Известный Английский Avant-Garde/Free Improvisation Лэйбл (London). Цена дисков соответствует их качеству и редкости (ориентировочно 17у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует прекрасное качество звучания и оригинальный фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Titel Reldate Comment
EMA 4077 ADCOCK, MIKE/CLIVE BELL Sleep it off 12 succinct improvisations by Adcock on prepared piano, accordion, harmonica, Indian harmonium, Tunisian reed pipe, sansa, bird warbler & stones, and Bell on shakuhachi, Akha khene, Thai khene, pi saw, harmonica, stereo goathorns & bird call.
EMA 4209 AUDÉOUD, FABIENNE THE ALL ANGELS CONCERTS FABIENNE AUDÉOUD voice, London (St Michael & All Angels Church Hall) 1999 September 16
EMA 4001 BAILEY, DEREK DOMESTIC & PUBLIC PIECES 08/05/95 Solo acoustic guitar improvisations at home, some with telling spoken commentaries, plus solo stereo electric guitar improvisations (with two volume pedals and two speakers) in concert.
EMA 4027 BAILEY, DEREK FAIRLY EARLY WITH POSTSCRIPTS 26/04/99 Solo electric guitar improvisations from 1971 (unedited) & 1974 - 1973 concert extracts with KENT CARTER & JOHN STEVENS - 1974 rehearsal extracts with ANTHONY BRAXTON - a 1979 cassette letter (edited less) - previously unissued 1980 acoustic guitar improvisations - postscripts from 1987 & 1998.
EMA 4013 BAILEY, DEREK LACE 04/11/96 The whole of a hugely successful solo Los Angeles concert, featuring two extended guitar improvisations, an encore, some chat and applause.
EMA 4099 BAILEY, DEREK & MILO FINE SCALE POINTS ON THE FEVER CURVE 04/03/04 The first gig on Milo Fine's extended visit to London found him playing clarinets, drums and electronic keyboard in cohorts with Derek Bailey on electric guitar. They first worked together twenty years previously, but this was the first time they performed as a duo.
EMA 4038 BERESFORD/SMITH/COOMBES THREE & FOUR PULLOVERS 09/11/00 A trio concert by STEVE BERESFORD (toys & electronics), NIGEL COOMBES (violin & electronics) & ROGER SMITH (guitar) described by Beresford as "a cross between an SME tiny-elements-interlocking-thing and an AMM landscape." Plus excerpts from a quartet concert 3 years later with BERESFORD also playing piano & euphonium, COOMBES just on violin, SMITH continuing on guitar and TERRY DAY on percussion, alto saxophone, cello and mandolin.
EMA 4064 BERESFORD/THOMAS/WESTON 3 PIANOS 22/11/01 Three grand pianists on three grand pianos. The presence of three good pianos at Gateway Studio allows one to hear three of the best improvising pianists working together. Most of the music is three-way improvisation, but there are also three short duos, and three pieces with restricting rules.
EMA 4037 BERGER, KARL/EDWARD BLACKWELL JUST PLAY 09/11/00 Hard-swinging vibraphone and percussion Free Jazz duets based on compositions by Berger and Don Cherry. In contrast to these largely metallic sounds, there are also two African sounding improvisations on two instruments made from wood - a bala(fon) and an osi-drum.
EMA 4040 BIANCO, TONY/PAUL DUNMALL/ SIMON PICARD UTOMA TRIO 26/10/00 Three high-energy post-Coltrane improvisations featuring percussion and two tenor saxophones.
EMA 4208 BIANCO, TONY/PAUL DUNMALL HOUR GLASS PAUL DUNMALL tenor saxophone, MARCIO MATTOS double bass & electronics, TONY BIANCO drums & cymbals; London 2002 February 27
EMA 4104 BIANCO/LEIBMAN/MARINO LINE ISH 15/04/04 Drummer Tony Bianco set up this trio date to feature Dave Liebman and his regular bassist Tony Marino in a fiery free jazz setting. Liebman plays tenor and soprano saxes, piano and a wooden flute as well as writing some lines. There are also three short solo improvisations.
EMA 4096 BRADFORD, BOBBY LOVE'S DREAM -1973 02/10/03 Hard-swinging Free Jazz recorded in a club in Paris, featuring original tunes by the vastly under-rated BRADFORD (cornet) with TREVOR WATTS (alto sax), KENT CARTER (bass) & JOHN STEVENS (drums). Reissue of Emanem 3302 with extra material.
EMA 4103 BRAND & GUBERMAN BALLGAMES & CRAZY 15/04/04 Improvisations by the transatlantic duo of London based trombonist Gail Brand and the San Francisco based vocalist Morgan Guberman (best known as a double bassist in other contexts). Guberman's use of somewhat meaningless words and Brand's very vocal approach to her horn make for a very distinctive music.
EMA 4006 BRAXTON, ANTHONY/DEREK BAILEY FIRST DUO CONCERT 28/02/96 Their earliest meeting on record - the complete London (Wigmore Hall) concert (organised by Emanem).
EMA 4080 BURN, CHRIS -ENSEMBLE- HORIZONTALS WHITE 21/11/02 The whole of two totally improvised performances from London's Red Rose and Conway Hall with CHRIS BURN (piano & percussion), JOHN BUTCHER (soprano & tenor saxophones), MARK WASTELL (cello), JOHN RUSSELL (guitar) and MATT HUTCHINSON (synthesizer & electronics), plus RHODRI DAVIES (harp) at the Red Rose. A smaller Ensemble than on their three previous CDs, but sounding larger at times.
