Превосходный Американский Avant-Garde/Classical/World Лэйбл (San Francisco, California). Цена дисков вполне доступна (ориентировочно 17у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует отличное качество звучания и оригинальный фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Title RelDate Comment
NA36.2 Abel / Steinberg / Winant Set of Five 06.01.94 David Abel, violin; Julie Steinberg, piano; William Winant, percussion
NA20.2 Abercrombie,John / Marsh,George / Graves,Mel Upon a Time 05.04.94 George Marsh, percussion; John Abercrombie, guitar; Mel Graves, bass
NA14.2 Adams,John / Ridge Quartet Shaker Loops / Light Over Water 05.04.94 Shaker Loops for seven solo strings; Light Over Water for brass instruments and synthesizers
NA61.2 Adams,John Luther Far Country 16.04.95 Cabrillo Festival Orchestra with Apollo Quartet & Strings, JoAnn Falletta conductor; Atlanta Singers, Kevin Culver conductor
NA29.2 Arawi La Doctrina de los Ciclos 05.04.94 The Contemporary Orchestra of Native Instruments, La Paz, Bolivia; for flutes, whistles, strings, percussion, bells
NA105.2 Ben-Zaken,Etty / Eitan Steinberg / Ensemble Yatan Atan The Bride Unfastens Her Braids, The Groom Faints: Ladino Love Songs 21.09.99 Judeo-Spanish folk songs from Medieval Spain
NA89.2 Berio / Arden Complete Works for Piano 08.11.96 David Arden, solo piano; Luciano Berio, composer
NA50.2 Braxton,Anthony Composition 165 [for 18 instruments] 13.04.94 Performed by the University of Illinois Creative Music Orchestra, conducted by Anthony Braxton
NA23.2 Braxton,Anthony 19 [Solo] Compositions, 1988 05.04.94 Solo alto saxophone
NA108.2 Brooks,Ray Hollow Bell: Zen Shakuhachi 08.02.00 The shakuhachi is an instrument that dates far back into time and is usually associated with Japanese ritual and meditation. It is an instrument of extraordinary color and emotional range. In the modern era it has traveled from its monastic and folkloric identity to appear in every context, from symphonic work to free jazz. This record revisits the root material through the playing of the English musician, Ray Brooks, and it is the musical companion to the story told in his book, Blowing Zen (published by H J Kramer).
NA82.2 Brown / Arden Music For Piano(s), 1951-1995 09.02.96 David Arden, piano; Earle Brown, composer
NA66.2 Budd,Harold / Zeitgeist She Is a Phanton 16.05.94 Harold Budd (piano) with Heather Barringer and Jay Johnson (percussion), Thomas Linker (keyboards), Robert Samarotto (woodwinds)
NA70.2 Cage / Margaret Leng Tan Daughters of the Lonesome Isle 18.10.94 Margaret Leng Tan, pianos - The eight works on this album feature the different kinds of "instruments" used by John Cage in his substantial piano oeuvre -- the prepared, string, bowed and conventional piano as well as the toy piano. The disc's thirteen year span (1940-1953) encapsulates the evolution of Cage's aesthetic from Bacchanale, his first prepared piano composition, to the chance-derived abstraction of Music for Piano #2.
