Испанский Classic Jazz Лэйбл (принадлежит компании Discomforme Sl, зарегистрирован в Андорре). Для настоящих ценителей истинного джаза представляет несомненный интерес. Диски отличаются полнотой материала (не случайно название Definitive-Законченный, Полный), прекрасным качеством записи (High Resolution 24bit Edition). Лично я предпочитаю диски этого лэйбла с записями "золотого фонда" джаза всем остальным (см.такжеJazz Factory>). Цена дисков такого уровня качества очень низкая (ориентировочно 10у.е. в Москве).


ITEM Artist Titel Reldate Comment
DRCD 11188 ARMSTRONG, LOUIS COMPLETE 1950-1951 ALL STARS DECCA RECORDINGS 30-03-02 2-CD: All the splendid official recordings made by Satchmo and his first legendary All-Stars with Earl Hines.
DRCD 11171 ARMSTRONG, LOUIS COMPLETE DECCA STUDIO MASTER TAKES 1935-1939 30-03-02 4-CD: This first set compiles for the very first time in CD the unique and complete collection of the recordings made for the Decca label (1935-1939), arranged in chronological order. Accompanied among others by The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, etc. Centennial edition. Only master takes.
DRCD 11172 ARMSTRONG, LOUIS COMPLETE DECCA STUDIO MASTER TAKES 1940-1949 30-03-02 2-CD: This second set continues the compilation, for the very fisrt time in CD and in chronological order, made for the Decca label (1940-1949). Accompanied among others by The Mills Brothers, Ella Fitzgerald, Sy Oliver Orchestra, etc. Centennial edition. Only master takes.
DRCD 11178 ARMSTRONG, LOUIS COMPLETE HOT FIVE & HOT SEVEN OKEH, COLUMBIA, DECCA & RCA VICTOR RECORDINGS 30-03-02 4-CD: The definitive edition of this monumental testimony of the birth of the real Jazz era, with comprehensive discographical data. A surprising good sound quality, never before reached. Spectacular newly remasterization.
DRCD 11104 BAILEY, MILDRED ALL OF ME: THE COMPLETE MAJESTIC AND SAVOY SESSIONS 30-03-02 Definitive edition of the complete recordings made by Mildred Bailey for the Majestic and Savoy labels in 1946-1947 plus 6 V-Discs titles. Only master takes.
DRCD 11179 BAILEY, MILDRED COMPLETE COLUMBIA RECORDINGS VOL.1 30-03-02 4-CD: The legendary Rockin Chair Lady at her very best years. Includes sessions accompanied by Eddie Lang, Frank Trumbauer, Benny Goodman, and the excellent big band headed by her husband, Red Norvo.Titles sequenced in chronological order. Only master takes.
DRCD 11180 BAILEY, MILDRED COMPLETE COLUMBIA RECORDINGS VOL.2 30-03-02 4-CD: Treaure recordings by the first female big-band singer. Includes sessions with her own orchestra, with her husband one, Red Norvo, and others including a lot of great swing musicians. Titles sequences in chronological order. Only master takes.
DRCD 11131 BAILEY, MILDRED SMOKE DREAMS 30-03-02 Quintessential recordings by Mildred Bailey accompained by his husband, bandleader Red Norvo, between 1935-1939. Only master takes.
DRCD 11232 BAKER, CHET CALIFORNIAN JAM SESSIONS 14-12-02 Exceptional jams featuring Sonny Criss, Al Haig, Dave Pell, Wardell Gray, Jack Montrose, and others.
DRCD 11233 BAKER, CHET COMPLETE 1952 FANTASY & PACIFIC JAZZ SESSIONS 13-07-02 The beginnings of the legendary trumpeter.
DRCD 11270 BAKER, CHET COMPLETE 1953-54 STUDIO RECORDINGS: The Original Quartet, Sextet & Septet with Russ Freeman 10/05/04 8 BONUS TRACKS, Feat. Bud Shank, Bob Gordon, Jack Montrose, Red Mitchel and Shelly Manne.This phenomenal release contains Chet Baker´s sessions with his quartet feat. Russ Freeman. These dates mark Baker´s first attempts at leading his own band and the results are nothing short of amazing. Baker is at his peak.
DRCD 11231 BAKER, CHET & CHARLIE PARKER COMPLETE JAM SESSIONS 22-02-03 Great Chet and Bird encounter in California plus extremely rare tracks from a Parker concert at the University of Oregon
DRCD 44409 BAKER, CHET & GERRY MULLIGAN QUARTET COMPLETE RECORDINGS 15-10-03 4-CD: This outstanding 4 - CD release includes the complete live concert and studio recordings of Gerry Mulligan´s legendary piano-less quartet with Chet Baker. With Lee Konitz, Pete Candoli, Bud Shank and John Graas.
DRCD 11121 BASIE ORCHESTRA, COUNT DEFINITIVE COLUMBIA BEST RECORDINGS 30-03-02 The quintessential Basie Orchestra masterpieces recorded between 1939-1945 for the Columbia label. Liner notes including arrangers and soloists details. Only master takes.
DRCD 11120 BASIE ORCHESTRA, COUNT DEFINITIVE DECCA BEST RECORDINGS 30-03-02 The quintessential Basie Orchestra masterpieces recorded between 1937-1939 for the Decca label. Liner notes including arrangers and soloists details. Only master takes.
DRCD 11208 BASIE, COUNT COMPLETE 1936-1941 COLUMBIA RECORDINGS 30-03-02 4-CD: Definitive edition of the full maturity big band recordings.
DRCD 11209 BASIE, COUNT COMPLETE 1941-1951 COLUMBIA RECORDINGS 30-03-02 3-CD: Includes the small and big band modern groups.
DRCD 11175 BASIE, COUNT COMPLETE ORIGINAL AMERICAN RCA VICTOR RECORDINGS 30-03-02 3-CD: The first edition of all the tracks recorded at the end of forties. Featuring Harry Edison, Paul Gonsalves, Buddy Tate, among others. Newly remastered.
