Маленький Американский Лэйбл, выпускает Jazz, Celtic, World, Guitar Music. Цена на диски вполне доступна (ориентировочно 16у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует отличное качество звучания и оригинальный фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Title RelDate Comment
ART896.2 Alberti,John Implication & Innuendo 26.08.97 Arranger w/Robben Ford - Guitar/ Ben Bridges - Guitar/ Bob Howell - Sax (Tenor)/ Jeff Lee - Guitar/ Tony Desantis - Trumpet/ Tim Ponzek - Piano, Keyboards, Horn Arrangements/...
ART2106.4 Barnes,Linn & Hampton,Allison Dark Island 20.01.93 Celtic Fusion, 1989 Recordings: Linn Barnes - Guitar, Arranger, Lute, Producer, Performer, Liner Notes, Uillean Pipes, Bowed Psaltery & Allison Hampton - Arranger, Lute, Producer, Performer, Liner Notes, Celtic Harp
ART2107.2 Barnes,Linn & Hampton,Allison Spiral Castle 01.12.95 Jazz
ART2108.2 Barnes,Linn & Hampton,Allison Sylvan Court 16.11.95 w/Tony Ames - Percussion, Drums, Triangle/ Stephen Sobel - Cittern/ Dusty Strings - Harp
ART2109.2 Barnes,Linn & Hampton,Allison Moonlight 01.12.95 Celtic Fusion
ART2111.2 Barnes,Linn & Hampton,Allison Ireland 11.03.97 w/Dusty Strings - Celtic Harp/ C.F. Martin - Guitar
ART397.2 Coffin,Jeff Outside the Lines 11.03.97 Sax (Tenor)
ART1291 CHRISTIE, ANGELLA WALK WITH ME 30.07.90 Gospel saxophonist
ART398.2 Jones,Tommy Tide Pool 17.03.98 Guitar w/Larry Carlton and Chet Atkins/&
ART693.2 Kirsch,Billy Southern Fried 16.04.95 Piano w/Barry Kirsch - Keyboards
ART128.2 Levine,Elliot Urban Grooves 13.05.97 Keyboards, Keyboard Bass, Sampled Bass w/Johnny Long - Saxophone/ Stan Cooper - Guitar/&
ART5502.2 Mize,Bill Smoky Mountain Music 28.10.97 2CD; New Age, This two-CD set is simply Mize's two previous albums, "Sugarlands" and "Tender Explorations".
ART1001.2 Mize,Bill Sugarlands 09.01.97 Debut album of solo acoustic guitar demonstrates clearly the technique and passion that led to his win at the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship in Winfield, Kansas. His original compositions are often quite simple, reminiscent of children's songs and Appalachian melodies in their tunefulness, but he is able to expand on original ideas with harmonics and bass lines that make the songs rich and full.
ART192.2 Pessoa,Jesse Sound of Brazil 16.04.95 Latin Jazz, Harp
ART199.2 Richmond,Lewis Lake of No Shore 23.02.99 Piano
ART494.2 Timeline Edge of Time 16.04.95 Fred Selden - Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet (Bass), Flute (Alto), Keyboards, Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
ART295.2 V/A Artifex Jazz Sampler 27.04.95 Nancee Kahler/ Elliot Levine/ Timeline/ Per Lofgren
ART697.2 V/A Third Coast Jazz Ensemble 15.07.97 Barry Green - Guitar/ Brent Mason - Guitar/ Pete Huttlinger - Guitar/ Terry Wedding - Guitar/&
ART692.2 V/A Third Coast Jazz Sampler 27.07.92 Matt Rollings/ Mark Douthit/ Barry Green/ Sam Levine/ Mike Morris
ART10006.2 Viento de los Andes Reflections 20.07.99 Rodrigo Rodriguez - Bass, Guitar, Percussion/ Edwin "Eddie Ed" Ramos - Zamponas & Freddie Sandoval - Keyboards
ART10007.2 Viento de los Andes Impressions 01.06.99 Rodrigo Rodriguez - Bass, Guitar, Percussion/ Edwin "Eddie Ed" Ramos - Zamponas & Freddie Sandoval - Keyboards
ART10005.2 Viento de los Andes Sanjuanitos 20.07.99 Edwin "Eddie Ed" Ramos - Zamponas & Freddie Sandoval - Keyboards
ART396.2 West,Edison Lipstick Sunset 09.01.97 New Age
ART789.2 York,Andrew Perfect Sky 16.04.95 Guitar, 1986 Recordings
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