Американский Blues/Jazz Лэйбл (Baltimore, Maryland – аудиофилам известна продукция Mapleshade Audio Products Inc.). Цена дисков вполне доступна (ориентировочно 16у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует повышенное качество звучания и оригинальный фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Title RelDate Comment
2452 A LA CARTE BRASS & PERCUSSION BOOGEYIN'! 14.10.95 A La Carte serves up a New Orleans street band marinated with a hot salsa percussion section. The brass section stomps like the Dirty Dozen and moans like a Bourbon Street funeral. Led by Santana s Gali Sanchez, the percussion anchors the celebration with impact and fire. A La Carte s repertoire is a danceable mixture of jazz and pop everything from a funk and salsa rendition of Papa Was A Rolling Stone to Lee Morgan s Sidewinder .
4752 A LA CARTE BRASS & PERCUSSION GO-GO & GUMBO, SATCHMO'N SOUL 27.09.97 They do hits by P-Funk, Ray Charles, J.J. Johnson, the Meters and Dizzy. Singer Chuck Brown returns, and is joined by Little Feat s Shaun Murphy. They front 4 trumpets, 2 trombones, saxes, sousaphone, didgeridoo, Hammond B3 organ, timbales, bongos, congas, timbales, claves and drums. The sound is enormous, with the warm ambience of a Havana dance hall. Mix up a strong batch of sangria and kick your heels up to Alligator Boogaloo , St. James Infirmary Blues or Little Sunflower .
7682.2 Allanbrook Majesty of the Horn 28.11.00 Douglas Allanbrook - Piano, Horn
6892.2 Allanbrook / Craw / Cambridge Contemp Cham Ensemble Songs of Love & Death 15.08.00 Douglas Allanbrook - Piano
7182.2 Allanbrook,D / Cambridge Co / Allanbrook,J Ethan Frome 06.11.01
6922.2 Anderson,Chris Love Locked Out 01.03.94 Chris Anderson - Piano, Vocals
7932.2 Angels Gospel Choir Live & Joyful in Charleston 06.03.01 This kind of gospel the sweet, pure, close harmony of a Southern a capella choir.
4132.2 Arc Choir Walk With Me 24.06.97 Thirty-two voices strong, the Addicts Rehabilitation Center Choir is burning-with-faith gospel from Harlem.
8632.2 Asante / Gonzalez,Benito Bringing the Flame Home: From Havana to Africa 09.10.01 Asante danced and drummed the length of my studio filled wall-to-wall with his 85 hand drums, African xylophones, gongs, whatnot. Ghana s most respected National Drummer, Asante plays all parts of a traditional African five-man drum group by himself a first. I love the rain forest atmosphere of his compositions, the melodies he weaves, his dramatic segués from whisper-quiet to full thunder. On two cuts a pair of jazzmen, Plunky on sax and Doug Carns on piano, enrich the power of Asante s story-telling.
6232.2 Ashby,Harold Just for You 01.06.99 John Hicks - Piano/ Harold Ashby - Sax (Tenor)/ Jimmy Cobb - Drums/ Keter Betts - Bass
70322 AUTUMNBLAZE BLEAK 02.07.01 Prophecy Records: Rock
3152 BAD INFLUENCE LIVE AT THE BAD HABITS GRILL 07.04.96 Wild Child Records: Whop Frazier - Bass (Electric), Vocals
2832 BARGERON QUARTET, DAVE BARGE BURNS...SLIDE FLIES 01.03.97 Larry Willis - Piano/ Kenwood Dennard - Drums/ Dave Bargeron - Trombone, Tuba/ Steve Novosel - Bass
5694.2 Bartz,Gary / Thomas,Leon / Henderson,Eddie Precious Energy 01.03.94 Gary Bartz - Sax (Alto)/ Leon Thomas - Vocals, Voices/ Eddie Henderson - Trumpet/ Bob Butta - Piano/ Geoff Harper - Bass/ Steve Johns - Drums
1332.2 Battle,Bobby Offering 03.02.98 Larry Willis - Piano/ David Murray - Saxophone/ Santi Debriano - Bass/ Bobby Battle - Drums
70252 BLAZING ETERNITY TIMES & UNKNOWN WATERS 02.07.01 Prophecy Records: Formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in the mid-1990's, Blazing Eternity consists of vocalist Peter Mesnickow, guitarists Morten Lybecker and Kim Larsen, bassist Anders Kristiansen and drummer Lars Korsholm.