NA35.2 Cage / La Barbara / Stein Singing Through 05.04.94 Joan La Barbara, soprano; Leonard Stein, piano; William Winant, percussion
NA37.2 Cage / Margaret Leng Tan / La Barbara Perilous Night / Four Walls 05.04.94 Margaret Leng Tan, prepared piano, piano; Joan La Barbara, soprano
NA19.2 California Ear Unit Modern Chamber Ensemble Compositions 05.04.94 Erika Duke, Lorna Elder, Arthur Jarvinen, Amy Knoles, Robin Lorentz, Gaylord Mowry, James Rorig, Rand Steiger, Dorothy Stone, Tony Holmes, Theresa Tunnicliff
NA94.2 California Ear Unit Works by Steiger, Jarvinen, Torke, Stockhausen, Carter, Andriessen 19.08.97 Toby Holmes - Bass (Electric)/ Amy Knoles - Percussion, Conga, Marimba/ Rob Lorentz - Violin/ Dorothy Stone - Flute, Flute (Bass), Piccolo, Pan Pipes/ Arthur Jarvinen - Percussion, Bass (Electric), Conga, Chromatic Harmonica/ Erika Duke - Cello, Pan Pipes/ Rand Steiger - Conductor
NA116.2 Cardew / Rzewski We Wing for the Future 22.01.02 Frederic Rzewski, piano; Cornelius Cardew, composer
NA103.2 Cowell,Henry New Music: Piano Compositions 22.06.99 Recordings from the Henry Cowell Piano Festival, 1997 - Featuring new music pianists Sarah Cahill, Joseph Kubera, Chris Brown and Sorrel Hays
NA114.2 Crawford / Beyer / Cahill 9 Preludes - Piano Music 26.06.01 Sarah Cahill, piano; Ruth Crawford / Johanna Beyer, composers
NA100.2 Cuarteto Latinoamericano Four, for Tango 17.03.98 String quartets of Aurelio Tello, Javier Alvarez, Roberto Sierra and Celso Garrido-Lecca
NA51.2 Cuarteto Latinoamericano Memorias Tropicales 13.04.94 String quartets of Aurelio Tello, Javier Alvarez, Roberto Sierra and Celso Garrido-Lecca
NA67.2 Curran,Alvin Crystal Psalms 16.08.94 An homage to Kristallnacht. A concert performed by 7 European radio stations, scored for 7 choruses, 4 trombones, 4 celli, 4 violas, 4 flutes, 4 clarinets, 2 tubas, 2 saxophones, 6 accordions, 6 percussionists, plus pre-recorded sounds
NA27.2 Curran,Alvin / Rova Saxophone Quartet Electric Rags 2 05.04.94 Rova Saxophone Quartet (Steve Adams,Larry Ochs,Bruce Ackley,Jon Raskin) and electronics
NA13.2 Dempster,Stuart In the Great Abbey of Clement Vi 05.04.94 Solo trombone, didjeridu - pioneer of resonant improvisation
NA76.2 Dempster,Stuart Underground Overlays from the Cistern Chapel 22.08.95 Variously for ten trombones, solo conch shell, didgeridu, and conch trio
NA43.2 Dodge,Charles / Caruso / la Barbara Any Resemblance Is Purely Coincidental 05.04.94 Computer, synthesized voice, piano & viola
NA53.2 Dresher,Paul / Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio Dark Blue Circumstance 13.04.94 Paul Dresher electro-acoustic guitar & Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio; New Performance Group of the Cornish Institute; Thomasa Eckert, Rinde Eckert, John Duykers
NA75.2 Ensemble PAN Unseen Rain: Music of Robert Kyr 02.05.95 Laurie Monahan (mezzo-soprano), Michael Collver (countertenor and corno muto) and Crawford Young (lute), Shira Kammen (bowed strings) and John Fleagle (tenor and medieval harp) with Back Bay Chorale - vocal music by Robert Kyr
NA38.2 Ensemble PAN Island of St Hylarion 05.04.94 Music of Cyprus, 1413-1422: Michael Collver, countertenor, corno muto; John Fleagle, tenor, harp; Shira Kammen, vielle; Laurie Monahan, mezzosoprano; Crawford Young, lute; with guests Peter Becker, Karen Clark-Young, Randall Cook, Steven Lundhal, Margaret Raines
NA48.2 Ensemble PAN Homage to Johannes Ciconia (1370-1412) 05.04.94 Madrigals, motets, virelais, ballata and canons: secular music for voices with corno muto, harp, vielle and lute