DRCD 11173 BASIE, COUNT COMPLETE ORIGINAL AMERICAN DECCA RECORDINGS 30-03-02 3-CD: All the tunes recorded by this legendary label. Each volume represents one year recording activity: 1937, 1938 and 1939. Featuring Lester Young, Buck Clayton, Jo Jones, among others. Newly remastered.
DRCD 11103 BASIE, COUNT & ALL-AMERICAN RHYTHM SECTION THE KID FROM RED BANK: The Complete Recordings 1938-1947 30-03-02 The only complete compilation of masterful quartet recordings made by legendary pianist and bandleader. First time in one CD.
DRCD 11198 BECHET, SIDNEY COMPLETE 1939-1951 BLUE NOTE MASTER TAKES 30-03-02 3-CD: All the mature masterworks by one of the most important figures of traditional jazz.
DRCD 11203 BECHET, SIDNEY COMPLETE RCA-VICTOR MASTER TAKES 30-03-02 3-CD: All the memorable sessions recorded by one the supreme melodists in jazz.
DRCD 11134 BECHET, SIDNEY DEAR OLD SOUTHLAND: The Quintessential Blue Note Recordings 30-03-02 The definitive best recordings made by Bechet for the Blue Note label between 1939-1946. Only master takes.
DRCD 11264 BROOKMEYER, BOB COMPLETE 1953-1954 QUINTER STUDIO RECORDINGS WITH STAN GETZ 17-05-04 2-CD: Feat. Johnny Williams, Bill Crow, Teddy Kotick, Al Levitt and Frank Isola. This collection comprises all the master takes of the quintet leaded by Stan Getz during the years 1953 and 1954 with pianist Johnny Williams and trombonist Bob Brookmeyer.
DRCD 11246 BROWN, CLIFFORD COMPLETE METRONOME & VOGUE MASTER TAKES 2-CD: Recorded in the summer and fall of 1953. Personnel: Art Farmer, Quincy Jones, Jimmy Cleveland, Gigi Gryce, Anthony Ortega, Pierre Michelot, Philly Joe Jones, Lars Gullin, Arne Dómnerus, Beng Hallberg. 24-Bit Digital Remastering. Meticulous Audio Restoration. Bonus Tracks.
DRCD 11245 BROWN, CLIFFORD COMPLETE BLUE NOTE STUDIO MASTERS Clifford Brown Sextet, J.J. Johnson Sextet, Lou Donaldson Quintet
DRCD 11234 BRUBECK, DAVE COMPLETE OCTET SESSIONS 23-08-03 Includes music from the historic concert at Mills College in 1946 + 3 other live and studio recordings. With Paul Desmond, Dick Collins (tp), Bob Collins (tb), William O. Smith (cl, bs), David Van Kreidt (ts), Jack Weeks or Ron Crotty (b), Cal Tjader (d). Careful Audio Restoration. 20-Bit Remastering.
DRCD 11214 BYAS, DON COMPLETE 1946-1951 EUROPEAN SMALL GROUP MASTER TAKES 30-03-02 3-CD: The European recordings by a jazzmen who played a crucial role in the transition from Swing to Bop. Only master takes.
DRCD 11213 BYAS, DON COMPLETE AMERICAN SMALL GROUP RECORDINGS 30-03-02 4-CD: All the small group studio sessions recorded by Don Carlos in the United States. Only master takes.
DRCD 11129 CARTER, BENNY & COOTIE WILLIAMS ECHOES OF HARLEM BIG BAND: The Complete Capitol Sessions 30-03-02 The Benny Carter s boop big band and Cootie Williams rhythm and blues orchestra recordings made in 1943-1945 for the Capitol label. Only original master takes issued at the time.
DRCD 11126 CASALS, PAU Plays Trios Beethoven-Mendelssohn Two unforgetable performances by the legendary trio made up by Casals, Thibaud and Cortot. A must for listeners.
DRCD 11112 CASALS, PAU Plays Brahms A compilation of the legendary cellist historical recordings of two great Brahms works: the monumental Double Concerto with the Barcelona Orchestra conducted by Alfred Cortot, plus the intimate Sonata nº 2 with piano.
DRCD 11111 CASALS, PAU Plays Popular Classic Excerpts A compilation of the legendary cellist historical recordings of popular classic tunes by Rimski-Korsakov, Haydn, Schumann, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, Dvorak and others.
DRCD 11125 CASALS, PAU Plays Trios Haydn-Schubert-Schumann A compilation of the legendary cellist historical recordings of masterful Trios with the celebrated Jacques Thibaud at the piano and Alfred Cortot at the violin.
DRCD 11127 CASALS, PAU Plays Bach 2CD: The complete edition of Bach s suites for cello recorded by the legendary artist, plus the Air Orchestral Suite nº 3 and the Andante from the Violin Sonata nº 2.
DRCD 11113 CASALS, PAU Plays Cello Concertos Dvorak-Boccherini-Bruch A compilation of the legendary cellist historical recordings of masterful concertos, plus Bruch Kol Nidrei, with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra and conductors George Szell and Sir Landon Ronald.
DRCD 11261 CHALOFF, SERGE BLUE SERGE/BOSTON BLOW UP 10/05/04 Serge Chaloff - Baritone Saxophone/ Sonny Clark - Piano/ Leroy Vinnegar - Bass/ Philly Joe Jones - Drums/ Herb Pommeroy - Trumpet/ Boots Mussulli - Alto Saxophone/ Ray Santisi - Piano/ Everett Evans - Bass/ Jimmy Zitano - Drums; Recorded 1955-1956.
DRCD 11122 CHRISTIAN, CHARLIE CELESTIAL EXPRESS: Genius Of The Electric Guitar 30-03-02 A chronological sequence of the masterpieces recorded by the guitar player between 1939-1941 with small groups without Benny Goodman and featuring Lester Young, Lionel Hampton, Oscar Pettiford, Edmon Hall, Cootie Williams, Kenny Kersey and others.
DRCD 11177 CHRISTIAN, CHARLIE COMPLETE LIVE RECORDINGS 30-03-02 4-CD: All the concert and radio appearances of the genius of electric guitar.
