Прекрасный Германский Лэйбл (Feldafing). Выпускает Jazz & World Jazz. Ценители звука лэйбла ECM найдут много общего у этих двух лэйблов. Цена на диски (High Quality) соответствует их качеству (ориентировочно 19у.е. в Москве). Диски отличает прекрасное качество звучания и красивый фирменный дизайн.


ITEM Artist Titel Reldate Comment
ACT 92512 Count Basie with New York Voices Live at Manchester Craftsmen's Guild 19.04.97 This lesser-known CD is of great interest, for it features the Count Basie Orchestra (under the direction of Grover Mitchell) in top form and, on four numbers, the New York Voices. The Voices sound perfectly at home, showing off their jazz chops on "Cottontail," "In a Mellow Tone," "Love Makes the World Go Round" and "Farmer's Market." Except for the latter, which has words by Annie Ross, all of the lyrics are by the great Jon Hendricks. Otherwise, the Basie Orchestra (with solos by pianist George Caldwell, trumpeter Bob Ojeda, trombonist Clarence Banks, tenor saxophonist Kenny Hing and a few others) performs spirited versions of their usual repertoire, including "Whirly Bird," "Basie" and "Down for the Count."
ACT 92962 BEIRACH/HUEBNER/MRAZ ROUND ABOUT FEDERICO MOMPOU 08.03.01 Recorded, mixed and mastered December 1999 at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg; Richie Beirach - piano/ Gregor HLbner - violin/ George Mraz - contra-bass
ACT 94122 BEIRACH/HUEBNER/MRAZ ROUND ABOUT MONTEVERDI 01.03.03 Richie Beirach - piano, Gregor Hubner - violin, George Mraz - bass
ACT 94112 BINNEY, DAVID BALANCE 05.09.02 Recorded by Mike Marciano in July / August 2001 at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY; David Binney - Alto &Tenor Saxophone/ Wayne Krantz - Guitar/ Uri Caine - Piano, Synth/ Tim Lefebvre - Bass/ Jim Black - Drums w/Guests:Adam Rogers - Guitar / Fima Ephron - Bass / Donny McCaslin - Tenor Saxophone
ACT 92792 BINNEY, DAVID SOUTH 12.04.01 Recorded at 29. + 30. June 2000 at "Systems Two" Studio, New York; David Binney - alto & oprano saxophone/ Chris Potter - tenor saxophone/ Adam Rodgers - guitars/ Uri Caine - piano/ Scott Colley - bass/ Brian Blade -drums/ Jim Black - drums
ACT 92192 BROOKMEYER, BOB ELECTRICITY 24.09.94 Recorded march 1991 at the WDR Studios Cologne, Germany; The music of celebrated composer Bob Brookmeyer is presented by the WDR Jazz Orchestra, the leading jazz orchestra in Europe. Under the direction of Brookmeyer, the group features John Abercrombie, Dieter Ilg, Danny Gottlieb and Rainer Bruninghaus.
ACT 94082 CARRINGTON, TERRI LYNE JAZZ IS A SPIRIT 14.03.02 Recorded in February 2001 at Master Control Studio, Burbank, CA.; Terri Lyne Carrington, drums/ Herbie Hancock, piano - Greg Kurstin, piano/ Gary Thomas, saxophones/ Wallace Roney, trumpet/ Terence Blanchard, trumpet/ Kevin Eubanks, guitar/ Paul Bollenback, guitar/ Jeff Richman, guitar/- Danny Robinson, guitar/ Bob Hurst, bass / Malcolm-Jamal Warner, bass & spoken word/ Katisse Buckingham, soprano saxophone/ Ed Barguiarena, percussion/- Darryl "Munyungo" Jackson, percussion
ACT 92022 Larry Coryell / Philip Catherine / Joachim Kuhn TWIN HOUSE 13.04.00 This record is dedicated to the memory of the great gipsy guitar player Django Reinhardt; Tracks 1-8 recorded 1976 at Olympic Studios, London; Tracks 9-13 recorded 1988 at RLssl Studios, Hamburg
ACT 92862 DER ROTE BEREICH LOVE ME TENDER 12.04.01 Recorded at Tonstudio Vagnsson, Hannover August 2000; Frank Mebus - Gitarre/ Rudi Mahall - Bassklarinette/ John Schreder - Schlagzeug
ACT 94072 DER ROTE BEREICH RISKY BUSINESS 25.07.02 Recorded and mixed at Tonstudio Vagnsson, Hamburg, March 2002; Frank Möbus - guitar/ Rudi Mahall - bass-clarinet/ Oliver Bernd Steidle - drums