6932.2 Blue Rider Harp Steel & Guts 15.08.00 Mark Wenner - Harmonica/ Ben Andrews - Guitar, Vocals/ Jeff Sarli - Bass (Acoustic)
56962.2 Blue Rider Trio: Andrews,Ben / Wenner,M / Sarli,J Preachin Blues 03.02.98 Mark Wenner - Harmonica/ Ben Andrews - Guitar, Vocals, Voices/ Jeff Sarli - Bass (Electric), Slap Bass
4032 BLUIETT, HAMIET BLUIETT'S BARBEQUE BAND 01.03.97 Hamiet Bluiett - Sax (Baritone)/ Kenny Davis - Bass (Upright)/ Calvin "Fuzz" Jones - Bass (Electric)/ Chief Bey - Hand Drums/ Don Blackman - Keyboards/ Ronnie Burrage - Drums/ Amba Hawthorne - Vocals
2932.2 Bluiett,Hamiet Young Warrior Old Warrior 29.08.95 Hamiet Bluiett - Sax (Baritone)/ Jack Walrath - Trumpet/ Larry Willis - Piano/ Jimmy Cobb - Drums/ Keter Betts - Bass/ Mark Shim - Sax (Tenor)
7232.2 Booker,Walter Bookie's Cookbook 17.10.00 Marcus Belgrave - Trumpet/ Cecil Payne - Sax (Baritone)/ Walter Booker - Bass/ Leroy Williams - Drums/ Roni Ben-Hur - Guitar
3732.2 Carvin,Michael Explorations 4: Drum Concerto At Dawn 25.06.96 Michael Carvin - Drums, Vocals
8032.2 Celtic Jazz Collective Celtic Jazz Collective: IsLinn (A Vision) 01.05.01 Paddy Keenan - Uillean Pipes/ Lewis Nash - Drums/ Steve Kroon - Percussion/ Peter Washington - Bass/ Niall Vallely - Concertina/ Fiona Doherty - Fiddle
173.2 Clifford,James / Blake,Ron / Priester,Julian Masters From Different Worlds 01.03.94 Ran Blake - Piano/ Julian Priester - Trombone/ Clifford Jordan - Saxophone/ Claudia Polley - Vocals/ Alfredo Mojica - Conga/ Clayton Englar - Saxophone/ Ken Plant - Saxophone/ Monroe Thomas - Saxophone/ Steve Williams - Drums/ Jesse Meman - Saxophone
8432.2 D'angelo,Gerard Not What My Hands Have Done 30.10.01 Jay Anderson - Bass/ Jeff Hirschfield - Drums/ Gerard d'Angelo - Piano
4332.2 Datevic / Willis,Larry Ballads From the Black Sea 15.07.97 Larry Willis - Piano, Keyboards/ Igor Butman - Sax (Tenor)/ Andy McCloud III - Bass/ Steve "Syco Steve" Williams - Drums/ Datevik - Vocals
9232.2 Derrane / Gavin / McGrath Ireland's Harvest 09.04.02 Frankie Gavin - Fiddle/ Brian McGrath - Piano/ Joe Derrane - Button Accordion
183.2 Drink Small & Quartet Electric Blues Doctor Live 01.03.94 Drink Small - Guitar, Vocals w/Steve Kent - Drums
3032.2 Ebony Brass Quintet Brand New 10.10.95 Hamiet Bluiett - Sax (Baritone)/ Frank Gordon - Trumpet/ Eddie Allen - Trumpet/ Joseph Daley - Tuba/ Eli Fountain - Drums/ Alfred Patterson - Trombone/ Mark Taylor - French Horn
1375 EDWARDS, ARCHIE BLUES 'N' BONES 04.07.94 Archie Edwards, guitar,ukelele/ Richard Thomas, bones/ Mark Wenner, guitar
9532.2 Foster,Frank / Loud Minority Big Band We Do It Diff'rent 08.04.03 Jon Faddis - Trumpet/ Cecil Bridgewater - Trumpet/ Bill Saxton - Sax (Tenor)/ Joe Ford - Sax (Alto)/ Frank Foster - Arranger, Leader/ Derrick Gardner - Trumpet/ Bill Lowe - Tuba, Trombone (Bass)/ Earl May - Bass/ Danny Mixon - Piano/...