NA21.2 Ensemble PAN Ars Magis Subtiliter 05.04.94 Secular Music of the Chantilly Codex, France, 14th Century with guests: Peter Becker, Karen Clark-Young, Randall Cook, Steven Lundahl, Margaret Raines
NA68.2 Ensemble PAN Remede de Fortune 16.05.94 Works of Guillaume de Machaut (ca. 1300-1377). Ballades, balladelles, rondelets, rondeaux and complaintes: Micheal Collver, alto; John Fleagle, tenor, harp; Shira Kammen, vielle; Laurie Monahan, mezzosoprano; Crawford Young, lute; with guest Robert Mealy, vielle
NA85.2 Feldman / Mosko Only (Works for Voice and Instruments) 10.06.96 Joan La Barbara, soprano, Ralph Grierson, piano, Erika Duke Kirkpatrick, cello, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, Stephen L. Mosko, music director
NA39.2 Feldman,Morton Rothko Chapel; Why Patterns? 24.09.92 UC Berkeley Chamber Chorus; David Abel, viola; Karen Rosenak, celeste; William Winant, percussion; California EAR Unit
NA18.2 Feldman,Morton / la Barbara,Joan 3 Voices 05.04.94 Joan La Barbara, soprano
NA111.2 Frasconi / Maxym Song + Distance 13.02.01 Solo and ensemble music for glass bellbowls, mbiras, voice, toy pianos, electronics and devolved musical instruments, featuring vocalist Eda Maxym
NA102.2 Fullman,Ellen Change of Direction 23.03.99 Works for the Long String Instrument - Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Band (including Stuart Dempster)
NA52.2 Garland,Peter / Takahashi,Aki Walk in Beauty 13.04.94 Aki Takahashi, piano; Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, violin, piano, vibraphone & tom-toms
NA54.2 Giteck,Janice Home (Revisited) 13.04.94 New Performance Group; Gamelan Pacifica; Philandros of the Seattle Men's Chorus; Mimi Dye, viola; Thomasa Eckert, soprano
NA58.2 Guastavino,Carlos / Zinger,Pablo Canciones de Carlos Guastavino 13.04.94 Ulises Espaillat, tenor; Pablo Zinger, piano
NA122.2 Harrison / Abel / Miller / Walther / Davies Drums Along the Pacific 20.05.03 with David Abel, Dennis Russell Davies, Leta Miller, Geraldine Walther, William Winant, Jennifer Cass, Joel Davel, Scott Evans, Carla Fabrizio, David Johnson, Daniel Kennedy, Todd Manley, Sam Ospovat, David Rosenthal, Gordon Smith, Julie Steinberg, Robert Strizich
NA117.2 Harrison / Burman-Hall Solo Keyboards 26.03.02 Linda Burman-Hall, keyboards
NA110.2 Harrison / Jeanrenaud / Able-Steinberg-Winant Rhymes With Silver 24.10.00 Joan Jeanrenaud, cello; David Abel, violin; Benjamin Simon, viola; Julie Steinberg, piano; William Winant, vibraphone and percussion
NA123.2 Harrison / Tannenbaum / Riley / Winant Serenado: Complete Guitar Music of Lou Harrison 24.06.03 with David Tanenbaum, Joel Davel, Scott Evans, Gyan Riley, William Winant
NA15.2 Harrison,Lou La Koro Sutro 05.04.94 UC Berkeley Chorus: Philip Brett, dir; American Gamelan: William Winant, dir, John Bergamo, conductor; Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio
NA55.2 Harrison,Lou Perilous Chapel 13.04.94 David Tanenbaum, guitar; William Winant, percussion, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players; John Duykers, tenor
NA93.2 Harrison,Lou / Maginnis / McMurtry / Duykers Rapunzel: An Opera in Six Acts, plus other works 10.04.97 Karen Andrie, violin, cello; Susan Brown, violin; John Duykers, baritone; Josephine Gandolfi, piano; Patrice Maginnis, soprano; Lynne McMurtyr, mezzo-soprano; Leta Miller, flute and piccolo; William Winant, percussion; Ensemble Parallele, Nicole Paiement, conductor
NA42.2 Harrison,Michael From Ancient Worlds 05.04.94 Harmonic piano
NA57.2 Hykes,David True to the Times (How to Be?) 13.04.94 David Hykes, voice, windharp, organ, keyboard; Peter Biffin, dobro; Bruno Caillat, zarb, daff; Tony Lewis, tabla