ACT 92242 DOLDINGER, KLAUS DOLDINGER'S BEST 13.04.00 FUSION: Track list: 1 Blues For George - The Quartet 1963/ 2 Two Getting Together - Klaus Doldinger & Peter Trunk/ 3 Minor Kick - The Quartet 1963/ 4 Quartenwalzer - The Quartet + Volker Kriegel 1969/ 5 Fiesta - The Quartet + Attila Zoller 1965/ 6 Viva Brasilia - The Quartet + Attila Zoller 1965/ 7 Guachi Guaro (Paul Nero) - Paul Nero Sounds 1970/ 8 Raga Up And Down - The Quartet 1969/ 9 Saragossa - The Quartet 1968/ 10 Waltz Of The Jive Cats - NDR-Jazz-Workshop-Band 1964/ 11 Comin' Home Baby (Tucker / Dorough) - Paul Nero's Blues Sounds/ 12 I Feel Free (Cream) - Doldinger's Motherhood 1969/ 13 Stormy Monday Blues (Hines/Eckstein/Crowder) - Etta James, Klaus Doldinger, David Newman, Herbie Mann, Richard Tee, Steve Jordan a.o./ 14 Compared To What (Eugene McDaniels / Lonport) - Passport &+Les McCann, Johnny Griffin, Philp Catherine, Pete York - The Jubilee Concert 1975
ACT 90042 ENDRESEN, SIDSEL/BUGGE WESSLTOFT NIGHTSONG 23.01.99 Recorded in Waterfall Studios, Oslo 1994; Sidsel Endresen vocals & Bugge Wesseltoft acoustic grand piano, thumb piano & synth
ACT 90002 ENDRESEN, SIDSEL/BUGGE WESSLTOFT DUPLEX RIDE 11.04.98 Norwegians, Sidsel Endresen lead & background vocals Bugge Wesseltoft acoustic grand piano, synth & percussion, * vocal resampling on "River": Jan Bang; 11 Tracks
ACT 92872 ERGUNER, KUDSI ISLAM BLUES -DIGI- 21.06.01 Recorded at Studio Zerkall, May 2000; Kudsi Erguner comes from Istanbul
ACT 90062 ERGUNER, KUDSI OTTOMANIA 14.10.99 Recorded 1-5 May 1998 at Imaj Studio, Istanbul, Turkey; Kudsi Erguner - Ney (Reed Flute)/ Christof Lauer - Saxophone/ Derya Turkan - Kemen7e (Turkish Violin)/ Michel Godard - Tuba & Snake/ Mehmet Emin Bitmez - Ud (Luth)
ACT 92892 ERSKINE, BENITA LE ELB 26.04.01 Peter Erskine - drums/ Nguyên Lê - guitar/ Michel Benita - bass
ACT 92912 FRESU, PAOLO SONOS 'E MEMORIA 07.06.01 Live recorded at Theatro Communale di Cagliari and Teatro di Sassari on 29. and 30. April 1996; Paolo Fresu (trumpet & fluegelhorn), Furio di Castri (bass, multieffects ), Elena Ledda (vocals), Luigi Lai (launeddas), Mauro Palmas (mandola), Antonello Salis (accordion), Federico Sanesi (percussion), Carlo Cabiddu (violoncello), Coro "Su Concordu 'e su Rosariu" di Santulussurgiu (Voices), Mario Corona (sa contra), Giovanni Ardu (su bassu), Antonio Migheli (sa 'oghe), Roberto Iriu (su contraltu)
ACT 92312 GIBBS, MICHAEL BIG MUSIC 06.04.96 The Gibbs Orchestra 24 pieces strong, including the leader on piano and trombone has a contemporary funk base, a stratospheric, horn-fired belly, and a multi-guitar head that searches for dark clouds. Billy Martin, Bob Moses, and Ben Wittman provide the rhythms. Stoking the furnace are such notable horn players as saxophonists Lou Marini, Bob Mintzer, Jim Odgren, Dave Tofani, and Chris Hunter; trumpeters Lew Soloff, Earl Gardner, Allan Rubin, and Brit Ian Carr; French hornist John Clark; and trombonists Dave Bargeron and Dave Taylor. Guitarists John Scofield, Bill Frisell, Kevin Eubanks, Duke Levine, and Dave Fiuczynski, bass guitarist Kai Eckhart, and keyboardists Brad Hatfield and Dave Bristow provide the rawer, electric edge
ACT 94182 GUSTAFSSON,RIGMOR & NILS I WILL WAIT FOR YOU 30.08.03 Rigmor Gustafsson vocals, Nils Landgren trombone & vocals, Roberto Di Gioia piano, Lars Danielsson bass, Wolfgang Haffner drums; Guests: The FleshQuartet strings, Staffan Svensson trumpet
ACT 92352 HAGANS, TIM & NORRBOTTEN BIG BAND FUTURE MILES 25.07.02 Based in Luleå, Sweden, a town roughly 160 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, the Norrbotten Big Band (NBB) is living proof that jazz is truly a universal music with a remarkable ability to transcend geographical boundaries and cultural differences in its diffusion and appeal; Tim Hagans - trumpet
ACT 92492 HARRIS, EDDIE LAST CONCERT 17.05.01 This is the last recording by Chicago-born multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and arranger Eddie Harris - made eight months before his death - stands as a fitting memorial to his 40-year career in jazz and will hopefully spark a long- overdue reappraisal of his work and secure for him, albeit posthumously, something like the level of recognition he deserves. Recorded live in concert 14.3.1996 Cologne Germany
ACT 92282 HOF, JASPER VAN 'T BLUE CORNER 17.05.01 This record is dedicated to the memory of Nesuhi Ertegun; Jasper van't Hof: piano & keyboards/ Bob Malach: tenor saxophone/ Wayne Krantz: guitar/ Nicolas Fiszman: bass/ Philippe Allaert: drums