EMA 4056 BURN, CHRIS -ENSEMBLE- PLACE 1991 14/02/02 A concert performance by the eight-piece group, with JIM DENLEY (flutes), JOHN BUTCHER (saxophones), PHIL DURRANT (violin), STEVIE WISHART (violin & hurdy-gurdy), MARCIO MATTOS (cello), JOHN RUSSELL (guitar), MATT HUTCHINSON (synthesizer) and CHRIS BURN (piano & percussion). They interpret three scores by Burn, and one each by Butcher and Keith Rowe, as well as performing a free improvisation. EVAN PARKER is an added guest on one of the Burn pieces.
EMA 4063 BURN/BUTCHER/DAVIES/EDWARDS FIRST TWO GIGS 22/11/01 An improvising quartet featuring four of the finest and most innovative musicians, who have extended the ranges of their respective instruments - piano, saxophones, harp and double bass - into new uncharted territories. As well as having exceptional techniques, they are all virtuoso listeners, so that these first two performances as a quartet sound as if they have being working together for years.
EMA 4045 BUTCHER, JOHN FIXATIONS (14) 01/02/01 Butcher's third solo album finds him playing 14 solos in various part of the world - all in concert apart from two tracks in a renovated, disused railway station. Highly distinctive unaccompanied soprano and tenor saxophone improvisations.
EMA 4029 BUTCHER, JOHN/PHIL DURRANT/ JOHN RUSSELL SCENIC ROUTE 26/04/99 Most of two recent concert performances by this exceptional all acoustic saxophone / violin / guitar trio, featuring somewhat longer and sparser improvisations that on their previous issues.
EMA 4089 BUTCHER, JOHN/JOHN EDWARDS OPTIC 27/03/03 Two of the most adventurous musicians around today, John Butcher and John Edwards have been working as a very compatible duo for some years now. This CD contains concert performances from Brussels and Barcelona.
EMA 4049 BUTCHER/BAILEY/DAVIES VORTICES & ANGELS 03/05/01 Two very different duo concert performances both featuring saxophonist John Butcher: the first (38 minutes) at the Vortex with electric guitarist Derek Bailey; the second (25 minutes) in All Angels Church with harpist Rhodri Davies.
EMA 4033 CARTER, KENT/MAURER, ALBRECHT JUILLAGUET COLLECTION 04/11/99 Double bass and violin duets, mostly improvised, some based on original compositions.
EMA 4012 CARTER, JOHN/BOBBY BRADFORD TANDEM 2 04/11/96 All of two exceptional Worcester (Massachusetts) and Los Angeles concerts featuring clarinet & cornet duos & solos - improvisations on original compositions.
EMA 4011 CARTER, JOHN/BOBBY BRADFORD TANDEM 1 16/12/97 All of two exceptional Worcester (Massachusetts) and Los Angeles concerts featuring clarinet & cornet duos & solos - improvisations on original compositions.
EMA 4061 CARTER, KENT BEAUVAIS CATHEDRAL 25/04/02 The long-awaited reissue of KENT CARTER's highly-acclaimed first solo album. As well as some solo cello and double bass improvisations, there are some collages in which he plays nearly all the parts himself courtesy of over-dubbing techniques. Carter had previously been heard with the groups of Paul Bley and Steve Lacy (among others), but such work did not prepare one for the unique music heard in this collection. Three previously unissued items (including a one-man string quartet) have been added to this CD. Reissue of Emanem LP 3306 with extra material.
EMA 4105 CARTER, KENT -STRING TRIO The Willisau Suites KENT CARTER's String Trio, with CARLOS ZINGARO on violin, FRANÇOIS DRENO on viola and the leader on double bass, somehow managed to sound like a classical chamber trio, a jazz group, and a European folk band simultaneously. Their unique niche features magnificent improvisations framed by Carter's strong compositions. There are also two short duo improvisations, and two short pieces by a later trio with ALBRECHT MAURER on violin and EMMANUELLE ROCH on viola. Edited reissue of ITM 970077 with extra material.
EMA 4017 COOMBES, NIGEL/STEVE BERESFORD TWO TO TANGLE 16/12/97 Their 1979 duo debut was generally considered, by a handful of people, to be the most significant advance in violin & piano music for around 200 years. Here is a second mighty helping from recent studio & concert performances.
EMA 4034 COXHILL, LOL ALONE AND TOGETHER 04/11/99 Improvised unaccompanied soprano and sopranino saxophone solos of the usual high standard, plus duets with STEVIE WISHART (violin & hurdy gurdy) and MARCIO MATTOS (cello & electronics). All recorded in concert.
EMA 4052 COXHILL, LOL DIGSWELL DUETS 03/05/01 The 39 minute duet with SIMON EMMERSON is an early example of interactive saxophone and electronics, wherein Emmerson modifies Coxhill's sound, and Coxhill reacts accordingly, etc. The 34 minute duet with pianist VERYAN WESTON is an early example of their very compatible duo, which is still going strong. Reissue of Random Radar RRR 005 with extra material from the same sessions.
EMA 4086 COXHILL, LOL OUT TO LAUNCH 23/01/03 Two complete solo soprano saxophone concerts, from Chicago and London, show that Coxhill is as inventive as ever some four decades after his first solo performances. In between there is a 10-minute improvisation by an impromptu 13-piece orchestra.
EMA 4204 COXHILL, LOL SPECTRAL SOPRANO 24/01/02 2-CD: LOL COXHILL tenor saxophone, voice, PAT THOMAS keyboards, sampler, JOHN EDWARDS double bass, STEVE NOBLE percussion, KNUT AUFERMANN electronics, sampler, MICHAEL KOSMIDES theremins, LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA
EMA 4021 COXHILL, LOL/WESTON,VERYAN BOUNDLESS 11/05/98 A fine sequence of shortish soprano saxophone and piano duos reflecting the moods of two exceptional improvisers on a Winter's day.