7582.2 Franck / Prokofieff / Martin / Wickett Great Violin Sonatas 06.03.01 Classics
113 GALE, EDDIE -QUINTET- MINUTE WITH MILES 31.07.90 Eddie Gale, trumpet/ Larry Willis, piano/ Ismael Navarrete, tenor-soprano sax/ Ben Allison, bass/ Paul Murphy, drums
6032.2 Green,Thurman / Hicks,John Trio Dance of Night Creatures 09.03.99 Trombone with pianist John Hicks, Walter Booker or Steve Novosel on bass, and drummer Steve Williams.
2532.2 Hicks,John Single Petal of a Rose 18.10.94 John Hicks - Piano/ Jack Walrath - Trumpet/ Walter Booker - Bass/ Elise Wood - Flute
5532.2 Hicks,John Trio & Strings 07.07.98 John Hicks - Piano/ Ronnie Burrage - Drums/ Steve Novosel - Bass/ Elise Wood - Flute/ Rick Schmidt - Cello
5632.2 Higgins,Patience / Sugar Hill 4Tet Live in Harlem 06.10.98 Hamiet Bluiett - Sax (Baritone)/ Montego Joe - Drums/ Kiane Zawadi - Trombone/ Leopoldo Fleming - Conga/ Eli Fontaine - Drums/ Gerald Hayes - Sax (Alto)/ Patience Higgins - Sax (Tenor)/ Andy McCloud III - Bass/ James Zollar - Trumpet
3632 JACK JEFFER'S N.Y. CLASSICS BIG BAND NEW YORK DANCES 26.10.96 Jack Jeffers, bass trombone/tuba/ Junior Vega, trumpet/ James Zoller, trumpet/ Don McIntosh, trumpet/ Enrique Fernandez, lead alto/ Bill Easely, tenor/clarinet/ Mark Shim, tenor/ Pablo Calogero, baritone/ Alfred Patterson, trombone/ Sennelius Smith, piano/ Steve Novosel, bass/ Warren Smith, drums
6292.2 Jordan,Clifford Live At Ethell's 19.07.94 Vernell Fournier - Drums/ Clifford Jordan - Sax (Tenor)/ Kevin O'Connell - Piano/ Ed Howard - Bass
5032.2 Jordan,Clifford Mellow Side 25.11.97 Ruby Turner - Guitar (Electric)/ Julian Priester - Trombone/ Larry Willis - Piano/ Chris Anderson - Piano/ Mike LeDonne - Organ, Organ (Hammond)/ Carter Jefferson - Sax (Tenor)/ Clifford Jordan - Saxophone, Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)/ Edison Machado - Drums/...
3232.2 Jordan,Clifford Play What You Feel 24.06.97 John Jenkins - Sax (Alto)/ Junior Cook - Sax (Tenor)/ Dizzy Reece - Trumpet/ Charles Davis - Sax (Alto)/ Don Sickler - Trumpet/ Willie Williams - Sax (Tenor)/ Kiane Zawadi - Trombone, Euphonium/ Tommy Campbell - Drums/ Robert Eldridge - Sax (Baritone)/ Clifford Jordan - Sax (Tenor)/ Ronnie Mathews - Piano/ Benny Powell - Trombone/ Dean Pratt - Trumpet/ Ed Howard - Bass/ Joe Gardner - Trumpet
4932.2 Kane,Rebecca Deeper Well 21.10.97 Jack Walrath - Trumpet/ Steve Berrios - Drums/ Steve Novosel - Bass/ Rebecca Kane - Piano
8232.2 Kenyetta / Willis,Larry Every Rung Goes Higher 19.06.01 Kenyetta, vocals/ Larry Willis, piano/ Steve Novosel, bass/ Steve Barrios, drums
6282.2 Kimbrough,Frank Lonely Woman 23.09.95 Frank Kimbrough - Piano/ Jeffrey Baylor Williams - Drums/ Ben Wolfe - Bass
9032.2 Kindred,Bob / Willis,Larry Gentle Giant of the Tenor 02.10.01 Bob Kindred - Sax (Tenor) & Larry Willis - Piano
4832.2 King & Bluiett Trio Makin Whoopee: A Tribute to King Cole Trio 21.10.97 Hamiet Bluiett - Clarinet (Contrabass), Sax (Baritone)/ Rodney Jones - Synthesizer, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar/ Keter Betts - Bass/ Gali Sanchez - Percussion/ Ed Cherry - Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
