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 Интересный Американский джазовый Лэйбл(New York). Цена на диски вполне доступна (ориентировочно 13-17у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует прекрасное качество звучания и оригинальный фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Titel Reldate Comment
NYC 6010 ANTOINE, MARC CLASSICAL SOUL 25.05.00 1994 Recordings: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Drum Programming, Moog Bass w/Steve Reid - Percussion/ Sam Riney - Flute, Saxophone/ Jimmy Haslip - Bass/ Lenny Castro - Percussion/ Armand Sabal-Lecco - Bass, Piccolo Bass/ Mike Mainieri - Vibraphone/ Michael Mishaw - Keyboards/ Jonathan Lewis - Vocals/...
NYC 6020 ANTOINE, MARC URBAN GYPSY 04.09.95 Latin-styled backbeats
NYC 6003 BREAUX, ZACHARY GROOVIN' 25.05.00 Performing live at Ronnie Scott's Club at 1992 a London venue that many British jazz fans consider England's equivalent of New York's Village Vanguard, Guitar w/Roy Ayers - Marimba, Vocals/ Donald Nicks - Bass/ Rex Rideout - Keyboards/ Dennis Davis - Percussion, Drums
NYC 6009 BREAUX, ZACHARY LAIDBACK 08.10.94 w/Audrey Wheeler - Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)/ Will Calhoun - Drums/ Cliff Carter - Organ, Piano/ Ronnie Garrett - Bass/ Rex Rideout - Piano/ Toots Thielemans - Harmonica/&
NYC 6005 CARSTENSEN, DEE BELOVED ONE 25.05.00 New Age: Vocals
NYC 9002 CARSTENSEN, DEE Home Away From Home 28.10.99
NYC 9003 CARSTENSEN, DEE MAP 28.10.99 w/Jeremy Steig - Flute/ Everett Bradley - Percussion, Vocals (bckgr)/ Jonatha Brooke - Vocals (bckgr)/ Philip Hamilton - Percussion, Conga, Vocals (bckgr), Shaker/ Zev Katz - Bass/ Lloyd Landesman - Organ (Hammond)/ Tony Levin - Bass/ Mike Mainieri - Vibraphone/ Hugh McCracken - Harmonica/...
NYC 9001 CARSTENSEN, DEE REGARDING THE SOUL 14.10.02 w/Mark Egan - Bass/ Glen Burtnik - Guitar (Acoustic)/ Tim Hagans - Trumpet/ Bashiri Johnson - Percussion/ Everett Bradley - Vocals (bckgr)/ Regina Carter - Violin/ Mino Cinelu - Percussion/...
NYC 6017 CHARTBUSTERS CHARTBUSTERS VOL.1 28.10.99 Craig Handy - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)/ Randy Brecker - Trumpet/ David Fiuczynski - Guitar/ Donald Harrison - Sax (Alto)/ Idris Muhammad - Drums/ Lonnie Smith - Organ
NYC 6013 DEGRUY, PHILIP INNUENDO OUT THE OTHER 14.06.99 Guitar - former student of jazz guitar legend Lenny Breau, he plays a custom-made guitarp that features 17 strings, including harp-like strings mounted on the body. His style is a progressive combination of both Breau and Chet Atkins.
NYC 6018 GARZONE, GEORGE ALONE 25.05.00 Sax (Tenor) w/guitarist Chuck Loeb, pianist David Kikoski, bassist Eddie Gomez, and drummer Lenny White, and there are two vocals for Luciana Souza.
NYC 6024 GARZONE, GEORGE FOUR'S AND TWO'S 25.05.00 w/Joey Calderazzo - Piano/ Joe Lovano - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)/ John Lockwood - Bass/ Bill Stewart - Drums
NYC 6034 Garzone,George Fringe in New 22.08.00 w/Bob Gullotti - Drums/ John Lockwood - Bass (Acoustic)/ Mike Mainieri - Vibraphone
NYC 6031 GARZONE, GEORGE MOODIOLOGY 14.06.99 w/Bob Gullotti - Drums/ John Lockwood - Bass/ Kenny Werner - Piano/ Doug Yates - Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Alto)/ Claire Daly - Sax (Baritone)
NYCD 1218 KHAN, NUSRAT FATEH ALI PASSION 31.07.90 At the time of his death in 1997, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was not only the greatest living exponent of qawwali (the Sufi devotional music of Pakistan), but also its most successful popularizer, an international star known for the power of his live performances.
