Немецкий Авангардный Лэйбл (Erkrath). Цена на диски вполне доступна (ориентировочно 16у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует прекрасное качество звучания и оригинальный фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Titel Reldate Comment
GROB 432 AMBARCHI/AVENAIM/ROWE THUMB 07.12.02 That happened on May 29, 2001 in the legendary Paris Club, Instants Chavires. The trio Ambarchi/Avenaim/Rowe (two prepared guitars, a little electronics and percussion) were on tour at the time in France (their first tour) and met the duo Otomo/Sachiko (guitar, turntables and sine wave generator)
GROB 425 BAILEY, DEREK & FRANZ HAUTZINGER DEREK BAILEY & FRANZ HAUTZINGER 25.05.02 Classical improvisation record: Franz Hautzinger drove to London to visit Derek Bailey and make some music together.
GROB 101 BEASTIESHOPBEACH BEASTIESHOPBEACH 01.03.99 Olaf Rupp and Götz Rogge -both from Berlin- playing live electronic music. Götz Rogge works as a film maker, Olaf Rupp as a guitarist and electronic musician (mostly solo guitar, but also cooperation with Wolfgang Fuchs, Harri Sjöström, Paul Lovens, Thomas Lehn, Butch Morris...).
GROB 538 BLANK MEETS PETTIBON 08.03.03 The Frankfurt Trio Blank (Oliver Augst, Rüdiger Carl, Christoph Korn) encounters classic improvisation with the sure-footed and subversive gesture of contemporary anarchism. They work on small forms; out of songs, elements of pop music, noise and theatrics (in the true sense of the word) they cut out strange miniatures of free improvisation.
GROB 540 BOSETTI, ALESSANDRO/ANNETTE KREBS ALESSANDRO BOSETTI/ANNETTE KREBS 31.05.03 Alessandro Bosetti, saxophone player, improviser, composer of musique concrète and at that time having lived in Berlin for less than a year. The recording has pieces that he had just recorded with the guitarist Annette Krebs.
GROB 429 BUTCHER, JOHN & PHIL MINTON APPLES OF GOMORRAH 25.05.02 Phil Minton as a singer and trumpeter, strongly inspired by Chet Baker and John Butcher as a saxophone player in the Cool Jazz tradition.
GROB 321 CHADBOURNE, EUGEN ALBERT AYLER UNDEAD 17.11.01 Virtuoso of the guitar and banjo, a visionary of new and free music (he was a student of Leo Wadada Smith and Anthony Braxton and confidant of John Zorn), a foundational deconstructor of rock and above all of all forms of Country and Western music. He was an alternative rock star, back when no one could make money from this concept, and went further underground when the American independent scene mutated into main stream; Feat. Joe Williamson & Uli Jenneßen
GROB 205 CHADLEHN C INSIDE 20.05.00 The virtuous string player Eugene Chadbourne and the ingenious synthesizer player Thomas Lehn met in the summer of 1999 to celebrate an impossible event: the confrontation of a banjo with an analogue EMS-Synthesizer... Both know well, as if dreaming, how to move between material extension and its demolition in the best tradition of European improvised music and country songs, as only Chadbourne can recite them.
GROB 319 DAFELDECKER, WERNER EIS 9 17.11.01 Dafeldecker demonstrates here once more how he dissociates his strict instrumentalism (dealing with the instrument as essential sound material) from his original instrument, the contra bass, and transfers it to others: guitar, percussion, found objects, PowerBook; with the Berlin/Viennese electronic musician Boris D. Hegenbart.
GROB 435 DAFELDECKER/HAUTZINGER/ TILBURY/M ABSINTH 05.10.02 Improviser/composer/producer Werner Dafeldecker and Franz Hautzinger invited the Japanese electronic artist Sachiko M and the dean of British new music, John Tilbury, to Vienna to record together (the recording sessions were coupled with a performance of the quartet at the Nickeldorf Konfrontationen).
GROB 541 DAFELDECKER/LANG LICHTGESCHWINDIGKEIT 31.05.03 Composer and organ player Klaus Land and the Viennese bassist and multi-instrumentalist Werner Dafeldecker
GROB 324 DAVIES, HUGH WARMING UP WITH THE ICEMAN 17.11.01 Assistant of Karl-Heinz Stockhausen for a long time in the 60's. His comrades-in-arms were Derek Bailey, Evan Parker and Jamie Muir. Peter Brötzmann grabbed Davies in his trio with Han Bennink and Fred van Hove for a short period of time. They even gave a legendary concert with Don Cherry. The quartet, however, was not recorded at the time. For Jost Gebers, organizer of the concert and producer of FMP, this concert was a good reason to record him. Hugh Davies' first solo record appeared then on FMP.