NA24.2 Hykes,David / Chemirani,Djamchid Windhorse Riders 01.03.94 David Hykes, voice, tanpura, jews harp, samples; Djamchid Chemirani, zarb; Zameer Ahmed, tabla; Eric Barret, voice
NA120.2 Jeanrenaud,Joan Metamorphosis 12.11.02 Cellist of the Kronos Quartet
NA83.2 Kernis / Tanenbaum / Barrett 100 Greatest Dance Hits 11.03.96 David Tanenbaum, guitar; The Chester Quartet; Aaron Berofsky, violin; David Harding, viola; Tom Rosenberg, cello; Christopher O'Riley, piano; Nancy Allen Lundy, soprano; John Dent, trumpet; Jeff Milarsky, glock & percussion; Benjamin Herman, glock; Leslie Stifelman, piano; Lisa Moore, piano; Kim Barber, mezzo-soprano; Kathleen Nester, flute; Larry Guy, clarinets; Anthony Cecere, horn; Mary Rowell, violin; Leslie Tomkins, viola; Tonya Tomkins, cello; Robert Black, bass; Susan Jolles, harp; Michael Barrett, conductor
NA81.2 Kievman / Gier / Polis Radio Nat'l Sym Orchestra Symphony 2 11.03.96 Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra - Katowice; with the Polish Radio Choir of Krakow, Delta David Gier, conductor
NA33.2 Komitas Divine Liturgy 05.04.94 Performed by the Men's Choir of St. Gayane Cathedral, Yerevan, Armenia
NA98.2 Kyr / Haber / Raymond / Hite / Murray Passion According to 4 Evangelists 17.02.98 Carole Haber, soprano; Gloria Raymond, mezzo-soprano; William Hite, tenor; David Murray, baritone; and the Back Bay Chorale, Beverly Taylor, director
NA80.2 Lacy,Steve / Aebi / Rzewski Packet 21.11.95 Steve Lacy, soprano sax; Irene Aebi, voice; Frederic Rzewski, piano
NA30.2 Lansky,Paul / Rosa,Guy de / MacKey,Steve Smalltalk 05.04.94 Realized on an IBM 3081 mainframe, DEC MicroVax II and NeXT computer with performances by Steve Mackey, guitar, and Guy de Rosa, harmonica
NA6.2 Lentz Missa Umbrarum 05.04.94 For voices and wine glasses; chorus with bells, rasps and drums
NA97.2 Lentz / I Cantori / Ellis Apologetica 20.01.98 I Cantori, Edward Cansino, director; The Archbishop's Ensemble, Zdenka Vaculovicova, director; Bradford Ellis, keyboard
NA79.2 Lewis / Berkeley Sym Orchestra / Friedman Where the Heart Is Pure 23.01.96 Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, Kent Nagano director; Kees Hulsmann, violin; Stephanie Friedman, mezzo soprano; Robin Sutherland, piano; Nadya Tichman, violin; Jack Van Geem, percussion
NA60.2 Lewis,Peter Scott Beaming Contrasts 16.04.95 Alexander String Quartet; David Tanenbaum, guitar; William Winant, percussion; Julie McKenzie, flute; Lawrence Granger, cello; Marc Shapiro, piano
NA112.2 Marshall / Van Cleve Dark Waters 26.06.01 Libby Van Cleve, English horn & oboe d'amore & Ingram Marshall, electronics
NA40.2 Marshall,Ingram Alcatraz 05.04.94 For synthesizers, buoys, birds, fog horns, singing, gambuh flute and cell doors in the resonant spaces of the prison
NA2.2 Marshall,Ingram / Adams,John Fog Tropes / Gradual Requiem / Gambuh I 05.04.94 with John Adams, conductor and Foster Reed, Mandolin brass sextet, fog horns & other ambient sounds; synthesizer, mandolin, voice, gambuh, piano, electronics, tape delay
NA92.2 Marshall,Ingram / Maia Quartet / Dunsmuir Piano QT Evensongs 09.05.97 The Maia Quartet, the Dunsmuir Piano Quintet
NA86.2 Martin / Ganz / Berkeley Symphony Orchestra Etude for String Orchestra, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Maria Triptychon 10.08.96 Stuart Canin, violin; Sara Ganz, soprano; New Century Chamber Orchestra; Berkeley Symphony Orchestra
NA91.2 Matson,Sasha Range of Light / Fifth Lake 10.01.97 Catherine Robbin, mezzo-soprano; John Schneider, guitar, Peter Kent, violin, Just Strings Ensemble, a.o.