NYC 6015 MAINIERI, MIKE AN AMERICAN DIARY 25.05.00 Vibraphonist Mike Mainieri performs some unusual pieces with his quartet: Joe Lovano on tenor, soprano, and alto clarinet; bassist Eddie Gomez; and drummer Peter Erskine
NYC 6026 MAINIERI, MIKE AN AMERICAN DIARY 2: DREAMINGS 25.05.00 w/saxophonist George Garzone, bassist Marc Johnson, and drummer Peter Erskine & Erik Friedlander - Cello/ Noa - Vocals/ David Tronzo - Guitar/ Gil Dor - Guitar/ Loretta Dee Cartensen - Harp
NYC 6019 MAINIERI, MIKE MAN BEHIND BARS 25.05.00 Percussion, Piano, Chimes, Drums, Marimba, Xylophone, Mallets, Vibraphone, MIDI Vibes
NYC 6002 MAINIERI, MIKE WANDERLUST 25.05.00 1981 Recordings, w/Warren Bernhardt - Synthesizer, Piano/ Michael Brecker - Trumpet, Saxophone, Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)/ Peter Erskine - Drums/ Don Grolnick - Keyboards/ Steve Khan - Guitar/ Jeremy Steig - Flute/ Kazumi Watanabe - Guitar/ Manolo Badrena - Percussion, Berimbau/ Randy Brecker - Trumpet/ Tony Levin - Bass/ Marcus Miller - Bass
NYC 6021 MAINIERI, MIKE WHITE ELEPHANT '69-'71 25.05.00 2-CD: Joe Beck - Guitar/ Warren Bernhardt - Keyboards/ Michael Brecker - Sax (Tenor)/ Jon Faddis - Trumpet/ Lew Soloff - Trumpet/ George Young - Sax (Alto)/ Randy Brecker - Trumpet/ Sam T. Brown - Guitar/ Steve Gadd - Drums/ Tony Levin - Bass/ Susan Manchester - Vocals/ Bob Mann - Guitar/ Hugh McCracken - Guitar (Acoustic), Harmonica, Guitar (Electric), Slide Guitar/ Annie Sutton - Vocals/...
NYC 6022 MAINIERI, MIKE -QUARTET- LIVE AT 7TH AVENUE SOUTH 25.05.00 Fusion: Percussion, Vibraphone w/saxophonist George Garzone, bassist Marc Johnson, and drummer Peter Erskine
NYCD 1214 MIGHTY DIAMONDS RIGHT TIME COME 30.06.90 Marcus Garvey & Sly Dunbar - Drums/ Tommy McCook - Sax (Tenor)
NYCD 1216 PERRY, LEE -SCRATCH- BLACK ARK 31.07.90 Dub: w/The Upsetters
NYC 6941 PILLBOX GIMME WHAT I WANT 31.12.99 Johnny Green - Keyboards/ Rick May - Bass/ Steve Sidelnyk - Drum Programming/ Carrie Melbourne - Bass/ Nigel Appleton - Drums/ Louise C. West - Drums/ Susan Hyatt - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
NYC 6023 RACHEL Z ROOM OF ONE'S OWN 25.05.00 Talented young keyboardist, w/violinist Regina Carter, tenor saxophonist George Garzone, bassist Charnett Moffett and drummers Terri Lyne Carrington and Cindy Blackman are among the supporting cast.
NYC 6007 SIVERTSEN, KENNETH REMEMBERING NORTH 25.05.00 Kenneth Silvertsen toured as a guitarist and pianist with vibraphonist Mike Mainieri during 1991-92 and is a Norweigan composer who has mostly written in the classical field. His CD has 11 of his nonclassical compositions and solos from the likes of trumpeter Randy Brekcer, Bob Mintzer on tenor and soprano, Mainieri, Michael Brecker on tenor and the leader's guitar.
NYCD 1215 SLY & ROBBIE MASSIVE 13.04.99 Dancehall, Dub, Roots Reggae
NYC 6030 SOUZA, LUCIANA AN ANSWER TO YOUR SILENCE 14.06.99 Percussion, Vocals w/saxophonist George Garzone, pianist David Kikoski, bassist John Lockwood, and drummer Ignacio Berroa.
NYC 6028 STEPS STEP BY STEP 10.01.02 Was formed in 1979 by vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, this group at various times has included tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker; keyboardists Don Grolnick, Eliane Elias, and Rachel Z; guitarist Mike Stern; bassists Eddie Gomez and Darryl Jones; and drummers Peter Erskine and Steve Smith, among others. Its music combines advanced jazz, R&B, rock, and fusion and is frequently exciting, 1980 Recordings
NYC 6006 STEPS AHEAD LIVE IN TOKYO 1986 25.05.00 Michael Brecker's virtuosic tenor solos show a great deal of passion and creativity within the genre. Also Mike Maineri's vibes are an attractive part of the ensemble sound, making the R&Bish unit sound like Spyro Gyra with guts. Unfortunately the rhythm section (which consists of guitarist Mike Stern, bassist Darryl Jones and drummer Steve Smith).