DRCD 11176 CHRISTIAN, CHARLIE COMPLETE STUDIO RECORDING 30-03-02 4-CD:Great first time tribute to the genius of electric guitar with all his session dates. Only master takes.
DRCD 11260 CLARK, SONNY & BUDDY DE FRANCO QUARTET COMPLETE SESSIONS 10/05/04 2-CD: 4 LPs in 2 CDs, Originally recorded as four separate LPs under the titles
DRCD 11162 COLE TRIO, NAT KING LIVE AT THE CIRCLE ROOM & MORE 30-03-02 Complete edition of the legendary performances made on the Circle Room of Hotel LaSalle, Milwauke (Wisconsin) with, as bonus tracks, one complete transcriptions session recorded for Capitol at Los Angeles Studios. A must of swinging music and quality sound.
DRCD 11144 COLE, NAT KING COMPLETE JATP PERFORMANCE 30-03-02 In one CD the legendary performances by Nat King Cole with quartet and All-Stars in the JATP tours, featuring J.J. Johnson, Illinois Jacquet, Jack McVea and Les Paul, among others.
DRCD 11249 COLTRANE, JOHN COMPLETE RECORDINGS WITH DIZZY GILLESPIE 21-12-02 The quintessential virtuoso at the onset of his career with the great trumpet guru Dizzy Gillespie and his Orchestra. Also included is Coltrane´s complete session with the versatile vocal genius of Dinah Washington. Newly Remastered with Booklet with comprehensive notes.
DRCD 11258 COLTRANE, JOHN COMPLETE STUDIO SESSIONS WITH JOHNNY HODGES 10/05/04 Featuring Harold ´Shorty´ Baker (tr), Lawrence Brown (trom), Jimmy Hamilton and Harry Carney (sax) and Louis Bellson (dr)
DRCD 11164 DAVIS, MILES ALL STARS RECORDINGS 30-03-02 The recordings made by the Prince of darkness, with some of the legendary jazzmen of all times: Stan Getz, J.J. Johnson, Coleman Hawkins, etc.
DRCD 11237 DAVIS, MILES COMPLETE 1951-1953 ALL STARS STUDIO RECORDINGS 11/10/03 2-CD: Comprises all the studio sessions (only master takes) recorded under the Miles Davis leadership between 1951 and1953 for the Prestige and Blue Note labels, feat. S.Rollins, J. Lewis, P. Heath, R.Haynes, J.McLean, A. Blakey, J.J. Johnson, O.Pettiford, K.Clarke, M.Roach & others. Includes the session with Ch. Parker & S. Rollins. Meticulous Audio Restoration. Time: 2h.35m
DRCD 11265 DAVIS, MILES COMPLETE 1954 MASTERS TAKES 17-05-04 2-CD: Feat. Horace Silver, Art Blakey, J.J.Johnson, Lucy Thompson, Kenny Clarke, Sonny Rollins, Milt Jackson, Thelonious Monk and others...
In addition to the Master Takes, we have chosen to include the alternate takes on the tracks.
DRCD 11165 DAVIS, MILES COMPLETE BIRDLAND RECORDINGS 30-03-02 Definitive and complete edition of the airshots recorded in the unforgettable jazz club under the leadership of Miles Davis with modern jazzmen as Jackie McLean, J.J. Johnson, Sonny Rollins, Kenny Drew, Charles Mingus, Art Blakey, and others.
DRCD 11159 DAVIS, MILES COMPLETE BIRTH OF THE COOL 30-03-02 2-CD: Definitive edition of the most influential sessions in the modern jazz, made by a great nonet including jazzmen as Gil Evans, Gerry Mulligan, Lee Konitz, John Lewis, J.J. Johnson and others. Includes also all the airshots recorded at The Royal Roost Club. 24 bit remastered.
DRCD 11158 DAVIS, MILES COMPLETE SAVOY & DIAL RECORDINGS 30-03-02 2-CD: Arv Garrison - Guitar/ Bud Powell - Piano/ Charlie Parker - Sax (Alto)/ Curley Russell - Bass/ Dizzy Gillespie - Sax (Alto)/ Dodo Marmarosa - Piano/ Duke Jordan - Piano/ J.J. Johnson - Trombone/ John Lewis - Piano/ Lucky Thompson - Sax (Tenor)/ Max Roach - Drums/ Miles Davis - Main Performer, Trumpet/ Roy Porter - Drums/ Tommy Potter - Bass/ Vic McMillan - Bass
DRCD 11160 DAVIS, MILES COMPLETE VOCALISTS SESSIONS 30-03-02 All the sessions made as a member of groups and orchestras (including Sonny Stitt, Art Blakey, Gene Ammons, Tony Scott and others) provided backgrounds for great vocal performers as Billy Eckstine, Earl Coleman or Sarah Vaughan. 24 bit remastered.
DRCD 11137 DAVIS, MILES EARLY - THE BIRTH OF THE COOL TRUMPET 30-03-02 The very first Miles Davis recordings led by Herbie Fields and Gene Ammons (1945-1946), plus his only session with Coleman Hawkins (1947) and one outstanding performance at the Royal Roost Club with Lee Konitz (1948). Only master takes.
DRCD 11239 DESMOND, PAUL COMPLETE JAZZ AT STORYVILLE 22-02-03 All the outstanding 1951-1952 recordings with the legendary Dave Brubeck. Only master takes.
DRCD 11255 DESMOND, PAUL COMPLETE OBERLIN & COLLEGE OF THE PACIFIC CONCERTS 19-04-03 2-CD: This stellar double edition comprises two of the most important and exciting live recordings of Paul Desmond featured on the Dave Brubeck Quartet. With Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Joe Dodge. 20 - BIT Remastering. Time: 2:32:12
DRCD 11156 DORHAM, KENNY COMPLETE SAVOY RECORDINGS Plus Other Small Group Sessions 30-03-02 The first recordings with small groups made for the Savoy label by one of the most fine trumpeters in moder jazz-wich replaced Miles Davis on Charlie Parker combo and later became a founding member of The Jazz Messengers and Jazz Prophets. Only master takes.