3932 LEBO QUINTET, AVI SHADES OF BRASS 01.03.97 Avi Lebo, trombone/ Slide Hampton, trombone/ Larry Willis, piano/ Steve Novosel, bass/ Jimmy Cobb, drums
8332.2 Lee,Consuela Piano Voices 05.06.01 Sangoma Everett - Drums & Consuela Lee - Piano
2352.2 Maher,Big Joe / Sarli,Jeff & Big Blues Mojo 08.11.94 Big Joe Maher - Drums, Vocals/ Jenny Queen - Sax (Tenor)/ Jeff Sarli - Bass, Bass (Upright)/ Chris Watling - Sax (Baritone)/ Bob Willoughby - Piano/ Rusty Bogart - Guitar (Electric)
1972 MALIK QUINTET, RAPHE SIRENS SWEET & SLOW 06.04.96 Raphe Malik, trumpet/ Brian Nelson, C-medoly sax/ Larry Roland, bass/ Dennis Warren, drums/ Glenn Spearman, tenor sax/ Jamyll Jones, bass
7832.2 McCloud,Andy Blues for Bighead 14.11.00 Andy first caught my ear with a down-in-the-gutter blues solo. Then and now, Andy can play some blues. Even better, he s a hell of a composer. With these strengths, he picked three of New York s top jazz guys to form the Gentlemen of Jazz. Steve Nelson s on vibes he is the bluesiest, most soulful vibist I ve heard since Milt Jackson. McCoy Tyner s great altoist, Joe Ford, is endlessly inventive. And Victor Jones drums are fiery and splashy. Their solos really knock me out.
4432 MCKEE, ANDY & NEXT SOUND ROOTS 01.11.97 Andy McKee, bass/ Ed Cherry, electric guitar/ Alex Foster, saxophones/ Ryan Kisor, pocket trumpet/ Billy Kilson, drums - with guest: Hamiet Bluiett, bari sax
1532 NASH, TED -QUARTET- OUT OF THIS WORLD 31.07.90 Ted Nash, tenor sax/ Frank Kimbrough, piano/ Ben Allison, bass/ Tim Horner, drums
9632.2 Previti,John Swinging Lullabyes for My Rosetta 08.04.03 Big Joe Maher - Drums, Vocals/ John Previti - Bass/ Rick Whitehead - Guitar/ John Cocuzzi - Piano, Vibraphone
2132.2 Shank,Kendra W/ Larry Willis Afterglow 19.07.94 Gary Bartz - Sax (Alto)/ Larry Willis - Piano/ Steve Berrios - Percussion, Conga, Drums/ Paul Murphy - Drums/ Steve Novosel - Bass/ Kendra Shank - Guitar, Vocals
4252 SILENT BEAR RIVER DRUM CHILD 02.11.97 Mark Silent Bear, vocals, electric guitar, harmonica, medicine drum/ Kahlil Kwame Bell, congas, bongos, talking drum, udoo and sangbe drums, kalimba, cymbals, shabers and other effects/ Larry Willis, piano/ Steve Novosel, upright bass/ Esther Williams, backing vocals/ Nick Smith, backing vocals
46407 SKYDIGGERS BITTERSWEET HARMONY 11.03.03 Andy Maize - Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals/ Ian Blurton - Glockenspiel, Vocals (bckgr)/ Paul MacLeod - Guitar, Vocals/ Josh Finlayson - Guitar, Piano, Vocals/ Hawksley Workman - Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals/ Joel Anderson - Drums/ Jaroslaw Nick Chervinec - Accordion
5332.2 Smith,Warren / Cowell / Jordan / Bey / Novosel Cats Are Stealing My ---- 03.03.98 Stanley Cowell - Piano/ Kent Jordan - Flute, Piccolo/ Chief Bey - Drums, Ashiko Drum/ Steve Novosel - Bass/ Warren Smith - Percussion, Drums, Marimba, Tympani [Timpani], Vibraphone
3852 STANLEY SEXTET, JOE KING OF THE HONKY-TONK SAX 01.03.97 Joe Stanley, sax/vocals/ Billy Hancock, vocals/ Dave Chappell, guitar/ Rudy Turner, guitar/ Kevin McKendree, B-3 organ/ John Previti, bass/ Jay Miles, bass/ Joe Maher, drums
5932.2 Sumter,Sunny / Willis,Larry Sunny 09.03.99 Vocals with Larry Willis - piano and Keter Betts - bass
