Маленький Английский Blues/Jazz Лэйбл (London). Цена дисков достаточно высока (ориентировочно 17у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует отличное качество звучания и оригинальный фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Titel Reldate Comment
BDV 9503 ARGUELLES, JULIAN HOME TRUTH 06.11.03 Julian Argüelles, tenor & soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, Mike Walker, guitar, Steve Swallow, electric bass, Martin France, drums
BDV 9614 ARGUELLES, JULIAN SCAPES Julian Argüelles, saxophones, bass clarinet, keyboards, recorders, flutes, handclaps; Steve Argüelles, drums, percussion
BDV 9719 ARGUELLES, JULIAN SKULL VIEW Julian Argüelles, saxophones; Mark Bassey, trombone; Django Bates, tenor horn; Iain Dixon, reeds; Martin France, drums; Mario Laginha, piano; Mike Walker, guitar; Steve Watts, bass
BDV 9402 ARGUELLES, STEVE BLUE MOON IN A FUNCTION ROOM Steve Arguelles, Billy Jenkins, Stuart Hall, Steve Watts
BDV 9406 ARGUELLES, STEVE BUSY LISTENING 23.09.03 Steve Argüelles, drums and percussion; Julian Argüelles, saxophones; Huw Warren, accordion; Stuart Hall, guitar and violin; Mick Hutton, bass
BDV 9823 ARGUELLES, STEVE CIRCUIT Steve Argüelles, drums; Julian Argüelles, alto and baritone saxophone; Stuart Hall, violin, guitar, pedal steel; Huw Warren, accordion; Steve Watts, double bass
BDV 9716 ARGUELLES, STEVE/THE RECYCLERS VISIT Steve Argüelles, drums; Benoît Delbecq, piano; Noël Akchoté, guitar
BDV 2341 ARTHUR'S CENTRIPEDE, TOM CENTRIPEDE 20.10.03 Tom Arthurs - trumpet, flugelhorn; Ingrid Laubrock - saxes; Jez Franks - guitar; Max de Wardener - acoustic bass; Tim Giles- drums
BDV 2131 AZILUT! TO THE POWER OF 3 24.01.03 Julie Sassoon - piano; Bart van Helsdingen - drums/steelpan; Lothar Ohlmeier - tenor sax/soprano sax/bass clarinet
BDV 2234 BOLTON GROUP, RICHARD CITY LIFE (BALLADS IN FUNK) 06.11.03 Richard Bolton - guitar; James Knight - alto sax; Mike Gorman - piano, organ; Thad Kelly: acoustic and electric bass; Mike Pickering: drums
BDV 9925 BUCKLEY, STEVE/CHRIS BATCHELOR LIFE AS WE KNOW IT 09.04.99 Steve Buckley, saxophones, whistles, clarinets and percussion; Chris Batchelor, trumpet, tenor horn, tuba and percussion; Paul Clarvis, drums and percussion; Mark Sanders, drums and percussion
BDV 9405 DONALDSON, JOHN MEETING IN BROOKLYN John Donaldson, piano; Iain Ballamy, saxophones; Ray Drummond, bass; Victor Lewis, drums
BDV 2328 DISORDER ON THE BORDER VOL.1 06.11.03 Charlie Hart, fiddle and vocals; Gary Rickard, guitar and vocals; Geraint Watkins: accordian and vocals
BDV 9504 FASIRHURST, RICHARD HUNGRY ANTS 31.01.96 Richard Fairhurst, piano; Iain Ballamy, tenor & soprano saxophone; Osian Robert, tenor & soprano saxophone; Steve Watts, bass; Tim Giles drums
BDV 9824 FASIRHURST, RICHARD/HUNGRY ANTS FORMIC Richard Fairhurst, Rob Townsend, Tim Harries, Tim Giles
BDV 2133 HUNGRY ANTS MYRMIDONS 31.12.99 Richard Fairhurst - piano, Rhodes, and synths; Rob Townsend (tenor/soprano sax, flute and WX11/ Tim Harries - bass; Tim Giles - drums, electric percussion and whistle. With special guest ant: Stuart Hall - pedal steel and electric guitar
