar
SVRN15.2 Conte,Bruce Bullet Proof 05.03.02 First solo release from former Tower of Power guitarist Bruce Conte. These 12 tracks combine smooth blues, jazz, and soul featuring other T.O.P. alumni Lenny Williams, Windy Barnes, and former member of Rufus Gavin Christopher. Former vocalist for T.O.P. Bobby Kimball provides vocals on "Chasin' the Blues."
SVRN6.2 Dixon,Ola Labor of Love 12.10.99 Drums, Vocals
SVRN8.2 Gaines,Roy New Frontier Lover 08.08.00 Known as a protege of T-Bone Walker and former guitarist for Bobby Blue Bland, Roy Gaines continues to stake out his solo career with the combination spark of Texas blues and soul.
SVRN2.2 Guyger,Steve Past Life Blues 01.05.99 Harmonica, Vocals w/Brian Bisesi - Guitar/ Steve Gomes - Bass/ Joe Maher - Drums/ Rich Yescalis - Bass, Guitar
SVRN16.2 Louisiana Red Different Shade of Red: The Woodstock Sessions 07.05.02 Guitar w/Pete Barrenbregge - Sax (Tenor), Horn Section/ Brian Bisesi - Guitar/ Ola Dixon - Drums/ Steve Gomes - Bass, Bass (Acoustic)/ Levon Helm - Drums, Harp/ Garth Hudson - Organ, Solo Instrumental, Saxophone/ David Maxwell - Organ, Piano/ Jimmy Vivino - Organ, Guitar, Mandolin/ Scott Silbert - Sax (Baritone), Horn Section/ Benjie Porecki - Organ/ Steve "Syco Steve" Williams - Sax (Alto), Horn Section/ Chris Walker - Trumpet, Horn Section
SVRN14.2 Morgan,Mike & Crawl Texas Man 26.02.02 Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Slide Guitar w/Anson Funderburgh - Guitar (Rhythm)/ Riley Osborne - Organ, Piano/ Gary Primich - Harmonica/ Rhandy Simmons - Bass/ Wes Starr - Drums, Cowbell/ Jon Moeller - Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)/ Kevin Schermerhorn - Drums
SVRN20.2 Nulisch,Darrell Times Like These 03.06.03 Harmonica, Vocals w/John Jensen - Trombone/ Steve Gomes - Bass/ David Maxwell - Piano/ Jon Moeller - Guitar/ Bruce Swain - Flute, Saxophone/ Steve Cyphers - Percussion/ Scott Silbert - Sax (Baritone)/ Rob Stupka - Percussion, Drums/ Benjie Porecki - Keyboards/ Scott Young - Flute, Saxophone/ Tommy Williams Jr. - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
SVRN7.2 Nulisch,Darrell I Like It That Way 11.04.00 w/Tommy Williams - Trumpet/ Steve Gomes - Bass/ Joe Maher - Vocals (bckgr)/ Jon Moeller - Guitar/ Alejandro Lucini - Percussion/ Scott Silbert - Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)/ Rob Stupka - Drums/ Jesse Yawn - Vocals (bckgr)/ Benjie Porecki - Keyboards/ John Jensen - Trombone/ Scott Young - Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor)/ Chris Walker - Trumpet
SVRN3.2 Nulisch,Darrell Whole Truth 11.08.98 w/Margie Clark - Vocals (bckgr)/ Steve Gomes - Bass/ Natalie Jackson - Vocals (bckgr)/ Ricardo Monzon - Percussion/ Dave Earl - Guitar/ Jon Moeller - Guitar/ Michael Fitzhugh - Trumpet/ Rob Stupka - Drums/ Benjie Porecki - Keyboards/ Douglas Gilchrist - Trombone/ Jacques Johnson - Sax (Tenor)/ Eric McMillian - Trumpet/ Deidre Wright - Vocals (bckgr)
SVRN5.2 Porecki,Benjie Servin It Up 27.10.98 Organ, Piano, Piano (Electric), w/Steve Gomes - Bass/ Alex Schultz - Guitar/ Dave Earl - Guitar/ Rob Stupka - Drums
SVRN11.2 Porecki,Benjie Rest of My Life 27.03.01 w/Chuck Brown - Vocals/ Keter Betts - Bass/ Steve Gomes - Bass/ Skip Pruitt - Saxophone/ Alejandro Lucini - Drums/ Rob Stupka - Drums/ Dan Leonard - Guitar
SVRN17.2 Pride,Lou Words of Caution 07.05.02 Vocals w/Bill Heid - Organ (Hammond)/ John Jensen - Trombone/ Steve Gomes - Bass/ Earl Jones - Vocals (bckgr)/ Jon Moeller - Guitar/ Rob Stupka - Drums/ Benjie Porecki - Organ (Hammond), Fender Rhodes/&
SVRN22.2 Pride,Lou Memphis El Paso Sessions 1970-73 17.06.03 w/The Memphis Horns - Horn Section/ Charles Chalmers - Vocals (bckgr)/ Howard Grimes - Drums/ Leroy Hodges - Bass/ The Memphis Strings - String Section/ Teenie Hodges - Guitar/&
SVRN18.2 Rockin Highliners Sputnik Cafe 25.02.03 Chris Byrne - Bass/ Benjie Porecki - Organ/ Kevin McMahon - Percussion, Cymbals, Drums/ Greg "Junior" Demchuk - Guitar/ Robert Tycholis - Vocals
SVRN12.2 Sugar Ray & The Bluetones Rockin Sugar Daddy 22.05.01 Sugar Ray Norcia - Harmonica, Vocals, w/Kid Bangham - Guitar/ Neil Gouvin - Drums/ Michael Ward - Bass
SVRN19.2 Sugar Ray & The Bluetones Sugar Ray & the Bluetones Featuring Monster Mike Welch 25.03.03 w/Anthony Geraci - Piano, Organ (Hammond) & Neil Gouvin - Drums
SVRN10.2 V/A Roots Music for 21st Century Vol.1 23.03.99 Big Joe Maher - Drums/ Brian Bisesi - Guitar/ Steve Gomes - Bass/ Kevin McKendree - Organ/ Darrell Nulisch - Vocals/ Steve Potter - Bass/ Jeff Sarli - Bass (Acoustic)/ Alex Schultz - Guitar/ Big Joe & The Dynaflows/ Dave Earl - Guitar/ Jon Moeller - Guitar/ Billy Hyde - Piano/ Steve Guyger - Harmonica, Vocals/...
SVRN13.2 WPG Trio Small Medium & Large 13.11.01 Gary Grainger - Bass, Vocals, Handclapping/ Dawn Robinson - Vocals/ Benjie Porecki - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Handclapping
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