EMA 4074 COXHILL, LOL/WESTON,VERYAN Worms Organising Archdukes Extended concert recordings from Rotterdam and Brussels provide a contrast to their equally fine previous soprano saxophone & piano duo CD BOUNDLESS. There is also a short track on which Weston switches to chamber organ.
EMA 4097 COXHILL/MULLER/RUTHERFORD MILWAUKEE 2002 02/10/03 The day after their Empty Bottle appearances (Emanem 4082 & Emanem 4086), these three travelled to Milwaukee for a concert, that featured superb unaccompanied solos by Rutherford (trombone), Müller (double bass) & Coxhill (soprano sax), as well as two short duos and a trio.
EMA 4101 DUNMALL, PAUL/PAUL ROGERS AWARENESS RESPONSE 04/03/04 Dunmall and Rogers have performed together for years both as a duo and as part of larger groups, such as the quartet Mujician. The three improvisations feature Dunmall on border bagpipes, tenor and soprano saxophones respectively. This is their earliest duo recording on which Rogers uses his A.L.L. bass.
EMA 4094 EDWARDS, JOHN/MARK SANDERS NISUS DUETS 03/07/03 Edwards & Sanders have worked together since 1990 in various groups such as those lead by Veryan Weston, Evan Parker, Tony Bevan, Alan Wilkinson, Peter Brötzmann and Frode Gjerstad. In the process, they have become one of the most formidable and flexible bass & teams around. This is their first duo record.
EMA 4084 EICHENBERGER, MARKUS DOMINO CONCEPT FOR ORCHESTRA 23/01/03 Eichenberger directs the musicians to change what they are doing, but not what to. The result is an hour-long performance with many changes, and surprises. MARIANNE SCHUPPE & DOROTHEA SCHÜRCH (voices), CARLOS BAUMANN (trumpet), PAUL HUBWEBER (trombone), CARL LUDWIG HÜBSCH (tuba), MARKUS EICHENBERGER (clarinets), DIRK MARWEDEL (extended saxophones), HELMUT BIELER-WENDT (violin), CHARLOTTE HUG (viola), PETER K FREY & DANIEL STUDER (double basses), FRANK RÜHL (electric guitar) & IVANO TORRE (percussion).
EMA 4213 FINE, MILO IKABANA 28/10/04 2-CD
EMA 4091 GATHERING FOR JOHN STEVENS 22/05/03 The Gathering is an informal improvising session that has met in London once a week since 1991. For the 2002 freedom of the city festival, MAGGIE NICOLS assembled some of the past and present participants. This studio recording from two months later features a similar group of 25 musicians performing two extended improvisations that are typical of the weekly sessions, with their distinctive mixture of voices and instruments. Also included is a three-part tribute to John Stevens featuring interpretations of his pieces, with poetry superimposed.
EMA 4087 GJERSTAD, PRODE/DEREK BAILEY NEARLY A D 27/03/03 Ten years after their meeting on HELLO GOODBYE (Emanem 4065), Frode Gjerstad visited Derek Bailey's house and recorded some very different duets - clarinet with acoustic guitar, and alto saxophone with electric guitar.
EMA 4065 GJERSTAD/STEVENS/BAILEY HELLO GOODBYE 22/11/01 A trio that just performed three gigs on three consecutive days - the music on this CD coming from the third one. Stevens (percussion & mini-trumpet) had often worked with the other two in duos and larger groups, but this tour was the only time that guitarist Bailey and saxophonist Gjerstad worked together, and work together they do - very well in fact. All the pieces are trio improvisations, but the three duos do appear from time to time. Stevens played a (borrowed) standard drum kit, but played it with all the sensibility of his small SME one.
EMA 4070 GUY, BARRY/RILEY, HOWARD/ WACHSMANN, PHILIPP IMPROVISATIONS ARE FOREVER NOW 09/05/02 Two excellent studio sessions by the unusual trio of double bass, piano & violin (plus some electronics) that was a regular group in the late 1970s. Reissue of Vinyl VS 113 with extra material.
EMA 4057 HALLETT, SYLVIA WHITE FOG 14/02/02 Three aspects of this remarkable musician's work: Wheelsongs is a 36 minute cycle featuring four original songs appearing within an improvised setting created solely with bowed bicycle wheel and digital delays. There is also a violin and voice improvisation (without any electronics), and a tape collage soundtrack made for a dance film.
EMA 4041 HARADA, MASASHI -CONDANCTION ENSEMBLE ENTER THE CONTINENT 26/10/00 Eight and six piece ensembles conducted by Harada's dancing. Participants are GREG KELLEY (trumpet), TUCKER DULIN & CHRISTIAN PINCOCK (trombones), ERIC CARLSON (tuba), BHOB RAINEY (soprano saxophone), ALETA COLE (violin), DAN LEVIN (cello), MIKE BULLOCK (double bass) & PHIL TOMASIC (electric guitar).
EMA 4108 HARADA, MASASHI -CONDANCTION ENSEMBLE ENTERPRISING MASS OF CILIA 28/10/04 Following the critical success of Enter the Continent EMANEM 4041, Harada dance-conducts a somewhat larger group of (mainly) Boston-based musicians: GREG KELLEY (trumpet), BHOB RAINEY (soprano saxophone), ALETA COLE (violin), FREDERIC VIGER (viola), GLYNIS LOMON (cello), VIC RAWLINGS (cello & electronics), MIKE BULLOCK (double bass), JONATHAN VINCENT (accordion), JAMES COLEMAN (theremin) & TATSUYA NAKATANI (percussion).
EMA 4085 HUG, CHARLOTTE NEULAND 23/01/03 For her second solo album, Hug (pronounced 'hoog') concentrates on solo viola without any electronics in a series of pieces inspired by her recent visits to London. Her strong musical personality and original extended techniques ensure that this is a solo recital unlike any other.