ECCD002 HKIPPERS GUTTED Dave Berry, bass, bass guitar, tuba, vocals; Paul Bradley, guitar (unrefined), vocals; John Eacott, trumpet, euphonium, vocals; Sarah Homer, clarinet, whistles, soprano saxophone, vocals; Steve Parr, percussion (horticultural); John Parricelli, guitar (refined), banjo; Dai Pritchard, clarinets, trumpet, piccolo, flute, vocals; Andrew Ranken, drums, vocals; Stephen Warbeck, accordion, piano, mandolin, vocals
BDV 9401 JENKINS, BILLY ENTERTAINMENT USA Billy Jenkins, guitar; Martin Speake, alto sax; Steve Watts, double bass; Roy Dodds, drums; with contributions from : Tony Messenger, voice of Ollie & Elvis; John Eacott, trumpet; Mark Lockheart, tenor sax; John Harborne, trombone; Django Bates, keyboards; Huw Warren, accordion & cello; Dawson, Manson perc; Martin France, ride cymbal; Tina G, Suzie M, Lindy Lou and Lol Graves, backing vocals
BDV 9615 JENKINS, BILLY S.A.D. 06.11.03 Billy Jenkins, guitar; vocals; Whispering Gerry Tighe, harmonicas; Thad Kelly, bass; Mike Pickering, drums; with Dave Ramm, Suzy M, Tina G, Peter Mead, Tony Messenger, The Fun Horns of Berlin
BDV 9926 JENKINS, BILLY SUBURBIA 06.11.03 Billy Jenkins; Mark Lockheart, saxophones; Dave Ramm, keybords; Steve Watts, bass; Martin France, Roy Dodds, drums; String Quartet - David Le Page, Matt Sharp, Nell Catchpole, Chris Allen (Gogmagogs);
The Fun Horns of Berlin (on 2); Tony Messenger (on 1); Kit Packham, baritone saxophone (on 8); Steve Noble, drums (on 2); Huw Warren, piano (on 2); vocalists.
BDV 9717 JENKINS, BILLY STILL&SOUNDS LIKE BROMLEY Billy Jenkins, guitar, keyboards, sitar, voice; Iain Ballamy, alto, tenor, saxophone, Game Boy; Claude Deppa, trumpet; Roland Bates, trombone; David Vine, steel pan; Davey Williams, electric guitar; Mike Mondesir, electric bass; Steve Watts, double bass; Martin France, drumkit
BDV 9821 JENKINS, BILLY TRUE LOVE COLLECTION Billy Jenkins, vocals, sidecar guitar; Iain Ballamy, saxophones; Christine Tobin, vocals; Django Bates, keyboards; Dave Ramm, keyboards; Steve Watts, double bass; Mike Pickering, sidecar drumkit; Martin France, drumkit, with contributions from Steve Noble, turntabled BJ vinyl on 3; Tony Messenger, girly backing vocals on 15; The Fun Horns of Berlin (Volker Schlott, a.sax; Thomas Klemm, t.sax; Rainer Brennecke, trumpet; Jorg Huke, trombone
BDV 9601 JENKINS, BILLY/FUN HORNS EAST AND WEST NOW WEAR THE SAME VEST 30.04.96 Billy Jenkins, Steve Watts, Huw Warren, Dave Ramm, Steve Noble, Roy Dodds, The Fun Horns: Volker Schott, Thomas Klemm, Jörg Huke, Rainer Brennecke
BDV 9502 JENKINS, BILLY/FUN HORNS MAYFEST '94 Billy Jenkins, guitar; Steve Watts, double bass; Martin France, drumkit; Huw Warren, keyboards; The Fun Horns: Volker Schott, alto/soprano sax; Thomas Klemm, tenor sax/flute; Jörg Huke, trombone; Rainer Brennecke, trumpet
VOTP 921 JENKINS, BILLY/VOICE OF GOD COLLECTIVE FIRST AURAL ART COLLECTION This is a sampler put together by fans of the original releases by Billy Jenkins on cassette and vinyl.
