Маленький Американский Лэйбл, основан в 1998 году группой джазовых музыкантов. Выпускает записи Creative Jazz, Avant-Garde. Цена на диски оправдано высока (ориентировочно 18у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует прекрасное качество звучания и оригинальный фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Title RelDate Comment
CRYP116.2 Amendola,Scott Cry 25.02.03 Drums w/Nels Cline - Guitar/ Carla Bozulich - Vocals/ Eric Crystal - Saxophone/ Todd Sickafoose - Bass (Acoustic)/ Jenny Scheinman - Violin
CRYP114.2 Bendian,Gregg / Gauthier Goatette,Jeff Bone Structure 25.02.03 Piano, Drums, Glockenspiel - Synthesis of electric fusion jazz and instrumental prog rock, with an additional touch of free improv.
CRYP110.2 Cline,Alex Constant Flame 31.07.01 Synthesizer, Percussion, Autoharp, Kantele - Voice of Aina Kemanis, with violins provided by Jeff Gauthier, Michael Elizondo's bass, G.E. Stinson's guitar and Wayne Peet's keyboards to accompany the massive percussion, synthesizer and string skills of Cline (on kantele and autoharp).
CRYP106.2 Cline,Alex / Gauthier,Jeff / Stinson, G.E. Other Shore 30.05.00 Nine improvisations by guitarist G.E. Stinson, electric violinist Jeff Gauthier, and percussionist Alex Cline
CRYP102.2 Cline,Alex Ensemble Sparks Fly Upward 06.04.99 Mysterious, angelic voices of Aina Kemanis. Alex Cline, plays percussion and kantele (Finnish board zither), Wayne Peet - Keyboards, Jeff Gauthier - Violin & G.E. Stinson - Guitar (Electric)
CRYP113.2 Cline,Nels -Singers Instrumentals 26.03.02 Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Baritone) w/drummer and loops/processing whiz Scott Amendola and bassist Devin Holt
CRYP105.2 Cline,Nels Inkling 30.05.00 w/bass wizard Mark Dresser, drummer Billy Mintz, and downtown legend Zeena Parkins on electric and acoustic harp.
CRYP111.2 Dresser,Mark Aquifer 19.02.02 Double Bass, Contrabass, Giffus w/Matthias Ziegler - Alto, Bass, Flute, Flute (Alto), Flute (Bass), Flute (Soprano), Piccolo, Double Bass, Contrabass Flute & Denman Maroney - Piano Effects, Prepared Piano
CRYP104.2 Dresser,Mark / Uitti,Frances-Marie Uitti Sonomondo 14.03.00 Contrabassist Mark Dresser and cellist Frances-Marie Uitti are both respected members of the avant-garde and improvisational music establishment.
CRYP118.2 Friedlander,Erik Quake 03.06.03 Erik Friedlander - Cello w/Andy Laster - Sax (Alto) & Stomu Takeishi - Bass (Electric), Guitar (Bass), Bass (Acoustic)
CRYP112.2 Gauthier Goatette,Jeff Mask 26.03.02 Violin w/brothers Alex and Nels Cline on drums and guitars respectively, pianist David Witham, and bassist Joel Hamilton
CRYP109.2 Liebig,Steuart Pomegranate 31.07.01 6-String Bass, Contrabass Guitar w/drummer Alex Cline, violinist Jeff Gauthier, trombonist Scott Ray, John Fumo on trumpet, and Ellen Burr on flute
CRYP107.2 Preston,Don Transformation 06.03.01 Piano, Vocals w/Alex Cline - Percussion, Drums & Joel Hamilton - Bass
CRYP117.2 Ray,Scot Quintet Active Vapor Recovery 03.06.03 Trombone w/Nels Cline - Guitar (Electric)/ Alex Cline - Percussion, Drums/ Jeff Gauthier - Violin (Electric)/ Steuart Liebig - Contrabass Guitar
CRYP103.2 V/A Music of Eric Von Essen 1 14.03.00 Pianists Alan Pasqua and Alan Broadbent lead trios on two tracks apiece. "Pasqua", with Dave Carpenter on bass and Peter Erskine on drums, uses an urgent ticktock to a light beat under a languid, beauteous piano melody on "Silvana," while "Blues For Carin'" is an easily swung, ultra-melodic number with "Pasqua" using Chick Corea or Thelonious Monk-like techniques.
CRYP108.2 V/A Music of Eric Von Essen 2 06.03.01 A composer of straight modern jazz tunes to gypsy blues-jazz to pop to pieces that border on theater and classical music, von Essen was nothing if not a lover of diverse musics, and well-versed in their compositional vocabularies.
CRYP115.2 V/A Music of Eric Von Essen 3 25.06.02 Nels Cline - Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Classical), Guitar (12 String Acoustic)/ Peter Erskine - Drums/ Stacy Rowles - Trumpet, Flugelhorn/ Tom Garvin - Piano/ Putter Smith - Bass/ Kate McGarry - Vocals/ Steve Cardenas - Guitar (Electric)/ Dave Carpenter - Bass/ Alex Cline - Percussion, Drums/ Scott Colley - Bass/ Ken Filiano - Bass/...
CRYP101.2 Wrate,Jeanette / Norther Light Echoes of a Northern Sky 06.04.99 Drums, Gong, Vocals, Whistle (Human) w/Alex Cline - Kantele/ Jeff Gauthier - Violin, Electric Violin/ George McMullen - Didjeridu/ Craig Ochikubo - Piano, Keyboards/ Anders Swanson - Contrabass
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