EMA 4066 ISKRA 1903 BUZZ SOUNDTRACK 24/01/02 PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone), DEREK BAILEY (guitar) & BARRY GUY (double bass) performing a soundtrack for a film. Somewhat more restrained and gentle than their live performances (as heard on CHAPTER ONE EMA 4301), but still very fine music.
EMA 4301 ISKRA 1903 CHAPTER ONE 09/03/00 3-CD
EMA 4051 ISKRA 1903 FRANKFURT 1991 03/05/01 A very fine concert by the trio of PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone), PHILIPP WACHSMANN (violin & electronics) and BARRY GUY (amplified double bass). The first set comprises a 33 minutes piece - the second set includes one solo performance each.
EMA 4047 KRYONICS KRYONICS 05/04/01 An improvising string trio featuring ALEKS KOLKOWSKI and JON ROSE playing violins and various horned fiddles, and MATTHAIS BAUER playing double bass.
EMA 4004 LACEY, STEVE WEAL & WOE 16/12/97 Lacy at his most adventurous in his very first solo soprano saxophone concerts (recorded in Avignon). Unsurpassable improvisations on original compositions. Plus "THE WOE", his powerful anti-war suite performed by the Quintet (in Zurich) with STEVE POTTS, IRENE AEBI, KENT CARTER & OLIVER JOHNSON.
EMA 4042 LACY, STEVE HOOKY (1976) 26/10/00 Virtually the whole of the 1976 Montreal solo concert - one of his best - including the complete Tao cycle and several other pieces. Reissue of half of Quark LP 9998 with over 50 minutes of previously unissued material from the same concert.
EMA 4024 LACY, STEVE SAXOPHONE SPECIAL+ 15/04/04 Music for four saxophones (STEVE LACY, EVAN PARKER, STEVE POTTS & TREVOR WATTS) with guitar (DEREK BAILEY) & synthesiser (MICHEL WAISVISZ). Plus highlights from an earlier London concert by LACY, POTTS, BAILEY, KENT CARTER & JOHN STEVENS. Improvisations on original compositions.
EMA 4075 LINES In Australia MARTIN BLUME (percussion), JIM DENLEY (flutes & alto saxophone), AXEL DÖRNER (trumpet), MARCIO MATTOS (cello & electronics), PHILIPP WACHSMANN (violin & electronics). Their second CD finds this excellent quintet absorbing some of the differences of the other side of the world.
EMA 4109 LONBERG-HOLM, FRED Dialogs For his second solo CD, the Chicago-based musician adds small speakers, test amps, piezos and motors to his cello to make some remarkable improvised music. As Michael Zerang says in his notes: 'This is a solo recording, yet I hear an entire ensemble.'
EMA 4090 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA FREEDOM OF THE CITY 2002 27/03/03 35 musicians in concert at the festival performing:
A tribute to John Stevens by SIMON H FELL for orchestra & pre-recorded sounds.
A poem & conduction by TERRY DAY for voice & orchestra.
A concerto conduction by STEVE BERESFORD for PAUL RUTHERFORD & orchestra.
A percussion trio improvisation by TONY MARSH, LOUIS MOHOLO & MARK SANDERS.
A conduction by PAUL RUTHERFORD for orchestra & mobile phones.
A conduction by DAVE TUCKER for orchestra.
A conduction by PHILIPP WACHSMANN for orchestra & audience.
EMA 4203 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA HEARING CONTINUES 03/05/01 2-CD: LOL COXHILL solo soprano saxophone, MATT DAVIS trumpet, ROLAND RAMANAN trumpet, FRANZ HAUTZINGER 1/4 tone trumpet, IAN SMITH flugelhorn, DONALD MANSON trombone, ANNIE WHITEHEAD trombone, NEIL METCALFE flute, TERRY DAY bamboo pipes, ALEX WARD clarinet, HARRISON SMITH bass clarinet, EVAN PARKER soprano saxophones, CAROLINE KRAABEL alto saxophone, NIGEL COOMBES violin, PHILIPP WACHSMANN violin, MARK WASTELL cello, JOHN EDWARDS double bass, SIMON H FELL double bass, RHODRI DAVIES harp, VERYAN WESTON piano, ANSUMAN BISWAS percussion, STEVE NOBLE percussion,ORPHY ROBINSON marimba, ADAM BOHMAN objects (some amplified), STEVE BERESFORD conductor
EMA 4201 LONDON IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA PROCEEDINGS 09/03/00 2-CD: LOL COXHILL solo soprano saxophone, MATT DAVIS trumpet, ROLAND RAMANAN trumpet, FRANZ HAUTZINGER 1/4 tone trumpet, IAN SMITH flugelhorn, DONALD MANSON trombone, ANNIE WHITEHEAD trombone, NEIL METCALFE flute, TERRY DAY bamboo pipes, ALEX WARD clarinet, HARRISON SMITH bass clarinet, EVAN PARKER soprano saxophones, CAROLINE KRAABEL alto saxophone, NIGEL COOMBES violin, PHILIPP WACHSMANN violin, MARK WASTELL cello, JOHN EDWARDS double bass, SIMON H FELL double bass, RHODRI DAVIES harp, VERYAN WESTON piano, ANSUMAN BISWAS percussion, STEVE NOBLE percussion,ORPHY ROBINSON marimba, ADAM BOHMAN objects (some amplified), STEVE BERESFORD conductor
EMA 4076 LOVENS, PAUL / PAUL HUBWEBER / JOHN EDWARDS PaPaJo Recorded in Bremen, this is the whole of the sixth concert of a six day, six concert tour. A very equalitarian example of trio improvising by Hubweber on trombone, Edwards on double bass, and Lovens on percussion & saw.