NA45.2 Messiaen / Double Edge Visions de L'amen 05.04.94 featuring Double Edge: Edmund Niemann & Nurit Tilles, pianos
NA73.2 Mikhashoff,Yvar Incitation to Desire 18.04.95 Tangos, tangos, tangos, abstract intellectual tangos, heart on the sleeve romances, passionate pillow talk tangos, solitude cafe cold coffee tangos, performed on piano by the late Yvar Mikhashoff
NA74.2 Moosmann,Christoph Maria Annum Per Annum 02.05.95 Organ works of Arvo Pärt, Giacinto Scelsi, and John Cage. Recorded in the Cathedral of Rottenburg, Germany
NA47.2 Mowitz,Ira J. La Memoire D'un Ami 05.04.94 Realized on an IBM 3081 at Princeton University, and at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University
NA22.2 Oliveros / Dempster / Panaiotis Deep Listening 05.04.94 Accordion, voice, conch shell, metal pieces, trombone, didjeridu, garden hose, whistling, metal pipes
NA65.2 Piazzolla,Astor El Porteno 01.03.94 David Tanenbaum, guitar
NA17.2 Quartett No Secrets 05.04.94 Julian Priester, trombone; Jay Clayton, voice; Jerry Granelli, percussion; Gary Peacock, bass
NA96.2 Ravel / Cahill Miroirs / Gaspard de la Nuit 18.11.97 Sarah Cahill, piano
NA62.2 Revueltas, Silvestre Música de Feria - The String Quartets 29.03.94 Cuarteto Latinoamericano: violinists Saul Bitran and Aron Bitran, violist Javier Montiel, and cellist Alvaro Bitran
NA119.2 Riley,G / Silverman / Riley,T Food for the Bearded 22.10.02 Gyan Riley, guitar, with Tracy Silverman, viola; David Doll, percussion; and very special guest Terry Riley, piano and voice
NA71.2 Riley,Terry In C: 25th Anniversary Concert 09.02.95 Featuring: Bruce Ackley, Steve Adams, Don R. Baker, Chris Brown, George Brooks, Steve Coughlin, Blake Derby, Bill Douglass, Mihr'un'Nisa Douglass, Hank Dutt, David Harrington, Don Howe, Joan Jeanrenaud, Alden Jenks, Warner Jepson, Henry Kaiser, Jaron Lanier, Bill Maginnis, George Marsh, Shabda Owens, Jon Raskin, Gyan Riley, Terry Riley, Gino Robair, John Sackett, Ramon Sender, John Sherba, Toyoji Tomita, Danny Tunick, William Winant and Evan Ziporyn.
NA87.2 Riley,Terry Lisbon Concert 17.09.96 Solo piano recorded live at Festival dos Capuchos, July 16, 1995
NA64.2 Riley,Terry / ROVA Saxophone Quartet Chanting the Light of Foresight 01.03.94 Rova Saxophone Quartet: Steve Adams, Larry Ochs, Bruce Ackley, Jon Raskin
NA106.2 Riley,Terry / Tanenbaum / Silverman / Winant Book of Abbeyozzud 19.10.99 David Tanenbaum, guitar, with Gyan Riley, guitar; Tracy Silverman, violin; William Winant, percussion
NA41.2 ROVA Saxophone Quartet This Time We Are Both 05.04.94 Larry Ochs, tenor and sopranino; Jon Raskin, baritone; Bruce Ackley, soprano; Steve Adams, alto and sopranino; saxophone quartet recorded live on tour in Russia, 1989
NA63.2 Rzewski People United Will Never Be Defeated! 01.03.94 Stephen Drury, piano; group "Quilapayun"
NA56.2 Satoh,Somei Toward the Night 13.04.94 String Ensemble Endless; Masaharu Kanda, cello; Kyoko Sato, soprano; Toshiyuki Uzuka, conductor
NA99.2 Satoh,Somei Mandara Trilogy 19.05.98 Three works for Voice and Electronics
NA69.2 Satoh,Somei Sun Moon 01.11.94 Akikazu Nakamura, shakuhachi; Shin Miyashita, koto
NA8.2 Satoh,Somei Litania 05.04.94 Margaret Leng Tan, pianos, Lise Messier, soprano, Michael Pugliese, percussion, Frank Almond, violin
NA16.2 Satoh,Somei / Manahan,George / Pro Arte Chorale Mantra / Stabat Mater 05.04.94 Satoh, voice and electronics; Jane Thorngren, soprano, and the Pro Arte Chorale conducted by George Manahan
NA113.2 Scodanibbio / Arditti String 6 Duos 22.05.01 Duos for Stefano Scodanibbio, double bass, with members of the Arditti String Quartet: Irvine Arditti, violin; Dov Scheindlin, viola; Rohan de Saram, cello
NA101.2 Scodanibbio,Stefano Voyage That Never Ends 21.04.98 Solo contrabass
NA107.2 Scott,Stephen New Music for Bowed Piano 28.03.00 The Colorado College New Music Ensemble
