Небольшой Американский Блюзовый Лэйбл (Austin, Texas). Цена на диски вполне доступна (ориентировочно 15у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует отличное качество звучания и простой фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Titel Reldate Comment
ANT 14 BALL, MARCIA/BARTON, LOU ANN/STREHLI, ANGELA DREAMS COME TRUE 10.05.01 The three women sing with a band led by Dr. John and the session features guest appearances by such luminaries as David "Fathead" Newman and Jimmie Vaughan.
ANT 9 BARTON, LOU ANN READ MY LIPS 10.05.01 On "Read My Lips", she comes home again, via the classic readings of songs from the repertoire of Slim Harpo, Wanda Jackson, Barbara Lynn, Jimmy Reed, Irma Thomas and more! undeniable feel for a song.
ANT 27 BRAMHALL, DOYLE BIRD NEST ON THE GROUND 10.05.01 He is the driver on the drums and has the coolest voice a man can have. His debut record, with special guests Stevie Vaughan, The Memphis Horns, and Jimmie Vaughan
ANT 310 CHAVIS, BOOZOO HEY DO RIGHT! 10.05.01 Zydeco party tunes and Creole dances.
ANT 7 COTTON, JAMES LIVE AT ANTONE'S 10.05.01 Live at Antone's Night Club in Austin w/guitarists Matt Murphy and Luther Tucker, pianist Pinetop Perkins, and Muddy Waters' ex-rhythm section: bassist Calvin Jones and drummer Willie Smith
ANT 15 COTTON, JAMES MIGHTY LONG TIME 10.05.01 Along with versions of his early Memphis hits, Cotton turns out classics by Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Willie Dixon and T-Bone Walker. Featured here are guitar heroes Matt Murphy, Wayne Bennett, Hubert Sumlin and Luther Tucker, also the famed Muddy Waters rhythm section with Calvin Jones, Willie Smith and Pinetop Perkins.
ANT 29 COWDREY, LEWIS IT'S LEWIS 10.05.01 Cowdrey is one of the men responsible for holding real blues together in Austin, Texas
ANT 2 EARL, RONNIE I LIKE IT WHEN IT RAINS 10.05.01 1990 recordings, w/Jerry Portnoy - Harmonica/ Ron Levy - Piano, Vocals/&
ANT 37 FOLEY, SUE BIG CITY BLUES 10.05.01 Sue Foley shows once again that she is more than a young guitar wiz
ANT 306 FOLEY, SUE WALK IN THE SUN 10.05.01 Canadian born Sue Foley continues to prove herself to be a premier guitarist playing the blues today
ANT 25 FOLEY, SUE WITHOUT A WARNING 10.05.01 "Without A Warning" surpasses the expectation level set by her debut, Young Girl Blues
ANT 19 FOLEY, SUE YOUNG GIRL BLUES 10.05.01 features Derek O'Brian, Denny Freeman, Kim Wilson, Pinetop Perkins and a vocal duet with Angela Strehli. 1992 Juno Award nominee (Canadian Grammy).
ANT 43 FORSYTH, GUY CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT 10.05.01 After staking out a musical career that has ranged from warped blues to acoustic '20s pop music, Guy Forsyth returns with his long-awaited third album- "Can You Live Without" solidifying his place as a performer and songwriter with a "calico of influences," both musical and literary.
ANT 39 FORSYTH, GUY NEEDLE GUN 10.05.01 1995 Recordings
ANT 48 FORSYTH, GUY STEAK 12.04.01 The Austin, TX-based singer, harmonica player, guitarist and songwriter serves up 13 prime cuts of deep blues, delving back into the music's roots, and then serving up a banquet of tasty and nutritious tracks that spice up the real blues with a special sauce all Forsyth's own. Joining the Guy Forsyth Band on the album are guests like acoustic blues master Steve James, Don Leady of Austin's Tailgators, and Forsyth's former Asylum Street Spankers bandmates Wammo and Stan Smith.
ANT 58 GOLDBERG, BARRY STONED AGAIN 26.09.02 "Stoned Again", an instrumental visit to the Rolling Stones song catalog by rock/blues/soul veteran Barry Goldberg and some of his esteemed musical friends. This collection of 13 Rolling Stones songs runs from the hits to the obscure gems, all of them delivered with sizzling guitar riffs, hot sax and rollicking keyboards.
ANT 30 JAMES, STEVE AMERICAN PRIMITIVE 09.06.94 w/Danny Barnes (tenor guitar and banjo), Mark Rubin and harpist Gary Primich on some tracks
ANT 309 JAMES, STEVE ART AND GRIT 10.05.01 w/Danny Barnes, Mark Rubin, Gary Primich and guitar virtuoso Rob Brozman
ANT 24 JAMES, STEVE TWO TRACK MIND 10.05.01 Steve James has pursued the philosophy of country blues for most of his life, traveling the nation and picking up licks from first-generation bluesmen. As a result, he can play most any stringed instrument, and is a master of county blues guitar.
ANT 41 JOHNSON, SYL BRIDGE TO LEGACY 26.12.98 Though his musical roots run deep in fertile Chicago blues soil, the uncommonly versatile veteran singer/ guitarist/ harpist, Syl Johnson, is vowing to concentrate on performing soul music -- and, in the process, his career is enjoying a rejuvenation of epic proportion.
ANT 313 KANE, CANDYE DIVA LA GRANDE 07.03.02 Jump blues, rockabilly, and big-band swing
ANT 33 KANE, CANDYE HOME COOKIN' 07.01.01 w/Chris Gaffney - Accordion/ Roy Gaines - Guitar/ Kim Wilson - Vocals/...