EMA 4043 LOWE, FRANK/EUGENE CHADBOURNE DON'T PUNK OUT 26/10/00 A unique set of tenor saxophone and guitar duets mainly based on original compositions, with a couple of free improvisations and some pieces by other musicians. Considered by some to be among the best work of both musicians. Solo additions feature three Lowe pieces performed on a collapsing guitar in 1979, and some saxophone recorded in 2000.
EMA 4079 LUNGE STRONG LANGUAGE 21/11/02 The second release by the improvising quartet comprising GAIL BRAND (trombone), PHIL DURRANT (electronics and acoustic violin), PAT THOMAS (electronics and acoustic piano) and MARK SANDERS (percussion). The whole of their superb 2002 Amsterdam Bimhuis concert is included, augmented by two studio tracks from 2000.
EMA 4060 MILO FINE FREE JAZZ ENSEMBLE KOI/KLOPS 14/02/02 Since the 1970s, this band (which, in spite of its name, is a free improvisation group) has proved that there's more to Minneapolis than the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices! Multi-instrument MILO FINE (who plays percussion, clarinets and piano among other things) is joined throughout the CD by long-term musical partner STEVE GNITKA (who plays amplified guitar). Excerpts from three recent concerts are heard - one featuring the duo, one a quartet with the addition of JASON SHAPIRO (piano & synthesizer) and NATHAN SMITH (double bass, guitar & bass clarinets), and one a trio with SCOTT NEWELL (tenor saxophone & voice) added.
EMA 4213 MILO FINE IKEBANA MILO FINE clarinets, piano, drum set, ANGHARAD DAVIES violin, PHILIPP WACHSMANN violin & electronics, SIMON H FELL double bass, MARCIO MATTOS double bass, TONY WREN double bass, MATT HUTCHINSON synthesizer & electronics, MARJ McDAID voice, ALEX WARD clarinet
EMA 4025 MINTON, PHIL A Doughnut in Both Hands Solo singing. The variety of sounds that this man can make with his voice and mouth is totally unbelievable.
EMA 4211 MINTON, PHIL/ROGER TURNER DRAINAGE 1998-2003 02/10/03 2-CD: PHIL MINTON voice, ROGER TURNER percussion; London (Conway Hall) 2002 May 4
EMA 4068 NICOLS, MAGGIE/KRAABEL, CAROLINE/ HUG, CHARLOTTE TRANSITIONS 07/03/02 A month after their amazing performance at the freedom of the city festival, this improvising trio returned to the Conway Hall to record some further distinctive music. Three strong individuals - Nicols (voice), Kraabel (alto saxophone & voice) and Hug (viola) - combine to make an exceptional trio.
EMA 4055 PARKER, EVAN AYES HAVE IT 14/02/02 Two performances by one-off groups, both featuring EVAN PARKER (saxophones) and PAUL ROGERS (double bass). There is a 1983 trio studio recording with percussionist JAMIE MUIR, and a 1991 quartet gig with percussionist MARK SANDERS and visiting trombonist WOLTER WIERBOS. Both sessions are quite unlike anything else in the Parker canon.
EMA 4035 PARKER, EVAN FOXES FOX 04/11/99 Studio recordings with STEVE BERESFORD (piano), JOHN EDWARDS (double bass) & LOUIS MOHOLO (percussion). Extended quartet performances plus short duos and trios.
EMA 4302 PARKER, EVAN STRINGS WITH EVAN PARKER EVAN PARKER soprano saxophone, London 2000 July 5
EMA 4030 PARKER, EVAN -QUARTET- WATERLOO 1985 03/05/99 An hour long improvisation by EVAN PARKER (saxophones), PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone), HANS SCHNEIDER (double bass) & PAUL LYTTON (percussion & live electronics).
EMA 4002 PARKER, EVAN/PAUL LYTTON THREE OTHER STORIES 16/06/95 Three unbelievable journeys with Parker on saxophones plus traditional and home-made instruments, and Lytton on a vast range of percussion and live electronics.
EMA 4009 PARKER, EVAN/PAUL LYTTON TWO OCTOBERS 16/12/97 Parker concentrates on soprano saxophone for nearly all of the three pieces herein. Lytton's use of electronics has never been surpassed.
EMA 4202 PARKER/EDWARDS/SANDERS TWO SEASONS 08/06/00 2-CD: EVAN PARKER tenor saxophone, JOHN EDWARDS amplified double bass, MARK SANDERS percussion
EMA 4022 PARKER/GUY/LYTTON AT THE VORTEX 11/05/98 The whole of a London club date comprising two extended exuberant improvisations, making it very different to their previous releases.
EMA 4102 PEOPLE BAND PEOPLE BAND (1968) An expanded reissue of the only published recording by one of the pioneering free improvisation groups. The People Band took a much more 'anything goes' approach than their contemporaries, so they covered a lot of ground from chamber-esque music and free jazz to free improvisation and conductions. Featuring Mel Davis, Terry Day, Lyn Dobson, Eddie Edem, Tony Edwards, Mike Figgis, Frank Flowers, Russell Hardy, Terry Holman & George Khan. Reissue of Transatlantic TRA 214 with extra material.
EMA 4050 QUATUOR ACCORDE ANGEL GATE 03/05/01 Superb acoustic string quartet improvisations recorded in the studio and in concert by TONY WREN (double bass), PHIL DURRANT (violin), CHARLOTTE HUG (viola) & MARK WASTELL. Also contains three short bass solos.
EMA 4081 RAMANAN, ROLAND SHAKEN 21/11/02 Trumpeter Ramanan (who doubles on wooden flutes) has been quietly enriching the London scene for some 15 years now. For the first CD under his leadership, he presents his imaginative current quartet which spans the ground between Free Improvisation and Free Jazz. With MARCIO MATTOS (cello & electronics), SIMON H FELL (double bass) and MARK SANDERS (percussion).