ACT 94052 HULSMANN, JULIA -TRIO- SCATTERING POEMS 23.01.03 Julia Hülsmann is a most remarkable pianist on the contemporary German jazz scene. She has absorbed the tradition and now plays with the building blocks of the music; w/Rebekka Bakken - vocals/ Marc Muellbauer bass/ Heinrich Köbberling drums/ Rainer Winch - drums
ACT 92832 KANNEGAARD, MARIA -TRIO- BREAKING THE SURFACE 21.09.00 Recorded in April 1999 at Audiopol Studio, Skien; Maria Kannegaard - piano/ Mats Eilertsen - bass/ Thomas Strunen - drums
ACT 92482 KNUTSSON, JONAS FLOWER IN THE SKY 18.01.97 Special style of Scandinavian World Jazz; 11 Tracks
ACT 92672 KONGSHAUG, JAN ERIC OTHER WORLD 14.10.99 Jan Erik Kongshaug is one of a handful of recording engineers whose name and work over the years has earned the respect and admiration of musicians and discerning jazz connoisseurs the world over. His work with Manfred Eicher of ECM records is memorable, and Kongshaug is now one of the most requested sound engineers in jazz. With the recording of his First CD at the age of fifty-four, Kongshaug is revealing to the jazz world that he is also a superb musician and composer; Jan Erik Kongshaug (guitar)/ Svein Olav Herstad (piano)/ Harald Johnsen (bass)/ Per Oddvar Johansen (drums); Recorded April 14 & 15, and Mai 6, 1998, Rainbow Studio, Oslo, Norway
ACT 94142 KOUYATE,SORIBA LIVE IN MONTREUX 01.02.03 Soriba Kouyaté kora, Matthieu Michel trumpet, Linley Marthe bass, Joël Allouche - drums
ACT 92552 KREUSCH, CORNELIUS C. &.. SCOOP 24.01.98 Funky new recording by the young German pianist Cornelius Claudio Kreusch and his group BlackMudSound. The CD identifies a dynamic musical pulse uniting the cutting edge of today's jazz, funk and world music styles. The personnel includes the Afro-American saxophonists Greg Osby and Bobby Watson, bassist Anthony Cox, and drummers Will Calhoun and Terri Lyne Carrington; singers Salif Ke?ta from Mali, Richard Bona from Cameroon, Elisabeth Kontomanou from Guinea, and the Fra-Fra Tribesman from Ghana; bassist Zaf Zapha from French Guyana; and percussionist Cyril Atef from Iran, among others.
ACT 92202 KUHN, JOACHIM EUROPEANA 13.04.00 Joachim Kuhn (piano)/ Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark (bass)/ Jon Christensen (drums) w/Radio Philharmonie Hannover NDR, conducted by Michael Gibbs
ACT 92682 LANDGREN, NILS BALLADS 16.08.99 Recorded: March 1993 at Europa Studio 3, Stockholm, Sweden; 11 Tracks
ACT 92922 LANDGREN, NILS FIRST UNIT 07.06.01 Personnel - The Unit: Nils Landgren (tb, brass, keys, vocals)/ Henrik Jansson (git, keys, voc)/ Jesper Mejlvang (rhodes, keys)/ Lars Danmark Danielsson (bass)/ Per Lindvall (drums)
ACT 92432 LANDGREN, NILS PAINT IT BLUE 17.05.01 Feat.Bernard Purdie (dr)/ Michael Brecker (ts)/ Randy Brecker (tp)/ Airto Moreira (perc)/ Till Bronner (tp)/ Marcio Doctor (perc)/ Steffen Schorn (bcl); Recorded at Peer Studios, Hamburg/Germany by Geoffrey Peacey in May 1996
ACT 94092 LANDGREN, NILS SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY 05.09.02 Recorded in July 2002 at Polar Studio, Stockholm; Nils Landgren - vocals and trombone/ Anders Widmark - piano/ Lars Danielsson - bass/ Wolfgang Haffner - drums w/FleshQuartet
ACT 92572 LANDGREN, NILS SWEDISH FOLK MODERN 24.01.98 Recorded August 9-11, 1997, Atlantis Studio, Stockholm, Sweden, 13 Tracks
ACT 92712 LANDGREN, NILS -FUNK UNIT 5000 MILES 11.11.99 Recorded between March 1998 and July 1999 in Stockholm, New York, Montreux and Tutzing; 11 Tracks
ACT 92652 LANDGREN, NILS -FUNK UNIT LIVE IN MONTREUX 26.09.98 FUSION: Recorded July 17th, 1998, live at the Miles Davis Hall, Montreux
ACT 92232 LANDGREN, NILS -FUNK UNIT LIVE IN STOCKHOLM 17.05.01 Recorded live in Stockholm at the Jazz and Bluesfestival July 4 and at Jazzclub Fasching July 5 and 6, 1994; w/Maceo Parker - alto sax, vocals and good spirits & Magnum Coltrane Price - rap & vocals
ACT 92262 LANDGREN, NILS/THOMAS STANKO GOTLAND 13.04.00 Together with Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko, and organists Anders Eljas and Claus Bantzer, Nils Landgren created music of great "inner-strength". The session is recorded in church - the most peaceful concert hall one can find.