DRCD 11205 DORSEY, JIMMY COMPLETE 1949-1950 COLUMBIA MASTER TAKES: The Original Dorseyland Jazz Band 22-07-02 One of the best clarinetists/altoists from the pre-Swing era. Only master takes.
DRCD 11248 EDISON, HARRY SWEETS AT THE HAIG 23-08-03 Edisons complete live recording at The Haig Club, LA, on July 1, 1953. It also contains 3 Bonus Tracks from a August 21, 1953 concert in LA that features Benny Carter Jimmy Rowles, Milt Bernhardt Buddy Rich. Splendid Sound Quality. 20-bit Remastering.
DRCD 11170 ELLINGTON, DUKE COMPLETE COLUMBIA & RCA VICTOR SESSIONS WITH BEN WEBSTER 30-03-02 4-CD: The complete and definitive edition of the studio recordings, with Ben Webster on tenor sax and Jimmy Blanton on bass. Only master takes, without alternates.
DRCD 11207 ELLINGTON, DUKE COMPLETE LEGENDARY FARGO CONCERT 30-03-02 2-CD: Barney Bigard - Clarinet, Sax (Tenor)/ Ben Webster - Clarinet, Sax (Tenor)/ Duke Ellington - Main Performer, Piano/ Fred Guy - Guitar, Whistle (Human)/ Harry Carney - Clarinet, Sax (Baritone)/ Herb Jeffries - Vocals/ Ivie Anderson - Vocals/ Jimmy Blanton - Bass/ Johnny Hodges - Clarinet, Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano)/ Juan Tizol - Trombone/ Lawrence Brown - Trombone/ Ray Nance - Trumpet, Violin, Vocals/ Rex Stewart - Cornet/ Sonny Greer - Drums/ Wallace Jones - Trumpet
DRCD 11215 ELLINGTON, DUKE COMPLETE MUSICRAFT RECORDINGS 30-03-02 Studio sessions for the famous independent label, plus a date with cellist Oscar Pettiford
DRCD 11196 ELLINGTON, DUKE COMPLETE ORIGINAL AMERICAN DECCA RECORDINGS 30-03-02 3-CD: Historical first sessions by the band which defined the shape of jazz.
DRCD 11210 ELLINGTON, DUKE COMPLETE PRESTIGE 1943-1944 CARNEGIE HALL CONCERTS 30-03-02 3-CD: The first two ellingtonian concerts at legendary NY hall.
DRCD 11211 ELLINGTON, DUKE COMPLETE PRESTIGE 1946-1947 CARNEGIE HALL CONCERTS 30-03-02 3-CD: The first ellingtonian suites performed live.
DRCD 11199 ELLINGTON, DUKE COMPLETE STUDIO TRANSCRIT 30-03-02 3-CD: Uncollected selections from the famous late forties non-comercial recordings.
DRCD 11263 FARLOW, TAL COMPLETE 1956 PRIVATE RECORDINGS 10/05/04 2-CD: This double CD edition comprises the legendary session recorded by Farlow on December 8th, 1956 in Jazz fan´s Ed Fuerst apartment, later released by the Xanadu label. With Eddie Costa , Vinnie Burke. The quality of recording is surprisingly good.
DRCD 11190 GAILARD, SLIM & SLAM STEWART COMPLETE COLUMBIA MASTER TAKES 30-03-02 3-CD: The fabulous Slim and Slam. The art of the swinging nonsense.
DRCD 11154 GARNER, ERROLL COMPLETE SAVOY & DIAL MASTER TAKES 30-03-02 2-CD: For the first time, definitive edition of all the recordings made by this unique and popular figure in jazz piano history for labels Savoy and Dial between 1945-1949. Only master takes.
DRCD 11257 GETZ, STAN & JIMMY RANEY COMPLETE STUDIO SESSIONS 23-08-03 2-CD: This double-CD shows the magical interplay of this classic partnership at its finest while joined by Earl Swope, Kai Winding, Zoot Sims, Al Cohn, Horace Silver, Duke Jordan, Red Mitchell, Tommy Potter and Roy Haynes. Careful Audio Restoration. 20-Bit Remastering.
DRCD 11138 GILLESPIE BIG BAND, DIZZY ALGO BUENO: THE COMPLETE BLUEBIRD, MUSICRAFT RECORDINGS AND THE PLEYEL CONCERT 30-03-02 2-CD: Definitive edition of Gillespie big band for the bluebird and Musicraft labels (1946-1949), plus the celebrated Paris Salle Pleyel concert (1948). Only master takes.
DRCD 11212 GIUFFRE, JIMMY COMPLETE 1947-1952 MASTER TAKES 30-03-02 All the small group recordings featuring the greatest music man Giuffre.
DRCD 11174 GOODMAN, BENNY COMPLETE LEGENDARY 1938 CARNEGIE HALL CONCERT 30-03-02 2-CD: Masterpiece live performance of the pioneer of the jazz concerts. Includes comprehensive discography and list of arrangers and soloists.
Newly remastered.
DRCD 11169 GOODMAN, BENNY COMPLETE RCA VICTOR SMALL GROUP MASTER TAKES 30-03-02 2-CD: All the basically recordings made by the
DRCD 11110 GOODMAN, BENNY STEALIN' APPLES: The Quintessential Capitol Recordings 30-03-02 The best of Benny Goodman recordings for Capitol with accordionist Ernie Felice, Red Norvo, Jess Stacy, Jimmy Rowles and Mel Powell (1947-1949). Includes the famous Stealin´ Apples with Fats Navarro and Wardell Gray.
DRCD 11155 GORDON, DEXTER COMPLETE SAVOY & DIAL MASTER TAKES 30-03-02 Definite edition of the recordings made by the legendary jazzman for labels Savoy and Dial between 1945-1947.The formative years of the tenor saxophone who translated Parker alto sax message. Only master takes.
DRCD 11136 HAIG, AL MEETS BAP SAXES: WARDEL GRAY & STAN GETZ 30-03-02 The outstanding Haig studio recordings with the two master bop tenor saxes from 1948-1949. Only master takes.