EMA 4054 RILEY, HOWARD -TRIO- OVERGROUND 14/02/02 Graphic scores interpreted by pianist Riley with BARRY GUY on amplified bass and TONY OXLEY on percussion and electronics. Recorded a year or two after "Synopsis", these two sessions reveal further developments, ending up with all three musicians using electronics. As well as three trio performances, there is also a Riley/Oxley duet, and an overdubbed two-piano piece.
EMA 4044 RILEY, HOWARD -TRIO- SYNOPSIS 26/10/00 Graphic scores interpreted by pianist Riley with BARRY GUY on amplified basses and TONY OXLEY on percussion and electronics. Perhaps the best recorded example of this exploratory trio that lasted for about six years. Reissue of Incus LP 13 with extra material from the same session.
EMA 4088 RILEY/TILBURY/TIPPETT ANOTHER PART OF THE STORY 27/03/03 Another three grand pianists on three grand pianos. Howard Riley and Keith Tippett have recorded several piano duos in the past, but the addition of John Tilbury coming from another background gives these eight trio improvisations a unique flavour.
EMA 4078 ROGERS, PAUL Listen The whole of Rogers' sensational double bass solo set at the 1999 Le Mans festival, plus an equally fine 19-minute performance recorded 10 years earlier in a London pub.
EMA 4207 ROSE, JON/VERYAN WESTON TEMPERAMENT 18/07/02 2-CD: JON ROSE violin, tenor violin, VERYAN WESTON piano; Amsterdam 2000 August 14
EMA 4026 ROTTOR FIRST FULL TURN 15/04/04 The complete first quartet performance by PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone), JULIE TIPPETT (voice), KEITH TIPPETT (piano) & PAUL ROGERS (double bass) - the highlight of the Le Mans festival. Plus a trombone solo from earlier in the year.
EMA 4071 RUSSELL, JOHN FROM NEXT TO LAST 09/05/02 For his second solo album - the first was recorded in 1978 - Russell concentrates exclusively on acoustic guitar improvisations. Recorded both in private and in concert.
EMA 4010 RUSSELL, JOHN/ROGER TURNER BIRTHDAYS 16/12/97 Adventurous acoustic guitar & percussion improvisations by two of the finest musicians around.
EMA 4058 RUSSELL, JOHN/ROGER TURNER SECOND SKY 14/02/02 A second helping of adventurous acoustic guitar & percussion improvisations by two of the finest musicians around (see also "Birthdays"). A remarkable range of sounds without any amplification or other electronics. Even though they played their first duo gig in 1978, they still keep coming up with incredibly fresh and inventive music.
EMA 4036 RUSSELL, JOHN/MAARTEN ALTENA/ TERRY DAY FAIRLY YOUNG BEAN 04/11/99 Acoustic guitar, cello or double bass, & percussion trio improvisations - intended for release as the third CAW LP, that never happened. A complete studio session featuring unique music.
EMA 4106 RUSSELL, JOHN/UTE VÖLKER/ MATHIEU WERCHOWSKI Three Planets A very fine acoustic (guitar, accordion and violin) improvising trio, made up of three musicians of three different ages from three different countries. Put together by a promoter for a French festival in 2001, they related so well, that they have continued to get together, whenever possible, to continue to make great music.
EMA 4082 RUTHERFORD, PAUL CHICAGO 2002 21/11/02 Rutherford's appearance at the Empty Bottle Festival was his first visit to America apart from two previous tours in orchestras. His 31 minute trombone solo shows him still to be at the top of his game. The following day he was asked to organise a septet with JEB BISHOP (trombone), LOL COXHILL (soprano saxophone), MATS GUSTAFSSON (tenor saxophone), FRED LONBERG-HOLM (cello & electronics), KENT KESSLER (double bass) and KJELL NORDESON (percussion). They performed a concerto featuring Coxhill and a free improvisation.
EMA 4019 RUTHERFORD, PAUL GENTLE HARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE 16/12/97 The definitive solo trombone album.
EMA 4107 RUTHERFORD, PAUL GHEIM-LIVE AT BRACKNELL 1983 08/07/04 A short-lived improvising trio featuring the trombonist with PAUL ROGERS (double bass) and NIGEL MORRIS (drums), that the leader put together to explore more free jazz-like areas than usual. Rutherford and Rogers play to their expected very high standards (even though it was one of the bassist's earliest recordings), while Morris shows why he is missed so much since he quit this music. The whole of their Bracknell Jazz Festival set is included along with some previously unissued studio recordings. Reissue of Ogun cassette OGC531 with extra material.
EMA 4072 RUTHERFORD, PAUL TROMBOLENIUM 09/05/02 A collection of adventurous trombone solos recorded over nine years in four different spaces - two club rooms (one very dry), an Italian jazz festival, and a very resonant church.
EMA 4018 RUTHERFORD, PAUL/ISKRA 1912 SEQUENCES 72 & 73 16/12/97 Two of the finest extended compositions for improvisers - the only published examples of Rutherford's work in that idiom - featuring MAGGIE NICOLS & NORMA WINSTONE (voices), KENNY WHEELER (trumpet), MALCOLM GRIFFITHS, PAUL NIEMAN & GEOFF PERKINS (trombones), DICK HART (tuba), DAVE WHITE (clarinets and saxophones), EVAN PARKER (saxophones), HOWARD RILEY (piano), BARRY GUY (bass), plus TREVOR WATTS (saxophones) in 1972, and plus DEREK BAILEY (guitar) & TONY OXLEY (electronics) in 1973 - all conducted by the composer. Also included is a 4 minute trombone solo by Rutherford from a 1974 concert.