GROB 322 DENLEY, JIM & MARTIN NG VERGENCY 17.11.01 Denley and NG have been a constant presence in Sydney's small but fine improvisation scene for years. Alto saxophonist, flautist and flute deconstructor, Denley has been working (for over ten years) with 'Machine for Making Sense,' in duo with Stevie Wishart or with the international group 'Lines' (with Marcio Mattos, Phil Wachsmann, Axel Dörner and Martin Blume). Martin NG, an excellent music expert, but a cardiologist by profession, uses turntables and CD players.
GROB 430 EFZEG BOOGIE (DEDICATED TO JOHN LEE HOOKER) 25.05.02 Vienna quartet Efzeg to their successful debut: Billy Roisz/ Boris Hauf/ Burkhard Stangl/ Martin Siewert
GROB 426 DIE ENTTAEUSCHUNG DIE ENTTAEUSCHUNG [The Disappointment] 25.05.02 Super group of modern jazz. Axel Dörner plays trumpet, Rudi Mahall bass clarinet, Jan Roder bass and Uli Jenneßen drums, all personalities of the Berlin jazz scene, all internationally known. With Alexander von Schlippenbach as a guest, they interpreted the entire works of Monk while in Hong Kong.
GROB 428 FRIEDL, REINHOLD & ELLIOTT SHARP ANOSTALGIA 25.05.02 Sharp, the New Yorker multi-instrumentalist (main instrument: the guitar, of course, but also the bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, electronics) and composer & Reinhold Friedl, Berlin pianist, composer and impresario.
GROB 3134 HAUTZINGER, FRANZ DACHTE MUSIK 17.11.01 2-CD: second provocative project that the Viennese trumpeter and composer Franz Hautzinger has released on GROB with trombonist Radu Malfatti and the guitarists Burkhard Stangl and Gunter Schneider.
GROB 211 HAUTZINGER, FRANZ GOMBERG 28.10.00 Solo Trumpet: A new tonal color melodics [Klangfarbenmelodik], as hermetic as inviting, just as abstract-because he refers to no scale, no traditional harmonic system (tonal or atonal, it doesn't matter), no conventional approach-as concrete, since he makes elementary things, like streaming air or breathing, present.
GROB 103 KONK PACK BIG DEEP 22.11.99 Hardcore trio made up of world class improvisers Tim Hodgkinson (Henry Cow, The Work, God, etc.), Thomas Lehn (Music In Movement Electronic Orchestra, and has also worked with Eugene Chadbourne, the Klangräumer, Paul Lovens, Shabotinski, Radu Malfatti, Gerry Hemingway, Günter Christmann, Evan Parker, etc. - "probably the world's best synthesizer player", Jim O'Rourke) and Roger Turner (who has worked with John Russell, Hugh Davies, Alan Silva, Phil Minton, John Butcher, Comforts of Madness, Steve Beresford, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Cecil Taylor, etc.).
GROB 323 KONK PACK WARP OUT 17.11.01 Trio of Thomas Lehn, Tim Hodgkinson and Roger Turner.
GROB 537 LEHN, THOMAS/PAUL LOVENS ACHTUNG 08.03.03 Paul Lovens has played in many duo constellation, with Paul Lytton, Urs Voerkel, Cecil Taylor, Mats Gustafsson, Paul Rutherford, Eugene Chadbourne & Thomas Lehn has become one of the most distinguished improvisers.
GROB 318 MARCHETTI/VOICE CRACK/NOE DOUBLE_WASH 17.11.01 Swiss duo Andi Guhl and Norbert Möslang, a.k.a. Voice Crack, a.k.a. "The Godfathers of Glitch" (Phil Durrant) have searched out cooperation with other artists: there have been recordings with Günter Müller, Jim O'Rourke, Eric M and Otomo Yoshihide. The cooperation with Lionel Marchetti and Jérome Noetinger is doubly different on "double_wash". On the one hand, both Frenchmen work, musically, in a similar field; to a large degree, they also use found objects in their electro-acoustic improvisations.
GROB 206207 MIMEO ELECTRIC CHAIR & TABLE 20.05.00 2-CD: The possibilities of electronic or electro-acoustic improvisation between lap tops and amplified metal junk are brought to their essence by the musicians in a strict but extremely finely differentiated design.
MIMEO: Keith Rowe, Phil Durrant, Kaffe Matthews, Jérôme Noetinger, Gert-Jan Prins, Cor Fuhler, Thomas Lehn, Marcus Schmickler, Markus Wettstein, Christian Fennesz, Peter Rehberg and Rafael Toral.
GROB 001 MONTERA, JEAN-MARC SMILES FROM JUPITER 28.10.00 French-Corsican guitarist, Montera's second solo recording. The music is hard and aggressive, splintered and fragmented.
GROB 210 PRINS, GERT-JAN LIVE 28.10.00 From Amsterdam, Gert-Jan Prins has established himself as one of the central electricians in improvised music in the last three years.Before this one knew of him as a drummer who could be heard with Johannes Bauer or Luc Houtkamp, among others.