ACT 92812 LANDGREN/SVENSSON LAYERS OF LIGHT 12.04.01 Traditional music arranged by Nils Landgren & Esbjörn Svensson; Recorded at 2. und 3. Dezember 1999 by Jan-Erik Kongshaug at Rainbow Studio, Oslo
ACT 92142 LATEEF, YUSEF AFRICA-AMERICAN EPIC 14.05.94 Recorded in November 1993 WDR Studio Cologne, Germany; This recording, with Eternal Wind ensemble and the Cologne Radio Symphonic Orchestra conducted by David de Villiers, ETERNAL WIND: Ralph Jones: tenor and soprano saxophones, flute, Hichiriki, bass clarinet, bamboo flutes/ Federico Ramos: acoustic and electric guitars, gimbre/ Charles Moore: flugelhorn, shofar, dumbek, conch shells/ Adam Rudolph: hand drums, tabla, didjiridoo, kalngu (talking drums), udu clay drum, bells, cymbals, gongs, whistles, small percussion
ACT 92662 LAUER, CHRISTOF FRAGILE NETWORK 09.08.99 Recorded 23.- 28. September 1998 CMP Studio, Zerkall, Hermann; Christof Lauer (tenor und soprano sax)/ Marc Ducret (Guitar)/ Michel Godard (tuba and serpent)/ Anthony Cox (electric und acoustic bass)/ Gene Jackson (drums)
ACT 92972 LAUER, CHRISTOFF/JENS THO SHADOWS IN THE RAIN 27.09.01 Recorded (24bit Digital), mixed and mastered by Jan Erik Kongshaug at Rainbow Studio, Oslo in June 2001; Christof Lauer - tenor & soprano saxophone/ Jens Thomas - piano/ Cikada String Quartet/ Sidsel Endresen - vocals
ACT 92612 LE, NGUYEN MAGHREB & FRIENDS 11.05.98 "Nguyen Le personifies the idea of world jazz, but first of all, he is, simply, a superb guitarist!"
ACT 92252 LE, NGUYEN TALES FROM VIETNAM 27.01.96 Personnel: Nguyen Le el., ac. & fretless guitars, guitar synth, programming/ Huong Thanh vocals/ Hao Nhien zither (dan tranh), dan bau, sao flute, sapek clappers/ Paolo Fresu trumpet, flugelhorn/ Simon S. Hansen saxophones; concert, bass & african flute/ Michel Benita acoustic bass/ Francois Verly percussions, marimba, keyboards, piano/ Joel Allouche drums/ Steve Arguelles drums, percussions
ACT 92452 LE, NGUYEN THREE TRIOS 16.09.91 SILK (track 1,4,9,10) Peter Erskine - drums/ Marc Johnson - acoustic bass/ Nguyen Le - el. & el./acoustic guitars, gtr-synth; SILVER (2,6,7,11) Danny Gottlieb - drums/ Dieter Ilg - acoustic bass/ Nguyen Le - el. guitars, gtr-synth; SAND (3,5,8) Renaud Garcia-Fons - acoustic bass/ Nguyen Le - el. & fretless guitars, gtr-synth., E-Bow/ special guest: Mino Cinelu - percussions, drums
ACT 92752 LE, NGUYEN -TRIO- BAKIDA 13.04.00 Recorded between May and October 1999 in Paris; Nguyen Le (git)/ Renaud Garcia Fons (b)/ Tino di Geraldo (dr+perc)
ACT 92212 LE, NGUYEN -TRIO- MILLION WAVES 13.04.00 Vietnamese guitarist Nguyen Le is one of the major players on the world jazz scene. Born in 1959 in Paris, L: is a self-taught musician who began playing drums at 15, and went on to master the guitar and electric bass. By the end of the '80's, Nguy:n L: was orking in France with the likes of Carla Bley, Randy Brecker, Gil Evans and Quincy Jones; Recorded and mixed by Walter Quintus, December 1994, CMP-Studio, Zerkall, Germany; Nguyen Le (electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, E-bow)/ Dieter Ilg (acoustic bass, mouth jive)/ Danny Gottlieb (drums & percussion)
ACT 94062 LYSNE, GEIR AURORA BOREALIS 25.04.02 Recorded live at "Haus der Festspiele", JazzFest Berlin on November 1, 2001, Germany
ACT 92362 LYSNE, GEIR LISTENING ENSEMBLE KORALL 23.01.03 With the group's unique flute-like sound, electric rhythm section with two percussionists, Lysne has infiltrated the big band tradition. These unusual instrumental modifications give his Listening Ensemble, made up of Norwegian and German musicians, a specific sound somewhere between deep, heavy Norwegian soul, powerful jazz-rock, and ambient irritation. In addition, there is Lysne's penchant for elements of folklore, uneven time signatures, modal tensions, and playing around with noise. On "Korall", the follow-up work to his "Aurora Borealis" he lets his 20-piece orchestra play the compositions down to the last card.