EMA 4007 RUTHERFORD, PAUL/P. ROGERS ROGUES 28/02/96 A sensational concert of trombone & double bass duos & solos by two of the greatest exponents of their respective instruments.
EMA 4098 SHARP, ELLIOTT VELOCITY OF HUE 02/10/03 A sequence of 14 very varied solo acoustic guitar improvisations, some augmented by an e-bow used to obtain sustained notes. Marc Ribot writes: "The material Elliott works with on this CD follows his focus of the last 30+ years: composition and improvisation inspired by the nature of the guitar itself filtered through a love of country blues guitar and Central Asian musics."
EMA 4059 SMITH, IAN DAYBREAK 23/05/02 For his second CD as leader, IAN SMITH has put together a group with a most unusual instrumentation. There is the brass trio of himself on flügelhorn and trumpet, GAIL BRAND on trombone, and OREN MARSHALL on tuba - three younger improvisers who have already made quite an impression on the scene. Also present are DEREK BAILEY on amplified guitar, and VERYAN WESTON exclusively on chamber organ. Some of the 14 improvisations are by the quintet, however most feature sub-groupings. A different take on the London improvising scene.
EMA 4032 SMITH, ROGER EXTENDED PLAYS (1993-7) 31/05/99 Mostly extended solo acoustic guitar improvisations to complement the mainly short items on his highly acclaimed previous CD (EMA 4014). Also a duet with flautist NEIL METCALFE.
EMA 4073 SMITH, ROGER GREEN WOOD 09/05/02 Another superb collection of digital home recordings of solo acoustic guitar by this woefully neglected master.
EMA 4083 SMITH, ROGER SPANISH GUITAR 21/11/02 The long awaited reissue of Smith's 1980 LP which finds his distinctive acoustic guitar improvising fully formed. Also included are some previously unissued solos from the 1990s recorded at three very different gigs. Reissue of LMC 1 with extra material.
EMA 4014 SMITH, ROGER UNEXPECTED TURNS 04/11/96 Stunning solo acoustic guitar improvisations (recorded digitally) by one of the unsung masters, who made his previous highly acclaimed solo record much too long ago in 1980.
EMA 4003 SPONTANEOUS MUSCI ENSEMBLE FACE TO FACE 08/05/95 JOHN STEVENS (percussion, cornet, voice) and TREVOR WATTS (soprano saxophone) at the legendary Little Theatre Club.
EMA 4053 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE CHALLENGE 12/07/01 The long overdue reissue - the first since 1966! - of the first SME LP reveals their free jazz roots with only hints of what was to come. KENNY WHEELER (flugelhorn), PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone), TREVOR WATTS (alto sax), BRUCE CALE (double bass) and JOHN STEVENS (drums) improvise on pieces by Rutherford, Stevens & Watts. (JEFF CLYNE replaces Cale on a couple of tracks.) In addition there is a previously unissued performance from 1967 by TREVOR WATTS (piccolo & alto sax), EVAN PARKER (soprano sax), CHRIS CAMBRIDGE (double bass) and JOHN STEVENS (drums). Reissue of Eyemark EMPL 1002 with extra material.
EMA 4008 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE HOT & COLD HEROES 22/01/96 Home and concert recordings of the longest lasting and most controversial edition of the SME featuring JOHN STEVENS (percussion, cornet, voice) with two vastly under-rated acoustic musicians: NIGEL COOMBES (violin) & ROGER SMITH (guitar).
EMA 4031 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE LOW PROFILE (1977-1988) 31/05/99 More outrageous concert recordings by the edition of the SME featuring JOHN STEVENS (percussion, cornet, voice), NIGEL COOMBES (violin) & ROGER SMITH (guitar), with COLIN WOOD (cello) added in 1977.
EMA 4015 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE Quintessence 1 The whole of the sensational 85 minute concert featuring the quintet of JOHN STEVENS, DEREK BAILEY, KENT CARTER, EVAN PARKER & TREVOR WATTS - a classic of free improvisation.
EMA 4016 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE Quintessence 2 The whole of the sensational 85 minute concert featuring the quintet of JOHN STEVENS, DEREK BAILEY, KENT CARTER, EVAN PARKER & TREVOR WATTS - a classic of free improvisation.
EMA 4005 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE SUMMER 1967 18/05/04 The only known recordings of the highly original and influential duo of JOHN STEVENS (percussion) & EVAN PARKER (saxophones) when they were a working improvising band. Also their first meeting with PETER KOWALD (double bass), who was visiting London on vacation.
EMA 4020 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ENSEMBLE Withdrawal Transitional sextet and septet performances quite unlike anything before or since, featuring JOHN STEVENS, TREVOR WATTS, BARRY GUY, EVAN PARKER, PAUL RUTHERFORD, KENNY WHEELER and, in 1967, DEREK BAILEY.
EMA 4023 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ORCHESTRA FOR YOU TO SHARE 11/05/98 Concert and studio recordings of peace music organised by JOHN STEVENS for himself and TREVOR WATTS with numerous workshop musicians and audience people on saxophones, percussion and voices mostly contributing a flexible drone.
EMA 4039 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ORCHESTRA MOUTHPIECE 31/12/99 Outrageous sounds produced by a workshop orchestra directed by JOHN STEVENS - an SME-type improvisation; instrumental & vocal drones; a mechanically rhythmic yet unpredictable piece; and an all-out improvisation featuring non-vocal mouth sounds, vocal sounds & instruments.