DRCD 11266 HARTMAN, JOHNNY RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD [I'VE BEEN THERE/TODAY] 11/10/03 This edition comprises 2 LPs On 1 CD: I ve Been There + Today - his Complete Recordings for Perception label. Features George Coleman, Herman Foster, Jimmy Heath, Al Gafa, Billy Higgins. Comprehensive Booklet. Careful Audio Restoration
DRCD 11267 HARTMAN, JOHNNY YOU CAME A LONG WAY FROM SAINT LOUIS 11/10/03 From the beginning of his career to his full musical maturity, this edition comprises 4 different studio sessions + 1 live session. With Earl Fatha Hines, Budd Johnson, Andrew Hill, John Simmons, Cozy Cole. 22 Tracks. Careful Audio Restoration.
DRCD 11143 HAWKINS, COLEMAN & LESTER YOUNG FAMOUS JATP PREFORMANCES 30-03-02 The quintessential recordings made by the two legendary tenors on the JATP tours, featuring Buck Clayton, Flip Phillips, Willie Smith, Kenny Kersey and others.
DRCD 11195 HERMAN, WOODY COMPLETE 1948-1950 CAPITOL SESSIONS 30-03-02 2-CD: The astonishing sound of the second herd.
DRCD 11123 HODGES, JOHNNY HODGE PODGE: The Best of the Duke's Men, Vol. 1 30-03-02 Quintessential masterpieces recorded between 1938-1939 by the Johnny Hodges and other ellingtonians, establishing a unique jazz. Only master takes.
DRCD 11124 HODGES, JOHNNY WHO STRUCK JOHN?: The Best Of The Duke´s Men Vol.2 30-03-02 Quintessential masterpieces recorded between 1939-1947 by the Johnny Hodges and other ellingtonians, establishing a unique jazz chamber style. Only master takes.
DRCD 44408 HOLIDAY, BILLIE COMPLETE COLUMBIA GOLDEN YEARS RECORDINGS 26-04-04 10CD: 233 Tracks. 153 Master Takes. 71 Ultra Rare Alternate Tracks. Comprehensive 100-Page Illustated Book with Full Discography, Liner Notes and Complete Lyrics. High Resolution. 24-Bit Edition. Set containing every song sang by Lady Day from her 1933 recording debut to the peak of her maturity in 1944. A collection of unrivaled historical value.
DRCD 11101 HOLIDAY, BILLIE & LESTER A FINE ROMANCE VOL. 1: The Complete Joint Recordings 30-03-02 All the recordings made joint by the two jazz legends. Only master takes plus one live recording with The Count Basie Orchestra.
DRCD 11102 HOLIDAY, BILLIE & LESTER A FINE ROMANCE VOL. 2: The Complete Joint Recordings 30-03-02 2nd volume of these great performances. Only master takes plus their second only live recording.
DRCD 11109 HORN, LENA & WATERS, ETHEL Stormy Weather & Cabin In The Sky: Great Black Soundtracks Original tracks recorded for the two jazziest soundtracks made in Hollywood, featuring Lena Horne, Fats Waller,...
DRCD 11204 JACQUET, ILLINOIS COMPLETE 1945-1950 SESSIONS 30-03-02 3-CD: The best recordings by the inspirator of much of the rock and roll and r&b honker-and-shouter saxes.
DRCD 11161 JOHNSON, J.J. SAVOY, PRESTIGE & SENSATION: COMPLETE EARLY MASTER TAKES 30-03-02 The entire master takes officially recorded for these legendary labels under his leadership from his debut session in 1946 until the end of the decade. An accurate portrait of J.J.´´s flexibility.
DRCD 11142 JOHNSON, ROBERT COMPLETE ORIGINAL TAKES: Genius Of The Blues 30-03-02 The only complete compilation in one CD of the masterful recordings made by the legendary Delta bluesman. Only master takes.
DRCD 11147 JOHNSON, ROBERT COMPLETE RECORDINGS 30-03-02 2-CD: All the blues recorded by the legendary Delta bluesman. Includes a bokkled with the complete lyrics and variations between different takes.
DRCD 11226 JORDAN, LOUIS COMPLETE 1950-1952 DECCA RECORDINGS 17-08-02 2-CD: A perfect musical profile of an ebullient and charismatic impulsor of rhythm n blues and rock & roll. Only master takes
DRCD 11193 KENTON, STAN COMPLETE 1943-1947 CAPITOL MASTER TAKES 30-03-02 4-CD: A splendid orchestra and a powerhouse unit featuring brilliant sidemen. Only master takes.
DRCD 11194 KENTON, STAN COMPLETE CAPITOL STUDIO TRANSCRIPTIONS 30-03-02 2-CD: All the non-commercial radio recordings.
DRCD 11168 KIRBY SEXTET, JOHN COMPLETE COLUMBIA & RCA VICTOR RECORDINGS 30-03-02 2-CD: The complete recordings made by the legendary. Only master takes. For the first time in one set.
DRCD 11236 LEWIS, JOHN COMPLETE 1952 VERVE STUDIO SESSIONS WITH LESTER YOUNG 22-02-03 A unique studio encounter between the Modern Jazz Quartet founder and Billie Holiday alter ego.
DRCD 11163 MCGHEE, HOWARD COMPLETE SAVOY & DIAL MASTERS: LEADER SESSIONS 30-03-02 Definitive and complete collection of the first recordings made under his leadership for Savoy and Dial labels in the second half of the forties. Featuring Dodo Marmarosa, Hank Jones and others. Only master takes.
DRCD 11238 MODERN JAZZ QUARTET COMPLETE 1951-1953 STUDIO SESSIONS 22-02-03 This edition gathers their first studio recordings, when the combo was still known as Milt Jackson Quartet. Time: 63.03; Lineup: Milt Jackson (vb); John Lewis (p); Ray Brown (b); Kenny Clarke (dr).
DRCD 11197 MONK, THELONIOUS AFTER HOURS AT MINTON'S 30-03-02 The legendary jam sessions on the New York s sanctuary of the Be-Bop.
DRCD 11133 MONK, THELONIOUS ROUND MIDNIGHT: The Complete Blue Note Sessions & more 30-03-02 Definitive edition of the Monk recordings for the Blue Note label between 1947-1948, plus the famous 1944 session with Coleman Hawkins. Only master takes.