BDV 9404 JENKINS, BILLY/VOICE OF GOD COLLECTIVE SCRATCHES OF SPAIN Billy Jenkins, guitar; Iain Ballamy, saxophones; Steve Watts, bass; Roy Dodds, drums; John Eacott, Chris Batchelor, Skid Solo, trumpets; Dai Pritchard, clarinet; Ashley Slater, David Jago, trombones; Django Bates, keyboards; Jimmy Haycraft, vibraphone; Jo Westcott, cello; Tim Matthewman, electric bass; Simon Edwards, acoustic bass; Dawson, percussion; Davo Cooke, guitar; Steve Argüelles, percussion
BDV 9822 LEIGHTON-THOMAS, NICKY DAMNED IF I DO Nicki Leighton-Thomas, voice; Clive Bell, shakuhachi; Roy Dodds, drums; Ken Foley, guitar; Mat Fox, dulcimer; Gary Hammond, percussion; Mick Hutton, bass; Rob Levy, bass; Dave O'Higgins, tenor saxophone; Dave Palmer, trombone; Mark Ramsden, alto saxophone; Frank Schaefer, cello; Ian Shaw, vocals; Paul Stacey, guitar; Simon Wallace, piano; Hammond organ, Steve Waterman, trumpet
BDV 9612 ORQUESTRA MAHATRNA THE YOUNG PERSONS GUIDE Paul Clarvis, percussion; Stuart Hall, guitars, violin; Thad Kelly, bass
BDV 2029 PARTISANS SOURPUSS 02.05.03 Julian Siegel - Tenor & Soprano Sax, Clarinet & Bass Clarinet. Percussion; Phil Robson - guitars; Gene Calderazzo - drums;Thaddeus Kelly - bass
BDV 2235 ROBSON, PHIL IMPISH 31.12.99 Phil Robson: guitar; Dave Whitford - bass; Asaf Sirkis - drums; Special guest: John Taylor - piano
BDV 9403 SHAKEDOWN CLUB SHAKEDOWN CLUB Steve Noble, drums, percussion, mbira, turntables, saw, bugle, harmonica; Billy Jenkins, guitar, keyboard, Scalextric cars, hairdriers; Roberto Bellatalla, double bass
BDV 9501 TOBIN, CHRISTINE AILILIU Christine Tobin, voice; Huw Warren, piano & accordion; Steve Watts, double bass; Roy Dodds, drums; Steve Buckley, penny whistles; Ben Davis, cello; John Parricelli, guitar; Mike Pickering, drums; Phil Robson, guitar
BDV 2028 TOBIN, CHRISTINE DEEP SONG 05.05.00 Christine Tobin - voice; Phil Robson - guitar; Peter Herbert - bass; Billy Hart - drums; Mark Turner - tenor saxophone
BDV 9820 TOBIN, CHRISTINE HOUSE OF WOMEN Christine Tobin, voice; Iain Ballamy, saxophones; Paul Clarvis, drums, percussion; Huw Warren, piano; Mike Pickering, drums; Phil Robson, guitar, saz; Steve Watts, bass
BDV 2327 TOBIN, CHRISTINE YOU DRAW THE LINE 23.09.03 Christine Tobin, voice; Phil Robson, guitar; Liam Noble, piano; Jeremy brown, bass; Chris Higginbottom/ Steve Arguelles (drums)
BDV 9613 TOBIN, CHRISTINE YELL OF THE GAZELLE Christine Tobin, voice; Huw Warren, piano, accordion; Steve Watts, bass; Roy Dodds, drums.
With Django Bates, tenor horn; Steve Buckley, alto saxophone, bass clarinet; John Parricelli, guitar; Don Paterson, guitar; Phil Robson, guitar
BDV 2130 V/A WE ALL EAT FOOD Steve Buckley (reeds), Chris Batchelor (trumpet), Mark Sanders (drums), Paul Clarvis (drums, percussion), Julian Argüelles (saxophones), Mark Bassey (trombone), Django Bates (tenor horn), Iain Dixon (bass clarinet), Martin France (drums) Mario Laginha (piano), Mike Walker (guitar), Steve Watts (bass), Stephen Warbeck (accordion), Paul Bradley (guitar, vocals), Sarah Homer (clarinet), Dai Pritchard (clarinets, saxophone, trumpet), John Eacott (trumpet), Dave Barry (bass), Steve Parr (percussion), John Parricelli (guitar), Andrew Ranken (drums), Billy Jenkins (guitar), Benoît Delbecq (piano), Steve Argüelles (drums), Noël Akchoté (guitar), Huw Warren (piano, accordion),...
BDV 9718 WARREN, HUW BARREL ORGAN FAR FROM HOME 20.10.03 Huw Warren, piano, accordion; Steve Argüelles, drums, percussion, Bull horn; Steve Buckley, whistles, alto sax, bass clarinet; Ben Davis, cello; Maria Lamburn, viola; Mark Lockheart, soprano and tenor sax; Dudley Philips, bass; Sonia Slany, violin; Pete Whyman, C clarinet
BDV 2132 WARREN, HUW INFINITE RICHES IN A LITTLE ROOM 06.11.03 Huw Warren: piano, keyboards
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