ACT 92152 MENDOZA, VINCE SKETCHES 14.01.95 Recorded November/December 1993 at the WDR Studios Cologne, Germany; The third of ACT's new series devoted to the art of the big band, "Sketches" is the follow-up to the composer/arranger's Grammy-nominated release, JazzpaAa. On this new release Mendoza conducts the WDR Big Band and an all-star cast, featuring Dave Liebman, CharlieMariano, Peter Erskine, Dieter Ilg and Nguy:n L:
ACT 92122 MENDOZA/MARDIN PROJECT JAZZPACA 01.01.95 Nominated for two GRAMMY AWARDS in 1994
ACT 94032 N'DOYE, MIKI -ORCHESTRA- JOKO 10.01.02 Miki N'Doye - drums, percussion, vocals, kalimba; feat. Paolo Vinaccia, Bugge Wesseltoft, Solo Cissokho, Jon Balke
ACT 94012 NABATOV, SIMON -TRIO- THREE STORIES ONE END 14.02.02 This Russian-American's incredible virtuosity, there is scarcely another jazz pianist on the planet who has so mastered the art of taking his captivated public on such an adventurous roller-coaster ride of emotions. Nabatov, that world-class jazz colossus with the crystal-clear attack, is an anti-aesthete par excellence; Simon Nabatov - piano/ Drew Gress - bass/ Tom Rainey - drums; Recorded November 13-14, 2000 in Loft Studio, Cologne by Christian Heck
ACT 94022 NABATOV, SIMON/NILS WOGRAM Starting A Story 25.07.02 Simon Nabatov - piano & Nils Wogram - trombone
ACT 92592 NDR BIG BAND BRAVISSIMO II: 50 YEARS 31.01.98 The NDR Big Band with Gary Burton, Chet Baker, Herb Geller, Johnny Griffin, Howard Johnson, Christof Lauer, Albert Mangelsdorf, Joe Pass, Heinz Sauer, Wolfgang Schluter, Stan Tracey.
ACT 92332 NDR BIG BAND ELLINGTONIA 16.09.99 featuring Tomasz Stanko/Heinz Sauer/Slide Hampton/Nils Landgren/Christof Lauer
ACT 92342 NDR BIG BAND THEATRE OF KURT WEILL 07.09.96 Recorded "live" 10.03.2000, Rolf-Liebermann-Studio
ACT 94132 NUNEZ,GERARDO PRESENTA LA NUEVA ESCUELA DE LA GUITARRA FLAMENCA 01.03.03 guitarists: Gerardo Nuñez - Antón Jiménez - Vicente Cortés - Juan Antonio Suarez - Jose Manuel León Delgado - Jesús de Rosario
ACT 91002 PASS, JOE IN HAMBURG 17.05.01 This CD is an invaluable addition to his discography and showcases music he recorded during two five-day collaborations with Germany's NDR Big Band, a jazz institution formed in 1945. The first session, from 1990, features the standards Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Love for Sale, More Than You Know, Horace Silver's Sister Sadie, and the Pass originals Fragments of Blues, and Waltz for Django. The strings of the Radio Philharmonie Hannover join the guitarist and big band on the remaining tracks, adding a lushness to performances of such favorites as Star Eyes, Indian Summer, and Pass' pieces For Nina, and Sweet Bossa.
ACT 50092 PAU BRASIL BABEL 31.05.97 The Banda Pau Brasil aims to produce universal music through Brazilian roots. Directly evocative of Weather Report's discoveries, the group researches Brazilian Indians traditions, music, and instruments, mixing them in their pot with jazz harmonies and soloing, classical influences, and contemporary atmosphere
ACT 92272 PAXARINO, JAVIER TEMURA 30.08.99 Javier PaxariAo's (Soprano Sax, Nay, Flute, Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Shakuhachi, Ti-Tze) music, at least spiritually, is as much "other worldly" as it is of this world. The haunting echoes of percussion.
ACT 94222 PRESENCER,GERARD CHASING REALITY 01.05.03 Gerard Presencer - trumpet & flugelhorn, Geoffrey Keezer - Fender Rhodes piano & Moog, Joe Locke - vibraphone, Adam Goldsmith & John Parricelli - guitars, Jeremy Brown - accoustic & electric bass, Tommy Wadlow - accoustic piano, Chris Dagley - drums
ACT 92622 P.U.L.S.E. AMSTERDAM GROOVE 20.04.98 Jozien van Dorst (rap, vocals), Werner HLsgen (alto & soprano saxophone), Peter Heijnen (guitar), Berthil Busstra (keyboards), Peter Gumbmann (bass), Peter Weissbarth (drums)