DRCD 11247 MONTGOMERY, WES COMPLETE LIVE AT JORGIES 21-12-02 The Innovative Genius of Wes Montgomery at Jorgies Jazz Club in St. Louis, Missouri, and in a rare New York studio session.
DRCD 11241 MONTGOMERY, WES COMPLETE RECORDINGS WITH LIONEL HAMPTON 22-02-03 2-CD: The early works of the benchmark for all jazz guitarists with Hampton orchestra and small groups. In Memoriam to Lionel Hampton.
DRCD 11224 MONTGOMERY, WES INCREDIBLE JAZZ GUITAR OF: ULTRA RARE AMERICAN CLUB PERFORMANCE 22-02-03 2 extremely rare performances. One in Feb 2, 1965 at the Half Note, NY with Harold Mabern. The other in Hamburg on April, 1965, with Martial Solal & Johnny Griffin. With Arthur Harper, Michel Gaudry.
DRCD 11244 MONTGOMERY,WES COMPLETE LIVE IN PARIS 1965 17-05-04 2-CD: This stellar double CD release includes all of the songs performed by Wes Montgomery s quartet, at the Paris Theatre des Champs Elysees on March 27, 1965. It is arguably the best live recording of Wes Montgomery and the sound quality is excellent.
DRCD 11227 MULLIGAN, GERRY COMPLETE 1950-1952 PRESTIGE STUDIO RECORDINGS 29-06-02 The laconic, velvety sound of. Only master takes.
DRCD 11191 NAVARRO, FATS & TADD DAMERON COMPLETE BLUE NOTE & CAPITOL SESSIONS 30-03-02 2-CD: The masterworks of the two tragic modern jazz figures.
DRCD 11181 NOONE, JIMMIE AT THE APEX CLUB 30-03-02 The 25 masterwoks recorded by the Jimmie Noone Apex Club Orchestra. Chronological edition of these historical recordings. A very personal tone wich anticipated the Swing clarinet.
DRCD 11206 NOONE, JIMMIE COMPLETE RECORDINGS 30-03-02 4-CD: Chronological collection of all the anticipator of the Swing clarinet recordings.
DRCD 11128 NORVO, RED EL ROJO: The Complete Keynote Recordings And More 30-03-02 Definitive edition of the Red Norvo recordings with small groups for Keynote & Capitol labels in 1944 and 1947, plus four titles by his 1947 unconventional big band. Only master takes.
DRCD 11150 OST NEW ORLEANS: The Complete Soundtrack Plus Additional Recordings 30-03-02 Definitive edition of the original tracks recorded by the two jazz legends in Hollywood for the Arthur Lubin production New Orleans.
DRCD 11230 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE BIRD AT ST.NICK 17-05-04 This release features all of the music recorded at the historic 1950 concert at St Nick s, plus 8 tracks recorded on 1948 at the Three Deuces
With Miles Davis, Al Haig, Tommy Potter, Duke Jordan, Max Roach. Time:67.44.
DRCD 11216 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE BIRD IN SWEDEN 30-03-02 All the studio and live dates recorded during the Bird tour in the Scandinavian country.
DRCD 11183 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE CHRONOLOGICAL SAVOY & DIAL SESSIONS 13-07-02 4-CD: Definitive edition with the better sound ever and track by track pitch correction.
DRCD 11149 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE DIAL MASTERS 30-03-02 2-CD: Definitive edition of Parker recordings for the Savoy label on 1944-1948 (only master takes), plus the legendary Carnegie Hall concert from september 29, 1947. Only master takes.
DRCD 11152 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE DIAL SESSIONS 30-03-02 4-CD: Definitive edition of all the Parker recordings for the Dial label, including masters and alternates in chronological order.
With complete and updated discography.
DRCD 11184 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE SAVOY & DIAL SESSIONS 30-03-02 4-CD: Definitive edition with the better sound ever and track by track pitch correction.
DRCD 11229 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE ONYX RECORDINGS 17-05-04 2-CD: This double edition features all the Bird sessions recorded by Dean Benedetti at the Onyx Club on 1948. With Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, Tommy Potter, Max Roach, Carmen McRae. Time: 2:14:12.
DRCD 11242 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE PERSHING CLUB SETS 22-02-03 This release features the complete Pershing session recordings, taken from three separate live performances at the Pershing Hotel Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois. All three of these sessions took place in October of 1950.
DRCD 44402 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE CHRONOLOGICAL SAVOY & DIAL SESSIONS 30-03-02 8-CD: Definitive edition with the better sound ever and track by track pitch correction.
DRCD 11153 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE SAVOY LIVE 30-03-02 4-CD: Definitive edition of all the Parker live recordings published by the Savoy label featuring Miles Davis, Kenny Dorham, Dizzy Gillespie, Al Haig, Max Roach, among others. With complete and updated discography.
DRCD 11140 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE SAVOY MASTERS 30-03-02 2-CD: Definitive edition of Parker recordings for the Savoy label on 1944-1948 (only master takes), plus the legendary Carnegie Hall concert from September 29, 1947. Only master takes.
DRCD 11148 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE SAVOY SESSIONS 30-03-02 4-CD: Definitive edition of all the Parker recordings for the Savoy label, including masters and alternates in chronological order. With complete and updated discography.
DRCD 11187 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE VERVE LATIN SIDE 30-03-02 Featuring Chico O Farrill arrangements performed by Machito and His Orchestra.
DRCD 11186 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE GREATEST VERVE BOP QUINTETS 21-06-01 Featuring Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, John Lewis.
DRCD 11185 PARKER, CHARLIE COMPLETE VERVE MASTERS WITH STRINGS 30-03-02 24 tracks recorded in studio and at Carnegie Hall.
DRCD 11254 PARKER, CHARLIE LEGENDARY 1952 JAM SESSIONS 22-02-03 This release features two of Bird´s outstanding 1952 dates. The first session was recorded in early June at the Norman Granz Jam Session in Hollywood. The second was at Jazz At Midnight Jam Session in the Howard Theater, Washington DC. Ben Webster, Benny Carter, Johnny Hodges, Oscar Peterson, Kai Winding, Zoot Sims.
