Совсем маленький Американский Avant-Garde/Free Improvisation Лэйбл (Newark). Цена дисков такого уровня просто низкая (ориентировочно 12у.е. в Москве). Диски характеризует отличное качество звучания и фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Titel Reldate Comment
AMPERE 2 BAILEY, DEREK IMPROVISATION 12/4/2004 Reissue of one of the all-time classic derek bailey LP's, recorded during a visit to italy during the mid-70s; Derek Bailey - guitar. recorded at Studi Ricordi, Milano. photos by Roberto Masotti. originally released in 1975 on Cramps Records, diverso n.2. manufactured under license from Andromeda Records.
AMPERE 3 CAGE, JOHN CHEAP IMITATIONS 23/02/04 Originally released in 1977 on Cramps. three compositions performed by Cage himself on march 7th, 1976 at the center for contemporary music, Mills College, Oakland, California, and recorded by "Blue" Gene Tyranny and David Berman. originally composed when Cage was refused permission to use the arrangement for two pianofortes for satie's socrates as the accompaniment of Merce Cuinningham's choreography. re-mastered, and packaged with essays by Tyranny, Daniel Charles, and Cage (one of which is a cleverly assembled fantasy communication between he and satie originally written and published in art news annual in 1958).
AMPERE 6 CAGE, JOHN EMPTY WORDS (PART III) 23/02/04 2-CD: Empty words is something of an epic in reverse, a vocal exercise divided into four distinct parts that gradually break down writings from the Henry David Thoreau Journal of the same name. a two-cd set package with a 32-page booklet loaded with amazing photos. mighty fine
AMPERE 7 CARDEW, CORNELIUS FOUR PRINCIPLES ON IRELAND AND OTHER PIECES (1974) 11/11/2001 Cornelius Cardew - Piano: A reissue of the four principles album originally released in 1975 by political composer and early AMM collaborator Cornelius Cardew. thirteen beautiful solo piano pieces steeped in pianistic traditions and reformulated through the poetry, folk ballads, melodies, and resistance songs of China and Ireland. includes original track notes by Cardew, new liner notes by Virginia Anderson, and previously unpublished photos of Cardew.
AMPERE 5 DUCHAMP, MARCEL/S.E.M. ENSEMBLE ENTIRE MUSICAL WORK OF MARCEL DUCHAMP 20/01/01 French Dadaist Marcel Duchamp was an influential figure in the development of 20th century avant-garde, causing a stir with innovations in the visual arts with his sculpture and painting, but he also utilized chance operations in composing. Starting as a painter influenced by fauvism, Duchamp developed a cubist painting style similar to futurism.
AMPERE 8 FLYNT, HENRY GRADUATION & OTHER NEW COUNTRY AND BLUES MUSIC 21/10/01 Henry Flynt - Violin, Vocals: Collects material recorded between 1975 and 1979 by Henry Flynt. His intent was to release an album of avant-garde hillbilly music in 1980, but the project was shelved until the record label Ampersand dusted it down in 2001. The music is enlightened by Flynt's virtuoso fiddling. Uncredited musicians provide drums, bass, rhythm guitar, slide guitar, and occasional saxophone and organ.
AMPERE 1 GRILLO, FERNANDO FLUVINE 12/4/2004 Fernando Grillo - Double Bass: Originally released as part of cramps' diverso series in 1976, grillo's fluvine has long been regarded as an important and influential audio document by netherworld artists like nurse with wound. karlheinz stockhausen dubbed him the "buddha of the contrabass," and avant garde heavy hitters iannis xenakis, luciano berio, luigi nono, klaus huber, henri posseur, and iancu dumitrescu have all composed for him. this is the first-ever, fully re-mastered cd issue of grillo's solo explorations of the limits of contrabass. includes several archival photographs, schematic scores, original notes by grillo, and retrospective notes by french composer ana-maria avram. packaged in a standard jewel box with an outer slipcase
AMPERE 4 GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVO CONCONANZA MUSICA SU SCHEMI 23/02/04 Ennio Morricone - Flute, Trumpet/ Egisto Macchi - Percussion, Strings/ Franco Evangelisti - Percussion, Piano/ Giovanni Piazza - Flute, Violin, Horn/ Antonello Neri - Piano, Recorded at Orthophonic recording studio, Rome. photos by Roberto Masotti. originally released in 1976 on Cramps Records, Nova Musicha n.9. manufactured under license from Andromeda Records. direction by Dawson Prater.
AMPERE 12 KNIZAK, MILAN BROKEN MUSIC 3/3/2002 Czech, mostly known in America for his membership in Fluxus in the 1960s-1970s. First released in 1979 on the microscopic label Multhipla, it went by largely unnoticed. Its CD reissue in 2002 by Ampersand forced a reappraisal of Milan Knizak's pioneering work, especially in the wake of his followers Christian Marclay (first non-rap DJ) and Martin Tetreault Electronics). The five pieces presented here all consist of Knizak's modified LPs being played (on one or two turntables it seems). Nothing is sacred: classical music, religious music, jazz, rock, or pop any recorded work is susceptible to be submitted to the torture chamber.
AMPERE 10 KUBISCH, CHRISTINA TEMPO LIQUIDO 23/02/04 Christina Kubisch (Germany) - Flute (Alto), Vocals, Swanee (Slide Whistle): This performance started with a four-channel ambient sound that continued throughout the performance. since there were no sampling possibilities at that time, all of the instruments were recorded solo in the studio on a revox machine. the recordings--one channel for each instrument--were repeated several times in order to create a kind of "mega-loop." the final result was transferred to a four-channel-tape for the performance. the superimposition of the sequences of different durations generate continuous layers of sound with minimal variations: a music that could go on forever.
AMPERE 9 KUBISCH, CHRISTINA TWO & TWO 21/10/01 A cd reissue of the 1976 collaboration between intermedia maverick Fabrizio Plessi and onetime kagel student Kubisch. named in reference to the four elements, the pieces here submerge such diverse instruments as electric vibrator, swannee whistle, waterjet on steel drum, electronic metronome, and contact mic on ventilator in the duo's vast acoustic processes. if you can't do enough for the local electro-clang and dronescape pest, this oughta make the little know-it-all shut up and go away for a while. have a good afternoon.
AMPERE 11 VAGGIONE, HORACIO LA MAQUINA DE CANTAR 23/02/04 Elizabeth Wiener - Electronics & Horacio Vaggione (Argentinian electro-acoustic composer) - Electronics: Recorded at Studi Regson, Milano. produced by Walter Marchetti. photos by Giovanni Giovanelli. originally released in 1978 on Cramps Records, nova musicha n.18. manufactured under license from Andromeda Records. reissue direction by Dawson Prater.
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