GROB 427 PRINS/VAN BERGEN/FENNESZ DAWN 25.05.02 Classical improvisation record: Gert-Jan Prins - Percussion, Peter van Bergen - Saxophone & Christian Fennesz, one of the superstars of the electronica jet set.
GROB 209 ROWE, KEITH HARSH, SOLO GUITAR 13.11.00 Keith Rowe is a pioneer and-to maintain this is hardly exaggerated-one of the heavenly figures of the younger, electronic development in improvised music. After an early stay in Mike Westbrook's big band, this London Pop Art painter developed the table top guitar in the middle of the 60's. He laid his guitar flat on the table and prepared it with all sorts of mechanical objects (springs, paper-clips, pliers, sheet metal, brushes) as well as electronic ones (contact microphones, radios).
GROB 433 RUPP, OLAF SCREE 02.11.02 Solo electric and acoustic guitars
GROB 317 SCHOOL OF VELOCITY HOMEWORK 17.11.01 The multi-instrumentalist and guitarist Dave Tucker initiated the project in 1998 with drummer Steve Noble, the saxophonist Evan Parker and bassist John Edwards.
GROB 434 SHARP, ELLIOT & BOBBY PREVITE PRISONER'S DILEMMA 02.11.02 Elliott Sharp-guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and composer-and Bobby Previte-drummer and percussionist.
GROB 431 SSSD HOME 22.06.02 Martin Siewert, Burkhard Stangl, Taku Sugimoto and Werner Dafeldecker, three guitars and an electric bass
GROB 102 SUCHY, JOSEPH SMILE 22.11.99 Announced in 1978: the debut album of the guitarist and producer Joseph Suchy. The guitar virtuoso focuses here completely on brute and highly dynamic sound eruptions, whose subtlety appears in sudden breaks and surprising empty spaces. Only with his guitar and a multi-tracking devise, he constructs complex improvised music. The effect of the music is aimed directly at the body: it is perceived via the stomach: the music's physical presence takes one's breath away in the truest sense of the word.
GROB 539 V/A COOLER SUITE 31.05.03 Thomas Borgmann - saxophon/ Peter Brötzmann/ William Parker - bass/ Rashied Bakr - drums
GROB 212 V/A TICKLISH 04.11.00 Electronic Music between grooves and non-idiomatics. Ticklich consists of the distinguished London improviser Kev Hopper (among others, Stereolab, High Llamas, cooperation with Charles Hayward), Richard Sanderson (cooperation with Steve Beresford/Anna Homler, Simon Fisher Turner, Peter Cusack, Kaffe Matthews, Blixa Bargeld), Phil Durrant (cooperation with John Butcher, John Russell, Thomas Lehn, Radu Malfatti, the Music in Movement Electronic Orchestra), and the video artist Rob Flint.
GROB 208 V/A TRIBUTE TO MASAYUKI TAKAY 28.10.00 Masayuki Takayanagi was the first guitarist to use the table-top guitar, thereby instigating a purely incomprehensible noise. The Japanese priest of noise, Keiji Haino, Otomo Yoshihide and Merzbow all went to his "school.": Weasel Walter, drummer and mastermind of the Flying Luttenbachers, Fred Longberg-Holm, the inspired cellist & O'Rourke plays Kevin Drumms' guitar.
GROB 204 WERTHER-WITTWER WERTHER-WITTWER 20.05.00 Drummer Michael Wertmüller is known for his activities with Alboth!, has played as well with Peter and Caspar Brötzmann, and Hans Reichel. The guitarist Stephen Wittwer is a pioneer of free improvisation in Switzerland and one of the most distinguished improvisers in the world. He has played with Radu Malfatti, Paul Lovens, Iréne Schweizer, Martin Schütz, Hans Koch, Rüdiger Carl, Butch Morris, Phil Minton, and Peter Brötzmann and has worked together with artists such as the legendary artist duo Fischli / Weiss.
GROB 536 WILLIAMSON, JOE UNGRATEFUL CARJACKER 08.03.03 Living in Berlin, the young Canadian Joe Williamson is at the moment THE bassist of the European Improv and Free Jazz scene. He plays with Sven- ke Johansson in Hudson Riv- and in the Candy-Trio (soon out on GROB), he can be heard in Tobias Delius' Quartet, he is a member in Leonid Soybelman's Kletka Red, Thomas Borgmann's Boom Box and Martin Siewert's Trapist, he plays in duo with Olaf Rupp, and can be heard again and again in groups with the drummer Tony Buck, and sometimes he is invited by Eugene Chadbourne to play in his European trio.
GROB 320 WITTWER, STEPHAN STREAMS 17.11.01 It reflects Wittwer's work with (live) electronics, which has led into a surprising, yet absolutely logical synthesis (or better, symbiosis). What is guitar and what is digitally processed, what is played live in now time and what was synthesized later-all this is no longer clearly recognizable.
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