DRCD 11108 PARKER, CHARLIE ORNITHOLOGY: Rare Recordings 30-03-02 The master takes recorded by Charlie Parker alongside Tiny Grimes, Rubberlegs Williams, Trummy Young, Slim Gaillard and Earl Coleman, plus other sessions with Lucky Thompson and Dodo Marmarosa.
DRCD 11106 PARKER, CHARLIE QUASIMODO: The Dial Sessions 30-03-02 The fabulous Charlie Parker master takes featuring Howard McGhee or Miles Davis recorded in 1946-1947, with Wardell Gray, Dodo Marmarosa, J.J. Johnson and others.
DRCD 11107 PARKER, CHARLIE THE STREET BEAT 30-03-02 Legendary Charlie Parker master takes recorded in 1945-1946 with Al Haig, Tadd Dameron, Sarah Vaughan and others, plus occasional sessions led by Red Norvo and Sir Charles Thompson.
DRCD 11146 PARKER, CHARLIE & LESTER YOUNG COMPLETE JATP PERFORMANCES 30-03-02 2-CD: The fabulous concert performances of the giants Charlie Parker and Lester Young playing joints on concerts between 1946-1947, with Howard McGhee, Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Eldridge, Charlie Ventura, Coleman Hawkins, Flip Phillips, Mel Powell, Hank Jones, etc.
DRCD 11105 PARKER, CHARLIE & MILES DAVIS BLUE BIRD: Legendary Savoy Sessions 30-03-02 The master takes made by the Charlie Parker Quartet featuring Miles Davis between 1945 and 1948 with Bub Powell, John Lewis, Max Roach and others.
DRCD 11217 PEPPER, ART COMPLETE 1947-1951 SMALL GROUP STUDIO RECORDINGS 11/05/02 All his sessions with great West Coast leaders: Eddie Safranski, Babs Gonzales, Shorty Rogers, Shelly Manne.
DRCD 11218 PEPPER, ART COMPLETE DISCOVERY-SAVOY MASTER TAKES 11/05/02 All his recordings for the famous. Only master takes.
DRCD 11228 PEPPER, ART COMPLETE KENTON'S CAPITOL STUDIO RECORDINGS: Those Kenton Days 29-06-02 The Kenton machine at its best!
DRCD 11235 PETERSON TRIO, OSCAR COMPLETE 1952 VERVE STUDIO SESSIONS WITH LESTER YOUNG 22-02-03 Memorable studio date of a great piano virtuoso accompanying the Father of Cool Tenors, the legendary Prez.
DRCD 11201 PHILLIPS, FLIP COMPLETE 1947-1951 VERVE MASTER TAKES 30-03-02 2-CD: All the crucial studio dates with small and medium groups.
DRCD 11145 POWELL, BUD COMPLETE 1946-1949 ROOST-BLUE NOTE-VERVE-SWING MASTERS 30-03-02 Definitive edition of the complete Bud Powell trio masterworks recorded for the Roost, Blue Note and Verve labels in 1947 and 1949, plus two sessions featuring Fats Navarro, Kenny Dorham, Sonny Rollins, Sonny Stitt and others.
DRCD 11130 POWELL/SULLIVAN/WILLIAMS TWO CATS & A MOUSE 30-03-02 Rare and little-known recordings by cats Mel Powell and Joe Sullivan for Capitol label in 1944-1948, plus gems by the mouse Mary Lou Williams recorded in 1944 and 1946.
DRCD 11135 QUEBEC, IKE SWING HI SWING LO: The Complete Blue Note Masters & more 1944-1946 30-03-02 Definitive edition of the Ike Quebec recordings as a leadr for the Blue Note label, plus one Savoy session, recordered between 1944-1946. Only master takes.
DRCD 11166 REINHARDT, DJANGO ALL HIS BEST SWEET & LOWDOWN 30-03-02 2-CD: Absolute masterworks in solo, duo and with the legendary Quintette du Hot Club de France, featuring Stephane Grappelli, Alix Combelle, Andre Ekyan and Hubert Rostaing. The true jazz music wich inspired Woody Allen´s fake movie.
DRCD 11167 REINHARDT, DJANGO & FRIENDS COMPLETE SESSIONS 30-03-02 4-CD: The complete and definitive edition of the studio recordings made with American jazzmen, as soloists and as freelances. Includes all the master takes issued originally and presented in chronological order. First time in any format.
DRCD 11243 ROLLINS, SONNY COMPLETE CAPITOL, SAVOY & BLUE NOTE FEATURE RECORDINGS 10/08/02 All the recordings waxed by Rollins from the beginning of his career as a sideman.
DRCD 11115 SINATRA, FRANK SINGS SY OLIVER ARRANGEMENTS 30-03-02 Definitive edition of the legendary Sy Oliver arrangements for the Tommy Dorsey band with young singer Frank Sinatra, plus bouns titles with Sinatra accompanied by a jazzy rhythm section. First time on CD.
DRCD 11192 TATUM, ART COMPLETE CAPITOL RECORDIN 30-03-02 2-CD: Legendary solo and trio interpretations.
DRCD 11200 TATUM, ART COMPLETE ORIGINAL AMERICAN DECCA RECORDINGS 30-03-02 4-CD: The great Tatum at his most memorable years.
DRCD 11132 TRISTANO, LENNIE SUPERSONIC: A PORTRAIT OF A GENIUS 30-03-02 Outstanding recordings made by the legendary pianist Lennie Tristano with his trions and his small groups featuring Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh in 1946-1949, plus two Metronome All Star titles
DRCD 11268 V/A COLE PORTER SONGBOOK: Top Jazz Artists Performing Cole Porter s Great American Songbook 16-08-04 2-CD: CD 1 - The Vocal Sides; CD 2 - The Instrumental Sides; Featuring Chet Baker, Charlie Parker, Oscar Peterson, Charlie Shavers & Urbie Green, Stan Kenton Orchestra, Oscar Moore Trio, Bobby Hackett, Bud Powell, Jack Sheldon, Tal Farlow, Ben Webster & Coleman Hawkins, Ralph Burns Orchestra, Clifford Brown, Thad Jones.