ACT 92422 PURDIE, BERNARD SOUL TO JAZZ 13.04.00 FUSION: Bernard "Pretty" Purdie is found on thousands of American recordings, backing everyone from Aretha Franklin to Steely Dan and the Rolling Stones. Here, Purdie offers new versions of classic R & B tunes, Iko Iko, Freedom Jazz Dance (arranged by Arif Mardin who worked on the Eddie Harris original), Wade in the Water, The Sidewinder, SeAor Blues, and Moanin'; Guests: Eddie Harris, tenor sax; Martin Moss, vocals; Nils Landgren, trombone; Michael Brecker, tenor sax; Randy Brecker, flugelhorn; Dean Brown, guitar; Dave King, bass guitar
ACT 92532 PURDIE, BERNARD SOUL TO JAZZ II 13.04.00 FUSION: with Stanley Turrentine, Vincent Herring, Hank Crawford, Cornell Dupree, Junior Mance, Benny Green, Jack DeJohnette
ACT 90032 REAL GROUP ONE FOR ALL 16.01.99 Recorded at the Real Group Studio 1998, w/Toots Thielemans on harmonica
ACT 92562 REAL GROUP ORI:GINAL 17.05.01 12 Tracks, "ori:ginal" is the Real Group's "strictly Swedish" album
ACT 92582 REAL GROUP JAZZ LIVE 24.01.98 Recorded live at the Swedish Radio, march 19 & 20, 1996; Swedish fine acapella group
ACT 92742 RIESSLER, MICHAEL ORANGE 13.04.00 Recorded and mastered by Max Federhofer between June and August 1999, SWR-Studio, Baden-Baden; Michael Riessler - bass-clarinet, clarinet, sopranino saxophone/ Elise Caron - vocals/ Jean-Louis Matinier - accordion/ Pierre Charial - barrel-organ
ACT 94212 SAMBEAT,PERICO FRIENDSHIP 27.09.03 Perico Sambeat - alto & soprano saxophone, Brad Mehldau - piano, Kurt Rosenwinkel - guitar, Ben Street - bass, Jeff Ballard - drums, Carmen Canela - vocals on track 9
ACT 92772 SCHAL SICK BRASS BAND MAZA MEZE 10.08.00 Recorded in November and December 1999 at Topaz Studio and Ginseng Studio in Cologne, Germany; Raimund Kroboth (git., waldzither), Iwanka Iwanowa (voc), Udo Moll (tp), Detlef Heidkamp (as,bs), Marcellus Seng (sax), Mitch HFhler (tb,s), Joachim Gellert (tuba), Tunji Beier (perc), Josef Kirschgen (dr, perc)
ACT 92642 SCHAL SICK BRASS BAND TSCHUPUN 21.10.99 Raimund Kroboth (musical direktor, waldzither, guitar, mandola)/ Maryam Akhondy (vocals), Ebasa (trumpet, flute, alphorn)/ Deflef Heidkamp (altosaxophone)/ Marcellus Seng (soprano-, alto-, tenorsaxophone)/ Mitch Hohler (trombone, sopransaxophone, alphorn)/ Joachim Gellert (tuba, melodika)/ Andreas Kappler (percussion)/ Josef Kirschgen (drums, percussion); Recorded June and July 1998 at Hansahaus Studios, Bonn and Ginseng Studio
ACT 92882 SORIBA, KOUYATE BAMANA 26.04.01 The Paris - Dakar connection: Soriba Kouyaté - kora/ Linley Marthe - bass/ Joël Allouche - drums, percussion/ Didier Malherbe - saxophone, flutes/ Médéric Collignon - pocket-cornet, vocals/ Francois Quillet - piano, fender rhodes/ Annick Tangorra - vocals/ Philippe Gaillot - synthesizers, fender rhodes, e-guitar, vocals
ACT 92222 STOCKHAUSEN, MARKUS SOL MESTIZO 27.01.96 Recorded 13. - 15. February 1995 CMP Studio Zerkall, Germany; Markus Stockhausen (trumpets and fl-horn), Philip Catherine (guitar), Chano Dominguez (piano), Simon Stockhausen (keyboards + soprano saxophone), Jochen Schmidt (electric bass), Enrique Diaz (bass), Thomas Alkier (drums), Filipe Mandingo (perc), Juanita Lascarro, Alexandra Naumann (vocals), Enrique Diaz, Felipe Mandingo, Pia Miranda (add. vocals)
ACT 92632 SUNDE, TORBJORN MERIDIANS 22.08.98 Recorded during Autumn 1996 and winter 1997 in Waterfall Studios, Oslo, Norway; Torbjorn Sunde is among the elite of modern jazz-trombonists. Instead of following trends, he has deliberately pointed his sound and music in the directions pioneered by such musicians as Joe Zawinul; Torbjorn Sunde trombone & vocals/ Terje Rypdal guitar/ Eivind Aarset guitar/ BHrge Petterson-Overleir guitar/ Bugge Wesseltoft keyboards/ Jon Balke piano/ Peter Wettre tenor saxophone/ Morten Halle alto saxophone/ Jens Petter Antonsen trumpet/ Manolo Badrena percussion/ Joakim Nordin percussion/ Celio De Carvalho percussion/ Bjorn Kjellemyr bass/ Geir Holmsen bass/ Rune Arnesen drums/ Per Oddvar Johansen drums
ACT 90052 SVENSSON, ESBJORN -TRIO- FROM GAGARIN'S POINT OF VIEW 23.07.99 Recorded at Atlantis Studio, Stockholm, May-November 1998; Esbjorn Svensson (Grand Piano, Keyboards, Percussion)/ Dan Berglund (Doublebass, Percussion)/ Magnus Ostrom (Drums, Percussion, Mohammed)