56302 SUNNYLAND SLIM LIVE AT THE D.C. BLUES SOCIETY 18.05.96 Solo Piano, Vocals
2752 SWEETMAN AUSTIN BACKALLY BLUE 24.02.96 Michael Sweetman, tenor sax/ Bill Warfield, trumpet/ Jack Morgan, guitar/ Mark Korpi, guitar/ Rudy Turner, guitar/ Jeff Sarli, bass/ John Coontz, bass/ Mike buck, drums
2632 TURNEY QUARTET, NORRIS BIG SWEET N' BLUE 07.09.96 Larry Willis - Piano/ Jimmy Cobb - Drums/ Norris Turney - Sax (Alto)/ Walter Booker - Bass
6132.2 V/A Art of Ballad: Best of Mapleshade 01.06.99 Hamiet Bluiett - Sax (Baritone)/ Stanley Cowell - Piano/ Rodney Jones - Guitar/ Myra Melford - Piano/ Jack Walrath - Trumpet/ Larry Willis - Piano/ Chris Anderson - Piano/ Kent Jordan - Percussion/ Ryan Kisor - Trumpet/ Alex Foster - Saxophone/ Jimmy Cobb - Drums/ Fred Hopkins - Bass/ Norris Turney - Sax (Alto)/ Walter Booker - Bass/ David Murray - Sax (Tenor)/ Santi Debriano - Bass/ Frank Kimbrough - Piano/...
8132.2 V/A Mapleshade's Music Festival 05.06.01 Drink Small - Vocals/ Chuck Brown - Vocals/ Hamiet Bluiett - Sax (Baritone)/ Rodney Jones - Guitar/ Jimmy Cobb - Drums/ Bad Influence/ The Blue Rider Trio/ Keter Betts - Bass/ Joe Stanley - Saxophone/ Carlos "Patato" Valdes - Conga/ Ed Cherry - Guitar/ Kendra Shank/ C.I. Williams - Sax (Alto)/...
2032.2 Walrath,Jack / Willis,Larry Portraits in Ivory & Brass 09.02.95 Jack Walrath - Trumpet/ Larry Willis - Piano/ Steve Novosel - Bass
5631.2 Walter,Davis JR In Walked Thelonious 09.02.95 Solo performs 14 Thelonious Monk songs (including two versions of "'Round Midnight") unaccompanied. To his credit he does not avoid the more difficult and obscure works (including "Gallop's Gallop," "Trinkle Twinkle," and "Criss Cross"), and he consistently plays with creativity and a dose of the famous Monk wit.
4532.2 Williams,C.I. When Alto Was King 19.08.97 Larry Willis - Piano/ Jimmy Cobb - Drums/ Keter Betts - Bass/ Don Blackman - Piano/ Ed Cherry - Guitar/ C.I. Williams - Alto (Vocal)
8532.2 Willis,Larry Sunshower 09.10.01 Larry Willis - Piano/ Steve Berrios - Drums or Paul Murphy - Drums/ Steve Novosel - Bass
993.2 Willis,Larry Sanctuary 02.09.03 Larry Willis, piano/ Joe Ford, saxes/ Ray Codrington, trumpet/ Steve Novosel, bass/ Steve Berrios, drums/sArtie Sherman, vocals/ The Rick Schmidt Strings: 4 violins, 2 violas, 2 celli and double bass
1432 WILLIS, LARRY SOLO SPIRIT 31.07.90 Piano Solo
6332.2 Willis,Larry / Bluiett,Hamiet If Trees Could Talk 14.09.99 Hamiet Bluiett - Flute, Sax (Baritone)/ Larry Willis - Piano/ Asante - Percussion
9432.2 Windmill Saxopone Touch of Evil 08.04.03 Ran Blake - Piano/ Frank Kimbrough - Piano/ Ben Allison - Bass/ Paul Murphy - Drums/ Alfredo Mojica - Conga/ Clayton Englar - Flute, Sax (Bass), Sax (Tenor)/ Ken Plant - Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)/ Monroe Thomas - Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
6732.2 Worth,Monica / Willis,Larry Never Let Me Go 15.08.00 Larry Willis - Piano/ Keter Betts - Bass/ Steve Novosel - Bass/ Monica Worth - Vocals/ Nat Chaitlein - Cello/ Bruno Nasta - Viola/ George Olson - Viola/ Rick Schmidt - Violin/ Janice Martin - Violin, Soloist
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