NA84.2 Scott,Stephen Vikings of the Sunrise 10.04.96 Piano Ensemble of Colorado College
NA26.2 Scott,Stephen Minerva's Web / Tears of Niobe 05.04.94 Works scored for grand piano bowed and plucked by ten musicians
NA88.2 Shostakovich / New Century Chamber Orchestra Written With the Heart's Blood 22.10.96 The New Century Chamber Orchestra, Stuart Canin Music Director
NA25.2 Stockhausen / Mikhashoff / Bevan / Orsted Mantra 05.04.94 Yvar Mikhashoff, piano, Rosalind Bevan, piano, Ole Orsted, electronics
NA49.2 Stone,Carl Mom's 05.04.94 Macintosh computer
NA12.2 Subotnick,Morton Key to Songs / Return 05.04.94 Chamber ensemble and computer, performed by the composer with California EAR Unit
NA32.2 Tanenbaum,David Acoustic Counterpoint 13.01.94 Works for Guitar by Steve Reich, Sir Michael Tippett, Peter Maxwell Davies, Roberto Sierra and Toru Takemitsu
NA95.2 Tanenbaum,David Plays Contemporary Guitar Works 18.11.97 David Tanenbaum, guitar: works by Steve Reich, Lew Richmond, Aaron Jay Kernis, Terry Riley, Frank Zappa, and Alan Hovhaness
NA118.2 Teitelbaum / Yokoyama / Dresser / Hemingway,G. Blends 21.05.02 Katsuya Yokoyama, shakuhachi; Trilok Gurtu, tabla and percussion; Mark Dresser, bass; Gerry Hemingway, percussion
NA121.2 Tesei / Bongelli Preludi Ostinati 25.02.03 Fausto Bongelli, piano
NA34.2 Thomson,Virgil / Mikhashoff,Yvar Early & As Remembered 05.04.94 Yvar Mikhashoff, piano; Martha Herr, soprano; David Kuehn, trumpet; John Boudler, percussion
NA46.2 V/A Batak: Music of North Sumatra 05.04.94 traditional music of three ethnic groups that live on the shores of Lake Toba: the Toba, the Karo and the Mandailing
NA567 V/A Music From The Once Festival 1961-66 08.12.03 5CD+Book Box: Contains: Gordon Mumma "Music from the Venezia Space Theatre," Robert Ashley "Crazy Horse Symphony," George Cacioppo "Time on Time In Miracles," Donald Scarvarda "Landscape Journey,"&
NA31.2 V/A Nordisk Sang: Music of Norway 05.01.93 With Kirsten Braten-Berg, Pernille Anker, Hans Brimi, Torleiv Bolstad and Eivind Groven a.o.
NA9.2 V/A Portraits - Selections from the New Albion Catalogue 05.04.94 John Adams, Paul Dresher, Daniel Lentz, Ingram Marshall, Somei Satoh, Stephen Scott,&
NA77.2 Vali / Izquierdo / Carnegie Mellon Phil. Orchestra Persian Folklore 19.09.95 Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Alberto Almarza, flute, Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic, Juan Pablo Izquierdo, conductor
NA115.2 Vitiello / Oliveros / Tronzo / Tunick Bright & Dusty Things 25.09.01 Stephen Vitiello, light readings and sound processing with Pauline Oliveros, accordion, David Tronzo, guitar
NA59.2 Whelden,Roy Galax 03.06.94 Music for viola da gamba by Roy Whelden and Carl Friedrich Abel, performed by Whelden and American Baroque
NA72.2 Whelden,Roy & Rucker,Rudy Like a Passing River 21.03.95 Music by Roy Whelden and Carl Friedrich Abel; spoken word written and read by novelist Rudy Rucker, with the poem Like a Passing River (Han-Shan, 8th Century), translated by Gary Snyder. Sung by Karen Clark, alto, with American Baroque
NA90.2 Yi,Chen / Women's Philharmonic / Falletta Music of Chen Yi 10.02.97 The Women's Philharmonic, JoAnn Falletta, conductor; Chanticleer; Liu Wei-shan, guzheng; Zhao Yang-qin, yangqin; Chen Jie-bing, erhu; Min Xiao-fen, pipa
NA104.2 Ziegler,Matthias Uakti 17.08.99 New music for contrabass flute, a personal vision of a solo polyphonic music
NA78.2 Zimmer / Sirguey / Wilson / Massenet Oiseau Bleu 17.10.95 Melodies Francaises de Jules Massenet (1842-1912), Louis Beydts (1895-1953), Maurice Delage (1879-1961) et Charles Gounod (1818-1893); Darynn Zimmer, soprano, with Gait Sirguey, piano, and Solisti New York, Ransom Wilson, conductor
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