ACT 90092 SVENSSON, ESBJORN -TRIO- GOOD MORNING SUSIE SOHO 21.09.00 Traditionally, jazz is by invitation only. Those in the know guard their secrets tightly, and deviants are regarded with a certain amount of suspicion. To be commercial is to sell out and if you sell out you'll loose the hard core fans, 11 Tracks, Recorded in March and April 2000 at Atlantis Studios, Stockholm
ACT 90102 SVENSSON, ESBJORN -TRIO- PLAYS MONK 15.03.01 10 Tracks, Recorded at Swedish Radio, Studio 9, by Åke Linton, January 1996
ACT 90122 SVENSSON, ESBJORN -TRIO- SEVEN DAYS OF FALLING 27.09.03 Esbjörn Svensson - piano, Dan Berglund - bass, Magnus Öström - drums
ACT 90112 SVENSSON, ESBJORN -TRIO- STRANGE PLACE FOR SNOW 04.04.02 9 Tracks, Recorded in December 2001, mixed in January 2002 by Janne Hansson at Atlantis Studio, Stockholm
ACT 90072 SVENSSON, ESBJORN -TRIO- WINTER IN VENICE 18.11.99 Recorded 20. - 22.08.1997 in Stockholm; 13 Tracks
ACT 92692 THANH, HUONG MOON AND WIND 04.11.99 New Sounds from Vi:t-Nam created by Nguyen Le
ACT 92932 THANH, HUONG & NGUYEN LE DRAGONFLY 06.09.01 Sensitive duel between the Vietnamese-Parisian Huong Thangh and the Cameroon-New Yorker Richard Bona
ACT 94152 THOMAS,JENS/LAUER,CHRISTOF PURE JOY 01.04.03 Jens Thomas - piano & Christof Lauer - saxophones
ACT 92852 TRICOLOR COLOURS OF GHANA 12.04.01 All the members of Triocolor studied jazz in Hamburg. The colorful trio includes the Hannover pianist Jens Thomas/ Stefan Weeke - double bass, percussion/ Bjern Licker - drums, percussion
ACT 92302 V/A A LITTLE MAGIC IN A NOISY WORLD 22.01.96 w/Nguyen Le/ Markus Stockhausen/ Javier PaxariAo/ Michael Gibbs/ Richard Galliano/...
ACT 92592 V/A Bravissimo 2: 50 Years of NDR 14.07.98 The NDR Bigband celebrated it's 50th anniversary in 1997. More than 200 guest soloists have appeared with the band over the years, and BRAVISSIMO II demonstrates once again why the NDR Big Band is known today as one of the worlds best jazz orchestras; w/Benny Bailey, Gary Burton, Philip Catherine, Barbara Dennerlein, Georgie Fame, Herb Geller, Maria Joao, Karin Kroog, Nils Landgren, Christof Lauer, Joe Pass, Heinz Sauer, Wolfgang SchlLter, Tomasz Stanko, John Surman
ACT 94042 V/A DANZA NEGRA 02.05.02 LATIN
ACT 90022 V/A JAZZ ME UP! -MAX MIX- 23.05.98 The ultimate groove-sampler has it all: jazz legends Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Marcus Miller, and Gato Barbieri, studio wizards Bernard Purdie and the Brecker brothers, and funk stars Chaka Khan, Pee Wee Ellis, Maceo Parker, and MeShell NdeguOcello
ACT 90082 V/A JAZZ ME UP! VOL.2 12.10.00 70 Minutes Funk - Soul - Latin - Jazz - Groove - Rap - Party; with Maceo Parker, Nils Landgren Funk Unit, Eddie Harris, Marcus Miller, Joe Zawinul/&
ACT 92842 V/A JAZZPACA 2 21.09.00 24bit Digital Recording in Madrid, June 2000; Special Guest: Michael Brecker, tenor sax
ACT 92102 V/A Little Magic in a Noisy World 15.10.96 w/Nils Landgren / Maceo Parker/ Gibbs, Mike Orchestra/ Bob Brookmeyer/ Howard Johnson/ Yusef Lateef / Eternal Wind/ Nguyen Le/&
ACT 90012 V/A LIVE IN MONTREUX 06.07.98 2-CD: CD 1, titled "Tribute To Nesuhi", is an album presenting eleven historic tracks from the memorable 23rd Montreux Festival in July 1989, when the participating artists paid tribute to Nesuhi Ertegun, chairman and founder of WEA International, who had died on July 15 of that year; 1 The Modern Jazz Quartet & Manhattan Transfer The Golden Striker/ 2 Simply Red Sad Old Red/ 3 Dianne Reeves Introduction / 4 Dianne Reeves For All We Know/ 5 Generations Crazeology/ 6 Miles Davis Portia/ 7 The Modern Jazz Quartet Jack The Bear/ 8 Wild Bill Davis Johnny Comes Lately/ 9 Carmen McRae & Dizzy Gillespie The End Of A Beautiful Friendship/ 10 James Morrison Stella By Starlight/ 11 George Wein & Claude Nobs Blues For Nesuhi. CD 2, titled "Brazilian Nights" - All tracks recorded at Montreux Jazz Festival 1978-1990
ACT 92802 V/A MAGIC MOMENTS: The Ultimate ACT World Jazz Anthology Vol. IV 13.04.00 18 Tracks: w/Sidsel Endresen/ Bugge Wesseltoft/ Steve Klink/ Henning Gailing/ Gregory Hutchinson/...