EMA 4062 SPONTANEOUS MUSIC ORCHESTRA PLUS EQUALS (1974-1975) 14/02/02 This reissue features what is perhaps the pinnacle of JOHN STEVENS' attempts to make music with a large (21 strong) group made up of both experienced improvisers (including EVAN PARKER & TREVOR WATTS) and workshop musicians. This 40 minute piece starts off with just the 11 workshop musicians for a few minutes, then everyone joins in for a long mainly sustained section, before ending with an all-out improvisation. Also included is a previously unissued 20 minute piece performed a year earlier by a large group with unknown personnel. Reissue of A LP 003 with extra material.
EMA 4093 STABBINS, LARRY MONADIC 03/07/03 A sequence of improvised soprano & tenor saxophone solos featuring a unique fusion of high energy, austerity and sublime melody. This is Stabbins' first solo album even though he first played solos in public over 30 years ago.
EMA 4302 STRINGS STRINGS 05/04/01 3-CD
EMA 4046 THOMAS, PAT NUR 05/04/01 The whole of an improvised solo piano concert (without any electronics) finds Thomas exploring a wide gamut of recent piano styles in a very original and distinctive way.
EMA 4092 TOMLINSON/BERESFORD/TURNER TRAP STREET 22/05/03 A studio session of trio improvisations, featuring a rare opportunity to hear trombonist Tomlinson with Beresford using electronics & toys and Turner on percussion. The music ranges from 'the quiet and subtle' to a section that 'sounds like the Sabre Dance remixed by Xenakis'.
EMA 4210 V/A FREEDOM OF THE CITY 2002: SMALL GROUPS 23/01/03 2-CD: ROGER SMITH guitar, CHRIS BURN trumpet, MATT HUTCHINSON synthesizers & electronics, TREVOR WATTS soprano & alto saxophones, VERYAN WESTON piano, SYLVIA HALLETT bicyle wheel, violin, saw, sarangi, voice, digital delays, EVAN PARKER soprano & tenor saxophones, JOHN RUSSELL guitar, IAN SMITH trumpet, PAUL RUTHERFORD trombone, LOL COXHILL soprano saxophone, MILO FINE clarinets, piano, drum set, PAUL SHEARSMITH pocket trumpet, baliphone, hand flute, TONY WREN double bass, HUGH DAVIES invented instruments, FREE BASE, IST
EMA 4212 V/A FREEDOM OF THE CITY 2003 15/04/04 2-CD
EMA 4205 V/A FREEDOM OF THE CITY 2001: SMALL GROUPS 07/03/02 2-CD: PAT THOMAS piano, PHIL DURRANT violin, CHARLOTTE HUG viola, MARK WASTELL cello, TONY WREN double bass, VERYAN WESTON piano, JOHN EDWARDS double bass, MARK SANDERS percussionPHIL MINTON voice, PAUL RUTHERFORD trombone, LOL COXHILL soprano saxophone, JOHN RUSSELL guitar, ROGER TURNER percussion, JOHN BUTCHER soprano & tenor saxophones, STEVE BERESFORD electronics & objects, IAN SMITH trumpet, GAIL BRAND trombone, OREN MARSHALL tuba, MAGGIE NICOLS voice, tap dancing, CAROLINE KRAABEL alto saxophone, voice, CHARLOTTE HUG viola
EMA 4100 V/A Mopomoso Solos 2002 A concert featuring superb unaccompanied solo improvisations by JOHN RUSSELL guitar, PHIL MINTON voice, JOHN EDWARDS double bass, LOL COXHILL soprano saxophone and CHRIS BURN piano & percussion. Then they finished the evening as an impromptu quintet.
EMA 4209 V/A THE ALL ANGELS CONCERTS JOHN RUSSELL guitar, JOHN BUTCHER soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, MATT HUTCHINSON synthesizers & electronics, ALAN TOMLINSON trombone, OREN MARSHALL tuba, MARK SANDERS percussion, EDDIE PRÉVOST percussion, SIMON VINCENT electronics, VERYAN WESTON church organ; London (St Michael & All Angels Church) 2000 January 28
EMA 4069 WATTS, TREVOR/VERYAN WESTON 6 DIALOGUES 09/05/02 Watts' first free improvisation record in around 25 years finds him playing soprano & alto saxophones with Weston on piano. Six superlative unedited duets recorded at Gateway Studio.
EMA 4048 WESTON, VERYAN/CAROLINE KRAABEL FIVE SHADOWS 05/04/01 An improvising duo on tour visiting five places in England. Weston's thoughtful yet emotional piano combined with Kraabel's remarkable rapid alternation between alto saxophone and voice, result in some radical duets.
EMA 4028 WESTON, VERYAN/JOHN EDWARDS/ MARK SANDERS MERCURY CONCERT 26/04/99 The whole of a superb concert - proof that there is still plenty of life and freshness to be found in the all acoustic piano / double bass / percussion format. Unlike any other such group, absorbing influences as diverse as Bela Bartok, Paul Bley, Conlan Nancarrow and Cecil Taylor.
EMA 4095 WESTON, VERYAN TESSELATIONS FOR LUTHEAL PIANO 03/07/03 A concert performance using a very rare Luthéal piano. The composer/improviser writes: "Visual interlocking symmetries and geometric shapes are transferred to the audible world of rhythm and counterpoint, with the spirit and energy of jazz, improvisation and folk music always at the heart of the performance. The piece contains a sequence of 52 closely linked pentatonic scales. Each scale has two pre-established areas in which ideas for improvisations can be explored and developed, and because the piece is continuous, the player and listeners take part in a journey that lasts about one hour."
EMA 4067 WREN/STABBINS/RILEY/SANDERS FOUR IN THE AFTERNOON 24/01/02 A fine improvising quartet convened by the exceptional bass player Tony Wren, with the austere saxophonist Larry Stabbins appearing on record after a gap of too many years, pianist Howard Riley proving that he is still a master of free group playing, and drummer Mark Sanders showing why he is so much in demand.
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