NYC 6027 STEPS AHEAD SMOKIN' IN THE PIT 01.07.99 2-CD: Recorded live at the Pitt Inn in Tokyo, Japan 1980
NYC 6012 STEPS AHEAD VIBE 25.05.00 Victor Bailey - Bass/ Tim Hagans - Trumpet/ Rachel Z - Synthesizer, Piano/ Adam Holzman - Organ, Synthesizer, Producer, Drum Programming, Sequencing/ James Genus - Bass (Acoustic)/ Aaron Heick - Sax (Alto)/ Mike Mainieri - Producer, Vibraphone/ Clarence Penn - Drums/ Reggie Washington - Bass/ Donny McCaslin - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)/ Michael Cain - Synthesizer, Piano
NYC 6001 STEPS AHEAD YIN-YANG 25.05.00 Mike Mainieri on MIDI vibraharp and synclavier, saxophonist Bendik, bassist Jeff Andrews and drummer Steve Smith.
NYC 6004 V/A COME TOGETHER VOL.1 - GUITAR TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES 28.10.99 Michael Hedges/ Robert Quine/ Robben Ford/ Wayne Krantz/ Terje Rypdal/ Philip Degruy/ David Fiuczynski/ Jody Harris/ Charlie Hunter/ David Gilmore/ Adam Rodgers & Mike Mainieri - Percussion, Vibraphone
NYC 6014 V/A COME TOGETHER VOL.2 - GUITAR TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES 28.10.99 Michael Hedges/ Robert Quine/ Robben Ford/ Wayne Krantz/ Terje Rypdal/ Philip Degruy/ David Fiuczynski/ Jody Harris/ Charlie Hunter/ David Gilmore/ Adam Rodgers & Mike Mainieri - Percussion, Vibraphone
NYC 6035 V/A New York City After Hours 27.02.01 Michael Brecker/ Terri Lyne Carrington - Drums/ Peter Erskine - Drums/ Eddie Gomez - Bass/ Billy Higgins - Drums/ Marc Johnson - Bass/ Joe Lovano - Sax (Tenor)/ Lonnie Liston Smith - Organ/ Cedar Walton - Piano/ Eddie Henderson - Trumpet/ Lenny White - Drums/ Jay Anderson - Bass/ Dave Kikoski - Piano/ Craig Handy - Saxophone/ Rachel Z - Piano/ Danny Gottlieb/ Dwayne Burno - Bass/ George Garzone - Sax (Soprano)/...
9730 V/A NEW YORK DANCE CLASSICS VOL.1: COLLECTION OF 80'S DANCE MUSIC 31.07.90 The Cover Girls/ Jellybean/ Phyllis Nelson/ Indeep/ Denroy Morgan/ Tina B./ Tony Lee/ Hot Streak/ Serious Intention/ Weeks & Co/ Cheri/ Dionne
9731 V/A NEW YORK DANCE CLASSICS VOL.2: COLLECTION OF 80'S DANCE MUSIC 31.07.90 Nayobe/ Fantasy/ Barbara Mason/ Joyce Sims/ FFWD/ Robey/ Shades of Love/ Sinnamon/ Status IV/ Direct Current
9732 V/A NEW YORK DANCE CLASSICS VOL.3: COLLECTION OF 80'S DANCE MUSIC 31.07.90 The Trammps/ DSK/ The Flirts/ Cashmere/ Brandi Wells/ Nocera/ Fonda Rae/ John Rocca/ Wish/ Fascination/ Babie & Keys
NYC 6016 V/A TRIBUTE TO LEE MORGAN 14.06.99 Billy Higgins - Drums/ Joe Lovano - Sax (Tenor)/ Cedar Walton - Piano/ Eddie Henderson - Trumpet/ Grover Washington, Jr. - Sax (Soprano)/ Peter Washington - Bass
NYC 6025 WALDEN, MYRON HYPNOSIS 25.05.00 Sax (Alto), w/Dwayne Burno - Bass/ Kevin Hays - Piano/ Eric McPherson - Drums/ Mulgrew Miller - Piano
NYC 6032 WALDEN, MYRON LIKE A FLOWER SEEKING THE SUN 14.06.99 w/Dwayne Burno - Bass
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