ACT 90132 V/A MAGIC VOICES 27.09.03 Norah Jones - Rigmor Gustafsson - Dianne Reeves - Joel Harrison - Viktoria Tolstoy - Nils Landgren - Muriel Zoe - Rebekka Bakken - Sidsel Endresen - Gilberto Gil - Richard Bona - Huong Thanh - Salif Keita
ACT 92702 V/A MAGIC WORLD: The Ultimate ACT World Jazz Sampler III 31.01.98 w/Marlui Miranda/ The Real Group/ Bengt-Arne Wallin with the JazzBaltica Ensemble/ Gilberto Gil with Trilok Gurtu/&
ACT 92502 V/A MORE MAGIC IN A NOISY WORLD 18.01.97 w/Jasper van't Hof / Wayne Krantz/ Jonas Knutson/ WHEELZ with Ingrid Jensen/&
ACT 92782 V/A OLD FRIENDS 21.09.00 Recorded on 26. - 28. June 2000, Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg; Albert Mangelsdorff (trombone), Klaus Doldinger (saxophones), Manfred Schoof (trumpet & fluegelhorn), Wolfgang Dauner (piano), Eberhard Weber (bass), Wolfgang Haffner (drums)
ACT 92292 WALDEN, CHRISS TICINO 23.03.96 The Chris Walden Orchestra: Thomas Vogel, Rediger Baldauf, Andy Haderer, Martin Auer, Ralf Hesse (trumpets), Ludwig Nuss, Peter Feil, Ludwig Gotz, Achim Hartmann (trombones), Charles Graf, Matthias Erlewein, Michael Brecker, Peter Weniger, Andy Maile, Peter Sagurna (saxes), Bruno Meller (guitar), Berthold Matschat (piano, keyb.), Hubert Nuss (piano), Christian von Kaphengst (el. bass), Martin Wind (ac. bass), Keith Copeland, Guido Joris (drums)
ACT 92542 WALLIN, BENGT ARNE BIRTH & REBIRTH OF SWEDIS FOLK JAZZ 31.01.98 2-CD: Stimulated by Quincy Jones, Bengt-Arne Wallin recorded "Old Folklore in Swedish Modern" in 1962. In retrospect this was the "Birth of Swedish Folk Jazz" and a milestone of folk jazz made in Europe. Bengt-Are Wallin was invited by the Jazz Baltica Festival 1997 to have this music performed in public for the very first time
ACT 92462 WALRATH & GRIFFITH GET HIT IN YOUR SOUL 13.04.00 Recorded on Sept. 16.-27, 1996 at WDR Studio 4, Cologne, Germany; Jack Walrath - trumpet/ Miles Griffith - vocals/ Bill Bickford - guitar/ Dennis Mackrel - drums/ WDR Big Band directed by Bill Dobbins
ACT 92412 WALRATH, JACK & RALPH REICHERT SOLIDARITY 07.09.96 Jack Walrath (trumpet), Ralph Reichert (sax), Buggy Braune (piano), Andreas Henze (bass), Joris Dudli (drums), Christian Havel (guitar/voc)
ACT 92602 WESSELTOFT, BUGGE IT'S SNOWING ON MY PIANO 22.11.97 Bugge Wesseltoft - piano, is one of the great musical talents from Norway; Recorded October 15/16 1997 at Rainbow Studio, Oslo, Norway
ACT 92472 WHEELZ AROUND THE WORLD 18.01.97 WHEELZ: Ingrid Jensen - trumpet & fluegelhorn/ Aleksandar Dujin - piano, keyboards, accordion/ Stefan Zaradic - keyboards, piano, acc-guitar, zither/ with Peter Erskine - drums, Phil Spalding - bass
ACT 92942 WREDE, BERT ELECTRIC HAMLET 10.01.02 Music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Bert Wrede-The Berlin guitarist, composer, and sound-tinkerer/inventor; Guest musicians: Werner Dafeldecker - bass on tracks 1, 2, 4, 6/ Denis Jabusch - bass on tracks 3, 7, 8, 9, 10/ Louise Schumacher - vocals on tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 7
ACT 92822 ZIAD, KARIM IFRIKYA 12.04.01 Karim Ziad, born and grown up in Algiers, came to Paris when he was 20. Karim received his first finishing as a percussionist in bands playing at marriages; Karim Ziad (vocals, drums, percussion, gembri, guitar, mandola)/ Abdelkbir Merchane (vocals)/ Hamid Mestari (vocals, outar)/ Abdenour Djema? (banjo, mandola, vocals)/ Menni Mohamed (percussion, vocals)/ Khliff Miziallaoua (guitar, vocals)/ Nguyen Le (guitar)/ Bojan Zulfikarpasic (piano)/ Jean-Philippe Rykiel (synthesizer)/ David Aubel (flute)/ Ali Wague (pehl flute
ACT 94162 ZOE,MURIEL RED & BLUE 21.06.03 Muriel Zoe Gesang, Gitarre, Matthias Pogoda Gitarre, Johannes Huth bass, Michael Leuschner Trompete, Michael Verhovec Schlagzeug
ACT 92112 ZOLLER, ATTILA -QUARTET- HORIZON BEYOND 17.05.01 Recorded on March 15th, 1965, by Peter Kramper, Berlin Germany; Personnel: Attila Zoller guitar/ Don Friedman piano/ Barre Phillips bass/ Daniel Humair drums
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