DRCD 11182 V/A FROM SPIRITUALS TO SWING 30-03-02 2-CD: Big Bill Broonzy - Vocals/ Big Joe Turner - Vocals/ Golden Gate Quartet/ Albert Ammons - Piano/ Count Basie - Piano/ Charlie Christian - Guitar (Electric)/ Buck Clayton - Trumpet/ Ida Cox - Vocals/ Harry "Sweets" Edison - Trumpet/ Benny Goodman - Clarinet/ Freddie Green - Guitar/ Lionel Hampton - Vibraphone/ Helen Humes - Vocals/ Pete Johnson - Piano/ Jo Jones - Drums/ Jimmy Rushing - Vocal/Buddy Tate - Sax (Tenor)/ Lester Young - Clarinet, Sax (Tenor)/ Benny Morton - Trombone/ Joe Sullivan - Piano/ Walter Page - Bass/ Bull City Red - Washboard/ Tommy Ladnier - Trumpet/ Sidney Bechet - Sax (Soprano)/ Shad Collins - Trumpet/ Nick Fatool - Piano, Drums/ Fletcher Henderson - Piano/ P.L. Johnson/ Meade "Lux" Lewis - Piano/ Dan Minor - Trombone/ Sonny Terry - Harmonica, Vocals/ Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Guitar, Vocals/ Leonard Ware - Guitar (Electric)/ Earle Warren - Sax (Alto)/ Jack Washington - Sax (Baritone)/ Dicky Wells - Trombone/ Willie Johnson - Bass (Vocal)/ Henry Owens - Tenor (Vocal)/ Benny Goodman Sextet/ Count Basie Orchestra/ Ed Lewis - Trumpet/ William Langford - Tenor (Vocal)/ The New Orleans Feetwarmers/ Arlandus Wilson - Bass (Vocal)/ Arthur Bernstein - Bass/ Sam Bryant - Bass/ Louis David - Baritone/ William C. Brown - Tenor (Vocal)/ Kansas City Five/ Kansas City Six/ Mitchell's Christian Singers/ James P. Johnson & his Orchestra - Piano
DRCD 11269 V/A GEORGE GERSHWIN SONGBOOK: Top Jazz Artist Performing Gershwin´s Great American Songbook 16-08-04 2-CD: The Vocal Sides - CD 1- The Instrumental Sides - CD 2; Featuring Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker, Carmen McRae, Dick Haymes, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Dinah Washington, Mel Tormé, Lee Wiley, Fred Astaire, Chris Connor, Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughan&
DRCD 11202 VENTURA, CHARLIE COMPLETE 1951-1952 VERVE QUARTET & QUINTET STUDIO RECORDINGS 30-03-02 All the small group recordings by the inventor of Bop.
DRCD 11259 WALKER, T-BONE COMPLETE 1950-54 RECORDINGS 17-05-04 2-CD: Including classics hits. Total Time: 139 mins
DRCD 11114 WATERS, ETHEL TAKIN' A CHANCE ON LOVE: The Complete Bluebird Session & More 30-03-02 The definitive edition of the Ethel Waters recordings made for the Bluebird label in 1938-1939, plus a 1940 session and four outstanding 1946 versions of his most celebrated hits.
DRCD 11189 WEBSTER, BEN COMPLETE 1943-1951 SMALL GROUP RECORDINGS 30-03-02 3-CD: The legendary King of the Swing Tenors at his very best and inspired period.
DRCD 11256 WEBSTER, BEN COMPLETE 1953 LEADER STUDIO SESSIONS 11/10/03 Featuring the complete 1953 studio sessions with Ben Webster as a leader for Verve & Mercury. Includes 3 dates featuring: Harry Sweets Edison, Benny Carter, Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Barney Kessel, Milt Hinton, Jo Jones & others. Includes Bonus Tracks
DRCD 11157 WILEY, LEE MANHATTAN NIGHTS: The Complete Golden Years Studio Sessions 30-03-02 4-CD: Worldwide first issue of all the songs recorded by the legendary, distinctive singer from her debut in 1931 to 1951. Includes her pioneer songbooks dedicated to works of the leading american popular composers. A glorious tribute to a forgotten lady. Carefully remastered.
DRCD 11139 YOUNG, LESTER ALADDIN SESSIONS 1 30-03-02 2-CD: Definitive edition of Young recordings for the Aladdin label (1945-1947). Includes the sessions with Nat King Cole (1942) and Helen Humes (1945). Only master takes.
DRCD 11151 YOUNG, LESTER COMPLETE SAVOY MASTERS 30-03-02 Definitive edition of the complete Young recordings for the Savoy label made between 1944-1949. Only master takes.
DRCD 11117 YOUNG, LESTER JAMMIN' THE BLUES 30-03-02 Definitive edition of the 1942 soundtrack with Harry Edison, Barney Kessel, Illinois Jacquest, plus 1946 recordings JATP concerts with Dizzy Gillispie, Charlie Ventura, Mel Powell, Kenny Kersey, etc.
DRCD 11118 YOUNG, LESTER KANSAS CITY SWING: The Complete Commodore, Signature & Keynote sessions 30-03-02 Definitive edition of the recordings made by Lester Young in 1938-1944 for the legendary Commodore, Signature and Keynote labels. Only master takes.
DRCD 11116 YOUNG, LESTER LESTER DREAMS 30-03-02 Evergreen recordings made by the legendary tenor saxophonist between 1936-1944 with Basie small groups.
DRCD 11119 YOUNG, LESTER THE BE-BOP DAYS 30-03-02 The living testament of Lester s appearances with his group at Broadway celebrated Royal Roost Club featuring Roy Haynes, Kai Winding, Allen Eager, Hank Jones and Ella Fitzgerald.
DRCD 11141 YOUNG, LESTER & NAT KING COLE COMPLETE RECORDINGS 30-03-02 Definitive edition of the recordings made joint by Nat King Cole and Lester Young on two studio dates and one transcription of the Jubilee broadcasting program.
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