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ITEM Artist Title RelDate Comment
50002.2 Christian,Armsted Wave Is Coming 02.03.99 Mark Egan - Bass/ Bob Berg - Sax (Soprano)/ Michael Brecker - EWI/ Steve Khan - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)/ Roger Byam - Sax (Tenor)/ Jeff Haynes - Percussion/ Mark Ledford - Trumpet/ Sammy Merendino - Drums/ Chieli Minucci - Guitar (Acoustic)/ Steve Skinner - Piano/ Armstead Christian - Flute, Vocals/ John Benthal - Guitar (Electric)
50008.3 Friedlander,Erik Skin 15.02.00 VHS
50008 Friedlander,Erik Skin 15.02.00 DVD
50008.2 Friedlander,Erik Skin 15.02.00 Erik Friedlander - Cello/ Andy Laster - Sax (Alto)/ Peter Sanders - Cello/ Satoshi Takeishi - Percussion/ Bruce Wang - Cello/ Stomu Takeishi - Bass, Bass (Electric), Bass (Acoustic)/ Christine Gummere - Cello
50003.2 Friedlander,Erik Topaz 02.03.99 Erik Friedlander - Cello/ Ted Jensen - Morisca/ Andy Laster - Sax (Alto)/ Satoshi Takeishi - Percussion/ Stomu Takeishi - Bass, Bass (Electric)
50006.2 Gebbia,Salvatore Lifebound 25.01.00 Solo-piano album by Italy's Salvatore Gebbia, featuring soothing yet passionate renditions of beautifully melodic compositions by both Gebbia and tango legend Astor Piazzolla.
50004.2 Khan,Steve / Mounsey,Rob You Are Here 13.10.98 Steve Khan - Guitar (Acoustic)/ Rob Mounsey - Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals/ Marc QuiAones - Bongos, Conga, Timbales
50010.2 Klapa Fortunal Fire On the Sea 30.05.00 Recorded in Saint Katarina Church, Novalja, Croatia in June 1999.
50009.2 Kumalo,Bakithi In Front of My Eyes 18.04.00 Mark Egan - Bass/ Bob Berg - Sax (Soprano)/ Dean Brown - Guitar/ Tony Cedras - Accordion/ Morris Goldberg - Penny Whistle/ Aaron Heick - Sax (Soprano)/ Bakithi Khumalo - Synthesizer, Bass, Percussion, Vocals/ Mark Ledford - Vocals/ Felicia Marion - Vocals/ Gil Parris - Guitar/ Emedin Rivera - Percussion/ Vieux Diop - Kora/ Lindiwe Hlengwa - Vocals/ Mike Landy - Drums, Keyboards/ Ntombikhona DLamini - Vocals/ Beledo - Synthesizer, Piano, Spanish Guitar
50001.2 Kumalo,Bakithi San Bonan 13.10.98 Mark Egan - Bass/ Steve Khan - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards/ Don Alias - Percussion/ Pablo Calogero - Sax (Baritone)/ James Campagnola - Sax (Tenor)/ Tony Cedras - Accordion/ Barry Danielian - Trumpet, Flugelhorn/ Bob Franceschini - Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)/ Morris Goldberg - Flute, Penny Whistle/ Donald Harrison - Saxophone, Sax (Alto)/ Bakithi Khumalo - Bass, Vocals/ Chieli Minucci - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
50005.2 New Jakarta Ensemble Commonality 14.09.99 Ethnic Fusion, Worldbeat: a cappella rounds with the sound and harmonies of Sardinian and Tuvan singing.
50007.2 V/A Music for New Millennium 25.01.00 Bakithi Kumalo, Armsted Christian, Erik Friedlander, Steve Khan and Rob Mounsey, the New Jakarta Ensemble, and Salvatore Gebbia.
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