ANT 42 LESTER, LAZY ALL OVER YOU 26.12.98 1988 recordings, w/Gene Taylor - Piano/ Sue Foley - Guitar/ Sister Sarah Brown - Bass/ Mike Buck - Drums
ANT 51 LESTER, LAZY BLUES STOP KNOCKIN' 11.10.01 Recorded in Texas, Lester effortlessly evokes his Louisiana roots in a set predominantly consisting of covers that feature his moody harmonica and deep, bluesy sound.
ANT 47 LYNN, BARBARA HOT NIGHT TONIGHT 01.04.00 Including a couple of '60s Stax covers - "Never Found a Man" and "When Something's Wrong" (a/k/a the Sam and Dave hit "When Something Is Wrong with My Baby") and some new originals, all prominently featuring her voice and guitar.
ANT 305 MEMPHIS SLIM/MURPHY, MATT & EDDIE TAYLOR Together Again One More Time/Still Not Ready For Eddie 10.05.01 1990 Release, w/Hubert Sumlin - Guitar/ Snooky Pryor - Harmonica/ Jimmy Rogers - Guitar/ Sunnyland Slim - Piano/...
ANT 35 MORGAN, TEDDY RIDIN' IN STYLE 10.05.01 1994 Recordings
ANT 32 NICHOLAS, JOHNNY THRILL ON THE HILL 10.05.01 1994 Recordings, Piano, Vocal
ANT 45 PERKINS, PINETOP LIVE AT ANTONES VOL.1 10.05.01 1995 live set, recorded at the 20th anniversary of Antone's in Austin, w/bassist Calvin Jones and drummer Willie Smith, plus guests Kim Wilson on harmonica, Rusty Zinn on guitar, and Mark Kazanoff on tenor sax
ANT 20 PERKINS, PINETOP PINETOP'S BOOGIE WOOGIE 10.05.01 1992 recordings, w/harpists James Cotton and Kim Wilson, guitarists Matt Murphy, Jimmy Rogers, Hubert Sumlin, and Duke Robillard
ANT 44 PRICE, TONY LOWDOWN AND UP 01.04.00 Austin blues diva Toni Price teamed up with guitarist/producer Derek O'Brien on this 1999 outing, bringing her formidable chops to bear on a delightful batch of tunes new and old. With brand-name players aboard like Johnny Gimble, Casper Rawls, and Champ Hood handling the majority of the guitar work and Ian McLagen and Dr. John making guest turns on keyboards.
ANT 52 PRICE, TONY MIDNIGHT PUMPKINS 15.12.01 w/fiddler Champ Hood; guitarists Derek O'Brien, Scrappy Jud Newcomb, and Casper Rawls; bassist Frosty Smith; drummer Michael Duffy; David Grissom; and string king James Burton; as well as Tommy Shannon from Double Trouble and Jon Dee Graham.
ANT 28 PRYOR, SNOOKY IN THIS MESS UP TO MY CHEST 10.05.01 w/Hubert Sumlin - Guitar/ Gene Taylor - Piano/ Mel Brown - Guitar/ Pinetop Perkins - Piano/&
ANT 12 ROGERS, JIMMY LUDELLA 10.05.01 1990 Recordings, w/Hubert Sumlin - Guitar/ Kim Wilson - Harmonica/ Pinetop Perkins - Piano/&
ANT 8 SAHM, DOUG JUKE BOX MUSIC 10.05.01 1989 Recordings
ANT 36 SAHM, DOUG LAST REAL TEXAS BLUES BAND 07.01.01 1994 Recordings, Guitar, Piano, Vocals
ANT 26 TUCKER, LUTHER SAD HOURS 10.05.01 This album is more of a memorial to late guitarist Tucker (who died in June 1993) than a solo debut (the tracks were recorded three years before his death).
ANT 307 V/A ANTONE'S 20TH ANNIVERSARY 10.05.01 2CD: w/Buddy Guy/ James Cotton/ Kim Wilson/ Doug Sahm/...
ANT 16 V/A ANTONE'S ANNIVERSARY 31.07.90 w/Snooky Pryor/ Matt "Guitar" Murphy/ Pinetop Perkins/&
ANT 9902 V/A Antone's Women: Bringing You the Best in Blues 10.05.01 1992 Release, w/Angela Strehli / Barton, Lou Ann / Marcia Ball/ Barbara Lynn/ Sue Foley/...
ANT 9905 V/A CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT 31.07.90 w/Doug Sahm/ Snooky Pryor/ Kim Wilson/ Sue Foley/ Candye Kane/ Doyle Bramhall/ Luther Tucker/...
ANT 46 V/A CLIFFORD'S PICKS 10.05.01 w/Marcia Ball/ James Cotton/ Lazy Lester/ Matt "Guitar" Murphy/ Eddie Taylor/ Lou Ann Barton/...
ANT 49 V/A TEXAS BLUES EVOLUTION: YOUNG GUITAR SINGERS 31.05.01 w/Ian McLagan - Organ (Hammond)/ Guy Forsyth - Guitar, Arranger, Vocals/ C.C. Adcock - Guitar, Vocals/ Pete Anderson - Harmonica/...
ANT 312 WHITE, LAVELLE IT HAVEN'T BEEN EASY 10.05.01 CHICAGO BLUES, 1997 Recordings - Woman Vocal
ANT 34 WILSON, KIM THAT'S LIFE 26.06.00 Harmonica, Vocals - w/Duke Robillard - Guitar/ Ronnie Cuber - Horn/ Gene Taylor - Piano/ Larry Taylor - Bass/...
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